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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann 2 months ago

Hi #DharManFam! 🎬 WATCH BTS footage from this video here:

Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

- Judging Others:

Yvon Roz
Yvon Roz 2 months ago

Dhar Mann is roasting himself

glitchpog 2 months ago

Everyones gansta till pewdiepie comments

Baby Chocolate
Baby Chocolate 2 months ago

Believe and you will succeed
-Dharr mann

Game 5000
Game 5000 2 months ago

I deal with haters.

rosondra compton
rosondra compton 2 months ago

No your not you a great atcer I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

KORAY ATAKUL 2 months ago

Dhar Mann in Dhar Mann

FrostWind Gaming
FrostWind Gaming 2 months ago

I will say in dreams: Ayden is a bad actor
I will say in real life: I love ayden because he is so handsome and he and all actors does his best to make dhar mann video famous

Gabrixtv 2 months ago

Your videos are alway awesome

Qoben 2 months ago

title is wrong

Qoben 2 months ago

"Ah I actually just broke 1 million."
"But you will never get to 2 million, EHEHEHEHHEHEHHHEHEHH."
Says the person with 1 sub (his alt)

Kyle 👍
Kyle 👍 2 months ago

Dharman wid to a dharman vid to a dharman vid to a darman vid

angelique malubay
angelique malubay 2 months ago

more viddddd
i love your vid!!!

TKM 2 months ago

oh wow

imso old
imso old 2 months ago

now imma unsubs to pewdipie wat a trash

30 วรกันต์ จันทร์แก้ว

They says he can’t hit 4 million subs he just got 3 million subs so fast

Rayan Ch
Rayan Ch 2 months ago

everyone checking if ayden has a channel and if he uploading that.... lmao

Giraffe Girl
Giraffe Girl 2 months ago

You are my favourite actor ❤ l love you

cem polat
cem polat 2 months ago


Joy Theodore
Joy Theodore 2 months ago

yo i love your videos man

L1L L3m0n
L1L L3m0n 2 months ago

Dhar Mann’s really poppin off

Jyothsna Rani
Jyothsna Rani 2 months ago


YouCantSeeMe 2 months ago

Were not Just Telling Stories, Were Changing Lives!

NeverLiePLAYZ 2 months ago

Ayden mekus's channel in this video : 2.1M reality : 1.47M

Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 months ago

put flight ina video

Ray Massey
Ray Massey 2 months ago

a Dhar Mann video inside another Dhar Mann video nice job

Kakarot 2 months ago

Dhar Mann. Don't give up!

Sabeel saxes
Sabeel saxes 2 months ago

Man u.

Izuku mindoriya
Izuku mindoriya 2 months ago

So there acting acting?

Liliana vega
Liliana vega 2 months ago

PewDiePie you you are are...ahhhh

SSSNIPER 123 2 months ago


SSSNIPER 123 2 months ago

Dhar Mann forever!!!!

Alguien aleatorio
Alguien aleatorio 2 months ago

Let’s admit. The haters have a bit of reason. I mean every video of ayden is. I Do A mEAn prAnk To An iMporTanT peRsOn on mY lIfe (It ObvIouSly GeTs anGrY)

Fortnight gamer Nick
Fortnight gamer Nick 2 months ago

I love your videos

Mod Bro
Mod Bro 2 months ago

fast solving to problem in 2:35
Kick each on the face once and give them only one chance to run away "problem solved

Henry Lohr
Henry Lohr 2 months ago

All the people who disliked this are just jealous because they don't get to be in your videos

Tristan Govier
Tristan Govier 2 months ago

This acting is really good, it doesn't look forced or awkward at all.

Exciting Gamer
Exciting Gamer 2 months ago

It’s funny because there doing behind the scenes while filming it.

Azaria Ally
Azaria Ally 2 months ago

Hi new sub here <3!

Vanilla Cream
Vanilla Cream 2 months ago

the set on the set-

ndumiso shangase
ndumiso shangase 2 months ago


Emily Forgey
Emily Forgey 2 months ago

Ayden is my favorite

Gala Alansari loves music

What the hell why people hate doorman my doorman is the biggest fan in any YouTube in the world and I wish I can see dhar man but I’m in Doha so I wish I can see you dhar man you’re the best YouTuber ever!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stacey Kenny
Stacey Kenny 2 months ago

You're the best person ever

Felp421 2 months ago

Can't you just accept that youre trash at acting and try to do something you're actually good at

Jim McMullen
Jim McMullen 2 months ago

Dhar you make the best vids

dastickman 2 months ago

this makes me wanna join dhar mann studios

Suri Cadena
Suri Cadena 2 months ago

This is a amazing video

Christopher does videos

I mean you do have a good point there dumb and you shouldn't focus on the people that died hate you all your videos you should just focus on the people that love your videos

Zaxlan 2 months ago

So is ZMDE do a reaction video to this video

Sir. Fluffy cat
Sir. Fluffy cat 2 months ago

When Ayden showed the mean comments my first thought when I saw DM_HATER was "Why do you hate direct messages?"

nuggee nugget
nuggee nugget 2 months ago

Ayden has cool hair

Fishy21 !
Fishy21 ! 2 months ago

He’s a good actor

ANIMATIONIST 2 months ago

Pewdiepie: roasts Dhar mann
Dhar mann: uploads this vid

Fatima Sheraz
Fatima Sheraz 2 months ago

But did he really make this video

Fatima Sheraz
Fatima Sheraz 2 months ago

I hate pew die pie

Kenzie shinobi
Kenzie shinobi 2 months ago

I dont wanna be mean but the fact hé has 1.42 subs

Miu 2 months ago

Keep going dhar Man 😜

Neha Tripathi
Neha Tripathi 2 months ago

Best actor is ayden

death 2 months ago

Pweds become anti-dhar man ha...
His next reaction will be positive if he react to this.

saad alnajjar
saad alnajjar 2 months ago

No why haters I’m sorry for these bad people your so cool I love you guys too I would never hate you guys your acting is amazing

Poop 2 months ago

Some people need to go back to school and learn their manners some people are just very mean but the reason why people are mean is because they actually have something going on inside the head that’s not very good and makes them sad so they try to make other people sad

Ben Cranley
Ben Cranley 2 months ago

Day 368

SCP-Dh4r has become self aware

Echo Life
Echo Life 2 months ago

Ooooo the backfire Pewdiepie's sore loose

Oops! FN
Oops! FN 2 months ago

ears on x games mode

[Kri] DARKNESS 2 months ago

This is basically them showing own how they make videos but instead of behind the scenes it’s actually a actual video

Jonefer Gustilo
Jonefer Gustilo 2 months ago

I didn't know that you are going through the same time as the same thing

Henry0808 Zhao
Henry0808 Zhao 2 months ago

Dhar Mann: Ingnore all the haters and focus on your favorite people.
Me: No one likes me....

Salex23s 2 months ago

This ineception
They film about they film something of them while this is getting filmed and they might film another video were this actors quitting and and and…………
Think about it

None PG3D
None PG3D 2 months ago

2 camera.. 1 for recording and another one for recording the other one 😂 Nice vid

Fearless_psycho1 2 months ago

when you record the recording

habobo 2 months ago

The Dhar Mann lore is getting better and better.

?Ale.Via.Glich¿ 2 months ago

Keep this in mind: you don’t change life, your changing every, single, life. I support you!

Mizta Bryan
Mizta Bryan 2 months ago

Your quote is actually meaningful.... Thx💖<3

Only1leeboe 2 months ago


Xycba 2 months ago


Dhar man breaking the 4th wall

Lachelle Unga
Lachelle Unga 2 months ago

Love the rest of the actors!

Lachelle Unga
Lachelle Unga 2 months ago

well one of my faves!

Lachelle Unga
Lachelle Unga 2 months ago

Ayden ur my favorite actor! Keep on moving!!!

Aftertime101 2 months ago

Some people aren't the nicest.

Jessica Moran
Jessica Moran 2 months ago

You are one of my favorite people on the planet

Ultimant Nurse
Ultimant Nurse 2 months ago

I am a fan of Dhar Mann but I don't get why he took that pewdiepie vid out of context and made it seem like a hater. Like his whole channel is about spreading positivity but then makes it seem like pewdiepie hates him or something.

urtwiT 2 months ago

Hey Don't worry Dhar Mann i like ur vids!

Owen Barrett
Owen Barrett 2 months ago

You gotta love how meta they are

Mondopatrick657 2 months ago

another banger

Paul Smith
Paul Smith 2 months ago

Plot twist: all the haters are just jealous of their success and they just say that so the actors get sad and make the videos actually cringe.

Dwayne Nonis
Dwayne Nonis 2 months ago

i agree with pewdiepie and dhar manns haters

f44rd 2 months ago

you ar e a terrible actor lol 💀v💀💀

AzaniDX- At 9001 IQ
AzaniDX- At 9001 IQ 2 months ago

Did we have a Dhar Mann video within a Dhar Mann video