My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out


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Information My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

Title : My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

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Frames My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

Description My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

My Parents Won't Let Me Move Out at Age 27, I Bought My House to Kick them Out

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2 months ago

Lana: and he’s not just a friend
*adrien trying to comprehend this*

Alen .
Alen . 2 months ago

i would do restraining order child abuse and child neglentence that could add up to 30 years in prison and a huge fine i think

shannon goslett
shannon goslett 2 months ago

Yes 100%

Alacied Inukpuk
Alacied Inukpuk 2 months ago

yes they deserve it

Dustin Sova
Dustin Sova 2 months ago

What kind of parents relly on their kids to support them? Those deadbeats.

Henry Pym
Henry Pym 2 months ago

You did the right thing to your parents

lorin42 2 months ago

They had no right to keep you in bondage (that's what it amounted)

Christian Benn
Christian Benn 2 months ago

That is some revenge & you had every right to kick your parents out of your house for they are toxic & so what they sow is what they reap

Louis Warren
Louis Warren 2 months ago

She's should've dumped them at the nursing home as the coup de grace

Grace Alexandre
Grace Alexandre 2 months ago

When parents treat their children like trash, I don't blame the children one bit for ignoring their parents in their fragile years.

Tyrell gamer
Tyrell gamer 2 months ago


R!d3? 2 months ago

"they just looked at me like I just told them Santa Claus was real"

Little kids watching this "What!?"

RishabDev 2 months ago

Her: ive invited someone over
Her parents: whats their name
Her: oh their name is KARMA

gaming zone
gaming zone 2 months ago

i would kill them with knife if they wasted my years like that

Ann Ward
Ann Ward 2 months ago

Will you really didn't kick them out. You bought their home. And it became yours. Not through inherited. You were your butt off. They were free to marry have fun date had a life you deserved it too. I lived under my moms authority even after I was married. I feared her!!!!! I wasn't free to really live my full life without fear.....until she passed away 2016 . I was 65 than. So I basically lived over half my life that way. My husband was so understanding.!!!! But he tells me you're doing so much better mentally and you're a lot happier. So for your story. I'm glad you gave yourself permission to have a life while you were still young.
God bless you and many years of laughter and smiles 😃😊

Ursula Gopie
Ursula Gopie 2 months ago

Smart Move.

Let's Learn.
Let's Learn. 2 months ago

You kicked out people who raised you to be who u r today?!

Markus Calhoun
Markus Calhoun 2 months ago

Like I’m upset at this because what type of parents would do that even if they are adults and have their own money like man I hope I don’t end up like this as a parent

Carrie Martin
Carrie Martin 2 months ago

If family is an "obligation"; it's not real love. Her parents obviously didn't get that concept.

Michelle Layfield
Michelle Layfield 2 months ago

Pretty bad fictional melodrama.

Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas 2 months ago

love those guilt trips.
so what would they have happened if she suddenly died?

yes on buying out their house (although I'm surprised the parents didn't notice the name (legal/birth name, required everywhere unless you changed it legally before hand) on the purchase papers when they signed it anyways, if I was to set them up elsewhere (seriously doubt I'd do), I wouldn't continue to "help" with their bills. yeah, they "raised" you to 15 and you supported them for another 12 plus set them up elsewhere. debt paid in full!

Tish Smiddy
Tish Smiddy 2 months ago

They are supposed to prepare you for the World not take from you ! 😢

gayle lovett
gayle lovett 2 months ago

That was a great story honestly I think you should have been left when you turned 18 you should have got about that house. But I'm glad everything worked out for you

Tshepo Moagi
Tshepo Moagi 2 months ago


Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez 2 months ago


banana_pup 962
banana_pup 962 2 months ago

Its your fault you shouldn't have let them do that just leave it was simple

Will S.
Will S. 2 months ago

i like daniel

Joshianne Faye Teodosio

Your parents are like Karen's coz they say the same words when someone talks back to them: ARE YOU TALKING BACK TO US !!?
Reader:inside of your mind*But isn't that how conversation works*?*sighs* Karen's these days...

Jadesia Mcdonald
Jadesia Mcdonald 2 months ago

Best way to go

Wrath Knight
Wrath Knight 2 months ago


kihato houth panha
kihato houth panha 2 months ago

you do the right thing. once dhar manh said : its never to late to do the right thing.

Jax3 Animation
Jax3 Animation 2 months ago

I think it was totally worth it and now these parents can learn what it's like to be you👍

LAplays823 L.A.
LAplays823 L.A. 2 months ago

Pretty simple move out quite being a push over

rainbow dash 7647
rainbow dash 7647 2 months ago

If I wanna head and once I turn 18 and probably try to move across the country legally change my name and if I could afford to get plastic surgery

SharkAttack 2 months ago

That was savage😎

Neil Fincham
Neil Fincham 2 months ago

Wow! Lana was drawn so well! I love her eyes!

Cassandra Miller
Cassandra Miller 2 months ago

I would have just moved out after saving the money. I definitely wouldn't help them with rent or anything. You are your own person and you shouldn't help those who have wronged you or they are going to use you more

James Playz1
James Playz1 2 months ago

Why are you paying half their bills? You don’t owe them anything.

Noel Allan
Noel Allan 2 months ago

Girl, you gotta do what you gotta do. They manipulated you long enough!

Tiktok Imani
Tiktok Imani 2 months ago

She never change her clothes 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Estrella Beale
Estrella Beale 2 months ago

I AGREE with you 💯 % .Your "LEACHES" parents did not deserve so much favor from you.Can you imagine supporting them since you were 15 yrs old and YOU put yourself thru college as well.WOW 😳😳😳😳You must be a saint to tolerate such abuse.Parents are supposed to support their kids while growing up,NOT the other way around !!!.I really admire you for everything that you have done 👏.Bless you dear 🙏.At least you knew when enough is enough 😊✌️❤️❤️❤️

Derald Hamilton
Derald Hamilton 2 months ago

What you did was bad. You're suppose to honor your mother and father.

HTZ BLAST 2 months ago

my parents: u cant stay at my home after ur 20 ,u hv to be responsible for urself and be successful
me: gotta study hard and else ill be on streets

Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan 2 months ago

my brother is so annoying.

Jeffery Powell
Jeffery Powell 2 months ago

i know a jurk who made his kis pay rent while they were teens

Jeffery Powell
Jeffery Powell 2 months ago

your kids are not your bread n butter

Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz 2 months ago

You aren't "free" if you're still paying bills for them but whatever.

J Khan
J Khan 2 months ago

Since when children kick out parents?

Isam Elfaki
Isam Elfaki 2 months ago

You have to work to earn staying with me
Why don't I just move out?

M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë

There are 2 brats

Camilla Labron
Camilla Labron 2 months ago

if them dear to do something bad to you or talk to you badly kick them

Kyle Severene7
Kyle Severene7 2 months ago


barry the dead ghost kid

dont listen to toxic parents they suck

Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady 2 months ago

God these parents are lazy,selfish and evil.

DemonLord OfDestruction

Really how dare you ?that’s not their money so they don’t get a say in what she did

John Nanny
John Nanny 2 months ago

I am sorry that you, went through that particular situation.

cattalina kutter
cattalina kutter 2 months ago

you go girl!! you made them better for it too

Louis Warren
Louis Warren 2 months ago

Wow, my revenge would've been savagely nuclear compared to yours

Doudy K
Doudy K 2 months ago

That was a bit late.

B23 2 months ago

i would have done the same thing

Adrianna Craig
Adrianna Craig 2 months ago

Well I'm glad you kick them out

Jessica Welch
Jessica Welch 2 months ago

Does anyone else wonder where Lana’s parents got that idea Or their attitudes?

Sosimarno Paslein
Sosimarno Paslein 2 months ago

I didn't know about you but for our tribe we stick with family.... And also girl got all the inherited me as i guy i move out that my life story but i always there for my parents and they always there for me especially i have two sister and one brother I'm the last one hahaha. But i feel for when they push around you don't want to go near them but family is family so still get in touch.....

Sosimarno Paslein
Sosimarno Paslein 2 months ago

Would you believe me i move out of my parents house when i was 31years old....

Malice 2 months ago

This is the fakest shit i ever heard

Ava's yt
Ava's yt 2 months ago

Sing the song called"Silent Scream"

Lulu Isaks
Lulu Isaks 2 months ago


Alethea Chong
Alethea Chong 2 months ago

The mom: “Are you talking back to us Lana!”
Me: Woman that is literally how a conversation works.

CookieToonXD 2 months ago

We Might Have Found... A True STORY

Kalax 2 months ago

It was a good revenge my mom so to with me

Ace_Gaming 2 months ago

You have to suit them to do such things to you at the age of 15

Amanda Stanley
Amanda Stanley 2 months ago

I really wish i had the courage to do this to my family they use me the same way

Jimin love jam
Jimin love jam 2 months ago

Guess what i only can start dating when I am 25 years old so I secretly dating behind their back a bit rude but oh well

siphosethu dlamini
siphosethu dlamini 2 months ago

i think that you were a beat mean just joking your parents are evil no afernts

Erick Santiago
Erick Santiago 2 months ago

Here in philippines after your son/daughter got a job you are obligated to help your family, but not all expenses. Family help together for all expenses.

Seto KaibaX
Seto KaibaX 2 months ago

I would have just gotten a different house and left my old stuff in their house.
Those types of parents suck.

LifeAsAshley 2 months ago

He be like lana u should be more responsible like.....aren't u the one that wants her to stay at there house at age of 27🙄

D. Banerjee
D. Banerjee 2 months ago

My parents are very similar to that of her's.

Hesteia Dela Rita
Hesteia Dela Rita 2 months ago


Gina Chiodo
Gina Chiodo 2 months ago

Your parents are freeloaders. You did the right thing by buying the house and kicking your parents out. Your parents were also very selfish people.

Zayvionthelegoking 2 months ago

That was a really good idea sometimes parents gets on your nerves mine are getting on my nerves already

Gabriella Sooklal
Gabriella Sooklal 2 months ago

This is the best video 😍🤩👍👩‍🚒💞💌💗💖💋

Geoffrey Badger
Geoffrey Badger 2 months ago

It was justified absolutely. You are even paying half their bills sometime s so in my book you are being nicer than most people.

ROKKAN 2 months ago

Imagine if she just put that money into bitcoin instead of just burning it by giving it to her parents

oppo cdo
oppo cdo 2 months ago

My life sucks, just like her

oppo cdo
oppo cdo 2 months ago

I hate my life

Jiachi Chen
Jiachi Chen 2 months ago

I love ❤️ revenge stories.

The Osean Federation
The Osean Federation 2 months ago

Here's a song that I thought could go well with this, it's 🎶Why Don't You Get A Job🎶 from the Offspring

My friend's got a mother, man, she hates that bitch
She tells me every day
She says, "Man, I really gotta lose my mom
In the worst kind of way"

Her mom sits on her ass, she works her hands to the bone
To give her mom money every payday
But her mom wants more dinero just to stay at home
Well, my friend, you gotta say

I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no way
Na-na, why don't you get a job?
Say no way, say no way-ah, no way
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I guess all her money, well, it isn't enough
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I guess all her money, well, it isn't enough
'Cause that mother's got expensive taste

I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no way
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Well, I guess it ain't easy doing nothing at all, oh yeah
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Well, my friend, you gotta say

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Na-na, why don't you get a job?
Say no way, say no way-ah, no way
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2 months ago

Those Parents
Are So Stupid
If it was
Lana who
Has not bought
The house
They Want
Lana To Move
In With Them
When she
Could Stay
With Daniel

sanjae gaming channel

You made the right decision

sanjae gaming channel

That's what your parents deserve

Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown 2 months ago

You did the right thing

Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer 2 months ago

Run away lana forget about the house or their debt

miss: anime
miss: anime 2 months ago

Is no one going to talk about how pretty she is

Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker 2 months ago


Quinta Douglass
Quinta Douglass 2 months ago


A Mundkur
A Mundkur 2 months ago

Your parents are a bunch of freeloaders.

It was a good decision to kick them out of the house.

In fact, you shouldn’t even be paying their bills.

mary's bestie
mary's bestie 2 months ago


I am dolphin queen 56

Her dad: that's your problem, don't make excuses now

Me: excuse me? but you can get the money on your own and not rely on your daughter all the time

Janice Agatha
Janice Agatha 2 months ago