Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry


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Information Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

Title : Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

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Frames Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

Description Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

Christmas Cards in July! | Waffle Flower Oversized Merry

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Maria Nyce
Maria Nyce 2 months ago

Stunning!!! Thanks so much for sharing your time and creativity!!!

kristine Kerr
kristine Kerr 2 months ago

❤️ the Altenew gold inks are great too. I prefer the antique gold but use both. I think the other is called enchanted gold?

Alonda Panck
Alonda Panck 2 months ago

Splatter, cause ya gotta! You are so much fun, Amy!!😆
I received my Gemini Junior for my birthday last spring. I’d love to have Gemini Go. Hint hint family. The “Merry” die is pretty spectacular.

Michelle Ezeugo
Michelle Ezeugo 2 months ago

Gorgeous. I ❤️ Christmas. My favorite time of year. 💚❤️💚❤️

Annie Collins
Annie Collins 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards. Live the color combo. You and me think alike Dexter splatter room for ink splattering. I get it everywhere too!

Judith Jarvis
Judith Jarvis 2 months ago

Love them...they are just gorgeous Amy. Thanks for the inspiration.

jamie schallon
jamie schallon 2 months ago

The cards are stunning, thank you for sharing! I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit yet, it’s been SO HOT here in Austin, Texas, so yeah, I just can’t! ❤️

Susan Thibaud
Susan Thibaud 2 months ago

Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. Susan

Leanne Mitchem
Leanne Mitchem 2 months ago

Very nice cards. They are so chic. Thank you for sharing!

saltlakerenee 2 months ago

So elegant! Love ❤️

Susan Byers
Susan Byers 2 months ago

Beautiful cards ♥️

Anika Mercier
Anika Mercier 2 months ago

Super gorgeous!

Christa Beard
Christa Beard 2 months ago

These are cool. I see a Merry die in my future.

charlsie smith
charlsie smith 2 months ago

Beautiful cards. Wish I could think about making Christmas cards this early. Thank you

Pat Posk
Pat Posk 2 months ago

Outstanding Amy and they are really to die sparkly and just magical........................pat

Jenny 2 months ago

So gorgeous, love the colours!

Spirit Eagle
Spirit Eagle 2 months ago

Dexter episode! LOL! 🤣🤣🤣. I miss that series so much!!! Wasn’t it the best ever?

Janet Muir
Janet Muir 2 months ago

Love your Christmas in July cards.

Ingrid Oberink
Ingrid Oberink 2 months ago

Beautiful!!! But how do you do it, I've got no Christmas inspiration at all in juli. I try every year to start early and every year it a last minute project LOL.

Ilona Mollema
Ilona Mollema 2 months ago

The cards are stunning!
Love the black and gold combo. 😍

Cheryl Hughey
Cheryl Hughey 2 months ago

Have watched this 5 times. SOOOOO pretty. How do you prep for mailing these? The envelopes and embellishment can be destroyed. Do you have a mailing instructional video? Please advise.

Renee Cassidy
Renee Cassidy 2 months ago

Gorgeous cards, Amy! Every year I say I am going to get an early start on my Christmas cards, but I am always rushing in December to get them out!

stacey lovespaper
stacey lovespaper 2 months ago

Awesome video!! Love all the cards!!!

Yvonne Mosley
Yvonne Mosley 2 months ago

I just love these cards they are gorgeous!

Mary Ann Evans
Mary Ann Evans 2 months ago

Wonderful your black, white, and gold themes. Cover yourself with a piece of Press N Seal...great for crafty kids or messy works!!!

Darlene De Sario
Darlene De Sario 2 months ago


Teresa Doyle
Teresa Doyle 2 months ago

WOW, so beautiful and what a great set of cards to start your Christmas stash!

Janet Morrow
Janet Morrow 2 months ago

absolutely gorgeous cards such a simple design thanks for the inspiration Amy!

Kristine Vencel
Kristine Vencel 2 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Did I really hear you mention Dexter? Like the plastic and the white suit? Great analogy as my splatter gets on the floor too....and I use a box. 🤭🤔🤔
Beautiful card designs, Amy! Love ❤️ them. I have 4 Christmas cards made this year....a record for me. Lol

Spirit Eagle
Spirit Eagle 2 months ago

Oh my gosh Amy R!! So gorgeous!!! And can I just say that when you brought your die cut machine on camera it made me so happy! I miss watching the die cutting!

Veronica Mercado
Veronica Mercado 2 months ago

Beautiful cards!

Brenda McBride
Brenda McBride 2 months ago

Absolutely love these cards!

Zig Zag
Zig Zag 2 months ago

Beautiful cards. I'm not ready for Christmas either.

Wendy Jean
Wendy Jean 2 months ago

Just gorgeous!! 😍

amy29048 2 months ago

I cannot do the whole Christmas in July for some reason. I just can't get motivated or inspired bc summer is about swimming pools for me. Lol. Thanks for showing your cards!

Chantal /
Chantal / 2 months ago

Gorgeous! What brand ink pen would you recommend to address the black envelopes? Thank you.

Terry Deason
Terry Deason 2 months ago


Tracy Kiske
Tracy Kiske 2 months ago

Cards turned out gorgeous.

Debbie J's Crafting Corner

Gorgeous! I'm loving this. :D

Bev Chapman
Bev Chapman 2 months ago


Mitzi Bud
Mitzi Bud 2 months ago

Love, love, love!!

Marie Bingaman
Marie Bingaman 2 months ago


Julie Elliott
Julie Elliott 2 months ago


Lavina D'Souza
Lavina D'Souza 2 months ago

Love the colour combo

Happy Stamp
Happy Stamp 2 months ago

So gorgeous! Dexter, lol!!

Liz Reeves
Liz Reeves 2 months ago


Tobey C
Tobey C 2 months ago

To use your own words “ love, love, love”. 🥰❄️

Danila Ciamacco
Danila Ciamacco 2 months ago

wow amy...just wow!!!

Norine Mueller
Norine Mueller 2 months ago

Very cute thank you

jane webb
jane webb 2 months ago

I am not able to wrap my noggin around Christmas in July either 😎 our summer weather is finally here 34° today, it was so cool and wet in May and june. That being said, your color combo cards are beautiful!!

Alonda Panck
Alonda Panck 2 months ago

I just received my Delicata Golden Stamp pad! Yay! Now, to create! I think I’ll try these so beautiful cards😊! I received my Gemini Junior for my birthday from my kids & husband, love, love, love! I love what you’ve done here. Thank you.

Judy Smith
Judy Smith 2 months ago

LOVE these cards - BEAUTIFUL !

Wendy Baryl
Wendy Baryl 2 months ago

Wow you're talented!!! TFS... yucky humidity drove me inside today I was delighted and cooled off to see your projects thank you so much

lindahesnively 2 months ago

Beautiful cards.

Therese Hudran
Therese Hudran 2 months ago


Sibylle Herbe
Sibylle Herbe 2 months ago

These are magnificent. Thanks for the inspiration.

Daphne hazell
Daphne hazell 2 months ago


Lydiadk 2 months ago

Love it!!

Deborah Carr
Deborah Carr 2 months ago

SPLATTER!! These are so pretty. I must get in the Christmas mood and start my cards.

Kimberley Johnson
Kimberley Johnson 2 months ago

Love these cards, Amy! I also am fond of black, white and gold. I love to make Christmas cards all year round, they are my favourite cards to create so you have inspired me to get in the festive mood!

Sharon L
Sharon L 2 months ago

You never fail to amaze me. I’m like you, I’m not in mood to do Christmas cards either. Love these cards. Tfs

Karen Palmeri
Karen Palmeri 2 months ago

So beautiful!

Trudie Vick
Trudie Vick 2 months ago

Beautiful!!!! Love this release. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Markovic
Carol Markovic 2 months ago

just wow, great cards.

Beverly Stotz
Beverly Stotz 2 months ago


Tudy Trgovac
Tudy Trgovac 2 months ago

Clean and simple. Like the tips you shared.

Mary Sanders MacFadyen

Amy, SSSOOO pretty. And you are right...those Studio Katia gems just MAKE the perfect touch.

Brenda Patterson
Brenda Patterson 2 months ago

Such beautiful cards...... again!

Kathleen Dunlap
Kathleen Dunlap 2 months ago


Francie Mrkich
Francie Mrkich 2 months ago

LOVE them!!!

sukhdev Dhillon
sukhdev Dhillon 2 months ago

and unique