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The Twelve Days Of Christmas

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

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andrea fitzgerald
andrea fitzgerald 2 months ago

great 80s song.

Craig McLean
Craig McLean 2 months ago


Mike Crites
Mike Crites 2 months ago

Look out winder...whar?

A Brit
A Brit 2 months ago

I need to post this to Allana.

Ernie Buchinski
Ernie Buchinski 2 months ago

I think that the great Bubbles should do an update on this song. 
I'm sure that it would be DEEEEECENT!

Nescon Productions
Nescon Productions 2 months ago

My only regret is they didn't finish all 12 days.. (9 - 12) Dozen donuts..

Treasure Hunter!
Treasure Hunter! 2 months ago

and a beer...

Chase Corner
Chase Corner 2 months ago

2 turtlenecks and a beer
3 french toasts 2 turtlenecks and a beer

George P. Burdell
George P. Burdell 2 months ago

Go, hoser

Melissa Horstman
Melissa Horstman 2 months ago

Hey lets make it #1...

Danny 2 months ago

Really! not available in Canada. Hosers.

Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes 2 months ago

Before South Park, there were the McKenzie Brothers that poked fun of Canadians. Nowadays, they're geniuses compared to Drumpf & his infantile supporters.

Bryce Vogel
Bryce Vogel 2 months ago

3 French Toast!!!

TheSchmuck2 2 months ago

Oh my god I love this track so much. Such fond memories of staying up for hours late into the night when I was a child around 1990-93, listening to the radio on Christmas Eve. No year was complete if I didn't hear some certain songs, and this was one of the very most essential.

Donowan Kenobi
Donowan Kenobi 2 months ago

I found the most canadian canadians in existence