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reddog25th 2 months ago


Betsy Stevenson
Betsy Stevenson 2 months ago

Magical Hands indeed❣️✨🌹

Dolores Willhite
Dolores Willhite 2 months ago

I'd like to see the black check at the window I think it would look nice

Marce Marcela
Marce Marcela 2 months ago

I am always so facinated by your Ross finds! My finger just couldn't press play fast enough.🤭❤️

barbara 2 months ago

I agree with Linda Parides who wrote she liked the red curtains for Christmas and black/white for rest of year. Gorgeous kitchen!!!

Jean E
Jean E 2 months ago

Great haul Liz. Love the little pillow and valances❤️❤️❤️

Chelles Glam Home
Chelles Glam Home 2 months ago

Hello my beautiful Liz I adore your new black and white valances perfect for your kitchen soo soo beautiful love the haul especially the cushion and the gold sparkly candle holders 😍 love you Liz sending lots of hugs your way xoxo

Celia Salsa
Celia Salsa 2 months ago

Like the red better!

Linda C
Linda C 2 months ago

I like the red!

Tina Lindsey
Tina Lindsey 2 months ago

Cute stuff. Please tell me what brand/color your lipstick is!!

Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

I love those red valances.They are so pretty.Your house is so pretty.

Vicki Sturgill
Vicki Sturgill 2 months ago

After you changed it to the black and white I do really like those also

Vicki Sturgill
Vicki Sturgill 2 months ago

I would leave the red ones up. The wreaths pull it all together. The black and white might be good for after Christmas

Jackie Davey
Jackie Davey 2 months ago

I liked the red valances for Christmas. I have the black and white valances that you just hung up. Very pretty

Betty Cummings
Betty Cummings 2 months ago

Looks good

Dalia M. Rodriguez
Dalia M. Rodriguez 2 months ago

You have introduced me to MacKinzie Child’s,always loved checker board style,but now the whole world knows🤗,just joking keep up your beautiful energy,love your hard work,Floresville Tx

evaliciouscrafts EB
evaliciouscrafts EB 2 months ago


claudia weldon
claudia weldon 2 months ago

Great look😍

claudia weldon
claudia weldon 2 months ago

Like the black😍

Kathy Steel
Kathy Steel 2 months ago

I like the red only because it's more traditional related to Christmas verses the black & white . I watched your video when you hung the red & I thought the added black ribbon really made them stand out ,kinda like a Santa belt ,so so cute . You have amazing talent. I have been bingng your videos lately ,keep up your creations . Tfs love your channel Liz .
Blessings Kathy
South,Tx 😉

HomeBody with Forlisa

The black is my favorite. That Joy pillow! 🤩🤩Nice haul. Tfs

Lori Julian
Lori Julian 2 months ago

Liz: I have a chunky silver vase similar to your two red bowls. I use a remote control puck light in it (6 pk multi color and white from Costco). It's much brighter than my flameless candles to show through the color and texture of the vase. Give that a try. Love your channel!!!!

GLORIA GENTRY 2 months ago

I like the red

Bettylou 2 months ago

GoingNowherefast has posted a video of Makenzie Childs original office with many of her designs featured in it. I thought you might be interested in seeing their guided tour.

Christine Williams
Christine Williams 2 months ago

Liz like the black valances as is,luv what you got from ross can't wait to see what you do next time🎀🎀🎀

Barbara Hamilton
Barbara Hamilton 2 months ago

Wow! What a great haul! I love the red valance for Christmas the best but either works. Can’t wait to see your kitchen. Love your channel Liz!

Patricia Garcia
Patricia Garcia 2 months ago

Like the red curtains

j car
j car 2 months ago

The black and white valances are my favorite! They are more Mackenzie child’s like.

Pam Theado
Pam Theado 2 months ago


Roberta Libermann
Roberta Libermann 2 months ago

Can’t wait to see the new space, we’re finally home and i have time to watch your videos again, i love visiting my kids but i love being back home, new valences look nice, hugs to all 😘

Sharon Doolan
Sharon Doolan 2 months ago

Leave the red up

CJ Lee
CJ Lee 2 months ago

Black/white without ribbons.

Maxine Stone
Maxine Stone 2 months ago

Love your ideas praying for your kids Maxine. Ok

Simple Yet Chic
Simple Yet Chic 2 months ago

I like the black and white valences and the Joy pillow so cute! Also those gold candle holders are so pretty! Lots of cute finds! 💕💕

Molly Reed
Molly Reed 2 months ago

I like the red valances best.

Reesa Card
Reesa Card 2 months ago

Love the curtains! You scored at Ross!!! Can't hardly wait till tomorrow to see your kitchen reveal. 😍❤

Mary West
Mary West 2 months ago

the neat thing about folding over the black check is you have a pretty side for the pantry inside as well. I think the black is best, it brings out the small black checks on the wreaths. if you have too much red your eye will get lost. the black gives the eye a break and the red pop more. it makes sense when you see it.

patsybaby 2 months ago

I have those in my bathroom ., I love them of course. Nice change to go to black and white!

Judy DAmelio
Judy DAmelio 2 months ago

Red valences with wreathes

Pat Brown
Pat Brown 2 months ago

Liz I love the red valence anything you add to is always
Pretty. Don't like the lace. Just dose't look like your decorating hope you take this as a complement🐷😇

Iris Heller Philpot
Iris Heller Philpot 2 months ago

The red ones look better

Victoria Bourgeois
Victoria Bourgeois 2 months ago

With almost 30k subbies, can’t imagine anyone with hurt feelings that they don’t get responses from you. Waiting for home Christmas tour. Tfs cheers

Grannie Frannie
Grannie Frannie 2 months ago

I like the black and white just as it is with no ribbon. It has such a pretty trim you would not want to hide that. The red and white is cute as well but I think the black ribbon throws it off.

Patricia Stieby
Patricia Stieby 2 months ago

Liz, I like the red valances for Christmas, then switch them to black and white after Christmas.

Gina Maria
Gina Maria 2 months ago

Goodness can’t wait 🤗👍

Raymond & Mildred Hill

Liz like the valances and decor from ross Prayers Blessings to you and your family Big hugs friend Mildred!

Gail Baumann
Gail Baumann 2 months ago

I like both but black is more makenzie style and maybe tie up with makenzie ribbon in red and black liz

LightningBolt CK1
LightningBolt CK1 2 months ago

Man, wish we has a Ross!

sharon rudy
sharon rudy 2 months ago

I CANT WAIT to see your kitchen!! Love you Liz!

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 2 months ago

This is what you do Liz. When your decorating and you already know what your going to do and do not need input just do a video. BUT when your doing something and you say hmmm i wonder what i should do, i wish i could ask my viewers, they give such great advice.😉. Go LIVE. Yup i said it. Go live and you will be able to ask and talk to us live and get real time inputs. Easy Peasy. It will be like a decorating party live with your viewers. I'm not saying every video live but those videos when you want opinions. Try it. It will be a big hit.

Trisha Turner
Trisha Turner 2 months ago

The valances look lovely and the haul is super. Looking forward to see what you do with the items.

Lisa Kotch
Lisa Kotch 2 months ago

Hmmmm, maybe find some plaid fabric for Christmas with black and red????

Ashleyy 2 months ago

I like the red better for Christmas

Leticia Hernandez
Leticia Hernandez 2 months ago

Liz can’t wait to see your kitchen! Love what you do God Bless 🙏hope your two daughters are doing well. 🎁🎄😘🥰

Debbie Crum
Debbie Crum 2 months ago

I am liking the red checked curtains in the kitchen.

Carol Gopaul
Carol Gopaul 2 months ago

keep the red

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad 2 months ago

Red for the holidays.... black for after!

Tammy Neth
Tammy Neth 2 months ago

I love how you come up with so many different ways of decorating. I love to go to Ross stores also. The best deals can be found there.

CeCe Hunter
CeCe Hunter 2 months ago

Hi Liz, I just love you and your style. I have been a huge fan of yours from the beginning. What if you try adding a strip of narrow ribbon over the black ribbon to mimic the ribbon in the wreaths. Have a beautiful day, from one of your biggest fans.💕

Prim Farmhouse
Prim Farmhouse 2 months ago

The black!! It will go better with all your black touches!

Dawna Van kralingen
Dawna Van kralingen 2 months ago

Leave the valances red. The black is not as jazzy.

Saniyah Carroll
Saniyah Carroll 2 months ago

Very beautiful haul, waiting on the reveal on Friday 👀😊

Donna Leake
Donna Leake 2 months ago

Liz, everything you do is just amazing and adorbs!

Allan Turk
Allan Turk 2 months ago

I absolutely love the idea of folding the edges of the valances back before clipping it! Simple thing, but I never thought of that! What a tremendous difference it makes!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much, Jennifer.

Ana Brown
Ana Brown 2 months ago

Liking the red

My Louisiana Home
My Louisiana Home 2 months ago

I like the black and white better

Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson 2 months ago

Love the new black and white. Red and white was very summery picnic .

Jackie Bowman
Jackie Bowman 2 months ago

Love you too Liz you do make me smile 😀 and your decorations are adorable xxx

Veronicadarlene Simmons

Love the new valances and red vases. Can't wait for the reveal.

Daveda Lane
Daveda Lane 2 months ago

Bi Sweetie🎄l love the black white valances😘love the nutcracker ❤️you are a doll❤️🌹hugs your hubby is a KEEPER

Linda James
Linda James 2 months ago

Can’t wait to see how it all turns out 😃👍
Texas Lady🤗

Lynda Weister
Lynda Weister 2 months ago

Liz. Who r u kidding: Simple??LOL😂😂We know that word is NOT in ur vocab😂😂Love ur finds at Ross! I liked the Red valances with Black ribbon! New curtains also Nice(couldn't tell if they were Black or Dark Blue on vid)Can't go wrong with either! Do love the New Wreaths though💝Poor Hubby😢Under Pressure 2 complete Project!😂It's OK if he doesn't finish by Friday...not the Worst Thing 2 happen! Take Care!💝🎄💝🎅💝😍

Carol Underwood
Carol Underwood 2 months ago

I liked both but thought the red looked pretty next to the wreaths.

Sally Duvall
Sally Duvall 2 months ago

Liz cant wait to see you're kitchen reveal as always I know it's going to look amazing.anything you put you're hands on does . So glad to be able to leave you a message again . I really missed telling you always how you make everything look so good . Love you're Ross finds I'm going to have to go by and check it out . Loved you're arrangement and couldnt believe 13.99 I was thinking probably already 24.99 what a steal hope I can find one like yours. Have a great day tommorrow andcant wait to see you're kitchen friday . Loving you're Mckenie childs inspired I just got a catalog in the mail on monday I was looking through . Shes got some deer to die for I so need them . And without the price they are those would be a hard DIY to do . But her are to die for . If u have not seen them u need to check them out on line . I'm in debate of getting they def would make a staple piece . Hugs to you my sweet friend . Sally

Tori Mann
Tori Mann 2 months ago

Liz I found on amazon battery operated fairy lights with remote just like the candles I put them in all my wreaths and garland on my staircase. Just a thought for your new kitchen wreaths.

Robin Bird 62
Robin Bird 62 2 months ago

I like the red and white check for Christmas... it looks brighter for the Holiday season.
Plus, the wreaths look really nice next to them. 😊

Decorating with Barbara

Nice haul! Can't wait to see your kitchen!

Katie Mansfield
Katie Mansfield 2 months ago

I got the same valances. I think they are adorable.

Monica Hendricks
Monica Hendricks 2 months ago

Sorry not liking the black. The red is so much more festive where the looks like you are going with the year round farm house look. Not Christmasy at all.

maya carbajal
maya carbajal 2 months ago

Hola hermosa Liz amo todas tus decoraciones quisiera que hicieras una venta de garaje y yo poder comprar algún adorno tuyo me gusta mucho tu casa saludos desde torreón Coahuila mexico

Rita Smith
Rita Smith 2 months ago

New shopping haul is fantastic n you got really good taste for such stuff. Thanks for sharing

Mary Poole
Mary Poole 2 months ago

Hi Liz can’t wait to see the kitchen. Love the curtains. I have them in red in my kitchen. See ya Friday. ❤️😘🤗

Tina Farris
Tina Farris 2 months ago

Please don't decorate without us I love to watch u do it and see your thoughts as u decide what to put where LOVE YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL !!!!

Cindi K
Cindi K 2 months ago

Valences are perfect! Love your haul! Love to you❤️

Christy Robertson
Christy Robertson 2 months ago

I liked the red curtains for Christmas. Love all of your Ross goodies !

Cheryl Lambert
Cheryl Lambert 2 months ago

I like the red💕

Linda Kinsman
Linda Kinsman 2 months ago

I like the red as well

Robin Pendleton
Robin Pendleton 2 months ago

Yes your new black and white valances are more Mackinsey Childs! You always score at Ross! My local Ross has nothing but empty shelves!

Nancy Juliano
Nancy Juliano 2 months ago

I like the ref

Beast 2 months ago

The Red and White checks are stunning .....especially with the Christmas decor !! Just my thought 💭 😋.

Melissa Strong
Melissa Strong 2 months ago

Love the new valances!

Barbara Hogan
Barbara Hogan 2 months ago


Afrika Hudson
Afrika Hudson 2 months ago

Love the black and white valances, can't wait to see what's in store for Friday!!!!!

deb anderson
deb anderson 2 months ago


Vivian Parker-salsbery

I really like the red myself it just pops.

Namowhasti 1
Namowhasti 1 2 months ago

I like the black and white valances. picks up the black and white ribbon in the wreaths

Robynne Dorion
Robynne Dorion 2 months ago

Like the re!

Bella D Designs
Bella D Designs 2 months ago

I love the new valences!! But I’m so jealous over Ross!! Girlfriend I’m coming shopping with you!!ohh and can’t wait till Friday

Annette Biering
Annette Biering 2 months ago

Looks beautiful as always. Can’t wait for the reveal🤪🤪

Connie Standen
Connie Standen 2 months ago

I like the black valances best

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