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S.S. Curtis
S.S. Curtis 2 months ago

Like lefse humor? Check out Sven the Cat's lefse episode of his cooking show in "The Cats of Laughing Thunder in The New Businesses Adventure"

Edward &Cindy Rosier
Edward &Cindy Rosier 2 months ago

Excellent video -- I review it every year before I start making lefse.

Juli Quezada
Juli Quezada 2 months ago

I am totally new to lease. Beautiful video with great instructions. Please post the recipe.

Laura Shaughnessy
Laura Shaughnessy 2 months ago

making lefse this morning

Carol ELSBERRY 2 months ago

Thank you I have watched lots of how to but no one explained why you cover them. I did my first batch today and turned out very well I used 4 oz of mixed pot thinking I didn't want my lefsa to big but 4 oz is to lg a ball I belive maybe 3 oz balls would be about perfect.

Lemon Squishy
Lemon Squishy 2 months ago

I am so happy you did this! I don't have any family. This motivates me to make a dish and bring it to the homeless dinner served on the holidays! Thank you. God Bless!

M Gritzke
M Gritzke 2 months ago

Grreat video of how lefse should be made.! You make it look simple while having fun!

Paul Linnell
Paul Linnell 2 months ago

Thank you for including the recipe at the end. Good video

Luciene Holen
Luciene Holen 2 months ago

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your video and that we found it very helpful.  We watched it about 4 times before and during our lefse making and our lefse came out the best its ever been.  Thanks again.

Romy Teeter
Romy Teeter 2 months ago

Thank You great video My French Canadian Grandmother made a thin potato squares with butter & salty - she passed when I was 8 I have been trying to find anything close to her recipe This looks very similar.

twin71 2 months ago

Thank you for posting this video!  I used it step by step (lap top on my counter) while I made my very first batch!  I shared my lefse with my grandma (who is 97) and she loved it.  I got the highest praise from her when she said "this is as good as the lefse I used to make".  Your video helped so much!

SmilePileProd 2 months ago

Hey! Make more videos of classic Scandinavian recipes! This is a great way for me to connect to a past I have no other way to connect with.

Joann Perez
Joann Perez 2 months ago

Thanks for the lesson on making lefse. I will try your recipe. Would like to know where I can purchase your lefsa apron.

Elaine Fink
Elaine Fink 2 months ago

My first video to choose and this was meant for me. My name is Elaine, my daughter is Audrey, my mother in-law is Carol and last my Grandmother who made lefsa was named Thelma! Thanks for the great video will be ordering a griddle soon! I've tried making but mine ends up too thick!

ham4fun 2 months ago

i love love love lefse...i could eat a dozen at one time mmmmmmm

Heidi Barger
Heidi Barger 2 months ago

After watching your video a couple of years ago I went out and purchased everything that I would need to make lefse. With your wonderful recipe and watching the step by step process, you made it very easy to learn. I now have taught others how to make this wonderful Norwegian treat! I am getting ready to make again this year and was very happy to see your video was still here. Thank you!

Gerald Barton
Gerald Barton 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this treasured recipe excellent tutorial. Greetings m Wildwood, NJ Tusen Takk!

icanbeyoursunshine 2 months ago

You fine ladies are FANTASTIC! This reminds me of my childhood when my Grandma would spend days making Lefse for our family for holidays... and I would sneak to the pile and do some "Quality Control" of my own!

bagelboi66 2 months ago

Good lefse is one of the foods that I will keep eating until I am sick I love it that much, with butter and salt! I rarely make it because I find it so finicky and to tell the truth I can eat them almost as fast as I roll and cook them. This was a wonderful tutorial and I realize now that the item I am missing is the long thin stick you ladies slide under the dough. I'll have to start looking around Vancouver for one of them. Anyway you have inspired me to try it again, so thanks :)

Courtney Frohling
Courtney Frohling 2 months ago

Just made lefse with my family this last Christmas...we make it the same way as you do!

bcgaub 2 months ago

Neil- With regard to bland taste, we have found that not enough salt makes the lefse taste bland. You will note we add salt when we boil the potatoes and also when we mash them - but you don't want to add too much! Concerning the sticking, as we roll, we mix only three cups of potatoes and one cup of flour at a time. Some potatoes have more moisture in them than others, so we adjust the flour up or down when we mix, then we use less when we roll. It does take a some practice - Good Luck!

Neil Hjelmeland
Neil Hjelmeland 2 months ago

Thank you so much for your video. My recipe did not call for the cream so I am thinking that caused the bland taste. I also had problems with sticking so I am wondering if I made my batch too wet, not enough flour. I am thinking that it is better to add more flour to the batch, letting you get away with less flour on the board?

Huntgoddessfishery 2 months ago

Very nice video, folks. You guys should be on TV. I'm taking a class in making lefse in a few weeks. I'd never heard of it before moving to the midwest about thirty years ago. I love, though. Hoping to get to Syttende Mai Festival someday.

bcgaub 2 months ago

Concerning your questions about the lefse recipe, we use unbleached all purpose flour (not self-rising). Whipping cream is indicated in the recipe, as is 2 Tblsp. butter OR shortening per 5 cups of hot mashed potatoes.

Steve Kristian Hanssen

hmmm... well this is potato lefse, not the original Lefse with buttle inside and smelt in the mouth :-)

javyjavyjavyjavy 2 months ago

I think your video has one of the best summations of lefse creation on the internet -- not just for the recipe and procedure but also the communication involved. My grandmother was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants and made lefse with no pastry sleeves on a wood-burning stove to sell at local markets around Christmas-time. The idea floors me; my father and I have enough uff-das making it each year with our modern conveniences as it is. Thank you for the great video, and happy holidays.

bcgaub 2 months ago

Thank you for your comment about our lefse video. I wanted to tell you that we do boil the potatoes the night before, mash them and mix with cream and butter. The next morning we rice them and then mix in the flour as we describe in the video. As far as rolling them perfectly round, when I first started rolling them, I did one that looked like the state of Louisiana! You will get better, it just takes time (years).

Wendelynn Gunderson
Wendelynn Gunderson 2 months ago

Wonderful video.I learned to make lefse about 5 years ago from my husband's late aunt. I still can't get them as beautifully round as she and you ladies, but she said they'd do! Your tip on thinning the stick is great! She taught me to make the dough the night before. Obviously, your dough was fine right away. I'll try that too.

javyjavyjavyjavy 2 months ago

@katpickett your response is old but honestly, give it another go! the griddles and sticks are not expensive at all. For a neophyte lefse-maker, the pastry covers for the board and rolling pin are invaluable. See if there's a local Sons of Norway chapter with a lefse party you can join and learn from in the fall; they'll be glad to have you!

dvdfrnzwbr 2 months ago

Sounds like a good recipe to make with left over mashed potatoes.

Terry Ball
Terry Ball 2 months ago

Way to much flour ladies for three cups of potatoes. Rice your potatoes after cooking, add your butter, cream, salt, sugar and 1 tsp baking powder to 6 cups of potatoes. Then in the morning add the flour and you're good to go. ps: try turning it on the board only once. :) lykke til

The Middle of Now
The Middle of Now 2 months ago

Love it! I learned some things I didn't know before. The last 4 years I have taken over the lefse making for our family and hope to keep the tradition alive. Thank you for your awesome video!

Jackie .McCabe
Jackie .McCabe 2 months ago

very nice lefse lesson ladies!!

TheHiltnerds 2 months ago

Roses are red Violets are blue You have mad Lefse making skills:)