*An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review


Jerome Weiselberry

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Information *An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

Title : *An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

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Frames *An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

Description *An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

*An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

*An American Christmas Carol (1979) w/ Henry Winkler* Movie Review

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michael hallas
michael hallas 2 months ago

i have the DVD , good movie

Ken Lafrentz
Ken Lafrentz 2 months ago

Great review, I love this version of a Christmas carol, I just watched again last night. Henry winkler did a great job, he pretty much talked like the fonz when he played the old Benedict slade minus the “aaayy” that’s fonzie’s famous schlock. An American Christmas carol was actually filmed in Toronto Canada with a bunch of Canadian actors. anyway, keep up the great work.

Michael Keating
Michael Keating 2 months ago

I really liked this version as well. When Benedict Slade first sees Jack Latham’s ghost, the scene comes across as quite believable, much more so than the typical Scrooge/Marley scenes. Also, as a Massachusetts resident, I appreciated the Thatchers’ radio being tuned to WBZ!

I do see two weaknesses. First, Mr. Slade ages about 40 or 50 years in just 16 years time. He buys $850 worth of war bonds in 1917, then appears as a very old man in 1933.

Second, the a writers unfairly place all the blame for Mr. Brewster’s demise on Mr. Slade. Brewster’s stubbornness and failure to keep his insurance up to date were the true causes, but that is conveniently forgotten once he dies.

Just the same, it was a great and refreshing adaptation for the reasons the reviewer gave.

Mynerd Side
Mynerd Side 2 months ago

We watched An American Christmas Carol this evening, and I really enjoyed it. I've seen multiple other versions of the Scrooge story, and had grown a little bored with it. I enjoyed the way they tweaked the story to Depression-era New Hampshire. Thought they did a good job on the period costumes, cars, buildings and location shots. Henry Winkler acted very well in it, and I liked the many character actors from late 1970s TV that made appearances. Enjoyed your review!

jorge lopez
jorge lopez 2 months ago

Thank you very much! (song in the 1970 adaptation).

jorge lopez
jorge lopez 2 months ago

I think this is a really awesome adaptation.Henry Wrinkler is fabulous in the role of this American Scrooge. The 1970 musical adaptation and this one are the very greats (I know you reviewed the Slim 1951 version, which is considered the best, but I saw it ,and although it contains great moments, it doesn't appeal to me as much as these two versions).Oh, the radio scene in the Wrinkler version in which past events were getting transmitted was pure genius! Thank you for not having prejudices toward old movies.Good job!

mountains out of molehills

thank you for another year of movie and book reviews! i've discovered so much great stuff because of you. merry christmas, weiselberry!

Audrey Hepburn Gal
Audrey Hepburn Gal 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!!! I liked and hated this movie. I do like how it's different from the other Christmas Carol movies. But it just didn't do much for me otherwise.

mrmicro22 2 months ago

You are always a pleasure. Your "Carol" reviews are a favorite. Merry Christmas!

Carl B
Carl B 2 months ago

Just want to say thanks for all the enjoyable and informative videos you've uploaded in 2017. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas.

C 2 months ago

Have a merry Christmas!