Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)


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Information Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

Title : Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

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Frames Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

Description Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

Frankie Grande Says Sister Ariana Is 'Doing Well' (Exclusive)

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Neill C
Neill C 2 months ago

Isn't she the coward who was in Manchester when the bombs went off at her concert, she didn't stick around to offer support, she jumped on a plane seconds later without so much as a helping hand for the victims, wouldn't offer her support if she crawled for it......the younger you are the more cowardly you are

Lynzeep 2 months ago

It must suck that people only ever ask him about Ariana. He's equally as talented and does his own thing, but everyone only ever wants to talk about his sister.

Anonymouscommentor99 2 months ago

YUCK YUCK YUCK. I do not get creeped out easily, but wow. Imagine having this creep as a sibling, claws on your coat tails? It must be horrible for Arria...whatever her name is. Kind of a garbage reality show family aren't they? Famous for nothing? Yep;). Like a Kardashian, except she also is a music hobbiest from what I've heard. No true singer would call it art.

Damiela Allen
Damiela Allen 2 months ago

Frankie's body painting is drop dead gorgeous😉😗😙

Nando C
Nando C 2 months ago

I’m sorry I might be living under a rock but every time he gets interviewed all they talk about is the sister .... what does he do? Anybody? Big brother doesn’t count... lol 😂

natty 2 months ago

did James Charles write the title?

Sierra Carlton
Sierra Carlton 2 months ago

He’s such a good person and he has a good heart cut the guy a break and stop judging him for his sexual preference it’s wrong on so many levels. Leave him be.

shanda John
shanda John 2 months ago

I have no idea how this Sweet lady is friends with that messy nicki

Madison Vargas
Madison Vargas 2 months ago

I’m glad Nonna is doing good

Carrie Eade
Carrie Eade 2 months ago

So glad to here your doing well Ariana,love you girl ❤️💕💕❤️

bo deflop
bo deflop 2 months ago

all he has to talk about is his sister lmao

Mustafa Sadik
Mustafa Sadik 2 months ago

Córtese el pelo gei

Angee De Sierra
Angee De Sierra 2 months ago

Their Father is Rio Grande


VitriolVic 2 months ago

When will he ever act his age. JFC he's a mess

Olivia Weller
Olivia Weller 2 months ago


slimey buzz for life
slimey buzz for life 2 months ago