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Lo Tin yan
Lo Tin yan 2 months ago

Bruh we been third wheeling on spotify🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

kashish gujral
kashish gujral 2 months ago

Happy Christmas shawn and camila cabello u both are my fav....i wish this covied 19 is finished in 2021.....❤❤❤

Lucy L
Lucy L 2 months ago

Hey I've made a cover to this song you can listen it here

Camlinh Nguyen
Camlinh Nguyen 2 months ago

Thank you it is cute and sweet lyrics ❤️❤️❤️

Layan Karali
Layan Karali 2 months ago


Layan Karali
Layan Karali 2 months ago

هههههههههاللابيو gxzmndfawepo

Mostafa Soliman
Mostafa Soliman 2 months ago

I'm Muslim and I would like to say MERRY CHRISTHMAS to all of you our loved christian sisters&brothers .and Happy New Year for all of us .stay safe &God bless you all❤❤

Fattoum Houhou
Fattoum Houhou 2 months ago

cool song xx :)

Sweet Itachi
Sweet Itachi 2 months ago

Ruined it

Nicole Kerswell
Nicole Kerswell 2 months ago

So beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

Eric GOUTAL 2 months ago

It's the magic of Christmas! To celebrate this time of year, I propose a video clip to listen to on headphones 🎧 (music in 8d audio). Good listening and good clip.

Harry Potter Magical Edits

Music is a really important part of life😄

BTW, small youtuber here☺

Yotub Yotube
Yotub Yotube 2 months ago


Chad Swihart
Chad Swihart 2 months ago

I don't like this song its not a good Christmas song in my opinion.

ZA Ahmadi
ZA Ahmadi 2 months ago

Who’s here before 1 million views

Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 2 months ago

This is cute❤️❤️

Mik Tzy
Mik Tzy 2 months ago

This song enough to beat covid

Linda Mwongera
Linda Mwongera 2 months ago

🎊✨Happy early Christmas to all o you😂😂

Izzie Mays
Izzie Mays 2 months ago


Aurelia-Olivia Granger

one of my top

cxsh0ut.Ariana 2 months ago

POV: you're one minute late...

Marzena Górka
Marzena Górka 2 months ago

Merry Merry Merry Christmas Camila!!!

Marzena Górka
Marzena Górka 2 months ago

Hello Camila!!!

Sandibel Ortega
Sandibel Ortega 2 months ago

i like it

LILIANAH LIMAS 2 months ago

I love it sooo much!!!!!!!

Marzena Górka
Marzena Górka 2 months ago

Merry Merry Merry Christmas Miamor Shawn❤❤❤💘💘💘

Marzena Górka
Marzena Górka 2 months ago


Shreya Chand
Shreya Chand 2 months ago

Qlick as fast as I can when I saw Shawn and camila

Tima's Corner
Tima's Corner 2 months ago


sarah k
sarah k 2 months ago

putting this on repeat 🥺💕

Vrushali Deshpande
Vrushali Deshpande 2 months ago

You are first untill you refresh....I am really first🤷😅

IMakeArt 2 months ago

Damn 26 seconds,
😳 Love u

ʚтѕυкαѕαɞ 2 months ago

Fun fact :

The people saying they are early never finished the god damn video

Hary Diaz
Hary Diaz 2 months ago


Aysha Alansari
Aysha Alansari 2 months ago


Kaan Sahin
Kaan Sahin 2 months ago


Clxuddybean 2 months ago


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