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Alex Gillon
Alex Gillon 2 months ago

I've been done dirty here wtf, can't wait to destroy you this season

mcgoo721 2 months ago

This is the most slept on horror game of the year. Imagine being that close to mazepin on a race track, trying to survive. shudders

xJt 2 months ago

When I saw Lando I thought for a moment that he somehow actually got him to do this series. It would've been absolutely insane!

Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb 2 months ago

1:13 did he just say lel???? Oma god🤯🤯

Mohamed Benchellal
Mohamed Benchellal 2 months ago

In coop , can you create our team or not?

Janus Rasmussen
Janus Rasmussen 2 months ago

Ben complaining about fuel, saying he keeps lifting, though he barely did lol

Dingy099 2 months ago

Of course Mazepin ran into you, you were swerving all over the track.

Robert Carr
Robert Carr 2 months ago

The ai is so much harder than last yeat

R3GG7 2 months ago

Kinda wanted aarava

robert dixon
robert dixon 2 months ago

You shouldn’t put low and the ai budgets and acclaim higher it’s pointless should have put both balanced

Joshua Lange
Joshua Lange 2 months ago

I started my driver career at Williams and i can confirm that Mazespin is SUPER annoying😂

Oliver Harper
Oliver Harper 2 months ago


UnicornMaster27 2 months ago

oof standard damage is a Big L

Jaco Koegelenberg
Jaco Koegelenberg 2 months ago

Flashback to the Reddit video... "What kind of IDIOT runs out of fuel?" 😂

Micah Klein
Micah Klein 2 months ago

so question, why not switch to lean fuel mix if you were worried about running out of fuel?

Malhaar Khaladkar
Malhaar Khaladkar 2 months ago

Really love the Co-Op career mode! Do more seasons!

Raoul Ermans
Raoul Ermans 2 months ago

Why didn't you use lean revs?

Harry Williams
Harry Williams 2 months ago

"Who tested this game??!" What a throwback!

Penguinboy 2 months ago

I knew it was Alex Gillion since last week cause Alex has had his premiere for this queued for like a week 😂

F0rceone 2 months ago

15:36 lewis has entered the chat

Wyatt O'Quinn #5
Wyatt O'Quinn #5 2 months ago

Hey @Tiametmarduk, just so you know, when yall were doing the settings, the Safety Car option was turned off.

Yannick Pleiss
Yannick Pleiss 2 months ago

Does anybody now how to change the Car Performance from equal to realistic without usingthe casual mode? Or is this some kind of bug?

SchoolBusRuss 2 months ago

Loving this series already!!

ShadowPenguin - Skyrim Builds

The epic Codies League COTA battle on F1 2013 has come full circle

Fabian Novak
Fabian Novak 2 months ago

Does someone else also have problems to connect with the coop partner?
I tried it with 2 different people but we cant start it, it always kicks someone out or we cant even get in the lobby
Would be happy if someone answer to my problem 😅
On Xbox One btw

Devano W
Devano W 2 months ago

Hi I have a question about the 2 player career mode. Can you skip the practice if both of the 2 have completed their programs? And is it possible to skip the remaining time of a practice if u are already done with the programs

Hale 2 months ago

No Canada is gonna feel weird

Popcorntryne 1
Popcorntryne 1 2 months ago

Do any1 wanna start a career? I race at abitvover 90 Ai

PGO_HOT 2 months ago

i was hoping for aarava

DeianD 97
DeianD 97 2 months ago

Do both of the members of the team have to be online at the same time to play this mode or you can work on the career solo too?

Romanische050 2 months ago

5:00 No you can't because EA hates consumers. No joke they force you (if you haven't the deluxe edition) to pay 5€ for the Braking Point characters and accessories... Seriously. MODELS ALREADY in the game have to be unlocked by buying it for 5€! Fuck EA!

Great British Countryball

My 2 Player career doesn’t let my friend join for some reason

Rolands Kovaļevskis
Rolands Kovaļevskis 2 months ago

Can you play in different teams or you should be in same?

George Campbell
George Campbell 2 months ago

how about the canberra raiders hat

garbagetrashbin 2 months ago

you cant change to lean fuel?

Psycho Creep
Psycho Creep 2 months ago

He did everything he could think of to out finish his teammate including purposely not putting enough fuel into his car. Then claims the game wouldn't allow him to save any fuel. He was racing his ass off to catch him and never was trying to save any fuel. I'm going to laugh my head off when he gets beat at Monaco as well after thinking he's a Monaco master and chose it thinking it was to his advantage lol.

dualshock 2 months ago

Is it a multi season effort or the 1 and done?

Riccardo Pasqui
Riccardo Pasqui 2 months ago

Hi! Do you know if I can play with friend in different console? I.e. Ps4 and Ps5

Kane Johnsey
Kane Johnsey 2 months ago

Why didn’t you just stick behind mazapin so you can save fuel??

André Filipe
André Filipe 2 months ago

I can't put realistic performance in Coop, does anyone know where the configuration is?

RJ 7
RJ 7 2 months ago

How do u change it from equal car performance

viperxmars 2 months ago

have a feeling this will have a f1 youtuber career type of vibes within the future

Jawin Hartog
Jawin Hartog 2 months ago

Can you edit the recource income in my team career

Jani Spaits
Jani Spaits 2 months ago

Is fuel mix and ERS completely automatic this year?

Roro 15
Roro 15 2 months ago

Someone tell him please don't scream to the mic please!!

Varch18 2 months ago

you can't go under fuel at all this year i went .2 under on monza and ran out of fuel

Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 2 months ago

I thought it would have been matt

Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 months ago

The Co-op career mode in F1 2021 looked quite good.

Callum Burton
Callum Burton 2 months ago

Good video Tiametmarduk

Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews 2 months ago

This game is a freaking BUG fest!

Vikram Vain
Vikram Vain 2 months ago

Williams is the new HAAS in this career 🤣

R3mmy21 2 months ago

I got baited harder than George Russel's Contract

Dion Mole
Dion Mole 2 months ago

Ben said this will be a stream series on twitch but he hasn’t streamed on twitch in 2 weeks

Ed Myles
Ed Myles 2 months ago

15:40 takes out the Alfa Romeo and just goes hehe

Micael8000 2 months ago

Canada, Hungary & The Netherlands... :(

A L 2 months ago

Why did you not just turn your engine mode down? Help me understand

Emanuele Giuffrida
Emanuele Giuffrida 2 months ago

on the two-player career how do you put realistic performance as reality and not equal? I don't know how to get them even, help? thank you

Peter Smith
Peter Smith 2 months ago

Soooo wanted it to be Xmattyg. Would of been an epic series!!

Evan Davis
Evan Davis 2 months ago

The whole calendar either has a flag with red, white, or both

Jคภยรz 2 months ago

how to disable equal performance?

Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 2 months ago

Question everyone how do I victory radio call but I couldn’t hear mine?

Facino 2 months ago

Is lean fuel unavailable at the start? Am i missing something?

Tim Matzke
Tim Matzke 2 months ago

I swear I could use lean mixture in the race

rivanus sjonnie
rivanus sjonnie 2 months ago

How you can play carreer mode coop i cant play that with friends

The Dark Raises
The Dark Raises 2 months ago

My first ad was an ad for Williams racing😂

SJ Fox
SJ Fox 2 months ago

Wait is that a woke t-shirt? 😅 Soooo question guys, is it because he's woke or taking the mick out of the woke 🤣

Mattia Piola
Mattia Piola 2 months ago

Why the f did they remove fuel mix management? Even if it was unrealistic, it was so much fun to play with it... and you could disable it if you didn't want to use it.

Rik Sleeckx
Rik Sleeckx 2 months ago

why didn't you put the fuel mix in lean

Trains4lyf 2 months ago

They really ought to add in being able to skip to the garage in this. It could work like a ready-up system in a lobby. You select to skip to garage and continue control of the car until the other player is ready. When both of you are ready to skip it simulates some time like normal career. Would waste some in-game time for the first guy but save you both a bunch of irl time.

von Falkenstein
von Falkenstein 2 months ago

ehhh no building your own two man team .... buuuhhhhh

Lee Junxian
Lee Junxian 2 months ago

how to set the lap ?? the %

Toasted' Nugget_'
Toasted' Nugget_' 2 months ago

U was wondering who it was then youtube recommended the Alex gillion career mode vid-

Szabolcs Lovászi
Szabolcs Lovászi 2 months ago

Why not Hungary I am hungarian

Rzhboi Degallerie
Rzhboi Degallerie 2 months ago


CodyOsteen5 2 months ago

A lot of white and red on the flags of the tracks y’all selected.

Reiner Cruz
Reiner Cruz 2 months ago

I did a +1.9 on fuel in the start ended up with +2.8 fuel in Bahrain 50% no safety cars or VSC game needs patches I reckon hahahaha

Rusty Scopano
Rusty Scopano 2 months ago

What time do you stream on twitch? I am in the U.S. and love the content you put out but have never caught the Twitch stream.

Matt Karpowicz
Matt Karpowicz 2 months ago

Please change your display name to Benjamin Daly, it would look so much better

Kofi Aboagye
Kofi Aboagye 2 months ago


PRS Carroll
PRS Carroll 2 months ago

I still remember watching you do McLaren Return to Glory in 2013 that was such a great series and I can see this being just as good if not better

Motorised 85
Motorised 85 2 months ago

Alexis Premier came up under yours

Charles Pletzke
Charles Pletzke 2 months ago

When it comes to fuel saving in this game, you have to use partial throttle as well as shortshifting and lift & coast. Needs a patch I think

Glenn Mandel
Glenn Mandel 2 months ago

I got so excited when I saw jimmer

Kevin Dashire
Kevin Dashire 2 months ago

Was it just me, or wasn't the Safety Car option greyed out and switched off?

xXLarryTFVWXx 2 months ago

So overfuel the car?

Sachin Ramesh
Sachin Ramesh 2 months ago

How does flash back work in multiplayer? Really wanna know xD

Alex Szarkowicz
Alex Szarkowicz 2 months ago

Ben u turned safety cars off in settings btw

Colin Glasbergen
Colin Glasbergen 2 months ago

Bruh I thought it was Lando Norris🥴

SensMx 2 months ago

Does anyone know how to put the performances to realistic instead of equal? Me and a friend are really struggling with co op career because of this, we cant solve the problem.

Limaro _83
Limaro _83 2 months ago

Safety car was turned off

Greg Marah
Greg Marah 2 months ago

Just wanted to hear "oh no" tbh

Mr. Moji
Mr. Moji 2 months ago

does any1 want to play 2 player career mod pls pin this and answer just pc gamers tnx so much (around 90-100 AI)

AB 2 months ago

I miss YouTuber Championship with xMattyG, Arrava and Noble :(

Can we pls make this happen?!!!

Bluevia Gaming
Bluevia Gaming 2 months ago

mfs can not make the steam man we want the ful vid just upload it i never understand that shit

Michael ___
Michael ___ 2 months ago


poskia 2 months ago


ChesnoidGaming 2 months ago

This is going to be one of your best series of all time imo, can’t wait for more!

Lucas33Wenzel 2 months ago

Wow 10:20 the red Bull engine hits different

Felix Denton
Felix Denton 2 months ago

Don’t know why neither of you “tactically” caused a safety car

Im_KUN 2 months ago

Why you dont do a 2008 Singapore?