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YouTube 2 months ago

"Anything is possible with a dream, enough time, and infinite willpower." Someone make this a shirt!

mary ann plata
mary ann plata 2 months ago

You could hve use a giant spoon

Geraldine Lorenzo
Geraldine Lorenzo 2 months ago

At 2 million I will also shave my head bald

yogurt man
yogurt man 2 months ago

The team is absolutely brilliant

supermarcoz 2 months ago

Holy that I think will take a year

KoalaFan 2 months ago

I subbed just because I want him to be bald

Sand_man59 sand
Sand_man59 sand 2 months ago

So that's basically a shovel 2:54

nguyen boa
nguyen boa 2 months ago

Size dose not matter it is how you use it

Everlyn Cabrias
Everlyn Cabrias 2 months ago

wow its big

Mardiya Zaghdoudi
Mardiya Zaghdoudi 2 months ago

0:00 wat

Valentine Pro2011
Valentine Pro2011 2 months ago

I watch the log video and now I am worried that Alex will get stuck in the hole XD

noah 2 months ago

They say it has to be 6 feet to be barried well then 12 feet he can stand up while barried

noah 2 months ago

Ay u can barry a body there

bounty typer
bounty typer 2 months ago

Dom Toretto when he watches the start: nothing is more important than family

Parrot  🦜
Parrot 🦜 2 months ago


Lizard Lover
Lizard Lover 2 months ago


TOURNIÉ Rémi 2 months ago

Normal person after 5 mins : use his bare hands to dig instead of the spoon
American after 5 mins : uses a 1kg spoon

Angi  pro bro gamer
Angi pro bro gamer 2 months ago

The guy who thought he was trying to do a spear look like

Jendri Carlos
Jendri Carlos 2 months ago

I make a f a k e Visio on spook

Mainul Hassan
Mainul Hassan 2 months ago

Do you have a binn in your cabin

Garcello 2 months ago

How To Spoon

furryfoxUwU 2 months ago

Yesss if i was u i wok feel the fun i love fun

Dylan Suradi
Dylan Suradi 2 months ago

You look like the YouTube bionic

rat god
rat god 2 months ago

The thing every single person does on the beach everytime they come there.

Free Food
Free Food 2 months ago

God bless u all have a nice day

Savage Vision
Savage Vision 2 months ago

Bowl is more interesting

Enes _Karaman
Enes _Karaman 2 months ago

2:54 comically large spoon in real life...

Am buyin it once i get enough money

CHAN CHING YIN 2 months ago

You should use the scooper room

The Future
The Future 2 months ago


God Gavin
God Gavin 2 months ago


Landson Romain
Landson Romain 2 months ago

Why do I have most of the Spoons that are in the video

Milly 2 months ago

Only a Spoonful

Colton Cheong
Colton Cheong 2 months ago

Are u bionic?

Lisa Gautreaux
Lisa Gautreaux 2 months ago

High jump off a 5000 feet deep

Rick Rob
Rick Rob 2 months ago


Rick Rob
Rick Rob 2 months ago


Onionz Playz
Onionz Playz 2 months ago

Saitama 😫😫😫😫🥵🥵🥵

The dog gamr
The dog gamr 2 months ago

I got to y12 using school tools 12 years ago

Rhad lhennon C Maniquis

Haha milk spilled 0:01

captain goku
captain goku 2 months ago

3:07 isn't a spoon it's a shovel it's to big even for a Goku/god

refrasier 2 months ago

Me before washing :cap me now wooooooow

IMAGE. COOL. 2 months ago

0:33 Ouch how dare you lol

TARUN'S UNHEAVEN 2 months ago

One by one we are gonna make the nation bald.

maggleball 2 months ago

This was so funny 0:16

YeS 1.1
YeS 1.1 2 months ago

So how much will power until I can get rid of someone’s ptsd

ROOKIE 2 months ago

0:17 did you say family nothing batter then family

Solar 2 months ago

“I will delete family life!” Dom Toretto: Family? Nothing is more important than family.

Emi_0PVibez 2 months ago


Travis Clements
Travis Clements 2 months ago

Hey can I get some ice cream only a spoonful

Atharva Raveendra
Atharva Raveendra 2 months ago


Rayven I’m cool
Rayven I’m cool 2 months ago

Only a spoonful

DARK KNIGHT 2 months ago

Mr beats: am i joke to you

AllisonFluffllama 2 months ago

So inspiring,

Arnav Satpathy
Arnav Satpathy 2 months ago


GD Tray
GD Tray 2 months ago

i would barely call that a bunker and they used practically shovels soooo...

Erciboy 2000
Erciboy 2000 2 months ago

you shouldve just asked a blacksmith to shape a shovle in the shape of a spoon

david superhero
david superhero 2 months ago


bingerman tooth
bingerman tooth 2 months ago

yee this was made on my b-day lmao

THC 2 months ago

Lol from the moment he switched to a bigger spoon I was 100% sure he would eventually just take a shovel and say this is technically just a big spoon.


Isn't a shovel a spoon?

Toy Funhouse
Toy Funhouse 2 months ago

You did not even use ONLY A spoon

A Q U A 2 months ago

only a spoonfull

Zaki Zaidee
Zaki Zaidee 2 months ago

U dont yell

rebeccac 90
rebeccac 90 2 months ago

I don’t do that I would die on the outline

JoeCraft 2 months ago

mak a ent conute
2 mowo

Dylan sybrus
Dylan sybrus 2 months ago

Dude its already hard for me to dig with a shovel this guy have a lot of time on his hands to many times

Ronaldo Zapanta
Ronaldo Zapanta 2 months ago

i think when u dig really deep ur gonna see lava

Ronaldo Zapanta
Ronaldo Zapanta 2 months ago


the jans
the jans 2 months ago

Spoon warriors atttackkkkkk

Happy Man
Happy Man 2 months ago

I dug a underground secret bunker only using a spoon more like we dug a underground secret bunker only using big spoons

li hanyuan
li hanyuan 2 months ago

but no food

N7Mar. 2 months ago

intro: spills milk

fr00tl00ps 2 months ago

I have the same shirt

Dreamer0172 2 months ago

3 Milion let,s goo

BW on Blitz
BW on Blitz 2 months ago

“Only a spoonful” 2:53

Doge916 2 months ago

so if i am devoted enough i can do anything? what about digging through titanium renforced metal with my fist

fabijan88 2 months ago


Roberto Pineda
Roberto Pineda 2 months ago

Can you do this with a piece a cake

Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 2 months ago

Isnt a shovel just a big spoon made for digging

Emily Chambers
Emily Chambers 2 months ago

He was was eating cereal then yeet

kebab 2 months ago

saddam hussein bunker

Connor VR
Connor VR 2 months ago

Biggest spoon/ smallest shovel

Kayli Lesslar
Kayli Lesslar 2 months ago

thia isn't really impressive bc he was using big spoons with a large surface area if he used the smaller spoon it would be so much more impressive

José Higgor
José Higgor 2 months ago

comically large spoon

Mcfruity66 2 months ago


hallo 2 months ago

"only a spoon"

clara frankie
clara frankie 2 months ago

If you nation will become bald that mean bald gang

Allan Fuentes
Allan Fuentes 2 months ago

This looks fun👍🏻

John Adams
John Adams 2 months ago

Ok buddy

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro 2 months ago

If Mike Wazowski saw this, he would think twice before planning to dig a tunnel under the city with mainly spoons.

Mash Rien
Mash Rien 2 months ago

Not a bunker, it's a vertical hole/shaft.
Bunkers have a volume underground, some kind of room.

WillowCloud_Playz 2 months ago

DId he say “a lil bent”

mk 2 months ago

Plot twist: if you actually put it water in there it would be done and only a 3 days

Mr duckator754
Mr duckator754 2 months ago

2M left and he shave he’s head

Jorge Luis Calderon Gonzalez

POV Minecraft:

MooshPh 2 months ago

Who Bouht this from tiktok

ItsMemeMaster 2 months ago

Him : Takes 5 Days To Dig 13 Feet

Him In Minecraft : Takes 5 Seconds To Dig 3 Blocks

Jack Ermis
Jack Ermis 2 months ago

If I were to make a chainsaw chain, I'd put SPOONS on it.