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Tiffany 2 months ago

Great guide Hayli! I have a 4 year old too. I’m always amazed and thrilled when he wants to just sit with me and read a book. I bought personalised childrens books last Christmas for him. When he opens his gift and his face lights up with delight, you’ll truly understand the importance of personalized gifts.

Maryam Lawrence
Maryam Lawrence 2 months ago

She said $13 for $13.95 my mom would be like it's $20 😆

Do You Hear The People Sing

I feel sorry for your kid poor sod is going to get his arse kicked in the playground with that name

WhosoeverX 2 months ago

Man! My wife got me the All-new Echo Dot for my birthday and I'm in love with it. It works like a champ. it's totally a must have for christmas.

Alyssa Ventura
Alyssa Ventura 2 months ago

you really found some awesome deals!! my Walmart still has Black Friday sales for full price 😩 we picked up the paw patrol truck also on Black Friday for $25, amazon was selling it for $70!!

Hayli Tucker
Hayli Tucker 2 months ago

Hi 👋🏾 Hayli, I can’t believe I found someone who has their name spelled like me. My name is Hayli too. My parents got it from the Bible, but it was spelled differently. There was no “y” therefore it was Hali which means beautiful necklace, so my parents insisted they add a y so that no one would get confused. A lot of people say that how my name is spelled is unique meaning that they like it which makes me feel good 😊. How did your parents come up with that idea of spelling your name that way? I hope you continue to stay safe and have a great day!!! Happy holidays!!!

Maddy Bero
Maddy Bero 2 months ago

When are you gonna do a wrap with me? I loved the one from last year!

Carina Carroll
Carina Carroll 2 months ago

My 7 yr old wanted a ride on toy but all the ones we saw were for younger kids. He would love that 4 wheeler. Love your gift guides

Alyssa Norton
Alyssa Norton 2 months ago

I had to watch all your vids for my 3 year old daughter she asked for the gotta go flamingo, all the dino patrol toys, the hot wheels ultimate garage with the dinosaur, baby stuff, barbie stuff, lol (shes not getting because she had some and ripped their heads off and lost them lol) , blues clues toys... Basically everything

Traci Boyd
Traci Boyd 2 months ago

I also have a 4 year old boy and our boys love all of the same things! Great job mama!

kimberly bachman
kimberly bachman 2 months ago

We got my son that Dino paw patrol vehicle. He’s been obsessed with paw patrol the last like 3/4 years. I think he’s starting to phase out of liking it now. But he loves dinosaurs and trucks. So I think he’ll like it still.

Linda Patton
Linda Patton 2 months ago

I love watching these got deals like I've never seen..if u don't mind. What state and town do you live...none of these toys were your price..mine were triple price for same things

Leah Tackles Disney
Leah Tackles Disney 2 months ago

I love your videos so much! My 5 year old and almost 8 year old are both into Minecraft, Pokémon, and the Batmobile / Joker/ etc playsets. However, the request for a Paw Patrol item happened and I was shocked! They both loved it a couple of years ago, but when they were excited by ads this year I knew I had to make that wish come true before it was too late. Same with my daughter, who is nine, wanting LOL, Barbie, and AG!

Brenda Monclova
Brenda Monclova 2 months ago

Dang! Your Walmart has great deals! Either that or they make a lot of mistakes with pricing items😂

Ashley tiffanypandoraqueen

Great gifts! I have a 4 year old boy too!

NikkiRenee 2 months ago

Always love these!!
Excited for stocking stuffings and Christmas Eve box!

sunflower 77
sunflower 77 2 months ago

My son has the indomonis rex. He got it last year and loves it. He doesn't eat the figures but you can put them In his mouth and his mouth lights up so you can see the victim!

sunflower 77
sunflower 77 2 months ago

My son loved all types of vehicles when he was little. He is 8 now and we got rid of some now as he had so many but his only ask off Santa this year was the monster jam shark RC truck. He is suddenly into monster jam. Can't wait to see his face Christmas morning.
Great gifts for little Fisher!
Thank you for sharing

Michelle myers
Michelle myers 2 months ago

Shopping for my nephews 3 and 5. I got cartes pjs and green toy trucks.

Britt FamFun
Britt FamFun 2 months ago

I love your gift videos I found your channel with your Easter one! I am very similar in the way that I just love to go over board and spoil my babies on holidays

Heidi Walker
Heidi Walker 2 months ago

Yay!!! I was waiting for another one. Keep them coming :) Love how real your videos are!!