The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)



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Title : The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)

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Frames The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)

Description The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)

The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)

The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D - Rosary Blue (Lyrics)

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Tony Stark
Tony Stark 2 months ago

De esas canciones que te mueven esas fibras ♥️💔🖤

cheshire cat
cheshire cat 2 months ago

Terrible...she cant sing!

Spalinger Evgeniya
Spalinger Evgeniya 2 months ago

Their voices match perfectly together 🥰👌

Spalinger Evgeniya
Spalinger Evgeniya 2 months ago

Such a great song!!!

Sander H
Sander H 2 months ago

Perfect song!

Ethan Coster
Ethan Coster 2 months ago

Look at the stars.
Look how they shine for you,
and all the things you do....

Bress Dick
Bress Dick 2 months ago

Playas and killers we all down to jump around sit and spin run off we are the little things in the sand that hurt your feet win it's cold. And you pretend like it don't hurt is the one that get away

Rik Lott
Rik Lott 2 months ago

Is anyone still listening in 2020?

Kiki 666
Kiki 666 2 months ago


Dian Putra
Dian Putra 2 months ago

2020 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 🤗👍👍👍

Tristin Kean
Tristin Kean 2 months ago

I am near famous an I listen to this still. I was just a little kid playing this back to back god damn what has happened.

Loic Fastier
Loic Fastier 2 months ago

Top 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤👍

Sko Nietzsche
Sko Nietzsche 2 months ago

Finland knows how to rock

Leon IntoGames
Leon IntoGames 2 months ago

Definitivamente Kat no tiene talento para cantar... Nació para el tatuaje. Jaja

Rosa Aurora Lopez Ibarra

Se la dedico a mi exnovio.

Rosa Aurora Lopez Ibarra

No sabía que ella cantaba.
Solo conozco su faceta de tatuadora.

Emma Lowe
Emma Lowe 2 months ago

Dude trying to be Iggy?!?!

David M Paul
David M Paul 2 months ago

Beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️

Jojo 2 months ago

I can't believe what happened to us.
I thought we would be together forever.
We have a son.
We went through so much together.
I've not see you in years, how did this happen?
I try to forgive you. I try to forget you.
I still love you.
But I fucking hate you.
There will never be another us.
I hate you.

But I'll always miss you.


Cão 2 months ago

Great song, great voices. I'm just trying to learn...

Fall 2 Oblivion
Fall 2 Oblivion 2 months ago

1 minute into this song,I cried,this song give me such a sad feeling.

Elizabeth 2 months ago

Still come back to this song and always will ❤️❤️

Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius 2 months ago


Eduardo 2 months ago

ЗАЕБИСЬ! Very, very good ))

MegaMikss 2 months ago


Peter M
Peter M 2 months ago

This song should be world-famous.

Mojo O'Shite
Mojo O'Shite 2 months ago

Is there anything Kat can't do?

gabriela maia
gabriela maia 2 months ago


Nik Smith
Nik Smith 2 months ago

Kat Von D marry meee

Полина Егорова

Gotic and so tender😍🤩😘

Jake 2 months ago

Janett 💛 my song to you always and forever, even though you broke my heart I’ll always love you

black metal hammer
black metal hammer 2 months ago


Boo Gunderson
Boo Gunderson 2 months ago

Almost 2019!!!

Tranzor55 2 months ago

Kat 😍

Chelsea Avery
Chelsea Avery 2 months ago

He is related to the Romanovs.

MRS TORTURE 2 months ago

I could not forget you 💔

Steele Pete
Steele Pete 2 months ago

I relate this song with my daughter and myself a few months ago. Soooo beautiful!

Larenz 2 months ago

Shout out to the producer and engineers. I feel like this was very rough pre-editing.

First name Last name
First name Last name 2 months ago

I miss the old kat von d

Steele Pete
Steele Pete 2 months ago

My estranged daughter and I tag each other with this song often😭😭😭

FarOutBeauty Heidi
FarOutBeauty Heidi 2 months ago

This isn’t on iTunes anymore :(

Mayra Chavez
Mayra Chavez 2 months ago

Am I really the only one that thinks she can't sing? She has so many other talents but singing isn't one of them

Jrrcor 2 months ago

Obsession with Ville is a bit much...

Tanja Helena Järvinen

Äänet sointuu niin pehmeästi toisiinsa❤😙❤

Tanja Helena Järvinen

Wau my first time lissening this song🥁🎶🥁🎶🥁🎶🥁🎶🥁🎻🥁🎻🎶🎺🎶🎺🎶🔊🔊🎧

TypeONegative 1377
TypeONegative 1377 2 months ago


pau 87
pau 87 2 months ago

Mcrebecks 2 months ago

i don't like his voice... >.<

Paige Walsh
Paige Walsh 2 months ago

I miss you hm I last listened this song with u

Anthony Quiroz
Anthony Quiroz 2 months ago

could never stand that bitch but damn she can sing

Valo Poe
Valo Poe 2 months ago

Their voices sound great together!! 😍 beautiful combination, beautiful song...❤💔😞

Людмила Ульянова

Моя любимая песня.

Genyese Spektor
Genyese Spektor 2 months ago

Love in this way does not exist. I'm kinda sorry for that but it's true. ;)

Jonathon Frecks
Jonathon Frecks 2 months ago

this is always a good song

Cinthia Cruz
Cinthia Cruz 2 months ago

a good combination of deep voices ever!!!!

Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira 2 months ago


Not Me
Not Me 2 months ago

She is hot but a horrible singer.

Iry Wallenholm
Iry Wallenholm 2 months ago

What a great video! :) Keep up the good content ;) Hugs and positive vibes

Tifani Chávez
Tifani Chávez 2 months ago

"encantadora voz de ambos "
muy buena banda

Unknown Z
Unknown Z 2 months ago

preciosa voz la de este hombre c: 💙😘

Edward Krolop
Edward Krolop 2 months ago

Quite a few people take time out of their lives to talk shit about such a good song...probably trying to convince themselves that they don't in fact love this song even though they really do.

Roman 2 months ago

It´s perfect song.

bubbanderson 2 months ago

Liking this .. but the geezer is trying too hard to sound like Nick Cave.

Paulina Staniaszek
Paulina Staniaszek 2 months ago

i could not forget you

Joel guerrero
Joel guerrero 2 months ago

I didn't knew he sings, she is not bad, song is good and like always sad to hear but that's us, love the 69eyes and looks like what ever they touch sounds good

NELLY PRADO 2 months ago


Chey Kurilla
Chey Kurilla 2 months ago

I like this song, but sounds like a cartoon  moose is singing XD

Marley 2 months ago

it has been more than implied that Tears on Tape was a sonic letter to Kat from Valo, there are two songs on that album with the reference to blue...

adankseason ADS
adankseason ADS 2 months ago

This song could be on The Crow soundtrack.

loversinmusic 2 months ago

jyrki and kat,amazing couple lml

Giantsfan88 2 months ago

Mann 69 eyes fell offf badd

Giantsfan88 2 months ago

Is this the chik dat does tatooes?? Lol

MyLifeAsLouis 2 months ago

How about Kat Von D & Christina Perri? that will be interesting!

Alice in Araf
Alice in Araf 2 months ago

1.46: "i'm trying to 'forgivb' you" :D

Amalija Batak
Amalija Batak 2 months ago

duet kat with Ville Valo please

Epsilon_AZ 2 months ago

Love this song

Luis Monteiro Newsted

Good Morning Everyone**

FERREIRA_ LAND 2 months ago


Madison Mendenhall
Madison Mendenhall 2 months ago

love, love, love.

Zack Engelhart
Zack Engelhart 2 months ago

dam i love kat von d 

Reetta Koskinen
Reetta Koskinen 2 months ago

This is just beautiful in so many ways. I love them both!

Heike Kotze
Heike Kotze 2 months ago

Wow.. that's all I can say. Nothing more beautiful than such raw feelings and emotions. So inspiring. `Thank you... 

A Makosay Meda
A Makosay Meda 2 months ago

No conocía la canción, muy bella. Saludos :)!

Patty Romero
Patty Romero 2 months ago

awesome duet

Zac Crumpton
Zac Crumpton 2 months ago


Fernando Guerrero
Fernando Guerrero 2 months ago

Ok now I need one with HIM

YouRosa 2 months ago

I love it

Jesse James
Jesse James 2 months ago

This is a great song, but i still dont get what does Rosary Blue Mean?

Kuervo -
Kuervo - 2 months ago


riothead1 2 months ago

Her voice is so much deeper when she speaks and when she sings she sounds like an elegant woman. 

deadgirl82 2 months ago

Kat Von D's voice just drones on & on...  She's so dull & depressing...  EVERY song ive heard her sing is such a downer.  I'll avoid her stuff from now on!

Brandon Hollenbeck
Brandon Hollenbeck 2 months ago

Beautiful song brings tears to my eyes if you carefully listen to lyrics

Johanna Torres
Johanna Torres 2 months ago


ERIKA0490 2 months ago

I bet she wrote this for Ville 3

SkwisgaarSkwigelf 2 months ago

Dude Kat can do everything *_*

Love2Smyle1399 2 months ago

I love it xx

Gods Grace
Gods Grace 2 months ago

Beautiful, powerful, a song with meaning...

Albin Zurfluh
Albin Zurfluh 2 months ago