15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation


Gabby Angelique

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Information 15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

Title : 15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

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Frames 15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

Description 15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

15+ CHRISTMAS NAIL IDEAS | Huge Christmas nail art design compilation

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TARYN COMBS 2 months ago

Could it work if you just cut tape into skinny pieces and use it as Striping tape?

Rahma Yasser
Rahma Yasser 2 months ago

Wow there is a beautiful nails 🌸💗💅🏻

Christine Boyle
Christine Boyle 2 months ago

Hi Gabby,

I hope that this message finds you well.

My name is Christine and I absolutely love your designs.

May I please ask you if you do tutoring lessons from start to finish? I studied gel and acrylic but was never good at it. However, I LOVE your simplicity with nail polish etc. So could you please guide me on lessons.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!! 🌸

Kind regards

Christine Boyle

That Random Girl
That Random Girl 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, one and all

Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn 2 months ago

Love this! I always do my own nails now. Saves me money 💰

Colour Harmony - Nailartist

The first design is so beautiful, simple but effective ;-) Merry Christmas!

Ana Fonseca
Ana Fonseca 2 months ago

How long do you wait before removing the tape ?

REKHA NARANG 2 months ago

I luv all the designs...I will try.....

Anaïs Anaïs
Anaïs Anaïs 2 months ago

That design with the red to green ombré and glitter.....ugh.... so beautiful!!

Payup Tuptim
Payup Tuptim 2 months ago

Wow it's so amazing I love it so much ♡♡♡

Fanci Nails
Fanci Nails 2 months ago

All of these are so pretty

M G 2 months ago

Love these! Gorgeous, minimalist style. <3

eBOOK 2 months ago

Good art design, really love ❤️

Olad Beauty
Olad Beauty 2 months ago

Love your designs so much.

Izzy Gee
Izzy Gee 2 months ago


Jilicia Roopchand
Jilicia Roopchand 2 months ago

These are all great ideas! I may be trying some of these out!

Lexi 2 months ago

Yo I do such a good job I love your videos... merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Chloe Makki
Chloe Makki 2 months ago

What brush do you use for the snowflake please? X

oumaima athimni
oumaima athimni 2 months ago

Cute ❤❤

Nails Elena
Nails Elena 2 months ago

mutually like ♥️

Padmakar Potdar
Padmakar Potdar 2 months ago

It's sooo Good

Martha Skazooli
Martha Skazooli 2 months ago

So many great ideas!❤️

Elisabeth Hu-Van Reeth

How are you so good at nails? When I do nails it looks like I spilled ink all over my fingers. Lol

Tess Naquin
Tess Naquin 2 months ago

I love your designs!

jasmine Pender
jasmine Pender 2 months ago

Love it ! Where you get the small nail strips ?

Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 2 months ago


Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 2 months ago


kawal ghuman
kawal ghuman 2 months ago

Hey how you do it matte


O really enjoyed the matte versions 💖

Liz Just Liz
Liz Just Liz 2 months ago

As usual, these are amazing! What brush are you using for th ribbon in the first design? I've been looking for a good detail brush

Ifeoma Victoria
Ifeoma Victoria 2 months ago

I love all

Muse4Hues - Jennifer Lacayo

These are ALL so pretty! You have some incredible patience and a steady hand, so jealous!

BaconLovinMama 2 months ago

Where can I get the strips you use as a marker or guide?

Mikayla Weaver
Mikayla Weaver 2 months ago

Love the designs! What's the gold glitter you used?

CalamityQueen 2 months ago

When you're waiting for your nails to dry and the postman delivers a parcel😳

Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl

I am loving them all. They are easy and pretty

Keto Lex
Keto Lex 2 months ago

I just put static nails pop on manicure on and have CRAZY air bubbles 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I’m like WWGD (what would Gabby do?!) how would you cover air bubbles on a french manicure set and not paint totally over them? I’m thinking matte gel top coat...

J9Pilates 2 months ago

Love your nail art! Thank you for sharing! Do you have any tips for when to apply top coat? I’m new to nail art and finding that even if I wait 90 mins, top coat always smudges the design so badly 😭 I ended up resorting to just no top coat last night so that I didn’t have to keep re-doing it 🤦‍♀️

Ophelia 2 months ago

so satisfied 😍

#MiRaRProFunDo #PaRaVerLoSimplE

Puedes hacer video explicativo para que se usa cada pincel de nail art?

#MiRaRProFunDo #PaRaVerLoSimplE

Con que limpias tus pinceles llenos de esmalte?

Olga Sch.
Olga Sch. 2 months ago

Super as always!

andrxda 2 months ago

Such cute ideas 💞

Ishita Anant
Ishita Anant 2 months ago

I just love ur channel... it's so satisfying to watch... and how good u are... the finishing is soooo good.. just amazing😍♥️

Eneva Nail Art
Eneva Nail Art 2 months ago

Beautiful sis I love the colour and the shape !♥️😍💅🏻

Nails by Ana Carolina

Is this with gel polish?

Galvanic Fantasy
Galvanic Fantasy 2 months ago

Recently discovered your channel and it was an immediate subscribe. Such chic and elegant designs. Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration!

Лидия Левкова


ivette saavedra
ivette saavedra 2 months ago

Can you link the brush please?

femketjeNL 2 months ago

Loving the dark red designs ;D

entra90 2 months ago

Love it! So simple and beautiful!

kcsoup3 2 months ago

Where do you get such teeny tiny detailing brushes? :0

Dee Gee
Dee Gee 2 months ago

Hey Gabby! I love ur nail art! What brush do u use?

Sassynurse64 2 months ago

Gabby..I love all your designs, they are very unique and beautiful!bcould you please tell me what brush you use? It works wonderfully and I want to buy one! Please tell me what brush you are using?

Rosita Ibarguen
Rosita Ibarguen 2 months ago


im the lead sheep in china

Gaby really loves her matte top coat huh?😂

The Polish Queen
The Polish Queen 2 months ago

Cute designs 😊😍❤

sulma j
sulma j 2 months ago

I have shaky hands so my versions of these are more "abstract" 😂 my nails are currently blue and gold, matte. I used the technique of wiping off the excess nail polish and just brushing whatever is left onto the nail. Love your videos Gaby!

Sarah Beam
Sarah Beam 2 months ago

Can you use a gel coat over regular polish after it dries?

Tracy 2 months ago

I love how you show the glossy and the matte finish on most of the designs. Matte is so beautiful.

Mahagony74 Red
Mahagony74 Red 2 months ago

Yaaaas I'm here for it Miss Gabby!!...ur designs are too cute and omg simple...thanks boo!!💜💜

Miranda Gonzalez
Miranda Gonzalez 2 months ago

thank you for the tips we enjoy them🖤🖤

MiyaNails Studio
MiyaNails Studio 2 months ago

thank you for sharing~

Kelli Marissa
Kelli Marissa 2 months ago

I am living for that first design, but I really love them all!

Paola Medina
Paola Medina 2 months ago

Thanks Gaby, it's what I needed, excellent work and ideas ❣️

Sofie 2 months ago

i would love to see more christmas nails, but could you gel? love you 💕

SandyzSerious 2 months ago

Beautiful Gabby.

Taylor Pshybyshefski
Taylor Pshybyshefski 2 months ago

I will have to try some of these nail ideas!!!

I dont know
I dont know 2 months ago


Zion Boswell
Zion Boswell 2 months ago

Can u be my mom so you can do my nails for every occasion😅😇💖

kim Baptiste
kim Baptiste 2 months ago