PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents


Megan Acuna

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Information PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

Title : PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

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Frames PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

Description PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

PICKING OUT OUR TREE + DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS! | day in the life of new parents

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Megan Acuna
Megan Acuna 2 months ago

Are you embracing the Christmas spirit early this year or waiting until after Thanksgiving? I always used to wait but I felt like 2020 could use a little extra cheer. Plus I have tons of Christmas videos I want to film for you so our apartment had to be decorated! What holiday videos do you want to see from me?

Tami Lin
Tami Lin 2 months ago

His little outfit is theeeee cutest

Kasey Holloway
Kasey Holloway 2 months ago

Would love to see what you get Rowan for Christmas/what’s on his wishlist!

Hope Noland
Hope Noland 2 months ago

Megan- what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?? Your hair always looks so shiny and healthy! I’ve been on the hunt for good hair products and would love to know what you use or suggest. Thanks! I enjoy your videos and your sweet family. Xo

Valises & Gourmandises

This was such a cute vlog 😍🎄♥️
My baby (girl!!!) is finally born and I can't wait to decorate for Christmas and pick out a tree - it's so cool that you got to pick yours where it grew and not in a Berlin parking lot like we will 😍 
We never decorate, but having a baby makes me want to celebrate every holiday. And I've also been trying to convince my husband to get matching pjs hahaha

Mari Early
Mari Early 2 months ago

One thing I’d love to see is something like baking Christmas cookies and what you got for Rowan in his stocking!

Monica MacAuley
Monica MacAuley 2 months ago

How about a Xmas present wrapping session?

Hannah DeWitt
Hannah DeWitt 2 months ago

Not Christmas related, but I would love to see some sourdough recipes!!

Sadie Serrano
Sadie Serrano 2 months ago

Christmas decor please 😊😊

starseeddandelion 2 months ago

christmas decor tour please!! you have great style :) 🎄🎁🎇

Sierra Reed
Sierra Reed 2 months ago

So cute!!!

Hasti Geravand
Hasti Geravand 2 months ago

I am Iranian 😊
Just I want to say happy now year...

LeAnna With A Capital A

Buying their first stocking 😍😍 I love that you picked a red and white one for the combo of y'all's stockings. That's 100% something I would've done (my husband has a dark red velvet one and mine is HP but literary art. A Christmas scene designed by Marie Grand Pre and is dark purple. So not really easy to combine lol)

LOVE that Christmas list idea!! I may do something like that too.

Those baby smiles 😍

Lisa Bradford
Lisa Bradford 2 months ago

This video put me in the Christmas spirit! So much fun! I would love to see your apartment when you’ve finished decorating, videos of baking (you’re a great cook), and sharing some Christmas traditions you have.

morgan alexis dakin
morgan alexis dakin 2 months ago

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but after watching this, I’m eager to get into the Christmas spirit!🎄 I think I’ll be getting down all of our decorations this week! Also, the tree you guys picked out is beautiful 😍

Alyssa Pannkuk
Alyssa Pannkuk 2 months ago

I loved this! ❤️

Gisselle Conners
Gisselle Conners 2 months ago

Rowan looking at his dad poking his belly 🥺🥺 he is too cute !!

Janell Knudson
Janell Knudson 2 months ago

Love your channel! I had my baby naturally 4 days ago and the first video I watched was your birth vlog. It got me hooked! You are so strong and Rohan is so cute 💕

Sophie Abrahams
Sophie Abrahams 2 months ago

I love your channel, I started watching when I was pregnant and have loved your videos ever since! I can’t wait to do lots of Christmas vlogs, decorating and craft videos this year.. well as much as I can with a newborn 💕

Sadi_k 2 months ago

Your eyes are so pretty 😍

Alison 2 months ago

You should make sugar cookies!

Chava Frenkel
Chava Frenkel 2 months ago

Very nice vlog! It was funny when Matt said: Thanks!:)
And of course...Rowan is really cute💕

Ariel Plummer
Ariel Plummer 2 months ago

I'd love to know what your Christmas traditions are! Maybe what gifts you plan to get for Rowan this year, a fun recipe video because your apple pie one was so fun/delicious looking, we are definitely going to need a vlog of the snowman building, a development update on Rowan since he is getting so big! (sleep changes, eating habits, what gets his attention these days- my lil dude is only 6 weeks so I love learning!) Love your videos ❤

SEEIN Matcha
SEEIN Matcha 2 months ago

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Natalie Martin
Natalie Martin 2 months ago

Love the video and would love more Christmas themed posts!

jarvis moore
jarvis moore 2 months ago


Lena Harman
Lena Harman 2 months ago

Awesome video! The burp from your man was fantastic hahaha - even my boyfriend started watching after that haha
Christmas video ideas: christmas cookie bake with me (you did your german apple pie) so maybe you have more german christmas cookie ideas? Im german and we call them plätzchen pronounced pletzshen haha, definitely a decorating the tree video (that could be part of a vlog though) maybe some kind of a DIY (like an advents calendar) a thrift with me (christmas gift edition)

Emily Bunny_Beauty
Emily Bunny_Beauty 2 months ago

Love the matching PJs!! Also what carrier are you using to carry Rowan around? I need to add it to my Amazon baby registry!

jennyupabove 2 months ago

Yes to Christmas content!!!! I'm so excited to watch these sorts of videos.
Rowans first Christmas is going to be magical

Yaremi Ordonez barreto

Aww this is so cute since I have no siblings I take care of my bunny like my sibling and it’s her 2 Christmas 🥰💜

Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez 2 months ago

Y'all are so Cute! ! I love y'all.. Rowan is just Adorable! Y'all make me lol!

Lori & Family
Lori & Family 2 months ago

What a fun little outing!! Love the matching pjs super cute ❤️

Cameron 2 months ago

Where did you get the family pjs?! 😁🎄♥️

Rebecca Hurford
Rebecca Hurford 2 months ago

OH MY GOD FAMILY ONESIES!!! This video is going to be a treat!

Edit: I was NOT disappointed! What a treat!

Oz Nazur
Oz Nazur 2 months ago

How do you get your bunny to not chew cabels and other stuff around the house?

Matt Acuña
Matt Acuña 2 months ago

We did eventually figure out Rowan’s arms are supposed to go under the straps! Oops! It’s hard to learn how to properly use a baby carrier when you can’t go do anything outside the house! 🤣

Quesha Reed
Quesha Reed 2 months ago

Hey i love your channel this is a beautiful family

Hasna Izzah
Hasna Izzah 2 months ago

Hello there...