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Psych0fuk 2 months ago

I was playing imvu while listening to this at 12 or 13 years old bruh😭

minnymii7 2 months ago

2021 anyone? ❤️

Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

Ahead of its time

Sienna 🦋
Sienna 🦋 2 months ago

I remember listening to this forever ago and I had no idea 🤷‍♀️ what the message was 🤣 and singing it to my parents loll 😂😅

Annyoing 2 months ago

It's what Lisa used for lisaism :P

coconutNGHTMR 2 months ago

The only Christmas song ever.

myonlyangel 2 months ago

wait this song exists i thought it was a fever dream

Jennifer Flanders
Jennifer Flanders 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

will Bedford
will Bedford 2 months ago

This right here is the death of relaxing classic holiday music. There is zero artistic ability being shown thru this song. Random slightly proactive lyrics which make zero rhetorical sense, have no imagery or heart. They basically threw some green and red, some candy canes and pine needles into a blender full of shit then proceeded to record this abomination of music

HyperionNova 2 months ago

It’s that time of year again!

Alexis Hardy
Alexis Hardy 2 months ago

2020 anyone?

mimis androu
mimis androu 2 months ago

ακουμε με το κοριτσι μου χριστουγεννιατικα τραγουδια.εγω της βαζω τομ γουειτς και καθομαστε στις πολυθρονες μας και ακουμε εκστατικα γιορτινοι και εκεινη εβαλε αυτο το τραγουδι και αρχισε να χοροπηδαει γυρω γυρω. οπως ελεγε και ο μπαρμπας μου ο θοδωρας, της γυναικας το μυαλο, λουσο, πουτσο και χορο.

KƎENT Godley
KƎENT Godley 2 months ago

Filippo Camoli
Filippo Camoli 2 months ago

How many here to scream “rap pam pam pum” in 2020?

S B 2 months ago

Here in 2020

Nightcore Of Myth
Nightcore Of Myth 2 months ago

Check out my Deeper Nightcore of this at:

antonio sku
antonio sku 2 months ago

Christmas 2020?

Exil Reliv
Exil Reliv 2 months ago

She really needs to make a better christmas song tho💀

Gagatloml 2 months ago

is anybody here?
christmas is coming...

December Winchester
December Winchester 2 months ago

Back here again. Y'all know what time of year it is

José Soto
José Soto 2 months ago

who's Mariah Carey ?

pauzowski 2 months ago

lol i’m a 20-year-old Spanish girl and i just realized that when i was 10 my dance teacher choreographed this song for us to dance at the school christmas show yet nobody knew the actual meaning of the lyrics oops 🎄

jk7 2 months ago

11 years ago I was so confused why lady gaga was saying her christmas tree was delicious, like who would eat a fucking christmas tree?

Federic Kenn
Federic Kenn 2 months ago

Ummm... Xmas 2020 anybody!!! 🍒🍒🤯🤯❤️

Dove 2 months ago

I have heard falalalalala but I dont know what song 😂

a person
a person 2 months ago

this is the worst Christmas song
I have ever heard in my entire life

Bettina Bonoan
Bettina Bonoan 2 months ago

When i was grade 6 my classmates danced this in our xmas program....

Now im back listening to this and oh god.

Rodrigue Dave
Rodrigue Dave 2 months ago

Charming you have my like

antonio sku
antonio sku 2 months ago

Christmas 2020?

Mauricio Mau
Mauricio Mau 2 months ago

Jaja se mamaron 🤙

Spongebob 2 months ago

People who watch this in quarantin :')

AGL Garlo
AGL Garlo 2 months ago

Ra pa pam pam

Apenas canções
Apenas canções 2 months ago

berro que eu amo essa música😆

Heather Gill
Heather Gill 2 months ago

Omg is she singing about what I thinking about lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ria less that three
Ria less that three 2 months ago

the fact that my elementary school made us do a performance to this song in the third grade.....

champagne katy
champagne katy 2 months ago

Deserve to be a hit

c 2 months ago

Dang i remember this bragging about how im so updated with lady gaga's song back in freshman year hahaha

Carlos Del castillo
Carlos Del castillo 2 months ago

This song keeps me goibng int tgis life otherwise i sould be dead¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Miguel Basco
Miguel Basco 2 months ago

That elsa twerking video bought me here

salem 2 months ago

its nowhere near christmas but i have the urge to listen

Pengward 2 months ago

I remember how space cowboy awesome here

Ronel Romero
Ronel Romero 2 months ago

One day before "BER MONTHS"

Lee Hyun
Lee Hyun 2 months ago

Ber months is coming in a few days . and the starts of the longest Christmas season here in the Philippines. nice Xmas song Gaga..

Zaccaria Milan
Zaccaria Milan 2 months ago

I am listening to this song 11 years later and I expected better, said sincerely

Majessty _
Majessty _ 2 months ago

This is so iconic.

José Soto
José Soto 2 months ago

it's July 2020 , Pandemic, Covid , Chromatica , WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I LOVE THIS

music showboy
music showboy 2 months ago

I guess since I am listening this in july it is Christmas in july

Geoffrey Luis Alcalde

hahahahhaa why are we here? it's not even christmas wow the beginning of the new decade isnso messy, we're all regressing

Yugvijay 2 months ago

My mood today lol

Yugvijay 2 months ago


rs_ Joy1213
rs_ Joy1213 2 months ago

" put me on top, let's falalalala" sounds like "put me on topless, FALALALALA"

aaryan chowdhury
aaryan chowdhury 2 months ago

the icing on the cake for this track is the “cherry cherry boom boom” at the end. the best (and last) ccbb shoutout she’s ever sung

Anthony Fay
Anthony Fay 2 months ago

I was in 5th class blasting this and singing along 😩 the iconic Christmas hoe anthem. This is what we will all sing together at the tree lighting ceremony during christmases on the planet of Chromatica.

Muhammad Ilham Nurahmadhany

Can anybody tell me what is the meaning of this song actually about???

bunn e
bunn e 2 months ago

it's 4 am and my brain just started going "oh oh christmas my christmas tree's delicious" i haven't heard this song in like 10 years

Saskia Kolsyrad Dryck

It's April 2020, I still enjoy listening to this.

akakakkakaka jjkak
akakakkakaka jjkak 2 months ago

if this isn’t iconic

Adriel vv
Adriel vv 2 months ago


S.K 2 months ago

What The Hell I Was Singing

Anusha 2 months ago

Anyone here from 2019?

tokionovaloid 2 months ago

I can't believe I a) used to listen to this b) remembered all of the lyrics instantly

more swag than you
more swag than you 2 months ago

Im here from trixie mattel lmao-

girl SCOUT
girl SCOUT 2 months ago

This song is scarily intense

Baby Mario
Baby Mario 2 months ago


Weddy Germanotta
Weddy Germanotta 2 months ago

I Love It

Anthony DeVeaux
Anthony DeVeaux 2 months ago

So campy lol

Waves Alguarelles
Waves Alguarelles 2 months ago

Vogued to this for a total of 3 hours this morning. 😂
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

TeamAloha Ty
TeamAloha Ty 2 months ago


Ge Lu
Ge Lu 2 months ago


HyperionNova 2 months ago

It’s that times of year again... 🎄

MOANA AE CHANG 2 months ago

The only Christmas song that matters

Kevin Kitching
Kevin Kitching 2 months ago

La mejor canción de navidad 💅💅💅💜💜 así esza

will Bedford
will Bedford 2 months ago

About the worst garbage I've ever heard

Guillermo Limas
Guillermo Limas 2 months ago

Navidad 2019

Nena Roland
Nena Roland 2 months ago

They play this at Target...

Isaiah Ducksworth
Isaiah Ducksworth 2 months ago

I literally thought this song was new

The BossDrummer
The BossDrummer 2 months ago

We had to dance this in a christmas fair in school
In 5th grade.................crap

Rosa m Sandria cervantes


Adrien Surprenant
Adrien Surprenant 2 months ago

this song is in our playlist at work... i work in a clothing store for mostly young girls

Oneyda Méndez
Oneyda Méndez 2 months ago

0:17 empiezo a bailar

Olivia Caillier
Olivia Caillier 2 months ago

Oh god.......

edrian castillo
edrian castillo 2 months ago

Twerking elsa brought me here.

TangibleKnight 01
TangibleKnight 01 2 months ago

The most dog shite Christmas song out there

jahnet marie
jahnet marie 2 months ago

Y’all my work plays this

Skull Kid
Skull Kid 2 months ago

It's almost christmas y'all

Isaí Del Valle
Isaí Del Valle 2 months ago

Me gusto mucho😇😇😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Madelyne 2 months ago

Here in the best time of the year

Melancholy Blight
Melancholy Blight 2 months ago

The only acceptable Christmas song

Zwitsal Evangelio
Zwitsal Evangelio 2 months ago

I thought it's
"Hoes, hoes, hoes, under the mistletoes" hahahaahha

popizz2000 2 months ago

It's that time of the year again, y'all.

RAVEracer_97 2 months ago

Ho ho ho whos listening christmas 2019

Elizabeth Bentley
Elizabeth Bentley 2 months ago

A Christmas classic

NanoPvp 2 months ago

Ohh fuck i dont want to dance it

Iuri Saboia
Iuri Saboia 2 months ago

Gosh, this is one of the most terrible songs I have ever heard in my entire life

RadRosa89 2 months ago

It's December 2019

Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz 2 months ago

it’s that time of the year again y’all

Erh Kourou
Erh Kourou 2 months ago


Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes

I love this song.

Lyrius UriRG
Lyrius UriRG 2 months ago

El espiritu navideño me esta invadiendo xd

Mohamed Germanotta
Mohamed Germanotta 2 months ago

it's that time of the year ... yassss merry christmas lil monsters