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Green Giant
Green Giant 2 months ago

Great ideas! And cheap as fuck 😂. Just subscribed to your channel.

High Brown
High Brown 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips cause my dog shredded my solar light into pieces so now I am going to use the broom stick method that you mentioned in the video 🙏🏾💜

nelda blanco
nelda blanco 2 months ago


dmobile2go 2 months ago

Best Video Ever!!!

Chrisia Breeden
Chrisia Breeden 2 months ago

I'm so addicted to ur channel...cant wait to try these out!!

Marlene Mejorado
Marlene Mejorado 2 months ago

Love it all..thank-you

Josie Davies
Josie Davies 2 months ago

Thank you , great hacks

DND SoundEFX 2 months ago

Just a FYI , you can also buy the quick epoxy from the dollar store to really seal any of these lids or holes you cut. It comes in 2 tubes you just mix it and apply. ( Dries clear )

Amy Yazzie
Amy Yazzie 2 months ago

I just loved it. Thank You so much for sharing. So many brilliant ideas 💡 💡

Grace-naomi 2 months ago

This comment section is bomb! I love crafty people. 😊 So resourceful!

Raaki Ulam
Raaki Ulam 2 months ago

You are wonderfully creative!! Much appreciated + Blessings!!!

Berlinda Armijo
Berlinda Armijo 2 months ago

Great ideas. Thanks

Garry Hamblin
Garry Hamblin 2 months ago

I think this was a brilliant video and I will most definitely use your ideas and add my own twist. Thank you.

Kenny Guidry
Kenny Guidry 2 months ago

The last one she never showed how to attach the shower curtain hook.

Topaz fire
Topaz fire 2 months ago

So many kudos to you, I've been looking for videos like this on YouTube, I love being creative I love being cheap and I love new ideas on how to tweak stuff to make it look like it cost a lot of money.🥰

Jane Stuart
Jane Stuart 2 months ago

My daughter in law put them in the sockets of an old chandelier. Beautiful!

Jill Miller
Jill Miller 2 months ago

Bynum L

Vanessa Simmons
Vanessa Simmons 2 months ago

How did you attach the shower curtain ring to the board? I would love to do this around my wood fence. Drill through it and screw to wood or e6000?

Dave's Stuff
Dave's Stuff 2 months ago

Very clever.

Tina Bowens
Tina Bowens 2 months ago

Well I’ll be da$&

Gigi Barnette
Gigi Barnette 2 months ago I wanna go get some dollar store solar lights.

Cheryl C
Cheryl C 2 months ago

Do the solar lights recharge in the sun?
Do they get enough sunlight in the jar?

Walter Godsoe
Walter Godsoe 2 months ago

I think this is the light that Trump was talking about. If you could get it into the body some how.

Paul B
Paul B 2 months ago

Brilliant ideas!👍🏻

J H 2 months ago

Brilliant 👏 👏 👏

Simp4DLemon 2 months ago


Brenda Croteau
Brenda Croteau 2 months ago

Can you do more videos like these too? These are AWESOME!

Arlene Arnold
Arlene Arnold 2 months ago

I just found this channel and love these hacks!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Carol Benson
Carol Benson 2 months ago

The outdoor jar on a hook is an excellent idea!!!

thegiftlady1 2 months ago

Fab ideas!

Matt North
Matt North 2 months ago

These are fantastic! Thank you! These also work great if you bring them inside when the electricity goes out. Keep them outside charging all the time, and when the lights go out, you can bring them in and have wonderful lighting!

Troy Hall
Troy Hall 2 months ago

do you have a link for these lights?

mikma 2 months ago


SVM 2 months ago

Great job!!!

ACiDroN Guttergirl
ACiDroN Guttergirl 2 months ago

I bought a really pretty jar and put the light inside. I put it at my brothers graveside and my mom was really happy

Mable Ochoa
Mable Ochoa 2 months ago

OhMyGosh i wanna buy a ton of these now and do this project over and over!!!😁

HisWordisLife 2 months ago

Do you know how long they last?

Rich & Sheryll Hunt
Rich & Sheryll Hunt 2 months ago

What great tips! I'm going to try some of these!

Beth Willard
Beth Willard 2 months ago


Russell the Muscle
Russell the Muscle 2 months ago

Throw a few of these around camp, they also work as chick magnets!

Don Cely
Don Cely 2 months ago

You can decorate any sort of bottle, jar, or glass for your solar light with your hot glue gun.

Just dribble as thin a stream as you can get from your hot gun onto the inside of your container. The result looks like cracked glass and can help to diffuse the light. If your container, or in my case, the four sided lantern light from Walmart has plain clear plastic "windows," the dribbled glue actually makes the light seem brighter because of the way the glue picks up the light and spreads it better than the tiny pin point of the single LED.

barb maki
barb maki 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the ideas on a DIME

John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 2 months ago

Not sure if these are hacks or an instructional on how to stick a light to shit.

Charlene Town
Charlene Town 2 months ago

Problem the solar lights I just bought at DT do not come apart!

Freddie Ivory
Freddie Ivory 2 months ago

Cool ideas, thanks for sharing

Daniel Cline
Daniel Cline 2 months ago

Hack use the stemmed tea light holders for wine glasses cheap is cool

Lori Lynn Bannister
Lori Lynn Bannister 2 months ago

Thank You for the neat ideas ! On the solor lights !

Joeseph Anderson
Joeseph Anderson 2 months ago

I just cannot see why there is so many thumbs down when I think this is a great idea each and every one of them. 💞

Bluegrass Train
Bluegrass Train 2 months ago

Cheap electronic based toys & lights have batteries and rare earth metals in the components. This is an issue that no one talks about and we need to know that dumping them in the trash (they’re poisonous) does impact the environment, du-oh! So be sure to dispose of all the little toys that use electronics, solar lights, etc. & their batteries properly. Note that you can replace the rechargeable battery in solar-based products & toys when they stop charging. Don’t place the old battery in the trash - there are places you can find online in your community that recycle the batteries. The United States is in competition with China for the metals used in electronics. Disposing of the batteries and electronic parts responsibly makes the components they are made out of available for use again - it’s patriotic lol.

Angela Douglas
Angela Douglas 2 months ago

Or, you can just use it as its supposed to be used at no extra cost !!!!

Vanessa Nicole
Vanessa Nicole 2 months ago

I love this idea so so much!! It’s gonna save me tons of money on lighting for my porch I can light up my porch stairs and extra lighting on our porch for decor.. Thanks for sharing this.. I’m amazed!!

Sound Wave6
Sound Wave6 2 months ago

😌This was nice Thank you..Summertime is taking forever to get here😁

Renee Mccoy
Renee Mccoy 2 months ago

I love these ideas 💡

MICHAEL LEET 2 months ago

Got us a lot of good ideas there I am getting into the solar light thing I really like them you know for security light but I must admit it is getting a little addictive which hey it is what it is it ain't what it ain't thank you I will be using a lot of these ideals God bless you and have a darn good day

Kimberly Beck
Kimberly Beck 2 months ago

Love. It thank you

Idatex 2 months ago

Wow!! AWESOME!! THK YOU for sharing your talent

Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez 2 months ago

Maravillosas ideas!!! Gracias!

Ellis Z
Ellis Z 2 months ago


JL Davis
JL Davis 2 months ago

Dollar Tree never has any of this stuff. They're all bought out by YouTubers.

Shuglove Magnolia
Shuglove Magnolia 2 months ago

Love these ideas .. Wish i had more sun less shade 😕

Arlene Tatum
Arlene Tatum 2 months ago

Awesome job Sis 👏 👍

Yer Vang
Yer Vang 2 months ago

Love that you show when they work

Peter Williamson
Peter Williamson 2 months ago

Great idea thankyou

Tracy Gallo
Tracy Gallo 2 months ago

A-m-a-z-I-n-g! Ty

Maile Kwan
Maile Kwan 2 months ago

I ❤ the pumpkin light & hanging light mostest!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing!!!!

paul lennon
paul lennon 2 months ago

Great lights for hurricanes and much safer than candles

Strilliade 2 months ago

Is that the caber?

Shannon 222
Shannon 222 2 months ago

Love ❤️

ZiggyLu 2022
ZiggyLu 2022 2 months ago

Very clever! I love it

Rachel 2 months ago

Fabulous ideas! Who knew? Our backyard needs lights do these are perfect. Thx 🙏🏻 so much. Fun stuff

Bruce Morris
Bruce Morris 2 months ago


Karin Boyle
Karin Boyle 2 months ago

I hot glued the shower hooks to trees at our cabin going down the very long driveway to show the curve and have the lights welcoming us. Love it!!

Selah 2 months ago

Wowww those were wonderful ideas!!

Mary Coleman
Mary Coleman 2 months ago

You have to be careful to get a light that will fit into the jar ring

Paula Jellison
Paula Jellison 2 months ago

Your ideas are awesome! Thank you! I am definitely going to use them.

348 Loaded Lever
348 Loaded Lever 2 months ago

The one at 3:00 was really neat, whenever I find an empty cool looking glass jar I save it just to make a new outdoor table light

Lisa Sweller
Lisa Sweller 2 months ago

These would be great for those who live in tiny home who move around alot of your the country. How very cute and elegant. These are. Thank you from one crafter to another .

Candee 2 months ago

Does anybody have wind where they live? While I love these ideas, I would never use glass jars outside. All I can imagine is cleaning up broken glass on my patio, walkway or out of the grass!

Kenzie Hansen
Kenzie Hansen 2 months ago

It is crazy how well these fit on every glass/vase/jar at DT.... its like they knew😳🤣

mike 2 months ago

i cant find those hanging jars anywhere

teena leer
teena leer 2 months ago


meg racks
meg racks 2 months ago


Christine Seidman
Christine Seidman 2 months ago

Love this 💕🦋💕.

Janet Queeley
Janet Queeley 2 months ago

Fantastic ideas creating amazing lights thanks for sharing. We have very similar jars & same lights here in West Yorkshire England.

Keith Riter
Keith Riter 2 months ago


Sue Poch
Sue Poch 2 months ago

TFS!! Best “hack” video for solar lights EVER!!!👍👍👍👍👍✌️❤️🙏🏼

Sincerelysonya123 2 months ago

I like it!!

zestydude87 2 months ago


LanaJack Nichols
LanaJack Nichols 2 months ago

the clear plastic globes yellow from sun exposure faster than the life of the battery why would anyone pay 3x the price for new batteries to put in a faded, yellowed solar light when you get a complete new solar light for one dollar ??

LanaJack Nichols
LanaJack Nichols 2 months ago

why buy replacement batteries at a cost more than double the cost of a new $1.00 solar light??????

gingergargoyle 2 months ago

If you use the Pcrystal cut" jelly jars (12 for $6-$9) it can actually light up a ROOM - the facets in the glass defuses the light in such a way that it also concentrates it! Great for in the bathroom or during a power outage - which was actually how I found out how bright this is, a couple of tonaeoes knocled the power out for a few days so in desperation I did this and it was wonderful! And, yes, we are on septic so the petty was on rationed flushes

ravenlorans 2 months ago

Damn you have Sharp S's, that Shit Hurts.

JuJu Crafts
JuJu Crafts 2 months ago

Great video! Thanks for all the ideas

D A 2 months ago

Amazing! I have so many ideas for my courtyard now.

Lori J
Lori J 2 months ago

Great idea's!

Kathy Saladino
Kathy Saladino 2 months ago

Fantastic ideas!!!❤❤

Rogerio Rodriguez
Rogerio Rodriguez 2 months ago

So cool 😎

baba waimarama
baba waimarama 2 months ago

So cool. I live on a boat .what cool inexpensive way to light up my decks without using main battery power . Thanks .

Gil Massey
Gil Massey 2 months ago


Jim Rees
Jim Rees 2 months ago

Or .. use the lights as they were intended ....

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