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StevenCrowder 2 months ago

What do you think? Is Thanksgiving racist? And how familiar were you with its history?

Marsha Voiers
Marsha Voiers 2 months ago

Sick of hearing about this so called WHITE SUPREMACY!!!

Ayy Yoo
Ayy Yoo 2 months ago

Steven Crowder is an alpha change my mind

Dude 2 months ago

What makes colonialism any different from when the turks invaded greece, or when the greeks invaded egypt or when the gauls destroyed the western roman empire? Its survival of the fittest in war unfortunately.

Jamie Lane
Jamie Lane 2 months ago

And I’d like to see the first girl in just that turkey hat and her socks

Jamie Lane
Jamie Lane 2 months ago

Thanksgiving is a day to thank white people for this amazing country we live in

Auzourii 2 months ago

can we stop being offended and start enjoying life, whats wrong with food bro

maxkid93 2 months ago

The assimilation part had me rolling
31:45 😂😂😂
"Give em firewater and let them duke it out and pick up thie pieces" wth

iTzz Gingee
iTzz Gingee 2 months ago

I love this guy!

Efcon 2 months ago

6:00 uhh, well, that just doesn't make sense really. There is like a thousand arguments for that, ill just make a few points though. The native americans had no right to claim land, they were surely not the first humans to ever touch us soil, and many wars predating our earliest history must have taken place on us soil before the native americans were even a thing. Also, if we weren't to take over the land, odds are, china or Germany would have it right now. If you actually look back into history, taking over the land that is now the united states, was one of the best moves humanity has ever made.

Efcon 2 months ago

I don't care what anyone thinks about Thanksgiving, that's the only day my family just sits down, eats a bunch of fuego food, and watch tv. Like, it's the most chill holiday out there. It's literally based around just sitting down, eating, and talking with people

Simple Human
Simple Human 2 months ago

Islam blows if it’s turned to terrorism and rape, which it is WAAAAAAY to often. She knows that in the back of her mind.

Simple Human
Simple Human 2 months ago

People know DICK about the actually Thanksgiving. Step off, and heed Mr. Denzel Washington regarding racism: “Stop talking about it”.

Steve S
Steve S 2 months ago

The way the second girl stares off without looking him in the eyes is very off-putting. There is nothing but attitude in that seat.

harlemhornet 2 months ago

Perfect example of a blatantly unthankful, anti white b.... . Totally bias. It's frankly disgusting. I think this was one of Crowders best . No matter how many times he pointed out her clear use of double standards she refused to accept it.

Maggy Butler
Maggy Butler 2 months ago

I am almost half native American and I love me some Thanksgiving

Maggy Butler
Maggy Butler 2 months ago

So if it was wrong of the conquistadors to interfere with the mian civilization was it wrong of America to interfere with hitler?

大金 2 months ago

Mexicans are not a race. They are the same as Americans and Canadians.

Maxwell Keith
Maxwell Keith 2 months ago

The first lady had such a productive talk!

Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 2 months ago

25:50 They killed babies to make it rain

Colin Eric Burriss
Colin Eric Burriss 2 months ago

did the us once invade and conquer mexico?, only later to return their land.

Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 2 months ago

A celebration is a reminder of the past

Kaos Michael
Kaos Michael 2 months ago

It's sad to see such a cute girl so stupid

Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 2 months ago

Indians call themselves Indians

Brian Cleveland
Brian Cleveland 2 months ago

This is what they teach in college

Blacksican9 2 months ago

If you believe in the God you wouldn't celebrate holidays period. No where in bible does it say celebrate thanksgiving, Christmas, April fools, mothers day and so on. Change My Mind

christopher john
christopher john 2 months ago

Lene Lenanupe i think is the tribe.

Tim Turner
Tim Turner 2 months ago

48 minutes in, does this girl know the Indians came here from somewhere else? Also they fought and stole each other’s land themselves.

Tim Turner
Tim Turner 2 months ago

There is a easy way to settle this, you don’t want to celebrate, don’t celebrate. You want to celebrate, celebrate. That’s the problem, people just can’t keep that nose in there own front door. Now this woman says it needs to be reckoned that things happen, but they want to delete history from schools, one side or the other people, stop with your double standards.

Paul Acosta
Paul Acosta 2 months ago

The 50% of native population deaths and 30% of settler deaths he uses is super misleading. There were millions of native Americans and a far less amount of settlers. Having to pay 50% of a million dollars isn’t exactly close to paying 30% of a $1,000

Rooster Something
Rooster Something 2 months ago

No it's not

Yea it is

No it's not

Yes it is

No it's not

Yes it is

Myles Bishop
Myles Bishop 2 months ago

The first girl I love u. just get real

evilmeerkat007 2 months ago

Hahahah we dont have the right to tell people they are doing wrong. Sat down to explain all the things settlers did wrong

Tyler Scofield
Tyler Scofield 2 months ago

These people are so naïve, like hey would you guys please stop cutting hearts out of people thank you guys, hey stop by for brunch next week

Llort Backward
Llort Backward 2 months ago

You could tell the last girl is a Karen

Ryan R
Ryan R 2 months ago

Mrs Pouty lips (2nd girl) is pretty hateful in her dismissal of Christmas

Ryan R
Ryan R 2 months ago

Isn't the 2nd lady hypocritical when it comes to Christmas as she doesn't want it but she is saying if you go against it or dont acknowledge then you are racist or prejudice?

Ryan R
Ryan R 2 months ago

Every liberal argument can be summed up to the words "I think" and "I feel"

Ryan R
Ryan R 2 months ago

What is wrong with english being the national language?

Llort Backward
Llort Backward 2 months ago

56:07 she definitely change my mind

William Jones
William Jones 2 months ago

An advanced people wanted land found another people on land who were still in the Stone Age, possibly up to the Bronze Age in some cases.
The advanced people wiped out the people that were not advanced.
it happened throughout history.
It will happen again.

Jonathan Repta
Jonathan Repta 2 months ago

While I agree with crowder, one thing I want to point out, the natives didn't tame horses, but I'm pretty sure that's because in the americas what we got was alpacas, donkeys, and llamas, I believe horses were either scarce or just not in the americas until European settlers came.

Anney The Shrew
Anney The Shrew 2 months ago

Columbus spoke poor Spanish. He DID NOT think he was in India, but he thought the natives had amazing lives in paradise. They were the people of God - in Dios (of God).

Justin Weeter
Justin Weeter 2 months ago

Quite literally feel less intelligent after listening to the first individual.

Pain Less
Pain Less 2 months ago

As a POC, I don't understand how people today use 'we' to describe things white people did in 17th century. 'You' didn't do anything, relax white people.

Anthony A
Anthony A 2 months ago

Thanksgiving is the celebration of the beginning of the genocide of the native Americans☠️ shameless

Stephen Richardson
Stephen Richardson 2 months ago

Ah mate. I like watching your videos, but I’m going to stop watching this one. Your interrupting this girl so much and she seems to have some interesting points, but I don’t know she’s not having the opportunity to make any points 😂. Another interesting topic though.

Rico Saßen
Rico Saßen 2 months ago

I like your videos and learn a lot about many subjects. But please tell me: I don't understand your hate against germany in minute 34. Or did I misunderstand it? Yes, e.g. denying the holocaust is a crime in germany and that would mean there is not freedom of speech. But saying that germany went to war twice against the world is over simplified in my opinion and even when you change my mind about that on a very abstract objective point of view then please explain what the modern germany has to do with the other two nations? I am german and I have been taught to feel guilty for the crimes especially in the second world war I and live with it (more in a responsibility way to never let it happen again in my country). And as far as I know the only books that where destroyed after the second world war where Nazi propaganda books and there are only few that where in specific libraries in germany (e.g. Mein Kampf). Or did I miss some data?

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

Hes trying to teach you guys the real history!!" Because professors dont!!

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

Professors are rearranging history so they can brainwash these kids!!!

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

I think these kids need to understand what mass genocide means. Hitler committed mass genocide! He wanted to rid the world of anyone who wasn't german!!

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

Omg parents get your money back these kids are totally being brainwashed! Quote by morgan freeman..... do you stop racism???? Morgan freeman......stop talking about it!!!!!!

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

But what natives were here first???? Cause they were killing each other burning each other alive!!!!

Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 2 months ago

They came in and bought the land!!!!

Heywood Jablomi
Heywood Jablomi 2 months ago

How old are these Native-Americans that this Muslim chick is talking to?

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 2 months ago

First girl is mad because the natives blew the home field advantage

Heywood Jablomi
Heywood Jablomi 2 months ago

Topic is Thanksgiving: “let me tell you about Texas and Christopher Columbus.”

Taylor Krom OFFICIAL
Taylor Krom OFFICIAL 2 months ago

Why does everything have to be titled “white supremacy” when there were ALWAYS groups of good and bad people from all sides. Evil doesnt base itself on skin color.

NittnyLion04 2 months ago

1:28 I appreciate Steven quoting Fred Scrooge (Charles Dickens) less than 90 minutes in. If only we could all learn to argue less and give more to those in need.

Liam Neville Violist
Liam Neville Violist 2 months ago

1:29:23 - it seems that even the small bird in the background is curious to see what's happening in the conversation haha.... and then very quickly goes away thinking "oh, not worth my time".

Tyler Frayer
Tyler Frayer 2 months ago

I hear a bunch of white guilt

Tyler Frayer
Tyler Frayer 2 months ago

Let me cut this real quick cause Steve whatever his name is couldn’t hold a candle stick to me in a debate and I beg him to reach out he’s a Christian Right ? Ecclesiastes 7:13 “Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?” That day started out as a celebration if murder so how can you turn that into a non-racist thing. Did the Europeans not thing the natives were below them and enslaved and slaughtered them? If I killed his entire family and made a day to celebrate it I dare him to come to me and say “how is that not a day of slaughter and hatred” and I will say but it’s not anymore it’s of celebration and family. This man is easy work! He debated less than people not knowing he would get out to shame trying this with me.

sicc_playboys_13 2 months ago

stfu civil war was to take out the English control which was the main slave owners.

Delray Beach
Delray Beach 2 months ago

This broad is indoctrinated and really thick. She doesn’t seem to understand how Steven is crushing her! Fun to watch this typical liberal mindset

Delray Beach
Delray Beach 2 months ago

I’m Indian and I enjoy thanksgiving.

Bad Motivator
Bad Motivator 2 months ago

Surely ‘mass genocide’ is tautological

Liam Neville Violist
Liam Neville Violist 2 months ago

38:48 we actually get to hear Steven make the sound of a turkey getting cut into!

King Dick
King Dick 2 months ago

the second girl might be a little attractive after a shit ton of liquor and a muzzle

King Dick
King Dick 2 months ago

the first girl would definitly be pretty attractive after a bit of liquor

Masshole Stacie
Masshole Stacie 2 months ago

I love the Christmas Carol line lol Bah! Humbug!

Greg Tanner
Greg Tanner 2 months ago

I'm getting dizzy from the 1st 30 mins going around in endless circles

Kelly D
Kelly D 2 months ago

I’ve been binge watching all the Change My Mind videos because I miss me some Steven Crowder. I hope your surgery went well and I wish you a speedy recovery. Come back soon!

Tim V
Tim V 2 months ago

How far back do you have to go to find a native American? There weren't any here when Columbus landed. The inhabiting Americans at that time had taken it from the previous inhabiting/native Americans. So why not just take this SJ War to the Cherokee or some other modern indian nation that may have actually displaced native Americans? Whitey didn't do that.

Bad Luck Leather Works

While I agree that Thanksgiving is not racist, the island of Manhattan belonged to the Weckquaesgeeks. The deal to buy the island was made with the Canarsees. So it really wasn't theirs to sell. Is that accurate or am I misinformed? Sources if you have them please.

D Hill
D Hill 2 months ago

I'm an injun from Tahlequah, my wife and kids are too. This is great.

Stephen Schulte
Stephen Schulte 2 months ago

it's always the woman🤔 being libs

Gabriel G
Gabriel G 2 months ago

Hello I'm a history enthusiast here! I do happen to have Mexican origin, so what I'm saying isn't racist. Anyways I'm unsure how accurate she was when explaining the Texas situation when it belonged to Mexico. When I studied history I learned that the reason they were letting Anglo Saxon Americans in the state, was because the Mexican people in Texas were greatly outnumbered by the natives. Which was troublesome because they would often get raided by them. San Antonio only had 3,500 residents at the time.

And by the way Crowder, when you say one culture is better than the other, we have to define what mean. Because it vitally depends on the context. For example the Spanish had a better view when it came to their religion, because the Aztecs and Mayans were sacrificing their enemies for different reasons. However, the Mayans despite not having the wheel, came up with the numeral 0. Which is considered one of the greatest discoveries for the human race. The Mayans were often compared to the Renaissance or Ancient Greece. Also due to their accurate 20 day calendars, knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. Not to mention they had a writing system. My point is to not look down on a culture because of one bad apple.

Whatcha 2 months ago

the muslim girl is so opressed in her own religion that she tries to see evil in every great thing on other cultures. is IS peculiar indeed.

Will McGee
Will McGee 2 months ago

Does anyone understand who the Pilgrams were?

George Custer was not a Pilgram.

Jaycie 2 months ago

I know this is old but the girl with the blonde hair and the glasses said "were arguing different points and other student will argue different points".....ALL OF THEM argued around the base of "can we acknowledge".....all of them had the same view point....nobody is gonna acknowledge that negativity around the dinner table (unless youre super woke)

Dave Bro
Dave Bro 2 months ago

History is cold hearted but it’s true

Inverted Name
Inverted Name 2 months ago

Crowder….my culture is not your costume!!!

Ralph Munoz
Ralph Munoz 2 months ago

God I love the 1st amendment. Please don’t ever go away. It’s what makes America, AMERICA. That shit is the most revolutionary human concept of the past 3 centuries. Some countries in the world FAIL to grasp that revolutionary Classical LIBERAL concept.

And the modern pink haired rainbow loving modern LiBeRaLs are legit destroying it..

Rizad Putra
Rizad Putra 2 months ago

I kinda agree with the first girl as we do not have a good indicator of the best culture as we only live on one side of the angle like if aliens just come to the earth and are told that religion is barbaric and look evil deed. The point is every single one has their own opinion that shaped for their entire lifetime

ConservativeEducator 2 months ago

So…all of these people claiming that land was stolen and it is racist to celebrate Thanksgiving and horrible that “western colonists” perpetrated these crimes, who have come to America for “opportunity” should leave the land and let the Natives have it back…. Do ANY of these people even think critically about their beliefs?? Had the colonists never come, had the wars not have happened, etc…. THEY WOULD NOT BE HERE TO EVEN DEBATE THIS…?? It’s NOT all good, but consider your alternative…

Bo Ansiel
Bo Ansiel 2 months ago

Name ONE empire that has been started without the oppression of another society??? These people are Sooooo ungrateful for the rights and life they enjoy, its really just silly.

david lee
david lee 2 months ago

"PERFORMATIVE"...what an absolutely PERFECT adjective to describe the left.
So by her logic, when ANY team wins a championship, we should not celebrate that victory without acknowledging all the years the team previously sucked. Or... I got a raise today at work, but we cannot forget how many times i was late or missed work, or the mistakes I made. Or, I finally passed the bar exam, but when going into the job interview, I will make sure to tell my interviewer that i failed it 3 times prior.

Jamie Rueffer
Jamie Rueffer 2 months ago

Steven just to clarify, The Spanish Inquisition was committed by the Roman Catholic Church, not by Christians. The majority of people tortured and killed were, in fact, Christians that refused to bow to Rome.

Rick Evans
Rick Evans 2 months ago

Too often we have liberals, democrats saying "it doesn't mean what you think it means", when facts say this, then they follow with " Well I don't think that and i think this". Changing something to fit your narrative doesn't make it fact, and too often that's exactly how they try to present it. When caught, they try to support it by going off topic to support it.

Zero VGC
Zero VGC 2 months ago

I'm Native American (Lenape & Cherokee mix) I celebrate thanksgiving.

Mario Bergnini
Mario Bergnini 2 months ago

but shes erasing the experience of the colonials who were attacked enslaved and raped without provocation any ties because they were allied with an enemy tribe.

Mario Bergnini
Mario Bergnini 2 months ago

thats not what columbus did

I stand with ISRAEL 🇮🇱

Ok part native I think the term American Indian is Best because it only includes the tribes of like america and Canada not all of the americas

Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper 2 months ago

the origin, huh funny concept just how africans were selling other Africans to whites but that not racist it all relies on slave owners, or that their are 12 countries in the world where slavery is legal but its not racist cause they are not whit but okay

James Myers
James Myers 2 months ago

That first girl...

Steven: Why do you think Thanksgiving is a racist holiday?

Girl: The Alamo and we went into Guatemala and gave them weapons.

Charlie Simon
Charlie Simon 2 months ago

Little history lesson about the Native Americans they were fighting and Murdering and torturing each other before anybody came over when Iceland came over to America The Native Americans murdered and tortured them and then when some other countries come over and do the same thing to them how does it makes them racist? You can’t defend people who where doing the same things to their people that where done to them

Charlie Simon
Charlie Simon 2 months ago

Lefties get dumber and dumber every year Her explanation makes absolutely no sense at all Somehow in her Opinion Columbus Whom was a Spaniard from Spain is somehow a white Supremacists Listening to these dumb people try to reason with reality is entertaining

adam 2 months ago

that chick in glasses seems like a severely miserable person

adam 2 months ago

if telling someone thanksgiving isnt racist is erasing someones experience, then telling someone thanksgiving is racist is also erasing someones experience.