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Dioma K
Dioma K 2 months ago

what a parody?

Giderlan Sarmento
Giderlan Sarmento 2 months ago

Maaaaan it is really alike,so great even the accent is equal kk awesome🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Matt Belinski
Matt Belinski 2 months ago

Sad thing is....Depeche couldn’t even perform this song this well and they actually dropped it halfway through the Black Celebration tour because they even said it just didn’t translate live

Ikasaswarrior 2 months ago

2020 I wish to be at a DM concert at this moment. Hopefully soon...Love is band so.......................................much!

ICTS22 2 months ago

I watched the entire first song and didn't realize I was listening to a DM tribute band lol

S. D.
S. D. 2 months ago

Great Performance! very cool the stage in the look of the 86 live tour ;-)

César Augusto Cabral

O vocal de Dave Gahan é imbatível, esse vocalista cover é fraco, quando ele canta sem os backing vocal, dá para notar que ele é franco

Marco Ziervogel
Marco Ziervogel 2 months ago

LOL give these guys some credit man they have done an excellent job

Nicki Elfy Crawford
Nicki Elfy Crawford 2 months ago

LOVE these and so many other songs performed by Strangelove! I am so excited about seeing you again in March when you come to Dallas!

Skye ID
Skye ID 2 months ago

The Faux Fletch is so perfect! Clapping, dancing, and barely touching the keyboard in front of him!

Daniel W.
Daniel W. 2 months ago

I'm a loyal DM-fan since '85 & think those guys are simply awesome..! 👏👌😊