Shawn Klush Suspicious minds on World's Greatest Elvis


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Description Shawn Klush Suspicious minds on World's Greatest Elvis

Shawn Klush Suspicious minds on World's Greatest Elvis

Shawn Klush Suspicious minds on World's Greatest Elvis

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Jack A
Jack A 2 months ago

No one is perfect, but Shawn is very close.  If you close your eyes and listen to both Shawn and Elvis, you cannot tell their voices apart.  I've tried it, have you?

loubylou70 2 months ago

oh my god ! fantastic could you imagine him & elvis on stage ? i got goosebumps watching this .....

talent100net 2 months ago

Shawn is truly the only Elvis impersonator that I am sure if you used a Real-time Spectrography to analyse his voice, you may end up with an extreme close match. I think his spirit went into Shawn.

Falcon S
Falcon S 2 months ago

omg!!! he totally looks like Elvis!!!

Chico do Vasco
Chico do Vasco 2 months ago

Eu acho que sou fã do Elvis desde de quando nasci tenho coleção dele

Mr. 1000
Mr. 1000 2 months ago

His speaking voice is very similar to Elvis's, and that makes his singing voice more natually cloese . When he adds just a touch of the south to it he's nearly spot on.

JETBYE 2 months ago

dam!!  cant get much better than that :)

Richard Federico
Richard Federico 2 months ago

Elvis is still the worlds greatest Elvis, but Shawn pays a great tribute! I just think he has the right voice and build which is the edge he has over other impersonators. He really is quite natural and exhibits all of Elvis's nuances, but is comfortable enough to expand upon them with some of his own trademarks.

Russ Mitchell
Russ Mitchell 2 months ago

All I got to say make a movie playing Elvis you would be good in it

Debbie Underfinger
Debbie Underfinger 2 months ago

I am not a fan of Elvis impersonators.  However, Shawn had changed my mind on that.  If ever he is in Pensacola, Panama City Beach or Mobile to perform.  I will be there.

Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 2 months ago

Lotte x
Lotte x 2 months ago

Please visit germany for a full concert... stars in concert was great but hope for enjoy you during a full show..... there are so many elvis fans here would glad to see eta ever....

Gary Attkins
Gary Attkins 2 months ago

Consider myself an Elvis expert and Shawn you are the closest individual in every way. You sound like him and you have his mannerisms. Spot on in every way. Keep it up,great job.

Draven Arcane
Draven Arcane 2 months ago

DAMN... even his normal speaking voice is spot on!

1207bttf 2 months ago

what's the first song started from piano?

Theresa McGaughey
Theresa McGaughey 2 months ago

oh my god I had this record growing up and I tell u this song I had heard so much this gives me chills wow how the hell be so much like elvis this guy? is like twin brother. u all know elvis had a twin rite? died alittle after birth. this is wow

Milica Djukich
Milica Djukich 2 months ago

Shawn is no 1 and than CODY SLAUGHTER! The best two! But all of them are really good humble men and get balong whenever there is competition! That's what's so nice about it all! GOD BLESS  them all!

Faye Snow
Faye Snow 2 months ago

wow, u r great!!!!

Divana Miami
Divana Miami 2 months ago


Paula Mann
Paula Mann 2 months ago

He is great.

MsKerryanne 2 months ago

OMG. He really does look like Elvis.. Perfect.. No contest really.

PsychoNikki 2 months ago

Elvis.... the world still remember you, and forever will.

rob valenti
rob valenti 2 months ago

King Klush!

momlhynn426 mataro
momlhynn426 mataro 2 months ago

Amazing just now i saw this video so great shawn !

Yair Martinez-Garcia
Yair Martinez-Garcia 2 months ago

70s Elvis is easy why don't they ever do 50s Elvis

Justin Credible
Justin Credible 2 months ago

Wow! I would think it was Elvis for sure for sure!

Emily Grace
Emily Grace 2 months ago

Excellent Shawn! " Thank You Very Much "!

Allen Huey
Allen Huey 2 months ago

He was outstanding!!!!!! Great job!

Joselyne Lachery
Joselyne Lachery 2 months ago

Fan d'elvis presley depuis toujours 😍💙💗je sais qu'il restera irremplaçable et mythique à jamais 🎇🎆partie trop jeune sais sûr😰😢😱cependant je reste sans voix !!envoyant.son plus proche sosie.c'est stupéfiant et incroyable saisissant à là fois.beaucoup ont essayer !!mais lui il est Très fort 📣📢et sa voix également alors merci pour ces vidéos 💓💓💓qui nous permet de voir ce nouveau arrivant.étonnant.çà doit être un choc pour les américains.Superbe.mais elvis-presley reste dans nos mémoires.culte.

justmadeit2-my channel

shawn is a talented singer, really sounds like elvis.

Shockwave107 2 months ago

Oh god ! I fee like I am watching king again ! Making me feel crying !!

Shockwave107 2 months ago

Elvis is alive again ! Make me feel cry !!

Shockwave107 2 months ago

Oh god I feel like watching Elvis live concert , he is so good , very talented man !!!

red_devil5 2 months ago

I saw him in person in Cleveland last year, he is dynamic. Elvis reborn all the way.

jerker holmgren
jerker holmgren 2 months ago

Michael Holm that is not true dont believe that stuff and he will never be as good as Elvis Presley Elvis is the king he`s voice is like Elvis but only the king can use it and he`s dead no one will be like the real Elvis 

Pastor Rodriguez
Pastor Rodriguez 2 months ago

He might as well be Elvis' son, Lol. He earns a living singing Elvis' songs, wearing his clothes, his hair, his voice.......need I write more, Lol?

Jim Jardine
Jim Jardine 2 months ago

This guy is good. He is the best I have heard!

tracybutler951 2 months ago

he is singng the song or he lipsync it

Dean LaChance
Dean LaChance 2 months ago

im a secptic..........I did not think anyone could impersonate the king.i was always imparshal I thought I was the best.nobodys perfect but shawn good very very are better than I and shawn im good but you are simply the best.

Dakota Babyak
Dakota Babyak 2 months ago

Shawn Klush HAS to be The Son of Elvis Presley

Why? He has the look of the later years of Elvis Presley. Shawn's voice is practically dead on to the voice of Elvis Presley. Shawn gyrates like Elvis did during his shows in Las Vegas, and while he was on tour. He has the height, and the same eye color as Elvis. He laughs like Elvis, and has the same type of charisma on and off the stage as Elvis. He's generous like Elvis was through his life, and he does charity and benefit concerts like Elvis did.

Shawn said his dad was a DJ during the 50's. Maybe Shawn has to say that his dad, Elvis Presley, was a disc jockey to hid who he really is. His mom said that she was with Elvis during the 50's.

If you put two and two together, everything I told you, matches up quite nicely. People came forward during and after Elvis was alive and dead, that they had a son out of wedlock. Maybe Shawn is the real son of Elvis Aron Presley.

Fancylooks 2 months ago

I suppose he won.

Tony Clifton
Tony Clifton 2 months ago


DarkGame BobbaHotel
DarkGame BobbaHotel 2 months ago

SHAWN est le meilleur imitateur d'Elvis. En fermant les yeux et en l'écoutant, on dirait vraiment Elvis. 

Mandem On the wall
Mandem On the wall 2 months ago

Incredible. I would love to watch this guy live. I'm in Vegas next year on holiday anyone know if he's performing.

B L 2 months ago

Just saw Shawn Klush Sunday night in Louisville, KY.... he was amazing!!!  Did this song PERFECT.

theenforcer44mag 2 months ago

this dude is amazing. he has the look, he has the voice! 

Wes Fountain
Wes Fountain 2 months ago

You all should check out Donny Edwards!!! He is fantastic, and looks more like Elvis!

Ricardo Lemos
Ricardo Lemos 2 months ago

Fantastic ShawNnnnnnnn!!! ChampioNnnnnn!!!

CosmicElvis 2 months ago

Omg when I close my eyes it sounds like it is actually Elvis singing

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

Shawn has performed at the Collingwood Elvis Festival Many Times. In fact, he will be back this summer. Check his website for more details.

whistlewing 2 months ago

Shawn, did you ever perform at the Collingwood Elvis Competition in Canada??????

Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris 2 months ago

He sounds just like Elvis. I don't. I have not been singing Elvis songs or singing much since the 90's. I also quit playing the bass guitar in 1999 & am just back into it. I think I can be an Elvis Impersonator like no one else ever has. I play the bass guitar at the same time I sing. I also look like Elvis as much as Shawn does. I'm a one-man band as Elvis in my videos. I think I should be in Vegas or Hawaii. I'm not the copy of Elvis to win a competition, but I'm a one-of-a-kind Elvis. UThink?

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

Shawn would love to go back to the Foxwoods. If you really want to see him back, write to them :)

guadalupe zecua
guadalupe zecua 2 months ago


thelaw701 2 months ago

Shawn Klush hands down! the best elvis impersonator! i hope he comes to on the ELVIS LIVES TOUR 2013 IN FARGO ND

tbortle 2 months ago

I think he is very, very good but let's not get carried away!!!

steelers3399 2 months ago

it gets cut off at the end WTF!

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

The compliment is appreciated, but I don't know if I'd go that far. haha

tyred koline
tyred koline 2 months ago

wow shawn klush is the best double king yes shawn continues

tyred koline
tyred koline 2 months ago

ta raison yé bon an tbk on orrait dit Elvis

Edward Liu
Edward Liu 2 months ago

no one can replace elvis

tuti silva
tuti silva 2 months ago

elvis não morreu.

Márcia Presley
Márcia Presley 2 months ago

The best cover of all times.

Bob G
Bob G 2 months ago

Shawn is doing a great job giving us all back something we lost.

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

James, Unfortunately Shawn does not monitor this page personally, however, if you're looking for the chords to a specific song you can try looking at ultimate-guitar d o t c o m. I'm not sure which song you're speaking of, but if you let me know the name I can try to help.

james snelling
james snelling 2 months ago

hi shawn kush my name is james ,and i like the way you sound i think you sound alike elvis .well i hope you can help me with this song that i like the song is i beg of you the one he did in the 1957 the one he did a little fast can you tell me the chords to it i hope you can help ,i have ask every body and they dont know so i he you can help me.

hayesman76 2 months ago

Best Elvis imitator ever -- end of story. Don't know if it's true, but I have read that Shawn may have gotten ahold of a mold of Elvis's teeth and had caps made for himself. The man's mouth/smile/dentition are amazingly like Elvis's, in any case.

MultiGreat1 2 months ago

Not exactly like Elvis obviously but the closest I have ever heard.

James Daniels
James Daniels 2 months ago

If Elvis wasn't Elvis, he'd be Shawn.

Dee Liles
Dee Liles 2 months ago


Ricardo Lemos
Ricardo Lemos 2 months ago

Absolutely top stuff! Way to go ShauNnnnnnnnnn! * * * * * ;]

ladyelvisasia 2 months ago

I like him a lot!

unclejesse1979 2 months ago

So far he is the best Elvis I've seen. Tone is spot on!!

Sandra D Ba
Sandra D Ba 2 months ago

Jamas habra nadie que se le paresca siquiera....Elvis Presley sera unico..._.

Debbie Underfinger
Debbie Underfinger 2 months ago

I cannot stand impersonators of Elvis... this has to be the best I had ever seen!

John Mccullough
John Mccullough 2 months ago

That would be cool if he was his son

Allan Hagan
Allan Hagan 2 months ago

the son of elvis..people just dont know it yet!!!!

Mark Forrester
Mark Forrester 2 months ago

Shawn you have it nailed (-;

Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker 2 months ago

True dat!

Don Benefield
Don Benefield 2 months ago

We just saw him in Jackson, Tennessee. He was great!

Mary Bittner
Mary Bittner 2 months ago

I'm old enough to have seen Elvis in person, and young enough to have seen Shawn in person. Shawn is fantastic !! The Best !! I saw them both in St. Louis MO. Shawn, if you are reading this.......Luv U !!!!!

22toyou 2 months ago

tony robbins brought me me here.

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

Thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure the sarcasm in our statement flew over everyone else's head as well.

Conzo 2 months ago

Yeah, he's my favourite impersonator. And a friend of Klush? You learn something new every day. ;^)

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

Cody is a great up and coming ETA and a good friend of Shawn's.

Conzo 2 months ago

What do you think of Cody Slaughter? :^)

p2epresley 2 months ago

I am a die hard Elvis fan and I am impressed he is pretty good

Angela Townley
Angela Townley 2 months ago

I just can't stop looking at the man! He sure is handsome!!!

1979DixieChick 2 months ago

i'm in love with shawn too, damn it! cat fight! lol

sasbodyguard 2 months ago

he is the closed we will ever get to the great man himself

giodazip 2 months ago

How does a guy from Pennsylvania have a accent from Mississippi/Tennessee? He is truly amazing, Even his facial gestures, his moves on stage, look like Elvis's. I'm getting goosebumps watching him. I would definitely pay to go see him.

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

@TexanCowboy31 as flattering of a comment as that is, Shawn's dad was a great guy, may he rest in peace.

theboneclover 2 months ago

This guy has watched alot of Elvis footage.

joroy123 2 months ago

what shawn does is share his obvious love of elvis and his music with other elvis fans and the fact that he is so damn good is just a big plus :-)

Martha Hall
Martha Hall 2 months ago

Its like watching Elvis himself,amazing

yksworte P
yksworte P 2 months ago

@shabush123 Jon Cotner Is Elvis. Check it out.

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

@dorisfenella I can't say I recall that. I would be curious to know which interview. I will take a look in our records.

Riley Kovacs
Riley Kovacs 2 months ago

@Ambassadorshows He said that in an interview. He is a descendant of J.S

jeanphilippe blais
jeanphilippe blais 2 months ago

very good! philippe from montreal Canada N1 MEN

Shawn Klush
Shawn Klush 2 months ago

@yehudalindowmagician That wasn't a mistake. That was an intentional change Elvis made frequently in live performances.