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Information Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Title : Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

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Frames Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Description Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

Mega Drive Longplay [079] Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

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Ahmed Sumari
Ahmed Sumari 2 months ago


Lauren56 2 months ago


knotsandcrosses1 2 months ago

AD 1997, the far off future of 24 years ago

MrMultimerda 2 months ago


Apo 2 months ago

4 colors per sprite and a full screen dithering.

Creative Cat Productions

This game is so badass

Miguel Gonçalo
Miguel Gonçalo 2 months ago


carlysson moreira
carlysson moreira 2 months ago

Músics perfect ...

Darren Clements
Darren Clements 2 months ago


Kaleem ullah
Kaleem ullah 2 months ago

I remember borrowing this game from my friend. Omg memories

sweetchaos Fox
sweetchaos Fox 2 months ago

this game was so good for a underrated game, they need to put this in steam

Kwari Januar
Kwari Januar 2 months ago

I remember Joe Musashi defeated local hero Spiderman

jinderbreadman 2 months ago

This is one of those games that I have to play at least once a year. One of my favorite games of all time!

dragonrider0601 2 months ago

The first level is New York on fire and that's literally what's happening to cities in America right now.

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

The 2 swords ninjas are bad news close quarters combat or a powered up shirukens are the best options and don't even think about releasing the dog against them it won't work

stpierreorama 2 months ago

To my surprise I see this receiving lots of praise. I simply cannot agree. It's unnecessarily frustrating to play. Controls are slow almost like there is a delay or lag. Enemy design isn't great. It requires alot of patience. This mind as well have come out for SNES. No blast processing here. Not a hard game but I get enraged because I don't have the patience for this crap.

The True Bro
The True Bro 2 months ago

I always imagined this game was a direct sequel of the original Shadow Dancer.

Wesley C
Wesley C 2 months ago

This game is gold.

wh03v3r iplz
wh03v3r iplz 2 months ago

This game was hard i never beat it

João Paulo Brazil
João Paulo Brazil 2 months ago

Is this really part of the shinobi games? Looks so inferior compared to revenge of shinobi and shinobi 3

Bloodreign1 2 months ago

A great ninja game, and great game in the Shinobi series. Like the arcade version, both have you doing objectives in each stage (like the first game, this one has you saving people), but this game feels much better than it's arcade counterpart. Also, nothing screams badass more than jumping off a building, shurikening your enemies to death on your way down, and then landing as light as a feather on the ground below after a several stories high leap of faith.


Arcade version and console version are both good.
In particular, although the final boss was different, the boss of the console version was more cool, but the boss of the arcade version also has his own personality.
She's the last boss. She's attacking with a ghost.
japanese occult feeling..

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

The character of this game is Hayate Musashi his nationality is Japanese-American and he's also the estranged son of Joe Musashi from the Revenge of Shinobi who took down the evil organization known as the Neo-Zeed

Joker 2 months ago

I like the dog of this game, is a good company.

Creisy_bs 2 months ago


o a
o a 2 months ago

Me gusta

Fanel Fabien
Fanel Fabien 2 months ago

I beat this shinobi already ....too...that guy is snoop dog with his dog...

Errorism 2 months ago

Yep. Good ole Shadow Dancer. I played this game a lot back in 2010.

A h
A h 2 months ago

My mother got me this game back in the day early Xmas present I was about 14..I was in awe would be the word now. She wasn't a games person. Oh fave song statue of liberty and the bosses and last one..let me catch my breath..megadrive knew what they were doing adding a headphone jack!

Rach D42
Rach D42 2 months ago

Sérieux les jeux de l'époque 1995 était trop bien au niveau jouabilité music, son ont invité les copains, copines à la maison pour jouer c'était plus convivial et ludique et collectif, maintenant avc les jeux en reseau c'est fini chacun reste chez soit et poste leur vidéo games c'est un autre délire que je pense n'est pas très intéressant à mon goût.

Perry Mehta
Perry Mehta 2 months ago

Is this the 4th game

Diego Michel
Diego Michel 2 months ago


treyart1 2 months ago

I want a remake of this game. The same old side scroller game play but with photo realistic graphics.

Symphonia30 2 months ago

This was the hardest of all the Shinobi games.

Rodrigo Borjas
Rodrigo Borjas 2 months ago


Deep Fried Jesus
Deep Fried Jesus 2 months ago

20:04 when the entire room is ninjas

Nahida Fama
Nahida Fama 2 months ago

My favourite Shinobi game.

Matheus 2 months ago

I had a friend, she was five years old than me and had a ribbon with this game, some day she came to my house to play this game with me, was so fun and I never saw she again

Joejoe Gabador
Joejoe Gabador 2 months ago

There wasn’t even one lizard in the game, oooook

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

In the boss stage in 12:05 I said to myself: "you've gotta be kidding me, on top of the Liberty Statue in New York city? Whoa"

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

11:25 perfect timing

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

Those ninjas in red, blue and yellow are hard to hit only powerful shuriken can hit them with one strike they can block Joe Musashi's normal shuriken in long range but they can't block from close range

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

At 5:11 the player uses magic in the wrong time

Hamad Humaid
Hamad Humaid 2 months ago

At 1:52 there's a secret item a 1UP I think the player forgotten about it i didn't because I remember this game and all it's tricks

Vallentino Nize46
Vallentino Nize46 2 months ago

Where i can download this game?

Caio Lesniowski
Caio Lesniowski 2 months ago

Old but gold! Very nice game!

Cesar Verazzu
Cesar Verazzu 2 months ago

10:44 best track in the game. I love it, it brings me back to my chilhood, those saturdays playing sega until dawn...

Fitra 2 months ago

Thank you for bring the good ol'day.

Paulo Lameiras
Paulo Lameiras 2 months ago

One of the few games i prefer on console than arcade. Great version!

Craig McVay
Craig McVay 2 months ago

WORSED SHINOBI game ever it looks as though it was a Marster System version TOTAL SHITE. the first Sinobi was great the second Disgrace

Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward 2 months ago

I had this game on my Genesis...

Gulyás Dávid
Gulyás Dávid 2 months ago

i love this <3 played many time :33

Ümid SHX
Ümid SHX 2 months ago

My lovely game old game

Apex TV
Apex TV 2 months ago


Romy –
Romy – 2 months ago

At 7:25 I always had to give the gamepad to my one year older brother as a kid because I was too scared of playing against those arms lol 😅

Kaveh Karami
Kaveh Karami 2 months ago

this game still scare the shit out of me !!!

hazult lobition
hazult lobition 2 months ago

Thank you

Alex Daron Mape
Alex Daron Mape 2 months ago

Tutututu cha tututu cha tutututu cha tututu cha

HG F 2 months ago

What is the name of the song that plays on the final credits?

elizabeth siega
elizabeth siega 2 months ago

bored , the best one still shinobi part 1

Keith McMiller
Keith McMiller 2 months ago

Top 5 Gen/Mega Drive for me and one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. An absolute beast of a game on it's highest difficulty setting.

Doc Savage
Doc Savage 2 months ago

Funny how they ommited this from SUGC.

Maybe Nintendo blocked it, to protect VC sales. Glad I have my two PS2 Genesis Collection copies..

kevin kurosaki
kevin kurosaki 2 months ago

e um dos melhores jogos mais o chato e q ele morre com um ataque so isso q deixa a desejar tinha q ser igual o shinobi 3

Dirty_Daz 2 months ago

possibly my fav megadrive game.

jh2090 2 months ago

Hi q.Michale Shinobi games were known for there high difficulty level I beleive sega put the one hit system in as a way of pushing the difficaulty a step higher frustrating yes very but not impossible

way2fitTV 2 months ago

I loved the music in the game!

Glenn Barclay
Glenn Barclay 2 months ago

Joguei muito no meu megadrive todos os jogos da sega qui lançava no megadrive grande video game dos anos 90.vlw...

Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps 2 months ago

1997 - World Trade Center survives ninjas and monsters
2001 - Religion of Peace strikes again

1985dossantos 2 months ago

For me, it is one of best shinobi games that I have ever played.

Reiul 2 months ago

El mejor shinobi de Megadrive para mí, aunque son todos buenos. The best shinobi game for Megadrive in my opinion, althought all of them are good.

Emir 2 months ago

I used to play this game from 1997 to 2000... I also downloaded it to my computer and still playing :))

Ryan Sandilands
Ryan Sandilands 2 months ago

What a through back this was one of the best games. Better than the American version strider

thegeezerdan 2 months ago

I have beat this game but it is definitely my least favourite Shinobi game on the Sega Megadrive.

Jamie F
Jamie F 2 months ago

Could never nail that final boss. No unlimited lives/continues those days and no save feature.

Donna Ludford S7
Donna Ludford S7 2 months ago

16:12 My Favourite

E105_Alpha 2 months ago

This one is better.

Kommon Senz [AV]
Kommon Senz [AV] 2 months ago

25:19 did they really continue this game?

SiberianHaska 2 months ago

Damn, i remember this

Shizbazki2 2 months ago

Dunno what all the moan about how hard this game is.
I played it when i was around 10 or 12 years old, i played it through using the shurikens, then noticed there was an option to turn off Shurikens so i did.
All you had was the sword through all the missions (except boss battles where you were given shurikens) which made gameplay harder but not unbeatable, i hardly used the dog as well.

Sergio M.
Sergio M. 2 months ago

Good game but Shinobi III is better.

trill 29
trill 29 2 months ago

good old days

METEOR DILEMMA 2 months ago

My favorite game before 22 years ago thankful to you omar from Syria

Retro Shack
Retro Shack 2 months ago

Best Megadrive exclusive of all time, still play it regularly!

Jungleman savetheforest

snes fans miss too much, so sad!

PS5 & Stuff
PS5 & Stuff 2 months ago


neco sans
neco sans 2 months ago

the gun guys look like x

Yggi11 2 months ago

Wow, this takes me back.

Dan Caettano
Dan Caettano 2 months ago

Jogão! Jogava no Playtime. #99vidas

Parallax Craze
Parallax Craze 2 months ago

Mega Drive' exclusive remixed versions of Sega' own Arcade games (Shadow Dancer; E-Swat; Alien Storm...) = more Sega Arcade goodness to enjoy = awesome.

tenjek 2 months ago

First game i ever really intensely played. came with the Sega Mega Drive

ezforsaken 2 months ago

You're playing NORMAL difficulty and you're proud of it enough to put in on youtube? Seriously? You're SUCH a shameless noob. You're supposed to learn first to really play a game and then get how to upload it on youtube. Please, just quit.

Ivan Payero
Ivan Payero 2 months ago

como configuraaas para jugar en pc

RAQUAAHWA TheCodedtestament

  The game moves at a deliberate pace, but this is still an arcade title at heart.  The detail in the graphics is impressive; I love the way female hostages struggle in their bindings.  

QMchale 2 months ago

This game was a little nice, but it also has a reputation for being... incredibly cheap. Just about every enemy pops up in places where they have some sort of advantage. Sure, the ninja dog helps a little, but he's useless against ninjas. Also, what was Sega thinking when they gave Shinobi only one hit throughout the stages?

Don't get me wrong; I've been able to beat the game at least once, but still, it's a bit difficult at times. Actually, this game does have a positive side to the pointless, repeat one-hit deaths as they help you improve a little bit by learning the enemies' patterns and such.

SelectiveShinku 2 months ago

Fav game

Arjay9975 2 months ago

That Bonus Stage brought back some fond memories.

Seyron Abbott
Seyron Abbott 2 months ago

2:46 Coool. All dogs go to Heaven? lol

Harry James
Harry James 2 months ago

Great game. But what most catch me, is d music. Great soundtrack.

Beynur Murat
Beynur Murat 2 months ago

im died for boss room :DD