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TV Funhouse: Christmastime For The Jews - SNL

TV Funhouse: Christmastime For The Jews - SNL

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Jonathan Payeur
Jonathan Payeur 2 months ago

The Jew bar fight is accurate. A child could separate them.

Master Akaron
Master Akaron 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure Gene Siskel would've got a kick out of this!

Suzanne Wheat
Suzanne Wheat 2 months ago

I don't how to feel about this.

Emma Cat
Emma Cat 2 months ago

Back when SNL was good!

copyright1982 2 months ago

I couldn't make out what she was saying around 1:45. What's the bar fight about? lol

Avocado Monkey
Avocado Monkey 2 months ago

Robert Smigel is one of the writers -- it's a Triumph!

June Hatter
June Hatter 2 months ago

This Christmas eve I went to the beach and there were only like 3 other people there :)

Andrew Shannon
Andrew Shannon 2 months ago

Darlene Love! This is a treasure. It’s as if a piece of lost Specter/Crystals mana had been found. Animation is great as well.
Darlene Love’s voice is the authentic power that drives the whole thing. I would have liked it if they’d given her a full screen credit with a picture.

Susie ?
Susie ? 2 months ago

We play this every year on Christmas

GuestZer0 2 months ago

It really says something special when a comedic take on a Christmas song can be a great example in it's own right.

Sam Cook
Sam Cook 2 months ago

My animated series idea has a character based on a friend of mine who is Jewish, and and if I ever got the chance, as a little joke, I would love to play this during a scene just after Christmas where the streets are happy and he gets some alone time after the craziness of being with his friends.

U_KNO 2 months ago

A christmas classic in my family

Jim Calimeri
Jim Calimeri 2 months ago

I love this!

Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang 2 months ago

Xmas time for the Jews, it’s most of Hollywood.

carlosfer2201 2 months ago

This has to be the absolute best animated sketch they've ever made.

SomebodyGroovy2 2 months ago

Glad this is still posted as I'm still enjoying it 15 years later! Played through a mono speaker (like a Spector song was intended), Darlene Love and the band make this arrangement sound even better. A lot of people may not realize that the video is black & white and has Darlene with 2 other singers as a throwback to her time on Shindig with the Blossoms, right at the end of her 1st Spector work. Letterman called Darlene the Queen of Christmas, and thank goodness she's still cheerful and going strong :)

XFS540 2 months ago

This is my holiday jam.

zuke55 2 months ago

"...maybe next year they'll learn to hold their booze.." Dying.

HotWax93 2 months ago

While this is a great song and sketch, the reality is that a lot of Jews DO celebrate Christmas, at least as a cultural holiday. And lest Christians forget, Christmas celebrates the birth of a Jew as well.

Tara White
Tara White 2 months ago


Garry Van Amburg
Garry Van Amburg 2 months ago

It's possible that some may find this a bit anti-Semitic. It is funny, though.

Ryan Smurda
Ryan Smurda 2 months ago

Back when snl was actually funny

Étienne Kosa
Étienne Kosa 2 months ago

Conan's former bandleader Jimmy Vavino is one of the musicians

BitterlyAmused 2 months ago

An absolute classic

Lila Feldman
Lila Feldman 2 months ago

Reruns of the daily show dancing in their heads... visions of sugarplums danced through their heads. Lol.

Lila Feldman
Lila Feldman 2 months ago

Omg, the 3 wise men turned into Seinfeld, that was priceless.

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 months ago

This song and video reminds me of the opening of the musical called Little Shop of Horrors ,, it had 3 women singing and walking through a neighborhood and was very similar to this.

Kallen868 2 months ago

"See Fiddler on the Roof with actual Jewish actors...!" Lmao! Sorry, Rosie.😉

kerry knauf
kerry knauf 2 months ago

A classic 😂 christmas starts now

T. Dickerson
T. Dickerson 2 months ago

What have Jews done for Christmas? I wrote a book about it:

Elizabeth Laughlin
Elizabeth Laughlin 2 months ago

This Spector-ized video reminds me of the classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker 2 months ago

not going to lie. This song is awesome and super catchy.

shademaster24601 2 months ago

I feel like there was a massive missed opportunity to have Jon Lovitz come back for a Hanukkah Harry animated special.

Dan Burke
Dan Burke 2 months ago

What about this song, and this video, ISN'T awesome?

Cameron Holladay
Cameron Holladay 2 months ago

I still wish this got played on the SNL Christmas special; some of the more recent sketches on there aren’t as good as this one

Mike Riley
Mike Riley 2 months ago

Getting nostalgic watching this Xmas classic again. 🤧

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

I still sing this during Christmas and I'm Gentile AF. Such a brilliant homage to Spector's sound and Darlene Love singing it FTW.

King Of stars
King Of stars 2 months ago

This makes me really hate jews

mike silva
mike silva 2 months ago


pq az
pq az 2 months ago

Funny (-8

pq az
pq az 2 months ago

01:07 יש ב-chinatown בניויורק מסעדה סינית שהיא טיבעונית וכשרה, על פי התפריט הסיני המסורתי של שבוע/חודש מסויים בלוח השנה הסיני, שבו אוכלים (באופן מסורתי!) רק טבעוני.

ManMonkey600 2 months ago

The crowd was like uh haha? umm oh uh fuck are we supposed to laugh or be offended? LOL

netix 2 months ago

what the hell is that?

WORD-FEST 2 months ago


Krombopulos Michael
Krombopulos Michael 2 months ago

But I like the Quaker’s. They’re very nice in my town

blaque faerie
blaque faerie 2 months ago

I sing this every Christmas it's a tradition.

Julius Quasar
Julius Quasar 2 months ago

I love that Rankin and Bass style stop frame animation, combined with the Phil Specter like music.

David M
David M 2 months ago

Nah, it's Chinese food and then the new movies, since they won't be crowded.

Jason Brown
Jason Brown 2 months ago

I loved it

Becky Bertish
Becky Bertish 2 months ago

Love this so much.

Subwaygirl NYC
Subwaygirl NYC 2 months ago

Catholic here, almost 60 years old, and the penny just dropped why all these big movie releases come on Christmas Day...🤦‍♀️

Question & Research
Question & Research 2 months ago

The day after Christmas. I still like this song.

Zee Jay
Zee Jay 2 months ago

I feel like this would be considered racist today

Freddy Richards
Freddy Richards 2 months ago

TV funhouse sketches have no chill whatsoever

Christian Circle
Christian Circle 2 months ago


323guiltyspark 2 months ago

When I asked my mom why they sometimes release movies on Christmas, she sang this song.

Greg Truempy
Greg Truempy 2 months ago

My favorite holiday song 15 years in a row.

MrDino1953 2 months ago

Smigel, my prreciousssssssssss

OwnedFox64 2 months ago

my wife left me lmaoooooooo

O_Megas. 2 months ago

This is a classic skit!!! 😂

charles stuart
charles stuart 2 months ago

We are radically changing our traditions - going out on Christmas Day with my Hindu cousin to eat Indian food.

Batou3 2 months ago


Liv Nicoloff
Liv Nicoloff 2 months ago

December 24 anyone???

Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs 2 months ago

Props to Steven Gold for capturing the Spector/Wrecking Crew wall of sound. No question that Darlene Love would have to sing it. Now, I'm gonna make a reservation at Shanghai Gourmet for dinner! It's Dec 24, my Christmastime.

Linn Haramis
Linn Haramis 2 months ago

Utterly ridiculous – and absolutely hilarious!!!😀👍

SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan 2 months ago

Now things have changed.more places are open on Christmas.

mike spence
mike spence 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, Jews!

Adam and Ava 6 Emery and emery

Those reckless squirrels are long overdue.

1SteveMACK 2 months ago

I make sure I watch this every year around Christmas time

flap jack
flap jack 2 months ago

its that time of year again

Rich Hard
Rich Hard 2 months ago

Now it's more like holiday time for the Christians

diddymuck 2 months ago

Pretty damn good!

Rob Merritt
Rob Merritt 2 months ago

Has this been available commercially, on any release?

nutzoo 2 months ago

When SNL was creative and funny and didn't lean on the easiest and basest laughs.

Zazoom 2 months ago

This is the reason why Robert Smigel cartoons were the best thing about Saturday Night Live.

Zisl Slepovitch
Zisl Slepovitch 2 months ago

Till January 5, you can actually see Fiddler on the Roof (in Yiddish) with (lots of) Jewish actors in it, at Stage 42! #FiddlerNYC

Maniac536 2 months ago

1:27 That guy on the tractor really looks like triumph the insult comic dog’s lawyer...hey I wonder...

Clogg 2 months ago

One of the real Smigel classics

forman208 2 months ago

I didn't understand half the shit they said, they shoulda put subtitles on this

Joe R M
Joe R M 2 months ago

Squirrel: “my nuts!”

ZaneTruesdale007 2 months ago

The day they remove this from TV is the day I lose my faith in humanity.

Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase 2 months ago

Darlene Wright, you are earning a total of $5,000,000 worldwide, which is so low!! lol You were born July 26th, 1941 in Los Angeles, California; you are currently 78 years, 4 months, and 8 days old.

Tzarina Victoria
Tzarina Victoria 2 months ago

Back again for another binge on this holiday tune

excommando1 2 months ago

Would somebody post the lyrics, please?

Danja 2 months ago

I know a lady who's Jewish.

Christmas is her favorite time of year. She likes the music, the food, and the parties (Office Christmas party? Free food? She's there! XD )

wolf argo 44
wolf argo 44 2 months ago

When I first saw this on the SNL special in 2014 holy shit I could not stop laughing

wolf argo 44
wolf argo 44 2 months ago

I did not know the jews celebrate Christmas time

Dj Gandt
Dj Gandt 2 months ago

A classic foreal

Smug Anime Girl
Smug Anime Girl 2 months ago

But what if Christmas falls on Shabbat?

steve steve
steve steve 2 months ago

Back when snl was funny

Tim Sticle
Tim Sticle 2 months ago

is this a parody of another song?

B H 2 months ago

This is classic SNL!!

Diane R
Diane R 2 months ago

i want the lyrics

Dan Burke
Dan Burke 2 months ago

This song is genius! I love it, and I wish I could download it.

TheSharipaula 2 months ago

laugh light love laugh fun dream be kind

Deema 2 months ago

Wish this song was about Christmastime for Jews AND Muslims

Tony Yammine
Tony Yammine 2 months ago

Yea because the Jews have so rough the other 364 days in NYC.

Paul Arzooman
Paul Arzooman 2 months ago

The fact that they got Darlene Love to sing it and made it sound like a Phil Spector production makes this a classic.

Cynthia Pickett
Cynthia Pickett 2 months ago

Still funny after 13 years!

Ruben Leyva
Ruben Leyva 2 months ago

Every Christmas Eve I come and see this!!