10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122


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Information 10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

Title : 10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

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Frames 10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

Description 10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

10 BEST Holiday Songs for Guitar ★ Acoustic Tuesday #122

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Arasteh 2an
Arasteh 2an 2 months ago

Tommy Emanual

Pen Fold
Pen Fold 2 months ago

Maybe Molly Tuttle's singing style could be called Dixie Love, as it reminds me heavily of Dolly Parton's style when she sang her own arrangements.

Jess Jones
Jess Jones 2 months ago

“ We needed a coffin...I mean- we needed a tree”

Drew Irvin
Drew Irvin 2 months ago

Tony. Got to take you to task a bit here. I am a Christmas music aficionado, and as such I need to receive Christmas music recommendations much sooner that Christmas Eve!!! Let’s get 2020’s recommendations the first Tuesday following thanksgiving please!

Harry Williamson
Harry Williamson 2 months ago

Clarke Griswold we are gonna be the happiest ase holes this side of the nut house .
Favourite bit when the cousins outside emptying the RV yelling happy Christmas shitters full
With Rudolf the red nose reindeer playing .
Hope you had a great Christmas and hope you have a brilliant new year from Me Harry Williamson Carrickfergus county Antrim

Joseph Ang
Joseph Ang 2 months ago

Ah missing Noah! 😭

sanzayh Barailie
sanzayh Barailie 2 months ago

Please make a video on review of Orangewood Oliver M live

Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos 2 months ago


Glenn Sherman
Glenn Sherman 2 months ago

Doug Young is great as well!

daddio307 2 months ago

Hey, Tony. A few episodes ago you brought up cutaways. Did you ever read comments about that?

Robert Besen
Robert Besen 2 months ago

After a busy holiday week I just got around to watching this. Good job putting John Fahey at 1.1. Seminal and original and all fingerstylists should be familiar with his work. Pleased to see Mark Hanson also; usually under appreciated. Of course the others are all great too. Thanks for another great episode.

Pamela diez
Pamela diez 2 months ago

Happy holidays tony.been really busy see ya at #123.have a good week.saw ingwie malmsteen last night super cool.at a small venue,local bar.super cool.have a great week.!!🌟👍😁🎸😁💜🎀🎤☕

BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band

Hope all had a Merry Christmas ! All have a wonderful , happy , healthy New Year !

Pinus wenge
Pinus wenge 2 months ago

video real Blues guitar fantastic


Daveyjo Weaver
Daveyjo Weaver 2 months ago

What a Happy Holiday Show Tony! So much geekiness that I almost poured whiskey into my morning cuppaJO! Thanks Most Kindly and a Very Merry Christmas and a Fine as Frogs Hair New Guitar Geeky New Year! And indeed, my guitars plus one is so entirely correct! Not sugar plums dancing in my head but all those fine guitars in their place. Pick On Brother Guitar Geek! DaveyJO in Lancaster Co. Pa.

isadore alire
isadore alire 2 months ago

The lilting tremolo that Molly Tuttle has rwminds me a little of Alison Krauss. Sweet pitch and both can hit beautiful high notes along with the ones mortal folk have been left with.

Judy White
Judy White 2 months ago

Where is Noah? Miss him in the show.

Randy Worley
Randy Worley 2 months ago

Randy from East Tennessee, great show as always. The Dan Crary and David Crisman Christmas albums have been part of my collection for a long time. I also really like An America Christmas by Norman Blake.

Zen Velasquez
Zen Velasquez 2 months ago

Can you make a list of budget acoustic guitar around 200-300 dollars

john violette
john violette 2 months ago

John V watching on day after Christmas.

Michael Strickland
Michael Strickland 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and thank God for the gift of music!

Garland Krause
Garland Krause 2 months ago

Glad to see Tony Polacaster gone from Acoustic Letter hopefully. If he gets a different gig hope he learns some new demo songs. Good riddence!

InkvizitorCZ 2 months ago

Where's Noah?

mbsnyderc 2 months ago

I like Christmas song so much that my favorite Christmas song is if we make it through December by Merle Haggard.having said that i still enjoyed the show,and i do like Molly's little toy trains.

Pat Cross
Pat Cross 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, yes Tony, you have your John Walkers straight. Thank you again for the great show this week.

rawcatslurgeon 2 months ago

I helped write this Christmas Song. Christmas Heart. 2:46 www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKYu6VF3zTc

Alan Givens
Alan Givens 2 months ago

Tony where did you get that Blackhawks jersey? I have an authentic white home jersey but would like a black one. Thanks for all you do. 🥃 Cheers and Merry Christmas

Scott Shepperson
Scott Shepperson 2 months ago

I too enjoy “Christmas Song’s”.

daddio307 2 months ago

Tony, it's Don Loe here, AKA daddio307. I am the one that sent the mug. I had been in touch with Allie, and I thought she gave you the info. I also sent one to Noah. Have a stellar Christmas.

Plumiegirl 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Tony and family....

GeeDeeBird 2 months ago

It's more Rockabilly than pure acoustic, but anyone who loves original, feel good Christmas music should check out the Tractors' Christmas album. It will become a family tradition!

Mark Strain
Mark Strain 2 months ago

Such an AWESOME Acoustic Tuesday show !!! Thankyou, Tony !!! Merry Christmas to all !!!

CharlieOnTheMTA 2 months ago

Harvey Reid's "Heart of the Minstrel On Christmas Day"

krasht1 2 months ago

Tony, you should check out Gabriella Quevedo on You Tube ! She will cover any genre you can think of, does most of her own arrangements and has released 3 originals in the past couple of months. Here is her cover of "One Christmas Night" by Tommy Emmanuel. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncecUAe5YmQ

stephane Brunet
stephane Brunet 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Tony and all of the TAC team. 2019 was my best acoustic life year so far, I was able to go to ALF, play an open mic, play with band mate, go to my 1st jam, played some tunes at a family party and finally a few weeks ago played one song at a Pub where my friend was playing a gig! Wow what a great year of acoustic guitar! Thanks again Tony for giving me the motivation to go trough all these small great wins.

Jim Doner
Jim Doner 2 months ago

Add 6 more tuners Tony I bought a 12 string😁. Merry Christmas.

Sharon Tiano
Sharon Tiano 2 months ago

Molly Tuttle, Alison Krauss and Sierra Hull - their voices are near angelic. There is something just so mesmerizing about them.

sue gates
sue gates 2 months ago

🚩So Excited for This. I'm a Huge fan of those songs but want So badly to Give Them LIFE, WITH PASSION. Just need to learn.. How.
One, Changing Key. Using Entire Fretboard!! Watched so many videos on doing that, only understand a little bit. Thanks Tony.
Happy Holidays to your gang and Your Wife+Family 🎅🎸

Sharon Tiano
Sharon Tiano 2 months ago

I have the L-Studio and that is rapidly becoming a go-to guitar for me. Part of the reason though is that I prefer small body guitars for myself ..

Sharon Tiano
Sharon Tiano 2 months ago

don't hate.. I don't know that I have ever seen that movie. At least not all the way through..

Don White
Don White 2 months ago

Martin Sexton " Camp Holiday"

Rabbi Sandra Lawson
Rabbi Sandra Lawson 2 months ago

Seriously, please just call these Christmas songs. These songs only represent one holiday. I don't see anyone else's holiday represented in these songs.

Steven Bolfing
Steven Bolfing 2 months ago

Although not instrumental/ fingerstyle, I enjoy Leon Redbone's "Christmas Island" every year. Mr. Redbone has such a unique acoustic style, I think it should be included!
Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the extended Acoustic Life family!

Emma Delisi
Emma Delisi 2 months ago

3:31. The First Noel?

Mitch Friedfeld
Mitch Friedfeld 2 months ago

Some amazing playing here, especially that intimidating version of Sleigh Ride. We saw Tommy Emmanuel just a couple of weeks ago, Dec. 12, 2019, at Pepperdine U. He opened with Jingle Bells. Thanks for posting.

Remy Vaartjes
Remy Vaartjes 2 months ago

Tommy played a David Taylor handmade guitar from Nashville.

isadore alire
isadore alire 2 months ago

"Shi!#er"s clogged"

Bob Witmer
Bob Witmer 2 months ago

For a little comic relief I’d include Wendell Ferguson’s, ‘Why do Christmas Songs Have so Many Chords’ —> youtu.be/7ouzVdDMJCM

daddio307 2 months ago

Haven't finished watching yet, so maybe you've already included it, but definitely a shout out for Christmas by Bruce Cockburn.

Ray M
Ray M 2 months ago

“And pick up something nice for yourself”

Ray M
Ray M 2 months ago

It’s a quality item Clark.

Janie Hall
Janie Hall 2 months ago


Gary D
Gary D 2 months ago

Tony Rice -- My Favorite Things. You might also check out the earlier influential saxophone version by John Coltrane.

david shaw
david shaw 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, have a great holiday. all the very best to you.

SdeBurca 2 months ago

Make sure to check out Trevor Gordon Hall’s Christmas album Let Your Heart Be Light, plus he has a video of Carol of the Bells on YouTube which is mind blowing! Donovan Raitt has a handful of great Christmas albums too!

Merry Christmas Tony and all at Acoustic Life! 🙌

Ger Anthony
Ger Anthony 2 months ago

It’s Christmas man,don’t be afraid to say it...

Anthony DeVito
Anthony DeVito 2 months ago

Emil Ernebro - Winter Jazz. Neeeeeeds to be on this list. And he needs to be on your show!

Gordon Rankin
Gordon Rankin 2 months ago

Happy Holidays to all, thanks Gordon

Jahnavi Joshi
Jahnavi Joshi 2 months ago

Merry Christmas!! Best wishes to everyone from my side🎊🎊

Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer 2 months ago

Great show as always Tony, and since he was mentioned in this episode, i have a cool guitar geek story about Stephen Bennett ive been wanting to share. My father did some construction work on his house. The old man that worked with my dad at the time told Bennett, "I hear your a hotshot guitar player, but i dont know if its true, because i havent heard you play yet." So, when they were finishing up with the final touches, Stephen Bennett brought out a guitar and a chair, and sat outside and played for them while they were working.

Mr Phil
Mr Phil 2 months ago

Merry Christmas. Just started watching your channel a few weeks ago, as I'm in the process of looking for my first real, true fine acoustic guitar, and you've got some great info. As for the Christmas music, I'm kinda fond of Christmas Grass - Bryan Sutton, Cody Kilby and many more. Can't go wrong with that, eh? Also, I'd recommend Dougie MacLean's version of Auld Lang Syne.

Nicholas Totoro
Nicholas Totoro 2 months ago

"Don't piss me off, Art."

kj gas
kj gas 2 months ago

1959 Chet Atkins Country Christmas

Tim Stark
Tim Stark 2 months ago

thank you! still can't get the everyday thing done. but not quitting. guess what my new years resolution is. Merry Christmas Tony and crew! waiting on new guitar to send in my guitarsonal. it's something cool I think even though it's not acoustic. well unless i don't plug it in. but it will be campfire friendly. finally scheduled for set up and shipment. the lack of discipline in my thumb is a reflection of my life. those people you show me are just amazing and it always renews my enthusiasm.

ratherbwalkn 2 months ago

Happy holidays to the gang!

hardluck 1995
hardluck 1995 2 months ago

I really don't understand why you can't say Christmas songs after all the"holiday" you're referring to is Christmas!

Jennifer Johns
Jennifer Johns 2 months ago

Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄
Brad Paisley has an acoustic version of Away in A Manger and of his own Christmas song of Born on Christmas Day!

James Morrison
James Morrison 2 months ago

Happy Holidays from Dover, Pa!

trollstjerne 2 months ago

Merry Xmas and Happy Acoustic Holiday Season! 🎄🎁🎸