A PS2 Christmas Surprise


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A PS2 Christmas Surprise

A PS2 Christmas Surprise

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Abdul Hipnosis
Abdul Hipnosis 2 months ago

He Opened Tye Playsation Im Crying :")

Sebitass !!
Sebitass !! 2 months ago

You scared me, dad! 3:26

Joseph Parr
Joseph Parr 2 months ago


Carson Voorhies
Carson Voorhies 2 months ago

This is weird watching in 2021 😂

Yefta Gmg
Yefta Gmg 2 months ago

Indo mana nih😂

Czty Dun
Czty Dun 2 months ago

What a great console

Lol Lmao
Lol Lmao 2 months ago

If i got a ps2 in 2021 instead of ps5, i'd still take it and play games on it cuz ps2 is my fav console back in those days, it gives a lot of nostalgia

foxybash18 on roblox
foxybash18 on roblox 2 months ago

Me in 2021 still playing PS2

GMR Pheonixx
GMR Pheonixx 2 months ago

Tbh my man probably has a 2 trillion dollar gaming setup by now

Raven 2 months ago

This is how we explain to parents what they were supposed to get.

kevin lescano
kevin lescano 2 months ago

El sueño del pibe.
Pensar que aca en Argentina recien en el 2010 la play 2 pego fuerte y ya habia salido la play 3 hace 4 años.
Que locura

Uchuukami 2 months ago

Imagine him turn on the Ps2 and the volume at 3:00 Am

Kim Long
Kim Long 2 months ago

Kid before is soo nice😭

Kim Long
Kim Long 2 months ago

Hey post a ps5 vid so it recommend 8yeaR later

Eddie R
Eddie R 2 months ago

Aw rest in peace Shannon: (

Strider Hiryu Main in MVC3

My parents did this to me and my brother but we got am xbox one s.

Francis Ptel
Francis Ptel 2 months ago

She die from brest cancer in 2010 look at the description rip

MexicanMadMan 3848
MexicanMadMan 3848 2 months ago

That’s the happiest kid I ever seen

Zim The Invader
Zim The Invader 2 months ago

He won

Magnified 1200x
Magnified 1200x 2 months ago

Dudes been saying the same shit for the last 50 years “the new PlayStation more advanced” lmao. Y’all been getting played

jonas_ plays
jonas_ plays 2 months ago

One of the most genuine kids ever, he deserved a PS2

Random Guy
Random Guy 2 months ago

But Now, This Kid Is a adult and Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on his new PS5...

Xd- josef
Xd- josef 2 months ago

Why is this recommended after 8 years

1 Ritz
1 Ritz 2 months ago

This kid is so thank full

Br3adPlayz 2 months ago

8 year ago: brand new PS2 2012
8 years later: brand new PS5 2021

Chip the Protogen
Chip the Protogen 2 months ago

Whats funny is im 13 and have two of these, only one works

meb_bread 2 months ago

It just warms my heart seeing people happy and surprised about good stuff.

Splosh 2 months ago

Can I go to Greg’s. He has a PS2

Jason Price
Jason Price 2 months ago


The Mastermind
The Mastermind 2 months ago

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Coco 2 months ago

Who’s watching this in 2021

USGC 2 months ago

I was only 10 in that year

Mouse What's Up
Mouse What's Up 2 months ago

Its something new..
A PS2!

Sean Sweet Johnson
Sean Sweet Johnson 2 months ago

This is basically me, Giving my son ps2 and my son studied hard after this

Now he can afford his own PS5 while I gives him PS4 Pro

Mercury Quiksilver
Mercury Quiksilver 2 months ago

Ten minutes of silence for the kids of Third world who paid to play on consoles in their neighborhood gaming parlors/shacks for 20 minutes to 1 hour , ever dreaming to own one.

M D 2 months ago


Kobe Smith
Kobe Smith 2 months ago

Dude the PS3 was out at that time and u got an PS2 SMH

Xavier 2 months ago

Never thought I would hear ps2 again

Lennon Dilley
Lennon Dilley 2 months ago


Lennon Dilley
Lennon Dilley 2 months ago

The kid is 26😂

Brooks Disher
Brooks Disher 2 months ago

Kids be like then: ITS A PS2
Kids be like now:ITS A PS5

cooldude gaming
cooldude gaming 2 months ago

This kid is so chill

ǝqnʇnoʎ 2 months ago

Ps2 be like 🗿

Trelco Multi skilled traders

Well happy for the kid. Made me smile l:)

FFR vlogs
FFR vlogs 2 months ago


Pancakes 525
Pancakes 525 2 months ago

Look how thiccc the memory card is

Was a lawyer .
Was a lawyer . 2 months ago

Days when ps2 was a gold gift

ROVI yt 2 months ago

This is kid is 2 nice

Deion Bertils
Deion Bertils 2 months ago

ommmggggggg a ps2 broooo

Benjamin Mck
Benjamin Mck 2 months ago

Little did Nathan know that one million people would watch what his dad was taping that day

Fart Fighter
Fart Fighter 2 months ago

It’s a ps2! Wait a minute, there is such thing as a ps5

BlueSpirit 2 months ago

RIP Shannon.

lucas morris
lucas morris 2 months ago


WilsonPlayz 01
WilsonPlayz 01 2 months ago

Damn.. 8 years, Kids old days are better tbh

Ruckus Capone
Ruckus Capone 2 months ago

I woke up one day and my brothers dad had gotten him the ps2,grew up broke af in SV and didn’t even know what it was,that day my life changed

Seth Merry
Seth Merry 2 months ago


Oyxn 2 months ago

kid before: omg a ps2.

Henry Nielsen
Henry Nielsen 2 months ago

That is so lovely

iiTqlented 2 months ago

this made me smile I’m glad I clicked

Algga 2 months ago

4:39 My dog when it sees a bird

The Gaming Dino
The Gaming Dino 2 months ago

I'm 3 parrell Universe ahead of u little boy

Manorrie Shaeen
Manorrie Shaeen 2 months ago

This is meeeeeee OMG and weird is I ACTUALLY SEARCHED FOR THIS.

Tadlos獣 2 months ago

Am i the only that still play with a ps2 in 2021?

Mark Oberg
Mark Oberg 2 months ago

Hug the ps2, not the mom and dad. Epic.😎

Isaiah Brock
Isaiah Brock 2 months ago

Rest In Peace Shannon

1bacon man
1bacon man 2 months ago

This graphics are so bad and is that from 2010 or something.

bandit 2 months ago

his adult self reacting to this:

Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 months ago

I had a maniacal grin the whole video

Lukas Likes Sports and games

Read the description 😭

Ben 2 months ago

Kid: gets a PS2
Also kid 10 seconds later: screaming at Christmas lights

Rowdy 2 months ago

So far PlayStation has come PS five now

XxradicalXx 2 months ago

Remember when these use to basically be a flex at school I use to own one good days 😁

Nexux1337 2 months ago

8 Years later and its on my recommended Page

mikxy V2
mikxy V2 2 months ago

Oh this kid sounds nice

Riff Bear
Riff Bear 2 months ago


mason devear
mason devear 2 months ago


Tony Gamezzz
Tony Gamezzz 2 months ago


SNİPER MAHMUT 2 months ago



Ashton the Elvis fan
Ashton the Elvis fan 2 months ago


kiju sama
kiju sama 2 months ago


Messy Misterz
Messy Misterz 2 months ago

Thinking it’s 2021 and now there’s ps 5 and he’s excited over ps2 8 years ago

Messy Misterz
Messy Misterz 2 months ago


GAMING LEGEND 2 months ago


fruit- 40
fruit- 40 2 months ago

Wohooo nice day;)

XxUnknownGunZxX -_-
XxUnknownGunZxX -_- 2 months ago

O boy do I remember the feeling😔💔

coolboythepug 64
coolboythepug 64 2 months ago


2003- Kid gets Ps2

2010- Step-mom passed away R.I.P

2012- They upload the video on yt

Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne 2 months ago

I'm suprised he didn't catch on with the games and controller, lol. He probably thought his parents were clueless, and just figured it all went to his gamecube.

Roblox 2006
Roblox 2006 2 months ago

Dam that like 100bc years old it should be worth 1000000000000000000000000000$$$$

Kynug Ryu
Kynug Ryu 2 months ago

Good job

Joshua Bootz
Joshua Bootz 2 months ago

"Did you go to blockbuster to get that memory card?"

MXMAN 51 RL MX 2 months ago

Me in 2020 with ps4 im laughing so hard

lukas ringe
lukas ringe 2 months ago

R.I.P Shannon 😔

Tigon Gaming
Tigon Gaming 2 months ago

Very nice boy

Nicolas Koch
Nicolas Koch 2 months ago

Bruh I still have a ps2 I am 10 you think man dis kid is bord but I love it

Milkiyas Bekalu
Milkiyas Bekalu 2 months ago

I remember getting PS2 in 2013. I was so happy!

Dominic Beaino
Dominic Beaino 2 months ago

Pov: you came here from tiktok

Godz 2 months ago

who got this in their recommended 14 years later

Stupid Person
Stupid Person 2 months ago

Youtube: Lets recommend this 8 years later.

A Human Being
A Human Being 2 months ago

Good parents and good kid

Rblx master
Rblx master 2 months ago

Back then kids would be happy for ps2
But now its 2021 and kids forgot about it