Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store



Date of publication
Information Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

Title : Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

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Frames Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

Description Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

Decorate the CHRISTMAS TREE with me/ ROSE GOLD| BLUSH GLAM/ DIY tree Skirt| Dollar store

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Daris Johnson
Daris Johnson 2 months ago

I love it .. Please keep uploading these!

Diane Bateman
Diane Bateman 2 months ago

VERY GLITZY!!!!! Gorgeous!

Rosina Luxemburger
Rosina Luxemburger 2 months ago

,, Hallo kann mir jemand sagen wie hoch der Weihnachtsbaum ist und die Breite der in dem Baum ich würde mich über eine Nachricht freuen da ich kein Englisch kann

Jus_Tee 2 months ago

Such a beautiful tree

Teresia Naigulevu
Teresia Naigulevu 2 months ago


Sandra Francis
Sandra Francis 2 months ago

How many yards of tule did you use?? And i love your decor and i love the way you decorated the Christmas tree, it’s really beautiful!

Luise M
Luise M 2 months ago

Hammer hart....

Margaret Norris
Margaret Norris 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, have never seen a tree skirt like yours. Tu for sharing.

greshammargaret 2 months ago


Valerie Thorpe
Valerie Thorpe 2 months ago

OMG what a fabulous tree. I have just come across your utube channel. Amazing. I look forward to your upcoming videos. Also, I look forward to Christmas videos from you. The skirt on your tree is wonderful. Thank you for your inspiration. 👏👏

Maryte Stankeviciute
Maryte Stankeviciute 2 months ago

It is most beautiful tree .You have a great taste, elegance

Sharon Jackson
Sharon Jackson 2 months ago

Sooo elegant!!!

Honey Bear
Honey Bear 2 months ago

Phenomenal! 😍

Sissy Ray Self
Sissy Ray Self 2 months ago

Amazing idea for a tree skirt!

John Peters
John Peters 2 months ago

Very helpful I purchased a grey tool skirt to use as my tree skirt after watching your video

Ana Luisa Orea
Ana Luisa Orea 2 months ago

Very glamorous love it!!!.. 😍👍🎄 Merry Christmas

Isis Hernandez
Isis Hernandez 2 months ago

I need this tree jeje

Isis Hernandez
Isis Hernandez 2 months ago

love the theme... is better than my :(... i seing a lot of christmas tree decor far this is the very Best one of all !Great color choice

Isis Hernandez
Isis Hernandez 2 months ago

omg love this tree .... adorable ....

OceanLatu 2 months ago

Beautiful tree!! Very helpful tutorial. Thank you so much.

Anaiss T
Anaiss T 2 months ago

I don’t like it... too much stuff and it’s hiding the tree. Looks more like a chandelier than a Christmas Tree. -Honest feedback.

JoAnna Atkins
JoAnna Atkins 2 months ago

Girlllllllll..... I had to put my glasses on. The Glam & Bling is REAL over There. I LOVE it

LiJalBon Robert Alik
LiJalBon Robert Alik 2 months ago

😱 love❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

CreativeCraftCloset Jane Marge

What a stunning place you have and beautiful tree and decorations just subbed to you thank you

All things Relle
All things Relle 2 months ago

The most beautiful tree I've ever seen

Irene Orellana
Irene Orellana 2 months ago

Hermoso !!!

Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson 2 months ago

How much tulle was needed?

Carmen Casanova
Carmen Casanova 2 months ago

I just finished watching your channel. OMG that's the most gorgeous tree I have Ever seen. I'm going to try it this Christmas. My colors will be silver, teal blue, and Dusty Rose with Crystal. Thank you so much for your beautiful talent and sharing it with us. God bless you 😇🤗

mary b
mary b 2 months ago

Gorgeous ❤️🌹

selene hernandez
selene hernandez 2 months ago


Diana Montano
Diana Montano 2 months ago

So beautiful!!!!!😍

Eli Home
Eli Home 2 months ago

MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Valentine
Laura Valentine 2 months ago

Love the tree skirt. I'm doing a glam tree this year and was despairing of just the right tree skirt. This is perfect.

Angel Rodgers
Angel Rodgers 2 months ago

Most beautiful tree ever

Moni Chea
Moni Chea 2 months ago

My jaw just dropped. This is insanely gorgeous!

Diva Styler
Diva Styler 2 months ago

Skirt tutorial starts at 5:09

Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 2 months ago


misael camargo
misael camargo 2 months ago

Muchas gracías por hacer esté adornó del árbol de navidad, ahora sólo hay qué ver qué otros árboles quiere ser chambelanes del quinceañero? Jajajajajaja parece qué le pusiste en vestido de 15 te tú hija! Jajajajajaja jajajajajaja felicidades!

Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez 2 months ago

Angelita, how many yards dio you use por skirt?

Vlogging With Connie
Vlogging With Connie 2 months ago


sonia valdez
sonia valdez 2 months ago

Where can get buy the ornametns
We sight please

Superoriginal byDG
Superoriginal byDG 2 months ago

I looove it! How many yards for that tree? Thanks

Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright 2 months ago

Seriously the most beautiful tree ever! Love the skirt 😍 also totally off subject... this girl is insanely pretty!

Sue Dose
Sue Dose 2 months ago

Where did you get the twig wreath??

Nidia Rosario
Nidia Rosario 2 months ago


Richie Mixon
Richie Mixon 2 months ago

I tried this style tulle tree skirt, it turned out beautiful. Thanks for your inspiration

Jandle in the city
Jandle in the city 2 months ago

beautiful tree, were did you purchase it from?

QuirkyGirl10 2 months ago

This is the most beautiful tree I've seen anywhere! I love the colors of the ornaments and how they blend in with the white of the flocked tree. The tulle skirt adds just the perfect touch. TFS!

Pamela Mckinven
Pamela Mckinven 2 months ago

Oh my god this is so stunning

Divine Beauty
Divine Beauty 2 months ago

Where did you purchase your tree?

Ce Ce
Ce Ce 2 months ago

i LOVE those roses!! Beautiful!! ASHLAND roses I think you said you bought them at Michaels. A must have for me!!

Marie Angeles
Marie Angeles 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous.

Joe Klein
Joe Klein 2 months ago

Hi thank you so much love it
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Salvana Astefan
Salvana Astefan 2 months ago

Wow gorgeous tree

musicfanatic247365 2 months ago


ATrueLovingHeart 2 months ago

Hello! Where did you get your tree ? And is it manufactured or real? Pls let me know I would love to buy one like this do pretty

Brandie Fradet
Brandie Fradet 2 months ago

Beautiful !! How much yards of tulle did you use? Anyone that might know a guesstimate ?

ATrueLovingHeart 2 months ago

Where did you get your tree ? Is it real or fake? Is the flocking permanent or it fluffs off ? Was it flocked like real trees or is it manufactured ? I am obsessed I would the exact same tree !!!

Alexa Bayer
Alexa Bayer 2 months ago

WOW👍👍👍👍👍👍 Super!!!

Maria C vasquez
Maria C vasquez 2 months ago

New to your channel. Your ideas are amazing. Lovely tree.

Alma Molina
Alma Molina 2 months ago

To much

Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler 2 months ago


Kimberly T
Kimberly T 2 months ago

Wow!!! Just Wow!!!! This looks magazine worthy!!! Stunning! 💙

Birdanas Elena
Birdanas Elena 2 months ago

Girl.. Your highlighter is sparkling more than your tree ✨✨✨✨✨ you're pretttttyy

Gisel O
Gisel O 2 months ago

Oh por dios que hermoso me acabo de suscribir y hace un año que no sube vídeo está chica alguien sabe si tiene otro canal ?

NOSTRADAMUS 2 months ago

Muy bello Árbol y los adornos muy elegantes! 🎄

Monica Irene
Monica Irene 2 months ago

I'm soooooo inLoveeee with little decorations on the tree !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Wendy Earvin
Wendy Earvin 2 months ago

How many yards of tulle did you use

Bobette Hall
Bobette Hall 2 months ago

Hi ! I was wondering if you could tell me how many yards of material you used for the skirt ?

Vivaglambee 2 months ago

Wow this is the most amazing gorgeous tree that I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💗💗💗Thanks for sharing doll.

Candy Love
Candy Love 2 months ago

First time visiting your Chanel ... I was looking for a Victorian Xmas tree... I Love Love Love this one you decorated... I Love Victorian style... My living room is all Victorian 😍... GBU

The Real Stephanie Renee

I love this tree

Barbara Nash
Barbara Nash 2 months ago


Mrs.Daisy J. Kozuch
Mrs.Daisy J. Kozuch 2 months ago

How many yards would you say is needed to create this Tule tree skirt

adventureswithevan 2 months ago


M Joy
M Joy 2 months ago

This tree skirt is so original ! I am so mad I didn't think of this by myself haha

M Joy
M Joy 2 months ago

This is the most helpful video on youtube with great ideas and this tree is so pretty

Vicky Trevino
Vicky Trevino 2 months ago

Q preciosooo tu arbol el numero 1 de todos los q e visto waw me encantooo felicidades

Angel Rodgers
Angel Rodgers 2 months ago

I am gonna replicare ur skirt this year....ur tree is beyond gorgeous

Humpy And Bex
Humpy And Bex 2 months ago

This isnt actually rose gold though, its gold...and some roses added

Kathy Ortiz
Kathy Ortiz 2 months ago

Just beautiful

Lynn Please
Lynn Please 2 months ago

Wow!! Beautiful!

Victoria rose Caceres

Rose gold Christmas tree . I buy those rose gold roses love Michael store. Now I don't have a car now. So I go when I get a ride but miss going when I want to . I would take picture . shabby chic Christmas. . Forest tree frosted tree . I buy the small rose gold Christmas tree. I buy the rose I wish I would of buy more . at dollars tree store I found rose gold ornament . your tree is beautiful . thank you for sharing this with me . do you know if Michael store has their Christmas tree out and decorated ?

Manmeet Dhillon
Manmeet Dhillon 2 months ago

Please tell me where this beautiful tree is from?!

Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny 2 months ago

Muy cargado

Belkis Diaz
Belkis Diaz 2 months ago

te encontre por casulidad,pero que casualidad tan Hermosa,ese arbol esta bello,quiero esa tela para mi arbol donde puedo conseguirla pues vivo en new York,ayudame please

Kiki 2 months ago

🎄Although I'm Not "Into" Gold, this is a Very Beautiful Tree !!!

Eliudys Gonzalez
Eliudys Gonzalez 2 months ago

Beautiful Merry Christmas 2018🤗💖🌟🕊🌜🌘👼☃️❄🌧🎁🎄

Crea-ser Un Salto a la Vida


Jorge Sarduy
Jorge Sarduy 2 months ago

Que. Bello. # 1. Felicidades. Maravilloso. Elegante. Majico

Celina Parada
Celina Parada 2 months ago


Melba Bowen
Melba Bowen 2 months ago

The most gorgeous tree I’ve ever seen!!!!!

sandy castruita
sandy castruita 2 months ago

This was one of the most gorgeous tree i have ever seen! Love your videos!!

Solange Aniceto
Solange Aniceto 2 months ago


Dee Dee
Dee Dee 2 months ago

This tree is gorgeous! Already thinking of my Christmas tree decor for this year and yours is a gem! Hopefully you make another vid for this year! Loved it!


So beautifull.
Thank you for the video.
I am going to use your decor as an inspiration. Happy Xmas 2018. Bless.

Olga G.
Olga G. 2 months ago

H E R M O S I S I M O👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

RM- Nelson
RM- Nelson 2 months ago

I'm new to your vlog and I am so glad i found you !!!! I'm 72 yrs old and i love decorating and seeing new ideas you pretty young gals are doing is nvr too old for decorating..
Your tree is BEAUTIFUL !!! your house is BEAUTIFUL !!!! your BEAUTIFUL !!!!
Thank you for sharing 🌷
Can't wait to see more..

Ida S Ellis
Ida S Ellis 2 months ago

I know this was two years ago but oh my goodness how beautiful is this tree 😍😍😍!!! Wow, you should have got offers from magazines for a spread! Can’t wait to see what you do this year and your tree from last year!!