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Nam Tran
Nam Tran 2 months ago

They have wonder works here. The one I went to was In
Panama City beach Florida.

andy luo
andy luo 2 months ago

Try wekiwa springs next time its the river you want not the lake. It’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere but worth the trip as the entire area is part of the aquifer system. Basically rain and water go underground filtering through tons of limestone to create a super clear and super pure water source. The springs help provide that water. Just there are sections grated off because of open underground caves just stay away from those. Try walking lake eola on Sundays as the farmers market pops up around that time and you can try local foods plus that area is pretty well built up in the last few years with new restaurants and stores. Just watch the swans as they can get kinda messy on you. Mount Dora is a sorta ok place but it’s a heavily British type area with lots of British type restaurants but good. Try to get a Korean bbq restaurant next time as it’s different as you do cook your own food but it’s kinda fun, the choices usually around Orlando are Izziban which isn’t that good or korea house which is better. I would look up how to do Korean bbq first to get an idea of how to do it as many first timers tend to have to be taught as there is a bit of a procedure to follow, honestly look up mike Chen as he does have a series on Korean bbq and sorta a how to, just prepare your tastebuds for a bit of a shock if you never had it.

a3h 2 months ago

omg thank u sm I’m going next week and I had no clue what to do besides Disney !

Pam 1
Pam 1 2 months ago

Do you work in travel.

Pam 1
Pam 1 2 months ago

I have done Disney and Orlando a few times. But there is a whole world to see and explore. When I went, loved staying on Idrive. Loads to do and lovely in the Evenings as well.


what a fab video. my wife and I are taking the kids there next year. some great stuff to do there. brilliant well made video. Good work hun. x

Rika 2 months ago

Your voice is so calming! You should try to make ASMR videos!

Stephfo 2 months ago

Wait if you’re fat you can’t do I fly?

Demii Thomas
Demii Thomas 2 months ago

i really appreciate this video.... im planing vacay with my friend and this has helped me so much. you didnt mention approximatly how much they would cost tho for each trip

Camila Cuesta
Camila Cuesta 2 months ago

I'm moving to Orlando for college thank you I love you YOU are lovely

Nicky Tziotis-Guerrios

Deleon springs is great

NoCapp Tmacc
NoCapp Tmacc 2 months ago

So is anybody still going?

John Munay
John Munay 2 months ago

you talk to much. 2:31 min before you mention the first place.

Huntress_em 2 months ago

Thanks for this you have ya so many ideas

Master sam
Master sam 2 months ago

2:51 your welcome.

the andy show
the andy show 2 months ago

thanks for the great tips Katie :), you have a lovely family btw :)

Doctor House
Doctor House 2 months ago

You are recommending some places so far away from Orlando. 30 minutes to 1 hour!? Most tourists are not driving that far...

Kim Evangelista
Kim Evangelista 2 months ago

Starts at 2:46

E Rashio
E Rashio 2 months ago

We have been to Disney Land once before and will be going again this year but I was always wondering what else is happening i'm glad a watched this video and will try a few of the places you mentioned especially gator land and the zip wire!Have you been to Daytona Beach?is it worth a trip there??kind regards x

Erik The Travel Guy
Erik The Travel Guy 2 months ago

I really enjoyed your video. Love Florida! I really appreciate that you show your viewers that there is more to Orlando than just Mickey Mouse and Co.! I visited St. Pete/Clearwater recently - another beautiful part of the state! Keep up the great videos! See you in our travels...

Maple26 2 months ago

Great job! I'm from Orlando and I always try to tell people to come see the real Orlando. I highly recommend Gatorland, and the scenic boat tour in Winter Park. (I grew up there.) There is also a wide array of cultural cuisine from Carribean cuisine to Lebanese and everything in between. I'm so glad you mentioned Winter Garden because I've never heard it mentioned in a travel video before. Check out Old Town and Medieval Times for a fun family experience as well. Also, come and see the many museums that are in the Winter Park area. Some of them are donations only. We have live comedy shows and local theatre, sports shows, and the Kennedy Space Center(Titusville, but still!). Try Cloak and Blaster, the gaming restaurant or Player 1 Video Game bar! Nothing like you've ever experienced. Winter Park also has a farmers market on the weekend. Come to Orlando!! We'd love to see you! Katie, thanks for a great video. You should defintely do a few more on this topic, because we have visitors from every country and they could use a video like this!

Darryl 2 months ago

U sound like pepa pig

arlene0725 2 months ago

I’m going to Orlando on Jan 17, 2020 to visit my college friend + her wife + kids. Thanks for the tips. I will check the sites out. 👍🏽

beautiful4everr 55
beautiful4everr 55 2 months ago

Omg I can't believe they let you be that close to that specific alligator. Your brave.

Ife Ogedengbe
Ife Ogedengbe 2 months ago

Thanks so much for this. This was a great list, probably the best I've seen. Thanks for all the ideas! Greatly appreciated!!!

Tiffany Gunn
Tiffany Gunn 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this video. I was wondering about different places to go besides the ordinary major theme parks. These tips are perfect for my children. We'll be in Orlando in April

William Twiddy
William Twiddy 2 months ago

Ever been to Gatlinburg TN or Pigeon Forge TN

anii 2 months ago

I'm from Ireland :)

anii 2 months ago

You just saved my life xD,I'm going to Orlando in 4 months and idk what to do

John Winterbottom
John Winterbottom 2 months ago

Nicely presented and researched, good job!

WhosTEDDY 2 months ago

Good job. As a local real estate agent, I like taking a day off with the wife and being a tourist at the smaller venues.

A73HREE 2 months ago

Fwd to 2:53 to get over her speaking jibberish to pass 10 minutes for monetization of the video

Rhomulous1978 2 months ago

Fyi - video starts @ 2.45min.
Very informative and totally worth a view. Thanks for the tips!! Will definitely try some of them.

Quaker Daddy
Quaker Daddy 2 months ago

Do they allow oats in Orlando ?

Chris Johnson Adventures

Cool video I'm going for 1st time in May this helps I subscribe

Not Zak
Not Zak 2 months ago

Shut up stop waffling I didn’t start for ages u just repeat ur self

Lisandro 2 months ago

i live here why am i watching this

rosalyn hornby
rosalyn hornby 2 months ago

Thanks for the advice. We go to Orlando with grandkids june next year our first holiday abroad. but since booked lost my job through health reasons so no Disney theme park but nice to see some cheaper things to do thanks Katie x

Sandra Sotelo
Sandra Sotelo 2 months ago

I have a trip to Orlando coming up in a few days but it’s literally a quick 1 and a half day trip for a concert. If I had a bigger budget I would have stayed a few extra days to check some of these places out. Definitely going to make time to do the wheel at icon park though

Stephen Wall
Stephen Wall 2 months ago

Good but not the best top ten. What about wiki springs and tubeing down real lazy rivers. There's 3 wiki springs areas and a rainforest walk. Also so much more only local know about. Maybe I should do a top ten 👍

Cornerback80 2 months ago

Something she didnt mention was Fun Spot in Orlando, home of Olando's only wooden rollercoaster. You can go in the evening and get a wrist band for a discounted price, there is no wait times for rides hardley and they have 3 go kart tracks and a slick tack along with carnival rides and a sky coaster. Fun Spot is definitely worth a visit, it is open til midnight and 8pm is a good time to arrive. My 6 year old enjoyed the small steel rollercoaster there over and over and the wooden rollercoaster is very smooth for a wooden coaster.

Cornerback80 2 months ago

Tip: I am from Dallas, a place full of stress and traffic. GPS to avoid highways and tolls, tolls will rack up and highways are crowded and non moving. You will thank me.

S-B 2 months ago

Cut the bullshit, video starts at 3:00

Tanya Blenkin
Tanya Blenkin 2 months ago

Brilliant video! My husband and I also love Orlando, there is something about it that always brings us back! We have a daughter and we have been lucky enough to spend her 1st and 2nd birthday out there and hoping to do the same for her 3rd next year 😂

Out of interest what are your top 3 restaurants!? Always looking to try somewhere new, although you cant beat a bit of cheesecake factory! 🤤

Jaxx Life
Jaxx Life 2 months ago

Fantastic video- great tips. I’ve done most of them apart from winter garden x

Kevin Pritchard
Kevin Pritchard 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing some great ideas, we are returning in April 2020 and it's going to be a Disney & Unversal free holiday so your recommendations were greatly received

MacbarbieMichelle 2 months ago

thank you so much for your lovely tips!! ill definetly go these places!

Isabelle Zammit
Isabelle Zammit 2 months ago

Thank you for the tips. I started researching De Leon Springs State park as I had never heard about it before this video. However I cannot find any entrance fee besides the parking. How much does it cost to swim there please?

Candace Richie
Candace Richie 2 months ago

thanks for the ideas

Aliena Marie
Aliena Marie 2 months ago

THANK YOU!!!!! Finally, a good video for great things to do with the rest of our vacation!!

kayleigh ann
kayleigh ann 2 months ago

Still collecting your advice for Orlando and loving it. Can’t wait until we can book our first trip when I graduate.

Katherine Forrest
Katherine Forrest 2 months ago

Omg. I live in Orlando—Winter Park, specifically. I’m a sous chef here. This video tickled me pink!!

Rosie & the Girls
Rosie & the Girls 2 months ago

Hi Katie, we are hoping to go to Orlando next year with our 3 girls, would love to see a “what to pack” video. Sounds silly but always good to get opinions from someone who has been xx

Michelle Finney
Michelle Finney 2 months ago

Would love a video on how you book your holiday, ie do you do a package or arrange hotel, flights separately etc? I’m desperate to go next year but we have 4 children and none are really theme park lovers so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. The cost is humongous too and I’ve no idea where to start! I get overwhelmed when I look online with the choice and the cost so I don’t really get anywhere. The kids are 5, 11 twins and 12. Thank you, love your videos xx

Laura Radford
Laura Radford 2 months ago

Going to Orlando in October so enjoyed this video :)

Mrs Hible
Mrs Hible 2 months ago

Great video I hope to take the children to Orlando one day I loved seeing all your different places. Xxx

Do Do Do
Do Do Do 2 months ago

Perfect! We love Florida and we're going again this summer so this is great timing x

stephanie ayling
stephanie ayling 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve never heard of even half of these places, so interesting! Thank you xxx

Holly Mather
Holly Mather 2 months ago

What a great video idea. I am going back to Orlando in June with my fiancé because we loved it last year, we are going to go back to Disney and Universal but we have been looking at other things to do aswell so this video has come in really handy for us and given us some more ideas so thank you :) x

Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon 2 months ago

If your kiddos are older, I would say middle school and up, I might try the Escapology, www.escapology.com/en/orlando-fl/. I went there for a work thing around the same time you were visiting Disney. It's a lot of fun and a different thing to do.

Megan Short
Megan Short 2 months ago

Never been to Orlando in my life but we’re taking the kids for the first time this summer. This is a great video for me because we won’t be able to afford it ever again probably, so I want us to explore Orlando as well whilst we’re there x

Jessica Strickle
Jessica Strickle 2 months ago

Fab video Katie! We’re off to Orlando in just over four weeks and this has really helped! We’re only doing one day at Disney as we wanted to do other things whilst we’re there and this has given me lots of ideas :) xx

Matilda Gane
Matilda Gane 2 months ago

Thanks, great video.. Saved securely in my favs for when i have enough to go. Sure to win me brownie points with my children ha. X

Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith 2 months ago

You may not want to say but realistically what budget do I need to allow for a family of 5 to access this sort of holiday July / August time of year

Gayathri Mahalingam
Gayathri Mahalingam 2 months ago

Katie you are sensational! Your videos are fab, especially the travel ones. You put so much effort in them and it really shows!

Lily Burkill
Lily Burkill 2 months ago

Loved this Katie x

lotgotbegot Smith
lotgotbegot Smith 2 months ago

I was hoping to see more Orlando videos from you it was how I found your channel.