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Allen Wilson
Allen Wilson 2 months ago

Fucking absolute garbage version.

Penny Lane
Penny Lane 2 months ago

Lol this must b before all the filler and Botox she stuffed in her face

ghostrecon755 2 months ago

so dope!

lar1622 2 months ago

This is a awesome version.....

Nico Hornung
Nico Hornung 2 months ago


lanier1000 2 months ago

Just a miserable and terrible cover. Modern artists just don't seem have the same great taste that previous generations did, imho, or they would see just how bad and talentless this cover is and would have never released it.

Erin Robertson
Erin Robertson 2 months ago

Great mix of voices and arrangement.

Ciany 2 months ago

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) ? hahahaha

Mariko Ruhle
Mariko Ruhle 2 months ago

very cool cover!

itsclearly gigi
itsclearly gigi 2 months ago

Slow down the speed to .75 <3 Sounds so good

Max Pardon
Max Pardon 2 months ago

Got chills no more war give more life

Sarah MacB
Sarah MacB 2 months ago

Love Lennon!

Belén Rivero
Belén Rivero 2 months ago

Her voice is unbelievable

Hot Tea
Hot Tea 2 months ago

Awww that doggy is so adorable !!

יפית חביב
יפית חביב 2 months ago


EcstaticRop 26
EcstaticRop 26 2 months ago

wow incredible performance

Alan Peña F.
Alan Peña F. 2 months ago

The worse part of the thim is the war isn't over.

Jordon Winn
Jordon Winn 2 months ago

I am definitely in love with Lennon

Rachel Moody
Rachel Moody 2 months ago

Beautiful voice pairing, takes more than just a good voice to sing together like that!!! 💛

OMAR 2 months ago

so.. when is This Shadow going to be available???

Savannah Lap
Savannah Lap 2 months ago

Guy sucks but Lennon rocks

Mangluška The fox
Mangluška The fox 2 months ago

my dog is singing (foofing) :-)

funkyjones 2 months ago

I love Lennon (and Maisy) and Marc Scibilia is great, but this is one gloomy version of a cheerful song (despite being well performed).

Ridz 2 months ago

Lennon is incredible, I think I'm in love with her 😥💜🎶🍀

ariana torres
ariana torres 2 months ago

This is amazing wow

itskimberlysworld 2 months ago

Amazing! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!❤

Michaela Ellis
Michaela Ellis 2 months ago

Lennon is such a huge inspiration to me. I constantly wait for the day she starts putting out her own stuff and in a way, this is kind of that simply because I haven't heard anything from her in SO long. Also just now learning of Marc and I am so impressed. Love this so much and feel so intrigued by the mystery and darker sound this has compared to most Christmas songs.

heyhopebarker 2 months ago

this is insane holy wow

cailee evans
cailee evans 2 months ago

This is amazing

Ellie Hicks
Ellie Hicks 2 months ago

In love with this

m 2 months ago


Dina B
Dina B 2 months ago

both of you are so good ! lennon u need to do a solo album asap ! ☺

Deanna Drabek
Deanna Drabek 2 months ago

Hello Marc and Merry Christmas from Buffalo, NY! Love hearing your new music and watching where God is taking you! Blessings!

Karen DiMatteo
Karen DiMatteo 2 months ago

This is fantastic Marc! I enjoy listening to all you do. And I love Lennon's voice. Love her Nashville show.

Holly Keller
Holly Keller 2 months ago

I'm so glad they did an acoustic version - as always, so much clearer and better than the overproduced one.

rjulrich1 2 months ago

WooHoo! way to go guys! Mark & Lennon Merry Christmas!!

John De carlo
John De carlo 2 months ago

your the best Rock On I like it very much thanks for sharing

slinger777 2 months ago

Marc! Nice job

Abigail St. John
Abigail St. John 2 months ago

Found this randomly on Spotify, glad I did! Love the cover you guys!

R E A Davis
R E A Davis 2 months ago

Holy. What. This is insane.

Mariah McQ
Mariah McQ 2 months ago

the dog aww

Mariah McQ
Mariah McQ 2 months ago

I love this!!

Nicole Milik
Nicole Milik 2 months ago

Beautiful version! I love it :)

Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker 2 months ago

This is soooo good, you guys are so talented 💕👏🏻😍

Sandman4224 2 months ago

My dog would be singing along :)

pj 2 months ago


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