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Nichole S
Nichole S 2 months ago

Cute decorations!

Rachel Platt
Rachel Platt 2 months ago

please show us how you store all of your awesome christmas decor!!

Sonya 2 months ago

Ordered the pom pom will be here tomorrow. I am going to bedazzle the bajesus out of our house in pom pom everything : )

Taylor Franklin
Taylor Franklin 2 months ago

You’re inspiring me to go shopping for more decor today! ❤️

T Dub
T Dub 2 months ago

Amy, I really enjoyed this video- your Christmas decor is lovely, everything is so charming and delightful! I especially enjoyed getting to see the nighttime version, so pretty & cozy. I am JONESING for one of those Trader Joe's wool ball garlands.

Love that huge rectangular candle, I'm inspired to make one of my own. Burn yours and enjoy it, you can always refill it with new wax and wicks cheap from Michael's. Also, you could use a few of those fairy light wire strands inside your wicker snowman, you can get them cheap at Costco, some have remotes which is awesome. The tiny tree in the bedroom would be really sweet with fairy lights too. The colorful old-school bulbs over your dresser and the kitchen decor are ADORABLE! Your pompom wreaths are precious.

I'm sorry but Gepetto is scary AF! Do you ever find him in a different spot when you wake up? ♥

Deborah W
Deborah W 2 months ago

Amy! Sally's has OPI for $5, today only!

Dawn Seltenreich
Dawn Seltenreich 2 months ago

Ugh! Looks absolutely wonderful love! SO festive! I too am obsessed with bottle brush trees! I want to keep bying more! 💜💜💜

Adrienne Finch
Adrienne Finch 2 months ago


Deborah W
Deborah W 2 months ago

Lol, I like your holiday mix of cute and nostalgic and slightly disturbing. 😬 You need a cookie jar!

Hannah Edwards
Hannah Edwards 2 months ago


Jenn C
Jenn C 2 months ago

So you're just not going to mention that creepy little baby at 10:47?!?!? lol
Also, your place looks lovely especially with the twinkle lights.

Christine Chantal
Christine Chantal 2 months ago

I LOLd so good at "Bradley's beer cans ruining my shot! But that's ok."
Love seeing your house tours, and all of your HolidAMY vids. Hope you're having a lovely day!

Dianne S
Dianne S 2 months ago

Every thing looks wonderful and cozy. Enjoy your Holidays