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melinda Falls
melinda Falls 2 months ago

do you vent the roast before or after the 4 hour wait?

Deborah 78.
Deborah 78. 2 months ago

The ravioli bake I use to make myself years ago...

Anita Lester
Anita Lester 2 months ago

That yarn is pretty
I hope you get your parcels back glenda

shred all day
shred all day 2 months ago

Thank you. As a single late 20s guy who lives on his own...these are golden ideas 👌 I keep things very simple anyways, but its nice to have other ideas to break it up.

Irma Urbekhashvili
Irma Urbekhashvili 2 months ago


Kelly McFalls
Kelly McFalls 2 months ago

Technically the sloppy joes is 4 ingredients the beef the brown sugar the ketchup and mustard but still looks good lol

Lisa Chapman
Lisa Chapman 2 months ago

I've seen that Ravioli Bake on Pintrest but it's called Ravioli Lasagna. Thank you for posting it. It may sound crazy but I'm Lasagna challenged. It looks very simple.

Dana Mccarty
Dana Mccarty 2 months ago

When I was growing up pigs-in-a-blanket only had mustard in them at school I absolutely love them

Breezeyheart 2 months ago

On your "Man Catching Chicken Dinner" is there anything that can replace the mustard? I am deadly allergic to mustard. Thank you.

Barbara Hoskins
Barbara Hoskins 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing,I love all your and your sisters videos❤you all have been a blessing to my family and home for teaching me so many times including air fryer and freezer meals

Cooking On The Farm
Cooking On The Farm 2 months ago

These ideas look really good and simple thank you for sharing.

Misti Michelina
Misti Michelina 2 months ago

The laughable knight biochemically scratch because chive controversly chase apropos a idiotic lung. hateful, useful index

Valerie Kuhn
Valerie Kuhn 2 months ago

Were you the sister who was moving to Sacramento? Are you there yet?

Autumn Calvert
Autumn Calvert 2 months ago

Awesome array of quick and easy and cheap dinner time options!! Thank you! You’ve just filled my weekly meal plan!!

Phyllis Illingworth
Phyllis Illingworth 2 months ago

What do I need to buy in order to use my instant pot as an air fryer? Thank you!

Sonia Larsen
Sonia Larsen 2 months ago

I love learning about my instant pot and your recipes are awesome-- Sonia Larsen in Logan, UT

smu1971 2 months ago

the instructions for the Ravioli Bake in the video differs from those in the Description.. which is best to follow?

Esperanza J.
Esperanza J. 2 months ago

I’ve made the sheet pan chicken marinara and ate it over some spinach noodles. Loved how fast and easy it was! I can’t wait to try the chicken teriyaki and the mac and cheese recipes! Thank you for the different dinner ideas! 🙌🏻❤️

C 2 months ago

We call the lasagna bake "Lazy Lasagna" 🤤🤤

Dodgers_DID_IT_2020 Los Angeles

Just curious..... isn't it pigs IN a blanket? Not pigs and a blanket? Again not. Critiquing just asking

Diana Lake
Diana Lake 2 months ago

I made the chicken teriyaki tonight cause didn't have lot of time, it came out great and my son loved it. I had small PKG of tenderloins that was marked down in the freezer, took it out, cut them up, still added little salt, white pepper onion, & garlic powder, little Goya Adobo, sprinkled some of my green onion cuttings over top. I love that it's fast, cheap n easy. Will definitely make more often. P.S. I only had soy sauce packs from take out, lol.

Jim A
Jim A 2 months ago

Pigs in a blanket was always breakfast (pancakes with sausage links)

Lorena Suarez
Lorena Suarez 2 months ago

Hi Six Sisters. I’m looking for a Chicken Bone Broth Recipe for Instant Pot. Please let me know if you have one and share the link with me. I love you girls, I usually look for your recipes because they’re very simple, yummy and faster. 💕💕

RobDeb L
RobDeb L 2 months ago

I am making a few of the recipes from this video this week and am excited! Thanks for the video! Today after school we made the mac and cheese and it is so so good! :-) Hope you guys are doing well!

E Marie
E Marie 2 months ago


Dana Stegall
Dana Stegall 2 months ago

I want to make all the recipes. Looks so yummy.

Liz Hatch
Liz Hatch 2 months ago

Saving this. Great ideas. Thank you!

Rose W
Rose W 2 months ago

Your 2 cups of beef broth and water look like more than 2 cups in this video.

Jane Farrer
Jane Farrer 2 months ago

This was perfect, thank you 🤗💐

Amy W
Amy W 2 months ago

That’s how we’ve always made sloppy Joe’s. They are the best!!

Mindy Peterson
Mindy Peterson 2 months ago

Love your ideas....
Bacon Chicken Tenders.... Got to try the Ravioli Lasagna Bake 😋 Ty

Jim McKnight
Jim McKnight 2 months ago

One suggestion when you are browning ground turkey or ground beef is to use a potato masher. Years ago when I worked at a Mexican fast food chain we had a great big commercial one that we busted up the ground beef when we were cooking taco meat. Just constantly use the masher as the meat is browning and it won't ball up. As my trainers told me at the Mexican chain when I was learning this we are selling Mexican food and not Italian meatballs so keep hitting it so it doesn't ball up! Lol lol

Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 months ago

Omg she is fine! Please sit on my face!!

Vicky Tooley
Vicky Tooley 2 months ago

Thanks so much for all the yummy recipes! Definitely going to try the salmon for sure👍🏻😊

Andrea Jennyc
Andrea Jennyc 2 months ago

Thank you for such easy recipes that look amazingly delicious!

Missy Ford
Missy Ford 2 months ago

You are a life saver, thanks 🙏💖🤗

Vanessa Reagan
Vanessa Reagan 2 months ago

Sooo many great things to try! Thank you!

Bhargavi Chavda
Bhargavi Chavda 2 months ago

I like your channel, but would appreciate if you include more vegetarian options or meat substitutes. Not every recipe can have potato, or tofu instead of meat. Hope to see more of those ideas in our videos!

Jodi Donaldson
Jodi Donaldson 2 months ago

With the sloppy jo recipe, isn't that normally how they are made? Definitely WAY better than any premade mixture!

John Dziki
John Dziki 2 months ago

Try using fresh brewed coffee instead of broth. It’s incredible.

The Insiders
The Insiders 2 months ago

I love that your kids are in this one!! 🤩

suNRze 2 months ago

Yummmmyyyy. Thank you!

Krystal G
Krystal G 2 months ago

I use the Diana's Maple BBQ on my salmon. It's amazing!! Thanks for the meal ideas!!

K L 2 months ago

Simple marking method to make sure your pots closed tight

Ulla Rasmussen
Ulla Rasmussen 2 months ago


Karen Ughoc
Karen Ughoc 2 months ago

What happen to the instant pot for the max and cheese?

Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 2 months ago

Your kids and husband are lucky and blessed to have a Mom and wife like you!

Diane Baaden
Diane Baaden 2 months ago

Are these recipes printed somewhere? I cannot find it on this video or on the website.

Barbara Coyle
Barbara Coyle 2 months ago

Still having a hard time with spaghetti

Barbara Coyle
Barbara Coyle 2 months ago

Good day

Maria Bernardes
Maria Bernardes 2 months ago

I'm brazilian, living in USA and learning to cook american food . I will try the recipes. Thank you!

sunnyinhawaii1 2 months ago

Thanks for ALL your easy and delicious recipes. You’ve changed and improved my dinners!!

Marli Cline
Marli Cline 2 months ago

I just made the 3 ingredients of Macaroni & Cheese for my son. He absolutely loved it! He is a finicky eater. Thank you so much!!!

Delicious Channel
Delicious Channel 2 months ago

Wonderful recipes. Can't wait to try

Cynthia Hansen
Cynthia Hansen 2 months ago

What great ideas thank you!

kathy owens
kathy owens 2 months ago

That marconi and cheese was ground breaking, so easy, so fast, you are a wonder, all of the recipes were brilliant for hungry kids.

Marli Cline
Marli Cline 2 months ago

Do you have Keto/Carb recipes? I just love your channel and wonderful ideas.

Beanz Snow
Beanz Snow 2 months ago

Why the salt water chicken soak?

Courtney Gonzalez
Courtney Gonzalez 2 months ago

What’s the purpose of soaking the chicken in salt water?

John C
John C 2 months ago

Looks good 👍

Sandrea White
Sandrea White 2 months ago

Yummy. I loved the egg dish. I might try it with corned beef hash.

Wanda Hall
Wanda Hall 2 months ago


Ellen Cox
Ellen Cox 2 months ago

Amazing now I’ve got almost the week of delish quick and easy meals to prepare and my grocery list is so small, I have
the majority of ingredients on hand!
The thank you so much for always making our lives tastier and easier.
Love and hugs 🤗

PockyFiend 2 months ago

Beef, ketchup, mustard AND brown sugar? Isn't that FOUR Ingredient Sloppy Joes? I came up with the Sloppy Jose: Just use taco sauce instead.

Sue Bynum
Sue Bynum 2 months ago

Some of these were my kids favorites growing up. Now I cook for me and my 82 year old mother. Thanks for reminding me of old favorites and quite a few new dishes we are ready to try. Bbq sauce on baked salmon...might have to be dinner.

Savannah Wilson
Savannah Wilson 2 months ago

Exactly what I needed especially for this week! Wonderful

Patricia Burke
Patricia Burke 2 months ago

Did you say you let the roast sit for “a few hours” after pressure cooking?

Voice of Clarity
Voice of Clarity 2 months ago

Easy dinners. This is just what I need.