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Title : How Coke Invented Santa Claus

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How Coke Invented Santa Claus

How Coke Invented Santa Claus

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Austin Evans
Austin Evans 2 months ago

Hope you guys have enjoyed This Is so far...we're going to take a couple weeks off for the holiday break but we'll be back in January with even more weird stuff you probably don't need to know. 🎅

Rizzoli DnB
Rizzoli DnB 2 months ago

Lol wrong

Jacob Amiani
Jacob Amiani 2 months ago

Here is where the real Santa comes from.

boss #1
boss #1 2 months ago

Coca cola wasent around in 1803 cocaine was kicked out of the soft drink officially in 1899

Mahky V
Mahky V 2 months ago

Refreshing!?! Coke is a lot of things but refreshing is not one of em.

Arda Cosgun
Arda Cosgun 2 months ago

santa clause was actually created by a turkish man so check your facts mate

qed qubit
qed qubit 2 months ago

Boo ! Your story is so INCOMPLETE that compared to people who feel offended, because of disrespect to their culture, i now feel offended on behalf of the Dutch Culture !
this Saint Nicolas guy, is 'Sinterklaas' in the Netherlands.-this is the deep origin story of Santa Claus !
Dutch people aren't easily offended, but don't claim Santa Clause was an American invention.
it was culturally appropriated ! coke just changed it !

Laurie Brown
Laurie Brown 2 months ago

I live right by the factory!

TheGameClub 2 months ago

Haddon Sundbloms' father was from the Island of Föglö in the Åland archipelago and last winter the coca cola truck was visiting Åland for the first time!!

teint viking
teint viking 2 months ago

So coca cola invented santa

Tusk 2 months ago

No they didn't but coke did change the look of santa in here you can see the real santa

Vivekanand Mogali
Vivekanand Mogali 2 months ago

He was trying so hard to be funny...😂😂

Savage Filipino
Savage Filipino 2 months ago


BFAVK 2 months ago

When he says jultomten

screeching 2 months ago

Im related to the guy who modeled for coke .__.

H Basinhe
H Basinhe 2 months ago

This is where I would appeal to people to do your own research.

Yes, Santa/Father Christmas was depicted in multiple ways through history, it was the birth of the modern Christmas feast and the Christmas greeting card in the Victorian era that saw him depicted on a regular basis. By the time Coca Cola releases their famous adverts he was almost always depicted as a large man wearing red. Please look at Christmas cards from the early 20th century.

Coke noticed the fortunate coincidence and used the accepted image of Santa (old man in red and white) as the image for their adverts. No one who saw the image would have been in any doubt as to who was being depicted. No one would have said “oh, I thought he wore green”.

The Coca Cola story is an urban myth.

Leon Soemartono
Leon Soemartono 2 months ago

"Juul Tomten" - Austin Evans

ً ً
ً ً 2 months ago

T-was in the building

Emanuele Peragallo
Emanuele Peragallo 2 months ago

la befana isn't santa

TheRealBandito 2 months ago

Being pulled by Goats is weird but flying over the skies on deers is not?

DjZiggy 2 months ago

This is how we Dutch invented your capitalism 😂

AndreasM 2 months ago

Santa Claus DOES NOT translate to Saint nicolas.

grg sanjog
grg sanjog 2 months ago

3:09 modern santa

Ajtechy369's Tech Channel

Austin you’re cute but you need new makeup or none at all. 😘😊

Magma 2 months ago

But... i like pepsi

Juniper Lemuel Jingco

This is Austin

hunter_finn 2 months ago

as Donald Trump would say, this is a false news.
everyone knows that Santa Claus lives in Lapland Finland.

Boi-Gonzalez Kitkat
Boi-Gonzalez Kitkat 2 months ago


mouse boi!
mouse boi! 2 months ago

And Sprite invented LeBron James right?

John Pollanen
John Pollanen 2 months ago

0:03 Lol, That guy's face when he is thinking hard about santa. 🤣 Its like he is about to turn into a SuperSayan or something!

FlawlessUltimate 2 months ago

2:47 look at those bumps on the model

Naturkungen 2 months ago

Austin you have disrespected Swedish cutler now you shall pay the price be where för dom so hatar på oss betalar priset och det priset är dyrt

Oscar Stephano felbo
Oscar Stephano felbo 2 months ago

Nice video

Minhaj Shahriar
Minhaj Shahriar 2 months ago

Poor Kenny

aubrey is stupid
aubrey is stupid 2 months ago

Busch gardens is just like..


Henri Nieminen
Henri Nieminen 2 months ago

Is this Hey guys!

usi malala
usi malala 2 months ago

As a Christan Orthodox Saint Vasileios (Greek) not Nicholas(Nick), his memory is celebrated at January 1st and his story is that one time a bad fighter that wanted land and money came into Kaisareia(in Greek), a poor to middle class land in 700AD andnted all the gold and jewelry of the citizens, so he prayed to God and Jesus for a solution and got the anwser: to give the bad guy the jewelry, an angel will come and kill the bad guy, give pies to neighborhoods with jewelry inside the pie (Vasilopita) and everyone will get their jewelry back. So that happened, the fighter came and demanded the gold, the king (Vasileios) gave him a sack of jewelry, and magically, an angel killed the fighter, and Vasileios told his workers in the palace to make pies with jewelry in them and magically everything was given back to the original owners. After this, Coca Cola used this as marketing. Thanks for reading..

Edit: In other countries he's Saint Nicholas aka Santa but the Saint Vasileios in Greece which is what we think Santa is inspired from Saint Vasileios because it's a synnonym too!

Sentinel 9111
Sentinel 9111 2 months ago

I like how he sais sinterklaas

*put name here *
*put name here * 2 months ago

Bijna iedereen in Nederland viert sienterklaus

Chiarru 2 months ago

Hey guys, I'm coke and I'm drinking Austin

TinyShrimp 2 months ago

Pepsi more sexy 😎

Alar1en 2 months ago

In sweden there is a joultonten...xd

Aibreann Vanhattem
Aibreann Vanhattem 2 months ago

I live in italy and l'abefana is a sort of old woman that rides a broom and fills up your sock thats hanging above the fireplace

Mr.Vore_ 2 months ago

hey austin this is guys

the anonymous
the anonymous 2 months ago

Pepsi for ever.

Bean Lickers_
Bean Lickers_ 2 months ago

I wish i had the money to buy wax and make my forehead as shiny as yours

JoaKimzen 2 months ago

I expected tech video but this is OK

Likun Jian
Likun Jian 2 months ago

That fat guy can be the Mexican Santa.

EyesOfByes 2 months ago

3:07 I don't who should be more offended, black guys or white nerds 😆

Ink DrawzStuff
Ink DrawzStuff 2 months ago

He aren’t you Austin Evans?

Tehzerr 2 months ago

Wait Austin Evans runs this? Ok subbing

Finn McCormick
Finn McCormick 2 months ago

But where is Belshnickle

Toby Hill-Cousins
Toby Hill-Cousins 2 months ago

He wazzzzzz greeeeeen

Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 2 months ago

Austin Evans?

Goldbrella 2 months ago

When I clicked this video I definitely didn't expect Austin Evans...

id104335409 2 months ago

So Santa IS real!
Oh, the deception!

Alexander Eaton
Alexander Eaton 2 months ago

3:12 nice save Austin, nice save

David Cortés
David Cortés 2 months ago

How have i not heard of this channel until now?!

maarten meester
maarten meester 2 months ago

How you say sinterklaas is just soo funny

Zion K
Zion K 2 months ago


he needed a sidekick who better to call on then
( Game comes up reandomly )
EA games

Me: what

Watrmeln 2 months ago

What is Austin doing here

Bloodcrow 100
Bloodcrow 100 2 months ago

Hi Austin

meotogadesu 2 months ago

Hey Guys, this is Austin.
That scarred me

Nayan Raj
Nayan Raj 2 months ago

U missed.... Hey guys this is austin

Jessica Keith
Jessica Keith 2 months ago

This is awesome! Who was that sexy beast that came in for the last 30 seconds?!

GameBoy Freak
GameBoy Freak 2 months ago

stfu santa is real :)

Kur Co
Kur Co 2 months ago


DatAviation 2 months ago

Wanna SPriTe cranberry?

Sciron 2 months ago

Austin Evans? NoW i DoNt BeLiVe In SaNtA

Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 months ago

I thought it was because of sprite cranberry......

831 831
831 831 2 months ago

Hey austin, this is guys

Inactive 2 months ago

Coke didnt invent Santa. They set his colors tho.

Grabzza 2 months ago

I watched this while drinking pepsi

prince sethi
prince sethi 2 months ago

Wait .....Austin u ? Here?

Mikael Antonsson
Mikael Antonsson 2 months ago

Hur vågar du förolämpa mig och mitt land. Getter som kör en släde. Inte konstigt alls. Edited: I am not really offended, it was just a joke.

Aasim Mukhtar
Aasim Mukhtar 2 months ago

Nice sweater!

Captain Privet
Captain Privet 2 months ago

Man I have got so accustomed to "Hey Guys, this is Austin", that it feels kind of weird now.

i need monyyz
i need monyyz 2 months ago

Santa was invented when duth people had sint nicolas and over the years in Amerika the crown with juwels is from sint nicolas

Miner 5000
Miner 5000 2 months ago

Hey guys This Is how you ruin a kids hopes and dreams😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Kurbayan 2 months ago

I had no idea that Santa was invented by coke

Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 2 months ago

I forgot Austin had this channel. I subscribed as soon's s it was made and announced and I forgot all about it. sorry Austin!😂

Big Brain Club
Big Brain Club 2 months ago

I’m German and we have a tradition we’re we try to find the Christmas pickle and if we find it we get another present.

I bet you thought the Germans were weird enough.

Jonathan Tribble
Jonathan Tribble 2 months ago

#shareacokewithken 😂

Benzi 2 months ago

Austin hey this is here.

The Kivster
The Kivster 2 months ago

Coke isn’t healthy

Official Uber Hexation

we still have sinterklaas in netherlands and belgium. every year on 6 december

Adam Haizal
Adam Haizal 2 months ago

Nobody wanna be a friend with weeb

DeKeon 2 months ago

I'm Dutch and how you pronounche sinterklaas is like not even close how we pronounce it xD

Preston La Mott
Preston La Mott 2 months ago

i pictured my dad when i pictured santa claus

RL Vlogs 1549
RL Vlogs 1549 2 months ago

Sprite Kid:
Wanna Sprite Cranberry Austin???

Jacob Babcock
Jacob Babcock 2 months ago

well coca leaf is actually very healthy until it is processed into cocaine

Vegetable 2 months ago

D.A.R.E stands for "drugs are really expensive"

Maxespo 2 months ago

Are you Austin Evans?

Edit : yea I just noticed he is

Turtle_ Eggs
Turtle_ Eggs 2 months ago

I was drinking coke in this video like if you do

Kiki Kolodziejczyk
Kiki Kolodziejczyk 2 months ago

I actually can’t picture things in my head, I have aphantasia

job vrolijk
job vrolijk 2 months ago

Damn Austin why you pronounce Sinter Klaas so German 😂 1:19

bartjuhhh 2 months ago

hahahahaha how austin speaks out sinter klaas

William Forshaw
William Forshaw 2 months ago

Jul Tom ten hahahah it’s called jultomten you pronounce j like a y in Sweden so actually it’s kinda like yultomten

cwuzii 2 months ago

3:07 why did you bleep the word “crappy”?

Alson Tang
Alson Tang 2 months ago

I'd share a coke with Ken