An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe



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Information An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

Title : An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

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Frames An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

Description An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

An Actual Christmas Cocktail with Whiskey \u0026 Creme de Menthe

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Zaxaz1990 2 months ago

plz plz do not bang a shaker with a glass part on the deck hurts to watch

Subgunman 2 months ago

Ah yes, cream in a drink. Used to enjoy drinks with cream in them however now as I have aged it gives me heartburn. Joys of ageing, but not like a fine bottle of sprits.
You might try a heartwarming drink for winter.
A Peppermint Patty.
A cup of your favorite hot chocolate with a shot of Cream de mint. Top with whipped cream or a marshmallow or if you don't care about the calories, both.

Handgun Safe Research

I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner to say, "Happy Holidays." So, Happy Holidays! Do you ever make videos about non-alcoholic drinks? I don't drink. Maybe the thing for me to do is make a video about my non-alcoholic power drink, my secret weapon against sleep.

matej augustin
matej augustin 2 months ago

what is the title of the song, that's playing in the background?

IRQ 74
IRQ 74 2 months ago

That sounds disgusting 😁. Happy holidays to you all

Sy Bernot
Sy Bernot 2 months ago

0:43 Soldier Down!

Andrew D
Andrew D 2 months ago

So it's basically a minty cowboy?

richard goebel
richard goebel 2 months ago

Could barely hear you over the background music

Skwisgaar999 2 months ago

What a great lamp!

Samuel Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell 2 months ago

There's a shot that I used to drink when I was a lot younger than I am now called a "bobbins hooter" and it's basically 3 quarters of shot glass filled with crem de menthe and then you float baileys irish cream on the top of the crem de menthe by pouring it over the back of a small spoon into the shot glass.

Reveilled 2 months ago

There's a layered shot I had a few times in South Africa using Creme de Menthe that I loved called a Springbok (after the colours of the national rugby team) that was 1/2 Creme de Menthe to 1/2 Amarula layered on top, tasted a lot like Mint Chocolate. You can potentially substitute Baileys or a chocolate cream liqueur for the Amarula for a similar taste.

Andrew Fretz
Andrew Fretz 2 months ago

My minty winter drink of choice is the "Peppermint Patty" popularized by Archer, Cocktail Chemistry made a fantastic variation and if you haven't tried it, I recommend it

wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce 2 months ago

Not the greatest on presentation... but it is up to the drinker on what they like.

George Bobeck
George Bobeck 2 months ago

After seeing the other comment about George Washington's Egg Nog, my first thought was "it would be s cool if Dev went full Townsends and made a Whipped Syllabub".

Rx7man 2 months ago

I'm just having a double shot of Kraken rum in nog!

Evan s
Evan s 2 months ago

idk if this is my ignorance showing but i would say this wasnt his first drink if the day

Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 2 months ago

Did the blindfold wine tasting go disastrously wrong?

sixstringedthing 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to you and yours mate

Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop 2 months ago

Not exactly mouthwash, but I'd give it a go !

Art Strutzenberg
Art Strutzenberg 2 months ago

The one you should also try is the George Washington Egg Nog Recipe:

lseul 2 months ago

Musics a bit loud I thought just as an editing note. Looked like you were having fun tho!

DACFalloutRanger 2 months ago

There's another minty cocktail called a snowshoe that's worth trying 🥃

Francis Sager
Francis Sager 2 months ago

I'll take 2, and nice desk lamp.