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Kate Bush - Babooshka (Christmas version)

Kate Bush - Babooshka (Christmas version)

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Luis Willis
Luis Willis 2 months ago

She looks different here, I thought it was Laraine Newman for a second!

Problembeing 2 months ago

Never seen this version. God, I love YouTube.

Jorn Lavoll
Jorn Lavoll 2 months ago

01:58 be still, my heart

Xia V
Xia V 2 months ago

Me dancing to this song in my room:

Charlotte Anderson
Charlotte Anderson 2 months ago

she is not human, she’s a goddess

spitfire 2 months ago

Music and scene cool.. therefore strong propaganda soviet. At this time, the american pop production is had a left bias due to proved the infiltration of communist agents... Purposeful to trash the image of america and beautify the russians, how in this videoclip

N Kemp
N Kemp 2 months ago

Merry Christmas! Kate bless us everyone!

Georgia Frances
Georgia Frances 2 months ago

come on christmas 2020

GWR 813
GWR 813 2 months ago


fabio alberti
fabio alberti 2 months ago

Questa versione la ritengo più adatta rispetto a quella originale. Babooshka mi ha sempre ricordato la Russia

Cordi 2 months ago

best christmas song

Nellie S
Nellie S 2 months ago

merry christmoween everyone HAHAHAH i adore her. her christmas performances are always so creepy it's iconic.

DawgTawkWellington (DTW)

This mix was only possible in older days Great Britain TV.

Julie Munro
Julie Munro 2 months ago

Tony Blackburn, former Radio One DJ, used to call this the broken crockery song

Michael Ibey
Michael Ibey 2 months ago

One of my favorite GOOD WITCHES!!!!

Mads 2 months ago

this is how i dance when im alone lol

Ku Ashiku
Ku Ashiku 2 months ago

this really put me in the Christmas spirit tbh.

Nemo 2 months ago

Babooshka is a Russian word.. B(a)booshka, stress in Russian grammar is placed on the second letter.Ba(boo)shka,accent doesn't sound respectful.,vulgarly

unioncityman63 2 months ago

Ich bin Ein American, but my pop music taste has always been definitely more European. Good song!

Sаšа Milošević
Sаšа Milošević 2 months ago

Voice, Lady, True Star. Never seen this before.

Jose Filho
Jose Filho 2 months ago

Uma artista incrivelmente talentosa, uma voz única, começou muito cedo.

Rabah El Aawar
Rabah El Aawar 2 months ago

My God!!! She is entertaining till the last second!!! Love Kate Bush!!!

piinballwizard 2 months ago

She looks like she’s having so much fun

Olivier Larrieux
Olivier Larrieux 2 months ago

I love the "Bonne Année" card behind her. :)

Marchant2 2 months ago

I think Kate just tried to punch me out.

Make Limonada
Make Limonada 2 months ago

Gorgeous music.

The American
The American 2 months ago

hey guys! I just made a video on Kate Bush. Please look at it and tell me what you think?

David Walker
David Walker 2 months ago

A fearless little firecracker and a force of nature!

TheSeeker1960 2 months ago

Seems to me people have no idea what the 1920's or 30's were like in the movies. Kate brings back memories of Marlene Dietrich, maybe just in looks or artistic talent but in different ways.

Danijela Kelava
Danijela Kelava 2 months ago

Amazing. Christmas atmosphere.😃

Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 2 months ago

Gec gec gec gec

Alstroemeria Rowena
Alstroemeria Rowena 2 months ago

This was absurd??

Caz Moores
Caz Moores 2 months ago


Synth Bitch
Synth Bitch 2 months ago

She’s too precious !

sinisa zlatkovioc
sinisa zlatkovioc 2 months ago

Shes just so gorgeous xo
Gorgeous, just gorgeous Kate :)
I love this so much but aside from the pictures, what makes this Christmas?

Арсений Маркин

Ват зе фак из зис?

Barton Sanger- Woodside

Like Kate Bush and this is artful work, but Audio Quality POOR/whispers; know not WHY?

mauricio castanheira
mauricio castanheira 2 months ago

Wow those eyes mesmerize me. She is beautiful, incredibly talented and adorable. I love Kate Bush forever ...

A Dink
A Dink 2 months ago

Never be another

Film Buff
Film Buff 2 months ago

I played the man in the end☺

....yea.....in my dream 😏

jose claudio da silva

Esta doidinha me encanta

AllRequired 2 months ago

Better than the official clip sometimes!

David Majer
David Majer 2 months ago

You get lost in the eyes.

the Bride of Frankenstein

Shes just so gorgeous xo

Nate The Rocker Preacher

I didn't expect Popeye in the last 10 seconds. LMAO

Army Dreamers
Army Dreamers 2 months ago

so much power

Kata Na
Kata Na 2 months ago

I always thought she looks somewhat russian too.

boowonder888 2 months ago

I never realized that this song has the same theme as "The Pinacolada Song". After 40 years I wanted to understand what it was about.

Saranasis 2 months ago

Hands up all those who think Maddona is talented and sexy

Jorge Anguas
Jorge Anguas 2 months ago

She looks like what she is, a natural born performer. If she had toured regularly she would have been inmense worldwide, and queen of 80's por/rock.

Délire ENT.
Délire ENT. 2 months ago

She look like a black Elsa from Frozen with that dress

Adrian Cifre
Adrian Cifre 2 months ago

Y love you Kate!!!!!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Peter Green
Peter Green 2 months ago

Not bad but the original video is mmmmmmmmmmmm😍😍😍😍😍

Alberto Castro
Alberto Castro 2 months ago

Kate, la mujer perfecta.

Liz Eysink
Liz Eysink 2 months ago

She's so unique.... Perfect 80's video

Vicky Stanley
Vicky Stanley 2 months ago

Ooo! She crazy! In a really really good way that actually makes sense.

Kevin Summar
Kevin Summar 2 months ago

Kate Bush at 21 and exploding onto the new music scene. Makes me feel young again.
I love this so much but aside from the pictures, what makes this Christmas?
Her perfomances are everything! ^^ <3

mikecody101 2 months ago

Wow, never new about this version! Thanks for putting it up!
Babooshka means "grandmother" in Russian.

MATT FINANSYS 2 months ago

I love Kate. Somehow she reminds me of a little girl performing, without any embarrassment or reservation, I love that she can do that. The moves are nor perfect but she just totally owns it and you cannot look away.

I Am Psycho
I Am Psycho 2 months ago

kate bush is one cool mofo bi×¥€
très belle chanson,un grand succès💕
Time goes too fast but music like this stays with you forever!

Nick Lam
Nick Lam 2 months ago

Babooshka means "grandmother" in Russian.
Kate Bush at 21 and exploding onto the new music scene. Makes me feel young again.

faustus t
faustus t 2 months ago

A very special song this, more so to me as the years fly by. The male backing vocals are perfect for it and I love the cold, echoing, breaking bottles at the end. All very powerful, like most of her work, like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Rosalia Grasso
Rosalia Grasso 2 months ago

Bellissima è bravissima ci hai fatto sognare con le tue canzoni ❤

acquistagabri 2 months ago

She's come from another dimension !

Rob Jobbins
Rob Jobbins 2 months ago

O my God I am in love

Paula 2 months ago

Sheer talent!

rkgk1517 2 months ago

Kate is the ultimate weirdo and we love it. This is beyond silly in the best way.

Al Patus
Al Patus 2 months ago

This is poisonous!

Farida BM. Paris.
Farida BM. Paris. 2 months ago

très belle chanson,un grand succès💕

Chief Smokey
Chief Smokey 2 months ago

I see Kate is going for that "empress of the space disco" look. Classy.

francesco ippolito
francesco ippolito 2 months ago

Beautiful and great Kate, excellent performance !

HOOROO TV 2 months ago

I don't know why I love this song.....I just do!!!!!!

a.l. 2 months ago

the legend jumped out

Trevor Maxwell
Trevor Maxwell 2 months ago

Luv the cape

Joanne Kemp
Joanne Kemp 2 months ago


l.w hansen
l.w hansen 2 months ago

She's so damn awesome...just her on stage working that cape ...marvelous performance

Felipe Fuentes
Felipe Fuentes 2 months ago

the end is the best, I think

sevenoh70 2 months ago


Nigel Guliver
Nigel Guliver 2 months ago

Silly video. I´ll stick with the hot heroing vs. betrayed wife version.

Marc Dupont
Marc Dupont 2 months ago

1980 ... Souvenirs de l'automne de mes 18 ans, de la classe de terminale, et d'une belle et gentille Valérie qui aimait cette chanson. Comme c'est loin, tout cela, aujourd'hui ...

Mark Glenn
Mark Glenn 2 months ago

Call it what you will, she has what ever it is...brilliant..? spiritual..? she has something that draws people in. Find the answer to what she has

prospero 2 months ago

I Adore TheKateBush with every fiber of my being. :>

the Bride of Frankenstein

I love Kate😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

sexobscura 2 months ago

pre- Nicki Minaj

joe lafoudre
joe lafoudre 2 months ago

Nice legs

Siandra Sejfullai
Siandra Sejfullai 2 months ago

She is GOALS!!!!!♥️

phydeauxddog 2 months ago

The music madness brings. The madness music brings

Redblade 2 months ago

At 2:25 she would have knocked Tyson out cold...

Gino VV
Gino VV 2 months ago


Questionador Oculto
Questionador Oculto 2 months ago


Ademir Souza
Ademir Souza 2 months ago

What a pity! This is playback support! 🎤

C SM 2 months ago

Geez, oddest pairing I've seen yet. That song with Christmas images and the frenetic dancing. Really doesn't fit. Love it.

steve hewitt
steve hewitt 2 months ago


Wesley C
Wesley C 2 months ago

She was gorgeous singer, her song's makes me warming.

IloveLuhan 2 months ago

Her perfomances are everything! ^^ <3

Jukka Tarvonen
Jukka Tarvonen 2 months ago

Kate Bush - Babooshka [1979-12 Christmas Special]

Crimson N. Clova
Crimson N. Clova 2 months ago

Just when I thought I'd seen the weirdest Kate Bush video on youtube, something new pops up and makes me say lolwut.

CrazyCyclingVlogger 2 months ago

We should go for a bicycle ride together sometime 20 something Kate...

luiz guilherme moreira sales

kate bush wonderfoul

Liz Camley
Liz Camley 2 months ago

There was a time, about 7 years ago when I first heard Kate but I wasn't too impressed until I heard for myself Kate Bush and when I was 20 years old I fell in love with Kate but she was 44. I love her still, her beauty is timeless and for Kate it couldn't be more true.