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merry christmas mr lawrence (1983) - the forbidden kiss

merry christmas mr lawrence (1983) - the forbidden kiss

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Castor Denston
Castor Denston 2 months ago

The Japanese never had to atone completely for their sins the way the Germans had to. Read any account of the Nanjing Massacre. It went beyond the worst imaginings you could have, but never got the attention that the atrocities in Europe did. This movie is important because it was made by a Japanese director and cast about their own wartime culture at the time. No one else could have told the story this honestly.

Marion Cahill
Marion Cahill 2 months ago

Yanoi: "stupid sexy Bowie!"

Nick Burns
Nick Burns 2 months ago

One of the best war films I've ever seen, with an unforgettable soundtrack, even now almost 40 years later it gets me right in the gut, this is a great scene, bawled my eyes out at the end, in fact I still do!

Lockonnow 2 months ago

Ryuichi Sakamoto did music to the movie to

Capricorn Pisces
Capricorn Pisces 2 months ago

I wanna kiss Ryuichi Sakamoto too lol

Erny Dwi Lestari
Erny Dwi Lestari 2 months ago

Makanya we

Angelica Oung
Angelica Oung 2 months ago

It is almost tawdry to me to read all those comments reducing this sublime moment to homoerotic attraction. I’m not saying that is not present, but this is basically the story of Christ. A being that is whole comes forward in sacrifice to change the heart of those who are stunted and impaired. That is the Christ story. The love that is offered is not so much romantic as agape. And the effect on Yayoi is profound and spiritual...a literal change of heart. When he goes back to the dying Celliers he takes a lock of his hair and then bows. Formally, respectfully. There is no tender sexuality there, but full respect. He retained his Japanese warrior aspect but it has been healed. whereas it was wounded and distorted, an a e s t h e t i c death cult before, now his samurai spirit has been returned to its full dignity. I’m not denying that Yayoi was not in some sense in love with Celliers. But that love is so much deeper and spiritual than simply a crush.

TrascendentalSunset 2 months ago

I love how after the kiss the other japanese get angry at Bowie like saying: Aaarghhh you turned my friend gay.

Shaheb Hussain
Shaheb Hussain 2 months ago

I didn't get why he kiss him🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

João Freitas
João Freitas 2 months ago

What is the name of the theme that starts to play in 2:14?

Haniel Paredes
Haniel Paredes 2 months ago

🅱️ased 🅱️owie

ST 2 months ago

Ryuichi has tears in his eyes when he is being kissed.

Jennifer Bernald
Jennifer Bernald 2 months ago

Happy birthday to captain Yonoi

t1990322 2 months ago

Saw it at the cinema in Taiwan today.

Tasty_Tasty_visuals 2 months ago

The most awkward kiss in film history

Amanda Ramos
Amanda Ramos 2 months ago

the whole kissing blocking looks and feels so much like a dorama kiss lmao, and the slow motion adds on to it perfectly (i know it was an error but the director kept it, well he kept it)

Jeff J
Jeff J 2 months ago

Remembering David Bowie born on January 8, 1947. He was an English singer-songwriter and actor. He was a leading figure in the music industry, regarded as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. -

Keep on rockin'!
Keep on rockin'! 2 months ago


Miss.A-Gwai 2 months ago


Joshua Greenslade
Joshua Greenslade 2 months ago

He was taller than most of those Japanese soldiers) why would he let himself Get beaten like that

MrSpaceman555 2 months ago

So much scandal for two little kisses?!. Come on, they don't need to get married for that.

Sylvia Zhing
Sylvia Zhing 2 months ago

It is a very painful story

もこや 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

凱爾 陳彥曦 Kyle Tan

merry christmas to everyone who’s watching bowie and sakamoto doing a cultural reset

Yvonne Lee
Yvonne Lee 2 months ago

hello lgbt community

Yuliana Prisnawati Siboe

(Belanda dan Jepang) dalam usaha merebut kembali tanah yang baru merdeka.
Indonesia, 1945-1950

Rusty Bearden
Rusty Bearden 2 months ago

Where do I begin and where does it end..............I saw this movie in the theater when it was first released in very limited engagements in only a few select markets in North America, anxiously awaiting a rare and elusive moment to experience David Bowie as a fully fledged, no excuses actor - I had already become a fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto and his mysterious musical talents so this was a two for one. Bowie came through with his usual flair, talent and elusive yet subtle skills in becoming something or someone else entirely. Sakamoto nearly steals the movie with his strange and beautiful mix of hardcore Samarai Japanese military attitude and androgynous masculinity. It really took about three or four viewings of this movie before I realized its Zen like beauty, it's ironic and paradoxical themes unfolding against a wartime tropical backdrop of savagery, agony, sorrow and regret. Yet through all of the tragicness, there lies an undercurrent of persistent kindness, compassion and serenity despite it's nihilistic setting - I cannot process all of this madness all of the time but I can, in my own way, be a human being by showing my flaws, keeping hope alive and giving comfort. But the underlying theme is of regret and forgiveness and eventually peace. How one deals with the problems one is experiencing is the ultimate answer and it is different for each individual. This movie stirs me emotionally each and every time I watch it, the infamous kiss scene and then building up to the last emotional line of the movie. And then there's the music by Sakamoto. It fits this movie so beautifully and provides an exotic and rich sonic backdrop. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is a cinematic masterpiece and a sentimental and deeply moving experience each time I watch it.

NACRE VOIT 2 months ago

prisoner of war at 00:09 looks so much like John Travolta :,)

Emma Pulkkinen
Emma Pulkkinen 2 months ago

David Bowie's eyes are so beautiful❤😍


0:42 I like the shake because I think it perfectly reflects Cap.Yonoi’s feelings

Wendy H
Wendy H 2 months ago

Bowies expression - most perfect acting moment, surely

uncle ruckus
uncle ruckus 2 months ago

Never seen it but it sure seems like a strange movie

pateete shark
pateete shark 2 months ago


arsha1898 2 months ago

I feel guilty "liking" this. I would rather say it utterly changed everything I knew about the situation. I pray for all of you who suffered. X

Hotpies 2 months ago

Celliers did what he wouldn't do for his brother when he was young. He even got his body in a pit just like his brother did

jerico641 2 months ago

"You're the victim of men who think that they're right..."

o 2 months ago

This film directed by Nagisa Oshima of nominated for the 36th Cannes International Film Festival.Ryuichi Sakamoto is who played Yonoi captain ,and this film Theme song is Song composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto " Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence "is won the blitish academy award . Takeshi Kitano who played Sergeant Gengo Hara. and 14 years later, the movie hanabi made by Takeshi Kitano won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy. (I'm a fan of the techno pop "YMO" to which Ryuichi Sakamoto belongs.)

Olebull93 2 months ago

For some reason this scene is burned into my mind. In times of despare, I allways recall it. And step up... Dead or not.

Larissa Croan
Larissa Croan 2 months ago

I would have had the same reaction after Bowie OR Sakamoto had kissed me. I wouldn’t even mind sharing Ryuichi’s guyliner with him! ❤️ Gorgeous!

Paul SGtree
Paul SGtree 2 months ago

Every time I watch that scene it grips my heart to the bone! And the scenes with his younger brother too. Thanks to everyone in and involved with the making of this amazing film.

Peter Houghton
Peter Houghton 2 months ago

Japanese guards could never quite get their heads around acts like this. In Thailand figures like Edward Dunlop and other members of RAMC and RAAMC routinely placed themselves between their men and these brutal murderers. It usually resulted in a fatal or near fatal beating, in Dunlops case, virtually a crucifixion. After the war figures like Dunlop became enormous heroes to their men, far more than battlefield heroes, because they were so powerless, but acted anyway. The Australian commander at Changhi was similar. He would literally go up the Japanese guards and scream in their faces, which strangely, intimidated them, despite the fact that he was unarmed and they were armed to the teeth. He took the gamble and laid into them. This front foot form of defence got him and many of his men through the war alive. Sadly, many more died. Of all Australia's dead in WW2. Almost 1 in 4 died as prisoners of the Japanese. In Borneo, of the 2700 British and Australian prisoners taken there from Singapore, only 3 survived. And of those, only 2 recovered in hospital, the 3rd succumbing to his injuries. My dad treated many of the men who returned from the islands, usually for ongoing issues with broken bones from beatings, dislocations and various other issues. All were deeply traumatised, ashamed and shook with fear and loathing at the very mention of the guards. It was a long journey back to normal lives and a story which at the time was quickly swept under carpet the to restore relations with Japan. The story of Borneo was essentially covered up as it was too harrowing. And the rape and murder of Australian female nursing staff from Singapore is even only now being fully investigated, again, repressed at the time to spare relatives back home the horror of their loved ones final hours.


Japanese do not know how to treat prisoners of war. I don't know that physical punishment is useless. Because physical punishment is natural within the Japanese military. Besides, even in ordinary households, it is common for parents to do corporal punishment for bad children to stop them from doing bad things.

R. L. Seiber
R. L. Seiber 2 months ago

I'm a long time fan of Bowie's, but I haven't seen this film yet. Looking forward to it. Not sure what the kiss means within this context, I assume the sword holder 'lost face' to say the least. I don't understand why Bowie was allowed to move freely under gunpoint, I need to see this film! Looks and sounds beautiful...

Eyes Open
Eyes Open 2 months ago

Let's see what the steel says

Evan Beaton
Evan Beaton 2 months ago

2:14 is it only me or does that music send chills down my spin

Jeroen Arends
Jeroen Arends 2 months ago

The slow motion in the kiss was actual a mechanical fault in the camera but on discovering it after development the director decided to keep it because it added a dramatic effect.

Condestauffenberg 2 months ago

No comprendo a esos tipos que dice que esta pelicula no es nada del otro mundo!!!
Mas encima dicen que las actuaciones no son nada especial.
Yo me pregunto que tipo de cine les gusta.
Que cine les conmueve

chris cocker
chris cocker 2 months ago

this has to be one of the most powerful scenes in movie history

Miles Bowen
Miles Bowen 2 months ago

I had no idea what this was, I see a man nearly executed by a Japanese soldier, and then David Bowie walks up and knocks him out by kissing him

石井貴 2 months ago

yeah,Yaoi derives from Yonoi.

펑고의달인 2 months ago

Amazin scene

たなマッサー 2 months ago


Hugo Bambury
Hugo Bambury 2 months ago

Very good and powerful moment about the Japanese samurai psyche in WW2. What probably most interests me is why Bowie starred in this film..

Sophie di Geronimo
Sophie di Geronimo 2 months ago

How to blow the mind of a poor man with your can't win with that blond devil. I understand Ryuichi, David was my first love too. I hope the ground is mild to you my beloved.

nightcrowred 2 months ago

The clip of this scene almost doesn't do it justice, to how VERY powerful that moment was. This scene was pivotal and amazing. The actors played this perfectly. Goosebumps every time....

Christiane hermez
Christiane hermez 2 months ago

Inoubliable comédien !!

GiorniVenibato 2 months ago

This movie is disgusting. Imagine swapping the Japanese soldiers to nazi soldiers. Is it still romantic to show the forbidden love of a nazi murderer?

[はにー]か か
[はにー]か か 2 months ago


ziyu zhu
ziyu zhu 2 months ago

My favorite movie, the only one. 目前为止最爱的电影🎬,没有之一。

AE C. 2 months ago

Beautiful, sad, awesome, heart-breaking. A genius scene from an epic movie.

nanaki 2 months ago

日本の奇妙や美意識が欧米とは全く違うということを 表現している

Yusi W
Yusi W 2 months ago

this is one big "and i oop" for me

i've never watch this movie, not even slightly, and i just watch the trailer right before watch this one. But i got major goosebumps and heartbeat just watching this one scene, and i'm not that a fujoshi. Seriously, the POWER this clip holds is just...


Motoko Kusanagi
Motoko Kusanagi 2 months ago

I love this scene. I love this movie. It was on Netflix years ago but now I can’t find it anywhere. 😭 David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto we’re so great in this movie.

Christian Prasetyo Thio

What the hell just happened

randolph 2 months ago

Bad time for a romantic scene, I guess.

Shaun Sway
Shaun Sway 2 months ago

Ive never seen this film, this just popped up on my reccomended vids.
I had heard about it as a Bowie fan but this clip has made me NEED to see it!
Looks incredible, even though this is clearly a spoiler

Jon Corkill
Jon Corkill 2 months ago

This film is unlikely but very beautiful. I don't think anything like this could have developed back then. The lines were so firmly drawn by war, culture and language. A woman would have been raped. A man killed. No kind of love would have bloomed.

Donna Cianciosi
Donna Cianciosi 2 months ago

Literally watched this for the first time in years yesterday. What a great film - Bowie and Sakamoto are fantastic. This was when Bowie was living in Sydney he’s got the China Girl hair going.

I Thought It Was Funny

I remember seeing this back in the 80s been a long time since I seen this

angle naughty
angle naughty 2 months ago

One of my favourite movies of all time,,,,l remember hastily rushing out to buy the soundtrack on vinyl,,,, still have it to this day..,Bowie and sakamoto together.what a wonderful movie it was......

angle naughty
angle naughty 2 months ago

One of my favourite movies of all time,,,,l remember hastily rushing out to buy the soundtrack on vinyl,,,, still have it to this day..,Bowie and sakamoto together.what a wonderful movie it was......

Dee_Lansky 2 months ago

This just popped up in my recommended and I watched the movie for the first time last night... weird

Wintry 2 months ago

Sorry for asking this.. but what exactly is this forbidden kiss?

Grimmer2006 2 months ago

I dont get it? How did he even get so close? And why did he kiss him?

Cale Bjornsen
Cale Bjornsen 2 months ago

I've probably watched this clip 100 times over the years. Pure Gold!

Ljubican napredni
Ljubican napredni 2 months ago

Is this sexual assault?

starsofserenity 2 months ago

I cried a bucket loads in this movie. I’ll have the main theme playing at my funeral❤️

Eric Heuvel
Eric Heuvel 2 months ago

Great scene, but the farewell of Tom Conti from sgt. Hara always moves me to tears...

Kayla Schulz
Kayla Schulz 2 months ago

You know nothing about

Vitesse Lumière
Vitesse Lumière 2 months ago

A great movie. Great music. Masterpiece 👌

moonsaga1963 2 months ago

An unforgettable movie...Almost 40 years ago... Everyone in the cinema was crying....And yes the power of Sakamoto' s music was unique...

Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt 2 months ago

Imagine if instead of a kiss Bowie just took a handful of the captains ass in one hand.

lifes40123 2 months ago

i dont get it. was the japanese officer gay so he couldnt force himself to kill the british POW who was also gay?

Viet Dung Vu
Viet Dung Vu 2 months ago

I see Karamazov The Grand Inquisitor

longhairedlayabout 2 months ago

Except as soon as he stepped out of line and made toward the commander he would have been shot.

Ruthie May
Ruthie May 2 months ago

Good movie, difficult to watch.

kellyjbarnett 2 months ago

David Bowie was such an amazing actor, and he truly shined in this movie!!! What a great scene!!!

jonwiley 2 months ago

oK... what's going on? What's happening? what's this supposed to be?!!!

Tim W
Tim W 2 months ago

This scene is as powerful now as when I first saw it so many years ago...

dumbbo1 2 months ago

Imagine if he captured French troops instead?

Leland Somers
Leland Somers 2 months ago

I remember seeing this movie when it first came out. I remember that there was total silence as the audience walked, silently, out of the theatre still under the horror induced catatonia. A horrible movie about the horrors of being human and the slight possibilities we all have to make the world better. So far, we've failed.

W Crash
W Crash 2 months ago

Wow I forgot how bad that movie was lol

Ed Grigsby
Ed Grigsby 2 months ago

Ok...what the hell did I just watch??

Hi there
Hi there 2 months ago

kiss off mate

Kevin Shipp
Kevin Shipp 2 months ago

What a shit scene! The POWs look way too healthy and clean for life in a Japanese prison camp. The editing looks like it was done with a chainsaw and the music, what the fuck is up with that 80s new wave synth music? Could it be anymore annoying?

Hobostarr180 2 months ago

I'm so fucking lost right now

Aranyani Otter
Aranyani Otter 2 months ago

Young Bowie resembles Laurence Fox a bit...

lovely Rain
lovely Rain 2 months ago

I think Bowie saw his brother in captin Yonoi... maybe the thing he could not do for his brother.. being kind to him.. He did it to captin Yonoi... Just a theory..