The 12 Pubs of Christmas Curse (OFFICIAL Music Video)



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Title : The 12 Pubs of Christmas Curse (OFFICIAL Music Video)

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Description The 12 Pubs of Christmas Curse (OFFICIAL Music Video)

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Curse (OFFICIAL Music Video)

The 12 Pubs of Christmas Curse (OFFICIAL Music Video)

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DAVIDSPORTS 2 months ago

Love This!

gillian owens
gillian owens 2 months ago

My sister for 21st birthday in December she was to 21 pub I do think last around 4

DAVIDSPORTS 2 months ago

Why did I ever think Christmas in America was fun? We don't do anything this cool. We eat dinner with our families on Thanksgiving, and the Christmas madness starts at midnight (for an entire month). After spending the day reflecting on what we're thankful for, we kill each other at the big box stores on Black Friday. I highly recommend watching the videos. We're definitely not as cool as the Irish.

stephen mcpal
stephen mcpal 2 months ago

loolks like a madscene

Sara Arias
Sara Arias 2 months ago

your voice makes jesus cry

chargerfryar 2 months ago

Well at least you made it home with your clothes on. My ex-roomie would start peeling her clothes off everytime she got even a bit drunk. She often had to deal with waking up in weird places with weird people. Be safe Clare!

Survive underground
Survive underground 2 months ago


Did you hear the one
009sound system
trinity or a killer with a thousand faces

May I request a top ten music
playlist of your favorites

User name is of a mw3 mod so don't look all crasey

John MacKelvey
John MacKelvey 2 months ago

This is a really good idea!  I'm going to try doing a pub crawl drinking game sometime this year. 

Stevie Kingsley
Stevie Kingsley 2 months ago

That was beautiful XD

Graeme Cahill
Graeme Cahill 2 months ago

I'm happy to say that I've made it through all 12.. And I'm not even jossing.

Danielle Malone
Danielle Malone 2 months ago

Fear and Loathing reference? steeples fingers Eeexcellent

Sam body
Sam body 2 months ago

Best idea new trend to start in America

KatOfDiamonds 2 months ago

I would've died, Champ.

Tom Duhamel
Tom Duhamel 2 months ago

Thanks auto-tune :)

Almost Our Life
Almost Our Life 2 months ago

Wow Claire you look amazing in this video. Not that you dont normally you do but wow.

Grégoire Gladin
Grégoire Gladin 2 months ago

good parody :)

Liam Galgey
Liam Galgey 2 months ago

I did one this year.  Drinking whiskey all night.  At around Pub 6 it all fell apart, but we soldiered on to Pub 8 before we all decided to go home.  Along the way, I gave money to a meth-head, got into a argument about feminism and Robin Thicke (whether or not he really is a dick or a satirical genius), rescued people from cable-ties with a pocket knifet, ate the best burger of my life and almost froze to death.  All while wearing that blue Robin Christmas jumper featured in the video.  Good night in my opinion.

HannahLouiseB94 2 months ago

Did this with college and we only made it to the 9th pub, never did any of the rules cause we forgot, got kicked out of one place, made friends with other 12 pubers, lost a person at one point(found her in the village nightclub), sent one girl home at 10:30 (lightweight). Safe to say we were all absolutely flutered! :D gas night all the same

Roly 2 months ago

Aww YAY!! James ^_^ <33

Event Horizon Productions

Wait, so do a lot of Irish people do this every year, or is it something you and your crew invented to challenge yourselves every Christmas?

uLabelmePink 2 months ago

Woo ballina :)

Bar square
And Brennans

Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 2 months ago

Jesus i'd be locked by pub 5 :P

MsRainbow Brite
MsRainbow Brite 2 months ago

what is supermax?

SKS YUGO 2 months ago


Natalie McG
Natalie McG 2 months ago

Hahaha basically the do's and dont's of temple bar then?! :P

Freya Carroll
Freya Carroll 2 months ago

Every year I manage to avoid 12 pubs, ill be in final year college next year so I think ill just have to suck it up and do it. 

Jopees Randumbness
Jopees Randumbness 2 months ago

Haha brilliant :D we had most of the same rules as you !! Would love to party with you lol you seem like mad crk 😃

OnMyWaytotheFLA 2 months ago

Oh, goodness....  Looks like someone had a Merry Christmas.  ;)

Owen O'Connell
Owen O'Connell 2 months ago

Fuck me I'd be on the floor after the 7 pub

Bruce Moellenhoff
Bruce Moellenhoff 2 months ago

Irish stereotypes confirmed?

Kateleigh Farrell
Kateleigh Farrell 2 months ago

My god it's Colin scanlon... I'm Sarah Farrell's cousin if you see this Clare :)

Erinn Hannan
Erinn Hannan 2 months ago

.haha your mad x

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