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Jonas L.H.Y
Jonas L.H.Y 2 months ago

It funny how when any cavalry crossed the german line, there was no one riding on the horse on the first scene

Jon Gabriel Melgar
Jon Gabriel Melgar 2 months ago

3:23 the face of da soldier looks like Tom Hiddleson A.k.a the character of da Loki

Alex D'Antonio
Alex D'Antonio 2 months ago

2 words. Drum fire.

Havennew WooD
Havennew WooD 2 months ago

Imagine actually going through those experiences. My goodness they were brave in the extreme. Forget the context of it and visualise running towards death. RIP all of them no matter their allegiances.

Dusty Dison
Dusty Dison 2 months ago

I’m just gonna use a horse for a body armor shit

Been Riil
Been Riil 2 months ago


Creepy fache nugget
Creepy fache nugget 2 months ago

The french be like this to the germans 11:05

The samuri Alianderp293

imagine being in a war like this btw movies are amazing

ziggy morris
ziggy morris 2 months ago

Thank God none of you have ever had to endure this type of brutality.

WRgaming Key Openings

I didn’t know loki fought in ww1

Hrz 2 months ago

Damn they made battlefield 1 into a movie

Roblox world Nik
Roblox world Nik 2 months ago

You know it’s the same movie the move is “War Horse” it’s a good movie watch it

Midnight_ Icicle99
Midnight_ Icicle99 2 months ago

I wish he would say what the names of the movies are

Josh Cohn
Josh Cohn 2 months ago

All this death for the profit of global banking cartels. bankers are the reason behind every war despite what lies "history" tells our children.

Sketchy Reagan
Sketchy Reagan 2 months ago

Why the British gotta scream so much

XXX 2 months ago

Fun fact: At the same time the politicans -who send the soldiers to kill each other - are eating chicken and have a good time.
Fortunately for the politicians that there are always enough fools to kill each other for them.

Atomic Hulkster
Atomic Hulkster 2 months ago

2:25 I hope that isn't really boiling water. I pray that horse is ok. I love animals, sorry.

jeff 2 months ago

WW1 was too hardcore

andrew 2 months ago

How is paschendaele not in here

Amir Mohammad Ghanbari

I like how allied forces run at max speed, but germand mostly try to be gentleman

crescent 1
crescent 1 2 months ago

war horse was heartbreaking :(

DailyRoblos 2 months ago

french and british???? it was allied forces?

Muhammad Waqar
Muhammad Waqar 2 months ago

What is name of movie

Lance Churchill
Lance Churchill 2 months ago

Its funny in any machine gun, musket, vs cavalry how the horse never dies and those muskets and machine guns just got precise aiming

A Ko
A Ko 2 months ago

I know they're movies but did they really all charge forward in a swarm while yelling as their main battle tactic?? because that seems like a good way to take a lot of casualties. was it because they still only had the battle instincts of warfare from pre-rifle times? or did they just never train any squad tactics whatsoever like fire and suppression, or even squad communication? it's like leadership just falls apart right away when they go over the trench - no tactics, just survive..

A Ko
A Ko 2 months ago

7:58 didn't they have any tactics other than charge straight forward? those rifles look like they would be accurate even from a distance so why didn't they move tactically, fire from cover and take accurate shots from a distance? the way they fight just seems like a brave way to get killed fast... but they were brave

Łukasz Lubiński
Łukasz Lubiński 2 months ago

Death of comrades of arms is a great tragedy. But men,who lost them can't forget about them

Trustan Crader
Trustan Crader 2 months ago

I could just hop on the Xbox and play bf1 lol

panithi changkiaw
panithi changkiaw 2 months ago

13:36 my favorite ww1 movie

Akham Angnao
Akham Angnao 2 months ago

Man is the only creature that finds the senseless killing of their own kind exilerating, Romanticize savagery, celebrate ghastly Blood lust, congratulate one another on their murderous escapades and after all's over and done with, make remarks on the barbarity and mindless madness of war only to repeat the same stupidity over and over again.

Chase Murray Christopher Dolan

I’m surprised that the movie 1917 is not in this

rengio erick dalicon
rengio erick dalicon 2 months ago

salute to camera man

Oldmate315 2 months ago

that first war horse scene is every battlefield 1 server in a nutshell

Ánh Huỳnh
Ánh Huỳnh 2 months ago

Thời đó xài súng bắn phát một nhiều nên lính sợ không dám đánh vs kỵ binh khi bị đánh bất ngờ. Chứ gặp súng liên thanh thì kỵ binh cũng giảm uy lực

Ignacio Paredes
Ignacio Paredes 2 months ago

🇬🇧🇫🇷 v 🇩🇪

Keven Silva
Keven Silva 2 months ago

A lot of hitman sound effects

mmd 2 months ago

almost all of them are pretty good movies thanks

jeylem aristondo
jeylem aristondo 2 months ago

Can someone name all the movies with time stamps pls I need help knowing what all the movies are called

Connor Morris
Connor Morris 2 months ago

I love how death is represented in the first charging scene not by blood and gore, but by contrasting the shot of soldiers charging, with the empty horses passing through.

Georgy Zhukov
Georgy Zhukov 2 months ago

it would be cool to see other factions besides british and 1 french scene. like the Russians, Austrians, Serbians, Italians, and ottomans

Andrea Massaro
Andrea Massaro 2 months ago

0:39 ww2 turtle helmet?

Nicholas Rodela
Nicholas Rodela 2 months ago

Oh classic Polish Calvary charge 🗡🐎

IDC Anymore
IDC Anymore 2 months ago

How benevolent of those nice German chappies not to shoot the horses!

Zach Lagrandeur
Zach Lagrandeur 2 months ago

Tho I have the deepest respect for all soldiers who served in WW1, I am still trying to understand how a bayonnet charge against German machine gun fire was ever considered an effective battle strategy. I dunno, maybe try laying down some precise rifle fire from a distance? Train more marksmen?

Magnus The Red
Magnus The Red 2 months ago

What they should of done in warhorse is camp in the tree line like f***ing soldiers also when a horse is coming at you don’t target the rider target the horse larger target easier to hit and when it falls it can trip the others if they aren’t careful

zenarok gamming
zenarok gamming 2 months ago

What all this movie story?

jspee1965 2 months ago

I've said it before and I will say it again ... the "balls of God"... they were Giants.

Hemo 2 months ago

01:03 -03:25 No combat guards. No more patrols. You're just setting up a Boy Scout camp in the middle of a field... Seriously?!?! The next thing I want to see is the Polish spearmen attacking the tanks... Mounted spearmen. Ulans.

Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy 2 months ago

How wrong they were.

Qfrom Continuum
Qfrom Continuum 2 months ago

It was not like that in battlefield 1.

werner gruen
werner gruen 2 months ago

cavalry charges are fun and games until the forest starts speaking mg08

abundantYOUniverse 2 months ago

The more I learn about these battles, the more I realize there were hundreds of people involved.

Thomas Cordero
Thomas Cordero 2 months ago

What movie is 3:50?

Jake R
Jake R 2 months ago

Just boys being boys

Louie Baby
Louie Baby 2 months ago

The bit about warhorse was when the horse broke through the German trenches single hoofed and galloped to Berlin up the Albertstresse and biffed the Kaiser seven times on the chin, knocking his tash side ways, then he run out at full gallop and without stopping raced to Gallipoli and defeated the Turk.  Great movie

Matthew Skudzienski
Matthew Skudzienski 2 months ago

WORLD WAR 1 (1914—1918)

gernaneering 2 months ago

The reality that this collection of ww1 action battles is on a par and even more impactful than the Private Ryan beach scenes were. I, glad that these movies reflect the stark reality of real WW1 war was truly like, thank you for showing us these scenes the shock and horror comes across as it truly should.

taMallee 2 months ago

and... where is Russian empire? it would be impossible to win that war without them, they reduced the pressure of the Germans on Europe

Jeremy D
Jeremy D 2 months ago

These movies, which mostly show British attacks on the Western front, seem to be overly influenced by the carnage of the first day of the Somme. The reality is that these attacks were often successful at the tactical level but due to the limitations of transport and communications they were rarely if ever translated into strategic gains. Also, they never show the devastation of the defending trenches where the British barrage often destroyed the first line of defense and the attacking waves sometimes walked in to little opposition. Of course, these successes were short lived as the Germans often successfully counterattacked.

Not to be too cavalier about these horrifying battles, there certainly were plenty of attacks where the British or French troops were slaughtered en masse. Still a head-scratcher as to why the generals kept doing the same kind of attacks over and over.

All of these clips were from films made in the 21st century. I'm guessing the creator hasn't seen such outstanding WW1 films as All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), Sergeant York (1941), or Paths of Glory (1956 or 57), all of which contained realistic battle scenes worthy of this video.

Challenger 20
Challenger 20 2 months ago

Can't believe the comment section. This happened. WW1 was a horrific conflict and we should never forget those who lost their lives

Aisea Naivalu
Aisea Naivalu 2 months ago

I'm surprised Lawrence of Arabia isn't in here, but these are awesome, The Red Baron is my favorite though

gaming with ashton
gaming with ashton 2 months ago

If I've got to be honest, if it wasnt for the americans helping us out at the end. We wouldnt have won this war, the german militaries technology was way better and their intelligence aswell

gaming with ashton
gaming with ashton 2 months ago

And the start is definitely why you shouldnt use horses and swords when you have modern technology

Lightingwarrior 2 months ago

You should do another top ten ww1 movies, with movies/battles set in other regions of the war, I can name a few films for that list

Pill Box
Pill Box 2 months ago

Only little people die in a battle. Stupid pawns

SomeWelshboi121 2 months ago

"Come on boys!"

They literally were...

dis cover
dis cover 2 months ago

Hollywood has been around for nearly a century and still cant get battle scenes right. Its usually hit or miss. Why is there no studio that write and setup the scene that offers within a limited budget? A lot of the costs comes from creating their own stuff but cant there be a company that has pretty much everything they needed on hand that does most of the setup for them? A company that offers stunt people, costumes, and props as well as how the battle scene should be set up and filmed?

Lutgardo Bano
Lutgardo Bano 2 months ago

What's the name of this movie? Thanks

Mori kante Yeke Yeke
Mori kante Yeke Yeke 2 months ago


Jonathan Steel
Jonathan Steel 2 months ago

I’m don’t like disrespecting the dead but WW1 was badass despite all the horrible conditions the soldiers had to endure the battles that were fought feel like a playground of opportunity for story writers like me I creating a fictional German special forces battalion and I came here for inspiration

Abhishek Baghel
Abhishek Baghel 2 months ago


Rodeo 1141
Rodeo 1141 2 months ago

The world war 1 battle in legends of the fall was pretty damn epic too

Parma DeGamma
Parma DeGamma 2 months ago

Америка приходила воевать, когда война уже была на завершительной стадии...

Falih Aqmar
Falih Aqmar 2 months ago

Try to find out about the war in Indonesia, we drove the Dutch and Japanese with only sharp bamboo

Super Scion
Super Scion 2 months ago

That cavalry attack was absurd at first, but then I saw the horror of something seemingly out of time to the modern mechanical changing face of war, being slain by a sword while shaving and trampled over by dozens of horses !!

D. Rüesch
D. Rüesch 2 months ago

Was that Benadryl Blumbersnatch at the beginning?

James Waterfield
James Waterfield 2 months ago

MAXIM guns don't traverse! If they did, they would not keep their position, they would juat jump around all over the place, but that is not very cinematic is it

Success Raphael
Success Raphael 2 months ago

Infact allll list all

Success Raphael
Success Raphael 2 months ago

And the fourth too

Success Raphael
Success Raphael 2 months ago

You should be listing them

Success Raphael
Success Raphael 2 months ago

Hey what’s the name of the third movie

syed aga
syed aga 2 months ago