Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)



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Information Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

Title : Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

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Frames Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

Description Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

Star Wars Puzzle 18'000 pieces (complete assembly)

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Robert Kölling
Robert Kölling 2 months ago

Hello well done. Also the solution with legs that you set it up. How did you know that the length and width fit exactly?

puzzlesmil 2 months ago


antonio cinus
antonio cinus 2 months ago

Ciao puoi contattarmi via email a [email protected] per info su come costruire la base per appenderlo.
Urgente.. grazie :)

Mehlika B. Odabasi
Mehlika B. Odabasi 2 months ago

Hey there! How fascinating?! Could you please tell me which material you used for the frame? I have got 6 puzzles at home which are done but not framed :(. Did you use regular cardboard?

Julie Maheu
Julie Maheu 2 months ago

Such a beauty puzzle!!! 😍 So cool you framed it and put it on your wall!

Snapbackdan90 2 months ago

How were u able to cover the front from falling over,I see u build the frame for the back that is really impressive and lots of patience to assemble

Stormtrooper tk-5738
Stormtrooper tk-5738 2 months ago

Can you please help me with a 500 piece puzzle Plz

Dan 2 months ago

Hey mate quick question. How wide is the puzzle once its essembled? I know it 276cm. The thing is my wall where i want to putt it is 276.1cm wide. So im not 100% sure it will fit because of how the pieces connect to eachother. Could you do me a favor and messure yours?

Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 2 months ago

I'm so sorry that you had to spend time and build the new trilogy puzzle. I one day hope you can recover

byKingFlash 2 months ago

I was waiting for a YEEEEEET

Antonio Anghel
Antonio Anghel 2 months ago

Hy there ! I have the same puzzle but I wish to hang it on a wall. Can you, please, give me a piece of advice how to do it ? To glue it with some special glue or it works with normal glue ? And how about the frame ? I wish to make it frameless . Is it possible ? Thanks !

Vcela Medonosna
Vcela Medonosna 2 months ago

We will eatch your career with a great interest!

Sueyyness 36
Sueyyness 36 2 months ago

Wow! Great job! That is a beautiful puzzle. Keep up the good work.

Sebastian Leith
Sebastian Leith 2 months ago

How/after which characteristics did you sort the pieces?

Sebastian Leith
Sebastian Leith 2 months ago

I am on a 2k star wars puzzle rn

Dana L . Hunter
Dana L . Hunter 2 months ago


Shaun Allen
Shaun Allen 2 months ago

too bad I can not find to Buy myself :(

Federico Vellere
Federico Vellere 2 months ago

Bravi, complimenti

Emily Arriaga
Emily Arriaga 2 months ago


Kermit 2 months ago

Imagine having all the pieces but one

Ricardo Palacios
Ricardo Palacios 2 months ago

Impresiónonante, muchas felicidades y muchos saludos.

José Salvador
José Salvador 2 months ago

don't leave your shredded documents nears these guys

MrPawel 2 months ago

Wow 18,000 puzzle

Dan 2 months ago

Hey guys first of all awsome job in finishing puzzle. I just bought the puzzle myself. Ive got a question about displaying the puzzle. Do you have any advice? Like what glue did you used and how did you putt it against the wooden backboard.

No Name
No Name 2 months ago

They don’t have cats.

Jorge Nicolas Herreros

Wow... that requires a level of patience that I will never have

Heino Hayen
Heino Hayen 2 months ago

I bet theres No Kids in da'house

Gracie 2 months ago

If I don't have the patience to do a 2000 piece puzzle, I can never do this-

Jade 2 months ago

you wasted your time, it's the worst trilogy of all time

Matteo Merlino
Matteo Merlino 2 months ago

Bè ragazzi, complimenti!!!!!!!!

MrAnagmar 2 months ago

Did you use some kind of glue on the top of them to make them stay at place ?

Máximo Couretot
Máximo Couretot 2 months ago

Wow, yo no podría hacer eso :-o i could't do that

Scott Harding
Scott Harding 2 months ago

Very satisfying!

Bacaala 2 months ago

absolute legend

Tyson Zelmer
Tyson Zelmer 2 months ago


Jose Beltran
Jose Beltran 2 months ago

Inprecionate el se respeta

YOURMOM-206- 2 months ago

At a house far far away...

Big BEAR 2 months ago

Now this is real couple goals ❤❤😍 i wanna do this with my fiance

Dmax Saint
Dmax Saint 2 months ago

Man that's a lot of hours wasted! Next time, people use the force!😁😁😁😁

VoKimHop's 1984
VoKimHop's 1984 2 months ago

Trên zalo ;)

LarJgrip 2 months ago

Very nice. My question is: what bonding agent did you use before you framed & hung it?

Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez 2 months ago

Now destroy it

Draxs 2 months ago

All that in less than 5 min

FURinTeeth 2 months ago


Stephan Vahrmeijer
Stephan Vahrmeijer 2 months ago

This is freaking awesome i did a similair one but it wansnt 18.000 pieces mine was only 1000 pieces took me a small 17hours to puzzle it out lol

Hefeydd _
Hefeydd _ 2 months ago

Although thisnis impressive, I started to nod off half way through. 😫 🥱 😴 💤

Gbox 2 months ago

I really wanted to take it from the side and throw it like SWOOOSH against the wall

Gerard Guzzo
Gerard Guzzo 2 months ago

Im always searching online for my next giant puzzle and this has never come up.

Mike 2 months ago

When you don‘t know what to do during lockdown

cor 2 months ago

I do lego’s but my dad say’s I should try puzzles and now I actually might.

Marco Cappelloni
Marco Cappelloni 2 months ago

Fantastico. Solo per curiosità, le misure finali ?

Abaddon 2 months ago

Just imagine a cat in this household.

LRRPEXILE 2 months ago

WoW! Awesome!!

Let’s pray and fast together

Imagine losing a piece

magda sanchez
magda sanchez 2 months ago

Your the kind of person to arrange all the books in a library. Not really an insult, but yeah

History Builder
History Builder 2 months ago

What is even more impressive is the fact that you didn’t lose any pieces!!!😆😯

Unknown Person
Unknown Person 2 months ago


Sam Paul
Sam Paul 2 months ago

So cool!!!!

m venusaur
m venusaur 2 months ago

Shame the bottom half ruins it. Other than that, nice job putting it together.

Alex Cinque
Alex Cinque 2 months ago


_Huge_ Eggman_
_Huge_ Eggman_ 2 months ago

Now that's alot of dama..puzzles... Well done you are confirmed star wars fans 👍🏻

Aldo Paiva
Aldo Paiva 2 months ago

Grazie !!!

EndofAdair 2 months ago

I also have finished the Puzzel with my Wife and we are still trying to find out how to geht it on the wall.
We are so scared that it won't hold.

Vanni 2 months ago


Elide dedja
Elide dedja 2 months ago

Bello bello bellissimo!😘🤩

Klaus Happel
Klaus Happel 2 months ago

Amazing ! I love star wars !

Aliya-Sophie Huth
Aliya-Sophie Huth 2 months ago

@Karen Puzzles

Mark Magill
Mark Magill 2 months ago


Felipa Tovar Herrada
Felipa Tovar Herrada 2 months ago

Its son mochila pieces

Elle D
Elle D 2 months ago

Crazy! Were the pieces packaged in sections or were all pieces mixed together!? Great job!

o 2 months ago

you could of had it done in half the time, with the Peter Kemp puzzle tactics.

Thiago Justino
Thiago Justino 2 months ago

Do you sort by color or by figure?

Ruckus Blends
Ruckus Blends 2 months ago

Damn this was awesome

Kurt DirtClod
Kurt DirtClod 2 months ago

What do you do to keep it all together after its completed? Do you coat it with something? How did you mount it? Cheers!

Beniamino De Patre
Beniamino De Patre 2 months ago


نوراء محمد
نوراء محمد 2 months ago

Cool 😍😍😍

Fabian Carrillo
Fabian Carrillo 2 months ago

Le chupacabras

Raul Sebastian Rivera Martinez

amazing, but be aware with moths

Nika Sukaset
Nika Sukaset 2 months ago

The best 🙏🏻

Shot Animation Studio

It is amazing, I will love to know where did you get that puzzles from it the best thing ever!

g g
g g 2 months ago

Big i like it :v

Daniel Albertini
Daniel Albertini 2 months ago

Grande jorge