First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations



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Information First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

Title : First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

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Frames First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

Description First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations

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David 2 months ago

God bless you first lady
Mrs. Trump

Yasmir Herrera
Yasmir Herrera 2 months ago

DEAR Melania, thank you for having been and for being FOREVER and FOREVER a great lady, a great WOMAN, with your Intelligence, your finesse and distinction You will ALWAYS be an example of all of us women to follow

Walt Snow
Walt Snow 2 months ago

At least we don't have to hear our First Pole Dancer say '' faaaaaking Creeeeeeezzmuus '' AGAIN !!!!

I Mother Earth
I Mother Earth 2 months ago

who gives a .uck about Christmas .... right? ...but I have to do it

christopho7 2 months ago


Mountain goats Village

She is a model her decoration amazing

Abi Patton
Abi Patton 2 months ago

This decor is everything!!! Can't get enough of it .. wonder how this year's going to be!!! Melania the BEST!!!!

Valenty Franky
Valenty Franky 2 months ago


TyteMind 888
TyteMind 888 2 months ago

Stunning, 1st class Christmas decor. Well done Melania.

curtis g
curtis g 2 months ago

" who gives a f--- about Christmas stuff and decorations but I need to do it, right?"- melania trump

Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 2 months ago

cool .......

Timo Jarun
Timo Jarun 2 months ago

Who gives a fu** about Christmas :)

Aleksandra Jaśniowska


Neonblu81 2 months ago

Is this literally all she’s done while becoming First Lady ? That and failing her be best campaign by actually doing nothing on her bullying incentive , ( oh you mean besides living with the biggest bully in the nation , quite possibly , the world ) but , where was I ? Oh yes , Melanias Christmas no doubt was not put together by her personally , her crowded Christmas tree lot looks expensive ( it was , to the taxpayers ) , and just looks like an attempt to put anything in the empty , lonely halls of Donald Trumps gloomy White House . Melanias Xmas showing shows her in white , haunting the halls , restlessly , darting in and out clusters of Xmas trees looking for Donald , we all know she just showed up after her designers dropped off the premade trees . This is why Melania is shown looking at individual ornaments as she has just seen them for the first time , ( as we see melania checking the spelling blocks of her slogan “bebest” that seemingly seems to be missing a word in between the two words , but seems also to be spelled in spelling blocks just in case a word should be added because be best seems to be lacking something !) . The whole fake video is designed to make Melania look like 1. She has style , and her style like all Trumps , means over the top more is better ( which has nothing to do with style , what she was going for , but ... oh.., nope didn’t hit it) and, 2.looks pretty bland and crowded and looks like you could lose your Xmas guests between the trees , maybe even find lagging guests , beneath them , given the the lights are so blinding not soft and warm or inviting and presents itself to a maze thst may be hard to locate the exit doors ) . Melania continues to miss the mark as she has always done since joining the White house 6 months after Trump moved in because of that thing she had about needing the entire personal living area away from trump to be reconstructed and issued new toilets and bath amenities used by previous First Ladies , as she was too grossed out ) Melania missed the mark despite the Homes and gardens photography that as usual gives only the appearance of style encased in high quality filming , and is careful not to look too close at the many trees crowding the room and attempts to create a craft like highest quality products assumption , and a resemblance or suggestion Martha Stewart stole her Xmas ideas from Melania , not the other way around , which is what Melania continues to do over and over , by plagerizing Michele Obama’s speeches exactly , and stating she alone thought up those incentive filled words that I assume she thinks Michelle stole from her . This side by side finished decor produced by Michelle Obama and Melania trunp , reminds me of the side by side photos of barrack Obama and Donald trumps inauguration photos , Obama’s photo of course having many more persons crowding the inauguration celebration , than trumps sparcely filled example of too much free space as opposed to Obama’s perfectly crowded enthusiastic celebration that recorded record numbers . Except that in the Xmas example between two First Ladies , Melania overcompensates Ruth too many fake trees filling in the empty gaps to over compensate the large empty halls and suggest trumps go big or go home , kinda new money kinda clash with the elegance of Michelle who ushers real warmth and a Xmas feel to the halls and rooms and the elegance of luxury and taste while keeping it simple and easy to allow guests to converse and feel welcome . And also not be blinded by the sparkle or blocked from finding the exit doors they must be looking fir as soon as they enter the fun zone tree parade that simply over powers the room . It screams insecurity and Vegas . So Melania needs to actually really complete her interior decorating classes this time instead of lying about it and putting it in White House resume falsely , and actually do the work , ( no cheating like Trumps do ) and get her degree for real . Since she has really no other accomplishment other than pissing America off by wearing a jacket that claims she doesn’t care , do we ? She has plenty of time to finish her online classes due to covid , and keep her in the know for next xnas , while herself and all the Trumps enjoy their last Xmas at the White House during interim of handing Biden the keys in January . I do say , this Xmas design is much brighter than the previous morbid and American horror red tree farm of her past Xmas designs remains an improvement . We were all looking for the chainsaws as ornaments but found hardly anything on blood red trees that reminded us of the shining maze . Melania - less is more !

Erwin Lbj
Erwin Lbj 2 months ago


طارق النحاس


Patrick Morton
Patrick Morton 2 months ago

Melania made it look magical like no other First Lady of the United States of America

Delania Delaney
Delania Delaney 2 months ago

Beautiful especially now cleansed

Marcaise Ndjindi
Marcaise Ndjindi 2 months ago

Very Nice! Mrs Melania Trump good job !Greatings from Cameroon

Voltus Greenland
Voltus Greenland 2 months ago

God Bless USA!! 🇺🇸

christopho7 2 months ago

gorgeous....thankyou Melania

Photonia Phive
Photonia Phive 2 months ago

✨🇺🇸🎄 Merry Christmas 🎁. 🦅Peace, Joy & Good Will To All Mankind 🕊 🐝Perfect Peace @Isaiah 23:6❣️

DaughterZion Ros
DaughterZion Ros 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!!!!!!...I pray Lord come today!!!!….I pray no more worldly Christmas this year, instead, our Lord's kingdom come to earth, so that all obedient ones in Christ Jesus's commandments can enjoy  everlasting life in Christ's kingdom (Rev 11v15; 19v6; .....And again, Christmas, Lord's table, etc. are to remember about Christ's soon coming righteousness dwelling kingdom, not just to enjoy on this evil-driven world (Mark 14v24; Luke 22v17; 1 John 5v19; )....But the god of this world/evil one, blinded the mind of unbelievers, so that people don't desire for Christ's kingdom (2 Corinthians 4v4; Matthew 13v14; ) ....Evil kingdom is in fury & injecting all confusions into people by twisting the Heavenly GOOD NEWS/GOSPEL (Rev 12v12), because evil kingdom is going to end........All obedient ones in Lord's heavenly kingdom commandments are going live soon in Heavenly Father's promised land where there is no sin, no curse, no evilness, no wicked, no wars, no fights, no terrorists, no criminals, no immoral ones, no fear,  no stress, no sufferings, …..( Rev 21; )…..No more evil ones, wicked ones,,,,on this earth anymore, all in Christ/all in Heavenly Father's grace are going to live soon in a sin-eradicated, cleaned up New earth....Behold, I am making all things new ( Rev 21v5; Isaiah 43v19; ).......In soon coming Christ's kingdom, there is only peace, truth, righteousness, & freedom in spirit (2 Peter 3v13; Matthew 5; )....My Father in Heaven, your kingdom come soon, today, now (Matthew 6v10; )…..Amen, Lord, come soon, today, now ( Revelation 22v17; 20; )…..Let's don't be a prey to the lies of evil kingdom ( John 8v44; ), & be strong in the promise of our Lord about His soon coming kingdom…..Let's desire strongly for Lord's kingdom to come, & spread/proclaim the GOOD NEWS/GOSPEL of Lord's soon coming kingdom, to people around us, so that desperate ones can also live in Lord's kingdom [those desperate/thirsty for Truth, righteousness, peace, freedom in spirit]] & let's prepare ourselves by reading/listening/meditating to the Word of Heavenly Father/promise of Father in Heaven for His kingdom for chosen ones & Let's try to become like Lord in heavenly qualities, so that we can see Lord face to face & dwell in Lord's kingdom (Philippians 3v21; 1 John 3v2; Rev 19; 21; )….When we are desperate for Lord's kingdom, Lord's kingdom will come, & evil kingdom will perish (Matthew 24v14; ).....Heavenly holy spirit of Grace & The Bride/church of Christ say come, let the one who hear say, come [[ to Lord: "come,  Lord" …..To people around :Come to Lord"]] Rev 22v17...... Amen!

Susi Susi
Susi Susi 2 months ago


mabdog1988 2 months ago

I hope Melania knows that we all love her and are so very proud of her as First Lady. She is representing America with such grace and loving kindness. She is a true lady and may God give her strength and comfort during these difficult times.

Playinginthe Band
Playinginthe Band 2 months ago

Merry Christmas all!!
It’s nice to be able to say that again!!!

Sheitta Spence
Sheitta Spence 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Mr.& MS.Trump! Have a Happy Holiday.

divine angelvoice
divine angelvoice 2 months ago

Christmas lift our souls up into light with that beautifully decorated White House. Melania also made a silent statement " from darkness to light". Very, very beautiful and elegant

Tim G
Tim G 2 months ago

I see that Melania still hasn't learned proper grammar.

Wendy Tabon
Wendy Tabon 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 God Bless

Erica Norton
Erica Norton 2 months ago

Melania our first lady. The holiday decor is absolutely beautiful. You did a lovely job just as the last holiday season. I hope you and our president have a wonderful Christmas however you both decide to celebrate. Along with the rest of your family.

Peter Kronester
Peter Kronester 2 months ago

Is there any sign of Christ in this cold, frosty and ice-lit mood? We remember: Christmas is the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. What Melania is celebrating here is American Patriotism. Where is Jesus here? Did he hide from all "America first", "America better", "America above the whole world"? No cross, no sign of him on the wall, not on a table, not at the trees, but a model of the White House presented as a cool substitute for a crib? A horribly bitter Christmas! Do people live there?

Yasemin Kahraman
Yasemin Kahraman 2 months ago

Melania and Christmas decorations are very fantastic.I love Melania.She is a very delicate and humble lady.

Mustang 82
Mustang 82 2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL! Just like First Lady Melania, and President Trump God Bless you both,and family have a Very Merry, and Blessed Christmas.

Marinda Breeding
Marinda Breeding 2 months ago

To our Beautiful First Lady: This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Sankie Greyling
Sankie Greyling 2 months ago

So classy, beautiful!!

Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor 2 months ago

Elegant and Beautiful...just like our First Lady it SHINES!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🎅🎅🎅🎅

A Hermit
A Hermit 2 months ago

I like the Stanley Kubrick version better...

BLESSED Being 2 months ago

I loved it. Thank you. Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ is our saviour and king of all kings, Amen.

Diane Johnson
Diane Johnson 2 months ago

Mrs Trump it is beautiful

Always Sinatra
Always Sinatra 2 months ago

Just Stunning 💕

Mari Jose Azpilicueta

Parece que en la Casablanca hace mucho frío, Melania siempre lleva abrigo

Wioletta De Moor
Wioletta De Moor 2 months ago

Bardzo ładnie gustownie pani Melanie też ślicznie wygląda Jak zawsze elegancka Och jak mi się podobają jej kreacje

tina evans
tina evans 2 months ago

I think you guys did an amazing job it's so beautiful and so are you I am so happy you are our 1st lady you have such grace

liane 1389
liane 1389 2 months ago

If I am an American... Honestly. I am proud to see all of the American heart in every aspect of the Christmas decorations in White House. This is it! 🎄🎄🎄 A President and POTUS who point out that being an American is a blessing and honor. They show us their thoughts "We are proud of being an American". The Last President is nothing. He just show off how He's a clown and pocketing Americans money and spending it anyhow. Never have I think... "I can't wait to see the White House Christmas decorations" before this #45 POTUS. As they are the one who point out and make us excited and looking forward to celebrate the Birth of Lord Jesus Christ on Earth as a human + God.

Antonella Trump
Antonella Trump 2 months ago

First Lady is classy and beautiful but this year the White House decorations are very ordinary and actually nothing special or spectacular!

leota baca
leota baca 2 months ago

It is so beautiful. The best the White House has ever looked at Christmas. Thank you so much. You are a very beautiful First Lady. Lots of class. I always enjoy watching to see the beautiful dresses and lovely coats (high
heels) you wear. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

web Surfin
web Surfin 2 months ago

Elegant..... America's very LOVELY 1st LADY! So great to have a 1st LADY in The White House who LOVES America! Unlike the "former" MAN-chelle Obummer!!

Sharon Ward
Sharon Ward 2 months ago


Titus 2:13
Titus 2:13 2 months ago

The woman is pure class...

Ratheest T
Ratheest T 2 months ago


Beauty Amadi
Beauty Amadi 2 months ago

May the Lord protect you your husband and all the families and friends at White House Amen I pray

Messenger 2 months ago

Mrs. Trump you did a wonderful job. The Christmas decorations are beautiful. Merry Christmas for you and your family.

Lee Bell
Lee Bell 2 months ago

Pure Class.

DLPProductionsInc 2 months ago

Where are the small cages with the children in it by the be best scrabble decorations?

Christopher Stefano
Christopher Stefano 2 months ago

Smart....beautiful....and so.....talented!.......

James Williams
James Williams 2 months ago

Outstanding! Well done and Merry Christmas to all!

Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 2 months ago

Weird thing is u could take this and replace the audio with something darker to make it feel very horror movie vibe. Idk what the director was thinking

Ed McElvarr
Ed McElvarr 2 months ago

What a class act,love Flotus

Vangie Barber
Vangie Barber 2 months ago

Love it . It's so beautiful and elegant. Thank you Mrs. Trump love you. Your amazing person Be Blessed all season.

Carla Vigil
Carla Vigil 2 months ago


Udar Pavarota
Udar Pavarota 2 months ago

The First Lady has so much class. She's the best First Lady the US ever had. Beautiful, elegant, intelligent. She has it all.

Laura eLLe
Laura eLLe 2 months ago

This woman is so beautiful, inside and out, that she brings tears to my eyes. I pray that women will find their gentle femininity again🙏

Mary Turpin
Mary Turpin 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thanks

Melissa Hintz
Melissa Hintz 2 months ago

How stunning! And the Christmas decorations are too!😂 it makes me so sad that the media...all types of media....will stop at nothing to criticize the President and the First Lady! She is a beautiful woman inside and out and he has been the best president these United States have ever had! God Bless them and protect them!

Eagle Arrow
Eagle Arrow 2 months ago

White jacket like sails on a ship!
Dice dots =#17=Q
Be Best=45

Roberto Alvarez
Roberto Alvarez 2 months ago


Tadeu Ferreira
Tadeu Ferreira 2 months ago

Parabéns 👏🏼🇺🇸🇧🇷🇮🇱🇮🇱🇧🇷🇺🇸

Sweetpea 3399
Sweetpea 3399 2 months ago

She and the decorations are beautiful!🎄⛄️

ladyme 2 months ago

Thanks to all the people who are the ones who must be thanked for their beautiful job...They are the real artisans for this work .They do not just caress a flower or two or straighten a petal !!

jo ellen Johnson
jo ellen Johnson 2 months ago

Beautiful the bet ever love her

Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore 2 months ago

I think the white and silver trees are lovely.

King Beowulf
King Beowulf 2 months ago

To think...

This is where our tax payer dollars go 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

J C 2 months ago

Beautiful! ❤️

ly pham
ly pham 2 months ago

Beautiful and elegantly done! Classy First Lady.

Joe Mac
Joe Mac 2 months ago

Best FLOTUS we have seen in a LONG TIME last one was Jackie O JFK wife for some of You who do not know

Dame Pletvarec
Dame Pletvarec 2 months ago


Dame Pletvarec
Dame Pletvarec 2 months ago


Sandra Hammond
Sandra Hammond 2 months ago

She makes me proud to be an American

Clayton Barfield
Clayton Barfield 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Trump family. Good job!

King Cut
King Cut 2 months ago

So that's where the U.S. economies wealth is being squandered .... Awwww must be nice.... Middle case fading out but the whitehouse has a forest indoors and fully loaded trees with decor... I feel sorry for those tax payers paying that light/ electric bill