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The Death of the Ghost of Christmas Present

The Death of the Ghost of Christmas Present

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Jessica Cuevas
Jessica Cuevas 2 months ago

That's 12 bell strokes

Penyfulberb 2 months ago

Plot twist: The spirit of Christmas yet to come actually killed ghost of christmas present

Willow 2 months ago

In a weird way it's scary

say hello
say hello 2 months ago

Oh yes, the trauma of my Childhood.

Ah, well Y’know
Ah, well Y’know 2 months ago

Yo its kinda scary how little people have actually read the original book

Bella Ancheta
Bella Ancheta 2 months ago

This movie freaked me tf out when I saw it in the theatre when I was little.

Business Clown
Business Clown 2 months ago

I remember my parents renting this movie when I was 7. I didn't sleep all that well that night

Red Soldier
Red Soldier 2 months ago

How Americans describe Britain
What Britain’s actually like

Kevenplayz najmi
Kevenplayz najmi 2 months ago


Jonah Mamers
Jonah Mamers 2 months ago

Honestly scariest part of the movie

Brayden Shambo
Brayden Shambo 2 months ago

The Ghost of Christmas Present is far more sinister and frightening than the others.

Peyton Ennis
Peyton Ennis 2 months ago

This is the scene where my parents turned off the TV so I’ve never seen the rest of the movie

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 2 months ago

3:12 Ghost Of the Future. Know as The Grim Reaper.

Partyrock 414
Partyrock 414 2 months ago

Of course he dies at midnight. He’s only the ghost of this Christmas and Christmas lives for but one day. Then it becomes the past

LadyRavenEyes 2 months ago

i wander why they cut the line short, it should be. "fear them both, but fear most the boy for he is the down fall of man"

Caleb Kief
Caleb Kief 2 months ago

I understand how this is a disney movie

Daniele Guaragno
Daniele Guaragno 2 months ago

Proceeds to flash Scrooge

Jack Mack
Jack Mack 2 months ago

Ghost of Christmas present lives for a day, that is why he is so happy

ElEvangelio 2019
ElEvangelio 2019 2 months ago


Rene Simon
Rene Simon 2 months ago

Quatsch ich mich auf jeden

Rene Simon
Rene Simon 2 months ago

Rene Simon

Vanessa Yaeggy
Vanessa Yaeggy 2 months ago

Charles Dickens: heartwarming Christmas classic or terrifying nightmare fuel? You decide.

Nonexistent Starchild

In the 1980's, Disney tried to be edgy by making 2 "horror" movies: "The Watcher in the Woods" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Both tried so hard to be scary, but were only able to pull off "mildly creepy". Disney made THIS with not even intending to be a horror movie and it's the scariest movie ever put out by Disney themselves.

Nonexistent Starchild

We watched this together as a family one year, thinking it would be fun happy Christmas Carol adaptation filled with the joys and wonders of Christmas. We couldn't have been anymore mistaken. We turned it off as Scrooge was asking about the claw under the robe. The movie had already been unbearably dark and creepy and we knew it was probably going to get worse with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Thank goodness we turned it off because we got ourselves spared from this scene. To this day I still haven't finished the movie. I am aware this adaptation is the most true to its original source material, but why was this marketed as a family movie? How many children did this traumatize? How is it possible for a Christmas Carol to be adapted into a beyond-Coraline-level-terrifying animated movie? What is wrong with Disney thinking that this is family friendly? What does a man aging rapidly and becomming a rotting corpse that is still moving and laughing have remotely ANYTHING TO DO WITH "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!!!???

Kayl Batayola
Kayl Batayola 2 months ago

A really late comment — but I was born on 2020 when I found out Jim Carrey played ALL 3 of the Christmas ghosts TOO.

Rank Rodent
Rank Rodent 2 months ago

He turned into sans undertale

joe cormier
joe cormier 2 months ago

"reaper here"

Terry I
Terry I 2 months ago

Nothing like a skull with eyes in the sockets to cure drowsiness

Valery Merenguetta
Valery Merenguetta 2 months ago

I couldnt see this whole scene at all as a kid, just the voices were enough for me to almost make me piss myself

Keneca Nicholas
Keneca Nicholas 2 months ago

oh god this was scary back then and it still is

Especially at 2:57 I was like who the heck are you...

Reaper25 2 months ago

Didn’t know skeletons have eye sockets

Gamer Raichu
Gamer Raichu 2 months ago


Tarun S
Tarun S 2 months ago

I saw this movie on my 13th birthday, and I remember being absolutely horrified by this scene.

ajholcombe 2 months ago

this is a masterpiece film

Nathan H
Nathan H 2 months ago

when they play it on TV they always cut out some of the beginning dialogue between Scrooge and his nephew, and the part where this ghost disintegrates.

Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 2 months ago


Ted G
Ted G 2 months ago

I was a little scared by the same scene in the Muppet version where the jolly old man just fades away and vanishes, but this takes it to a whole new level of terror, I hope I can sleep tonight.

blueraccoon 10
blueraccoon 10 2 months ago

2:36 thanos: you should have gone for the head

David Yanovich
David Yanovich 2 months ago

This film horrified me when I was young

MidnightPsycho 2 months ago

I make it a tradition to watch this movie every Christmas. This movie TERRIFIED me when I watched it for the first time, solely because of this entire scene. But nowadays, I've grown to enjoy this movie a lot. One day, I wish to get my hands on the original book.

RabuHina 2 months ago

Saw this movie for the first time and it's a very enjoyable movie

Austin Morrison
Austin Morrison 2 months ago

People weren’t use to this version but THIS is what Dickens wrote.

Chickenhead 2 months ago

AAAANNNDDD IT'S CHRISTMAS. Does this mean he's reborn today??

Tjaz 2 months ago

A family picture

Sergio Calderon
Sergio Calderon 2 months ago

De verdad el 2009 fue un gran año para la animación
Sin duda esta película es de culto (al menos para mi xd)

Kyriaki Bartzis
Kyriaki Bartzis 2 months ago

i LOVE this scene

Ben Padron
Ben Padron 2 months ago

Christmas Present was known to have a darker side, and I love how this version showed it! The maniacal laugh and fading away to dust was just perfect! I'm a huge fan of the book, and this is probably my favorite interpretation of this scene. It was a bit different, but in all the right ways. It really makes sure the audience is paying attention by throwing this at your face.. its almost like you're right there in Scrooges shoes. Its uncomfortable to watch, AS IT SHOULD BE. And I love it!

J Do
J Do 2 months ago

This scene is done so well. I had xhills when I watched it in the theater. It's great, heavy stuff.

And then odd mood whiplash with the Ghost of Christmas yet to come.

Wheresmyeyebrow 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Eve everyone

Mister Roboto999
Mister Roboto999 2 months ago

I don't care if this movie was panned, I think they did it very well.

TheSaucy1 2 months ago

2:40 sans be like

Jarski l
Jarski l 2 months ago

3:10 Shireeeee...Baggings....

harryduncann7 2 months ago

This scene used to scare me when I was like nine haha

Somethingawesome7 2 months ago

Not really a death but how the ghost of Christmas future came in is scary

Gabby B
Gabby B 2 months ago

I also would like to add that the reason why Ignorance pulled out a knife and said, "Are there no prisons?" is also because, sadly, alot of people who grow up in poverty end up in crime. In a demented way, Scrooge had said previously before being haunted by all these ghosts that, "Are there no prisons?" to say that the poor should just be thrown there because prison is a better refuge than what they currently have. Also, Want said, "Are there no workhouses?" because a "workhouse" as she was referring to, is actually a whorehouse. In those days, women who were poor often were mistreated and were forced to go to the streets to make money. I loved how Want ended up being tied up in restraints because in many cases, prostitutes often ended up in solitary confinement because they were deemed "mentally unfit."


They didn't show this on Freeform cause it'll scared the kids.

Finnaginary 2 months ago

I love how this this movie got a PG rating 😂

DAGGERZZ 2 months ago

I need someone to explain this scene to me. to me its someone laughing as he dies and the two random people like someone please explain what this is

minorking1121 2 months ago

Man this movie did not age well. That's the problem with jumping on the latest trend in animation/cgi, it will look extremely dated very quickly. Whereas something live action or done in a more classic style will stand up for much longer. I just finished the Muppet Christmas Carol because I was feeling nostalgic and none of the age is really that noticeable. It's so minor that it's not distracting.

Watching this was like a cutscene in an old video game.

Alan Velasquez
Alan Velasquez 2 months ago

That last moment when death appears on the shadow is like ... goosebumps 😬

George Wright
George Wright 2 months ago

Literally every part of this film is terrifying. Dickens would be so proud. Making boot polish really makes you macabre huh


In the book this scene was not as creepy lol

Daven Aguiar
Daven Aguiar 2 months ago

2:35 Mr Scrooge, I don't feel so good

The ABacross
The ABacross 2 months ago

Bruh if you don't think this is a horror movie idk what you're thinking, I love it so much

Scotty Lewis
Scotty Lewis 2 months ago

😱😱 what the fuck...

Thomas Huffman
Thomas Huffman 2 months ago

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Mr. Zemeckis, I don't think you grasp what the meaning of this story is. This is supposed to be a story about caring for your fellow man, not a horror story. This movie depicts the three spirits as demons from hell, not as the benevolent beings that are there to help Scrooge with his redemption, as they should be.

Wilderness Jungle
Wilderness Jungle 2 months ago

How did I sleep at night when I saw this as a little kid?!

SonicTheManhog 2 months ago

Me first time watching: ITS JESUS CHRIST

MineKurtMininer 2 months ago

christmas futer ghost= grim reaper

ogladacz r.t.
ogladacz r.t. 2 months ago

this was scary af

Seymour Disapproves
Seymour Disapproves 2 months ago

This movie was so damn ugly lmao

joe Childs
joe Childs 2 months ago

This is a kids movie?

Blue 2 months ago

Dude I see comments saying don’t show this to your kids meanwhile I was 5 or 6 when I first saw this

Cristal Ratliff
Cristal Ratliff 2 months ago

Did they just put in a prostitute or did I hear that wrong cuz she says aren't there any workhouses that could mean something else

Ğolden Đawn
Ğolden Đawn 2 months ago

Ok, but this was playing on the TV and when I played it on my phone, it landed at the exact same time as the TV

Haley Williams
Haley Williams 2 months ago

It’s too bad that with growing inequality in the United States concepts of ignorance and want are becoming more and more relevant again.

Yry Ros
Yry Ros 2 months ago

You know... FOR KIDS

Nick Werner
Nick Werner 2 months ago

2:56 Kingdom Hearts Intensifies

Kritz Plays
Kritz Plays 2 months ago

i had chills, from this scene

MyStringSnapped 2 months ago

Incredibly impactful, though I'm iffy on whether I like the change or feel like the narrative of the Ignorance and Want scene is as impactful without the bodies of The Ghost of Christmas Present and Ignorance and Want morphing since at this point in the story Scrooge is truly supposed to be getting it and realizing the impact of his ways on everyone he encounters and neglects to acknowledge. I do like it cause I could see Dickins actually finding it a brilliant visual metaphor.

Bára Pelantová
Bára Pelantová 2 months ago

I just love how the ghost of christmas future appears... it's haunting but perfectly done.

Nistarch 2 months ago

when people say dont watch it but its clearly not the first time disney's made a dark and twisted film so WILL YOU SHUT UP

Nicolò 2 months ago

Here's my review of the film:

Marlon white
Marlon white 2 months ago

How can a ghost die

Riehlvelt The Awesome

God, I never realised how terrifying this scene is...

Brian Silva
Brian Silva 2 months ago

The CGI does not hold up in certain places, but this is a very ballsy film that Disney supported, and I couldn’t thank them enough for it.

The Unknown Man
The Unknown Man 2 months ago

The one movie where Jim Carrey ISN'T funny.


interestingmouse 2 months ago

This scene traumatized me as a child

JRax 17
JRax 17 2 months ago

I really love this adaptation of a Christmas Carol it’s probably my favorite because it holds no punches a man as horrible as Ebeneezer Scrooge really needs to see how much is at stake if he doesn’t change

orion fellows
orion fellows 2 months ago

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls

Ksharles Gzhames
Ksharles Gzhames 2 months ago

The ghost of Christmas present is the greatest pun ever

Ian Ilari
Ian Ilari 2 months ago

Mr. Scrooge, I don’t feel so good.

Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor 2 months ago

Perfect this was what Dickens wrote in 1843 the original copy.

Camita 2 months ago

I love Christmas stories like these. It's grisly, but it does have a heartwarming message still at the end.

Daraiel Dee
Daraiel Dee 2 months ago

When I was little this part scared the absolute shit out of me

Ethpling 2 months ago

I still remember this vividly almost 12 years ago.

It may be book accurate, but that doesn’t comfort 7 year old me who just happened to be watching the FUCKING DISNEY CHANNEL

Mark Schrock
Mark Schrock 2 months ago

I think this is the best version!

gusherlover69 2 months ago

Oh 2:13- Okay

Michael D. Durham
Michael D. Durham 2 months ago

Look, look. DOWN HERE!