Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]



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Information Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

Title : Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

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Description Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

Best Gifts For Gamers 2020 [The Ultimate Guide]

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Adithya Sharma
Adithya Sharma 2 months ago

Iam watching this because i want gift

Fade out10
Fade out10 2 months ago

People that are watching so they can figure out what they want for Christmas

Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 2 months ago

Watching to see what I want to get myself.

METRO SK 2 months ago

Im just litterally have everything and i dont know what i want pls help

Christian Kilduff
Christian Kilduff 2 months ago


Conway Zena
Conway Zena 2 months ago

when you wanted some Gift Cards then try this π—šπ—₯𝗔𝗕𝗖𝗔π—₯𝗗𝗦.π—•π—˜π—¦π—§
working for all^^ πŸ”₯

Jo 2 months ago

Happy Holidays! Check out @t for Real Charms for your Firearms! They make great gifts!

hyper on goldfish
hyper on goldfish 2 months ago

You forgot scuf controllers

Lucas Bushnell
Lucas Bushnell 2 months ago

At 1:22 the girl isn’t even pressing any correct keys

Goldcat Gaming
Goldcat Gaming 2 months ago

Connecting a dualshock 4 controller to a pc is a bit of a hassle.

It's plug and playπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Foodo Dooq
Foodo Dooq 2 months ago

A ps3 controller and a Vr good choice

Speedy Muffin
Speedy Muffin 2 months ago

Would I need a keyboard if I’m on a laptop with a monitor

Arab Mamba
Arab Mamba 2 months ago

Can someone recommend me some cheap but overall really good headsets for a PS4

Shalom Wondafrash (STUDENT)

flashback to the fortnite dude. bro his hands were not touching the keyboard

Seth COYB 2 months ago

I would agree with the mice bit the Naga series aren't the best because the scroll wheel gets jammed and it breaks easily

indofishy 2 months ago


Heady 2 months ago

U mad me laugh when u said that Corsair keyboard was one of the best

NorppaGames 2 months ago

me wants vr

Johan Paul
Johan Paul 2 months ago

100th comment

Kyle Young
Kyle Young 2 months ago

Well scripted video, but one can only take so much of the music loop and royalty-free clips of someone counting one-hundred-dollar bills. Also, I'm not sure if this just bothered me, but every time I saw someone play a video game in this video, I could only assume that they were told to look like they were having a good time. At some point, there was a clip with a girl gaming and some dude just sitting with his shirt unbuttoned looking very interested in his notebook. The clips chosen for this video just felt a little off-putting and unnecessary. I guess that goes for most videos in a top-10 style list though.

MKMcity 2 months ago


TheBossRaider 2 months ago

I have everything I want so I have no idea what to ask for. Not even money is a good gift since I have enough money

Alarcon ;W;
Alarcon ;W; 2 months ago

:( My parents don’t give me presents 🎁 just a normal day Hate my life

Mysty W Netherite
Mysty W Netherite 2 months ago

I'm literally just watching to figure out what I want haha

misspriss13pink 2 months ago

Omg help me! My guy already has all this stuff! I just can't get him socks again πŸ˜–

Trix 2 months ago

mousepads are essential... unless you are a psychopath

Cello Codispoti
Cello Codispoti 2 months ago

i love how she says g 5 hundred AND 2

Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie 2 months ago


The Gordon Experiment

Not much info on the switch

Nubzy 2 months ago

2:59 Lol me playing fighting games on console...

Aubrey Aden
Aubrey Aden 2 months ago

who got annoyed about how many onehundred dollar bills you saw

unique person
unique person 2 months ago

Dacky one mini ore and pro

Phizzeh 2 months ago

Immediately clicked away when I saw Fortnite.

PlayerIdentity 2 months ago

2:30 but rockstar games doesnt? What?

Sphifex 2 months ago

Ducky one 2 mini or Anne pro 2

VAPID Cobras
VAPID Cobras 2 months ago

Lol rip old Fortnite tho

quiteright 2 months ago

i clicked off when she said "g 500 and two"

Tech Media
Tech Media 2 months ago

You made this on my birthday!!!!

da Supreme Moth
da Supreme Moth 2 months ago

I would take Hypixel rank or a gaming mouse

Solarpotato 2 months ago

1:22 Girl : mashes random keys WASD : Am i a joke to you?

hernan gallo
hernan gallo 2 months ago


Blood Shade Games
Blood Shade Games 2 months ago

Would like to see a premium gift guide for gamers

Son Tran
Son Tran 2 months ago

i dont get presents for christmas all i get for christmas is sadness, first ever christmas present was baseball bat

StevboSloth 2 months ago


WASD: The main movement keys for a pc game

Her: Nah I don’t think so

BredBoi164 2 months ago

1:22 Look at that QUALITY gameplay... she isn't even pressing any keys on the keyboard LOL

Tim-Manuel Miranda
Tim-Manuel Miranda 2 months ago

Anyone buying a new switch (non lite) should make sure it's the new refresh with better battery life. Google the product number and make sure before purchase.

NFS-R Lunatic
NFS-R Lunatic 2 months ago

Why not just give us money so we can buy what we want and not deal with the hassle if a parent brought a wrong game or accessories

Sean Andrews
Sean Andrews 2 months ago

He mated with me

TPG LogiN 2 months ago


Shrkkng55 2 months ago

Aww. I thought y'all would feature optical keyboards in this list.

Jon B
Jon B 2 months ago

Love your guys content keep it coming! Can you make a video on what to do with an old pc once you buy a new gaming rig?

KiDiTry 2 months ago

Stop πŸ›‘ who said the g502 was a top 10 mouse. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!

In N Out
In N Out 2 months ago

I just want a girlfriend 😒