We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists



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Information We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

Title : We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

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Frames We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

Description We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

We Are The World (2018) - Channel Aid with Kurt Hugo Schneider \u0026 YouTube Artists

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ChannelAid 2 months ago

Costantino Carrara - 0:05
Chris Collins - 0:20
Kirsten Collins - 0:22
Karisma Collins - 0:25
Diamond White - 0:32
Nicole Cross - 0:35
Rushil - 0:46
Abi Sampa - 0:52
Kurt Hugo Schneider - 0:57
Kenzie Nimmo - 0:59
Danny Padilla - 1:05
Sam Tsui - 1:11
Alyson Stoner - 1:17
Andie Case - 1:24
Andrew Garcia - 1:31
Gabriel Wheaton - 1:37
Mariana Nolasco - 1:42
Davina Michelle - 1:48
Joel Manduke - 1:53
Sarah - 2:01
Casey Breves - 2:07
Josh Levi - 2:14
Youri Menna - 2:20
Michele Grandinetti - 2:24
Leroy Sanchez - 2:34
Kayef - 2:40
Austin Percario - 2:45
Will Gittens - 2:53
Megan Lee - 2:58
Jason Pitts - 3:07
Montana Tucker - 3:11
Shannon K - 3:14
Jordan Doww - 3:16

All life matters
All life matters 2 months ago

I want this song played at my funeral. I can't cope any more. Love you all 💕

Jacopo RICCI
Jacopo RICCI 2 months ago

Così io e beatrice Mirabelli



Shapthika Nicholas
Shapthika Nicholas 2 months ago

One of my fv

Rag manok
Rag manok 2 months ago


Santo Santo
Santo Santo 2 months ago

la rubia del 1:56 me sorprendió con su voz

sasha 2 months ago

Davina Michelle is so good

marek furmanek
marek furmanek 2 months ago

je ton sice pekne ale ne starou gardu nemaji

Komang sena
Komang sena 2 months ago


Hanro bassist
Hanro bassist 2 months ago

Wow nice 👍😊

Matt Robillard
Matt Robillard 2 months ago

We all live on the same planet ☹ just wish we did get along, and why does it takes a disaster or a major tragedy to get us together

Viktoria Olsson
Viktoria Olsson 2 months ago

Beautiful ✨, MJ forever

KingXVC 2 months ago

The only thing I hear is autotune

中野亨 2 months ago


andrean andrean
andrean andrean 2 months ago

Him voice so clean

Terrence Xie
Terrence Xie 2 months ago

2:50 he voice cracked on OH

Baelei Lloyd
Baelei Lloyd 2 months ago

Goosebumps. All over goosebumps. Thank you so much for all y'all's hard work!

ItsAndors 2 months ago

HOLY autotune

Biniyam Alemayhu
Biniyam Alemayhu 2 months ago

Its fucken ugly

georgegotjokes 2 months ago

Both dudes who went after Leroy Sanchez killed the momentum. Shoulda just let Leroy have the whole part lol

Naziha Guettai
Naziha Guettai 2 months ago

I am moved 😥

gabriel carmo
gabriel carmo 2 months ago


Fany putri .U.K.❤️🙏🙏🙏


Stex Lamp
Stex Lamp 2 months ago

Auto tuning a go gó

Codey Carson
Codey Carson 2 months ago

Anyone know who the girl in pink hair is?

shelly lan
shelly lan 2 months ago


Thalai aw
Thalai aw 2 months ago

Davina Michelle voice kill me

Jerry Mendez
Jerry Mendez 2 months ago


Elizabeth Maria
Elizabeth Maria 2 months ago

blah blah blah

Verônica Santana
Verônica Santana 2 months ago

Um monte de cantores ninguém sabe ninguém viu. Prefiro a versão original dos anos 80. sorry

Ralts Industries
Ralts Industries 2 months ago

these voices add nothing to the music, they all sound the same

Дияна Досова

Самое лучшее исполнение песни We are the world, на мой взгляд

P G 2 months ago

very well implemented, now it would be nice if you would stand up against consumption, consumption and goods divide this world into immeasurable injustice. some don't have a lot, others don't. Just singing the song is of no use, you are also consumption for others.

LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago

Hi Leow Jing Ying

Jing Ying Leow
Jing Ying Leow 2 months ago


Robert Kletke
Robert Kletke 2 months ago

Really crazy see how the voices from the original video to this not saying there bad alot of great voices but seems to be more passion in the original

井熊崇人 2 months ago

very good♪

Md. Junayed✅
Md. Junayed✅ 2 months ago

0:35 the way Nicole Cross says "to life" 💝 I am dead💝

emilio santamaria
emilio santamaria 2 months ago

we are the world

Дулан Мусабаев

I don't understand, but I know this is very good song!

راصد RASID
راصد RASID 2 months ago


LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago

Hi I am Leow Qian Wen

LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago

So good this singo or song

Tali Japhette
Tali Japhette 2 months ago


Hadi Kurniawan
Hadi Kurniawan 2 months ago

Pray for Indonesia

Baby Nadiyyah
Baby Nadiyyah 2 months ago

Can’t none of y’all sing

Modern Legacy
Modern Legacy 2 months ago

I’m a millineal and have no clue who any of these people are 🤔

LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago

I love Make jahan ❤️

Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira 2 months ago

Autotune puro kakakakkaka



LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago


LEOW JING YING Moe 2 months ago

Legend never die forever n ever

ste 2 months ago

Nice! I wonder how many of the youtubers that actully could sing :D I know one there cant sing for shit cus i know the person and if she\he reads this that person will laught hard hahahaha

Danu Syahputra
Danu Syahputra 2 months ago


moon walker fandom
moon walker fandom 2 months ago

The original one of Michael's and this will be my favorite one❤

MJJ FG 2 months ago

1982 is better

The Touched Spaghet
The Touched Spaghet 2 months ago

Why the heck did they give Kayef a part ? He can’t even sing.

Le Provençal Ayache
Le Provençal Ayache 2 months ago


Daffa916 TheDisneyPrincessFan Est. 2003

Earth anthem (Humans of Holocene Era)

JuzTroublez 2 months ago

They all sound the same. Not like the 80s artists who you can pick out by their vocals with your eyes closed.

Zeenath aqeela Hashim

A true masterpiece❤

Asron Siagian
Asron Siagian 2 months ago


Solomon Taropo
Solomon Taropo 2 months ago

This song is the International Anthem.

Khinyee Morning lashio

Thanks, you'r say prayer for my Country ( myamar ).

MUGAANYI JOSEPH 2 months ago

Waaooooooooo a like it thank you.

Alejo Lopez Mario Abel


Jorge Alberto Kleen Salinas

Autotune le quitó toda la parte humana al sentido de la canción.
Cero emoción real

TYGERR 2 months ago

Rohhh le massacre ....

Cendrine Victoire
Cendrine Victoire 2 months ago

Très Jolie Version Bravo & Merci

Yesy Nicol Espinal Castellon

Yo viendo que no conosco a ninguno.👁👄👁

Pablo Henrique
Pablo Henrique 2 months ago

SORRY, mas esse foi a pior versão que eu ja vi dessa música.

Arghya Gupta
Arghya Gupta 2 months ago


This is a version we came up with, from India 🇮🇳 😊

Zevenaar2020 2 months ago

Too much autotune

Zevenaar2020 2 months ago

Nah the original is better

MOHAB EPIC 2 months ago

Is this a Christian song?

 Bắc Nԍuʏệт
Bắc Nԍuʏệт 2 months ago

Michael Jackson ❤️

Chano :D
Chano :D 2 months ago

Entonces así hubiera sonado la original con autotune? 🤔 Bien culera, que bueno que no había

Alejo Lopez Mario Abel

🤢 Que voces más horribles

Nuel 2 months ago

so perfect!

Clara McGovern
Clara McGovern 2 months ago


Hannah L
Hannah L 2 months ago

why are they all singing in cursive

Seyid Axundov
Seyid Axundov 2 months ago


Priscila uchoi
Priscila uchoi 2 months ago

Love this ❤❤❤

Priscila uchoi
Priscila uchoi 2 months ago

Love this ❤❤❤

Carol Hayden
Carol Hayden 2 months ago

So many talented kids love this from Kentucky

Bad Boys
Bad Boys 2 months ago

😃 meilleur que la deuxième version.

Rajesh Raju
Rajesh Raju 2 months ago

Awesome love from India ❤

Bettsbe58 2 months ago

The able fuel histologically succeed because income superficially wave about a sordid eel. thoughtless, boiling handicap

Charlie Anthony
Charlie Anthony 2 months ago

the other singer must have knocked out the asian singer at the studio front door

AKANGATARA 2 months ago

so cool

KeriM MintaKa
KeriM MintaKa 2 months ago


Haiekal Danish
Haiekal Danish 2 months ago

Why i am crying?

Shanna Hromada
Shanna Hromada 2 months ago

I love this cover so much! Austin is my favorite! His voice is so good!!!

Elias Huapilla
Elias Huapilla 2 months ago

I have to say I enjoyed this version way better than the remake that came out for Haiti. This one has more soul, and it drew me in immediately, just like the original did. Great job

Ray Dehghan
Ray Dehghan 2 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing videos I've ever seen. All the races and many of the ethnicities of the world are represented.

simon good
simon good 2 months ago

awesome wow.

Gabriela Soares
Gabriela Soares 2 months ago


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