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Title : Fresh Snow at an Adirondack Cabin

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Fresh Snow at an Adirondack Cabin

Fresh Snow at an Adirondack Cabin

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V. Gorski
V. Gorski 2 months ago

The quick and jerky movement of your camera was very annoying. 馃憥馃徏

Michigun 2 months ago

I wish i could permanently live there

chelsea fitzgerald
chelsea fitzgerald 2 months ago

where is the beer at?

DM Gibbs
DM Gibbs 2 months ago


al meggs
al meggs 2 months ago

Echo lake cabins still exist anybody!

CRUNCH 2 months ago


Colin James Figgins
Colin James Figgins 2 months ago

Amazing to see how different your videos are today. You've become an amazing photographer and story teller!

Later_Daze_ 2 months ago

Twin Peaks sound clip, nice!

Debby Utz
Debby Utz 2 months ago


Christa VerDuren
Christa VerDuren 2 months ago

The tile floor, the kitchen cabinets, and the countertops ( albeit different color countertop) are exactly what I have in my kitchen here in my house in Finger Lakes Region NY. We didn't put them in, they were here when we moved in in 2010.

Any Hoot
Any Hoot 2 months ago

It's been a while since I watched one of your videos. This one seemed like a fun road trip. However, light balance, a bit too yellow in the cabin. And the camera shake is a bit much for me after a long day at work. I grew up near the Adirondacks and spent a lot of time in them. Up north in Wisconsin I call it the Flatirondacks. Love the places you find. Good stuff.

Shane Bruce
Shane Bruce 2 months ago

WHAT IS THE MUSIC? I Love the melancholic guitar at around 10 minutes in...

Petar Bubalo
Petar Bubalo 2 months ago

Gay guys are sooo cool.

AD Travelog
AD Travelog 2 months ago

Thiz is great, really liked it. I visited ice hotel in Sweden recently and posted it in my channel. Do check it , I am sure you will like it...鈽衡樅

HARLEM NEW YORK 2 months ago

How do I rent this cabin?

Krista Willhide
Krista Willhide 2 months ago

omg, whose the bigger strong lumber jack guy? he is my soulmate

kevin ryder
kevin ryder 2 months ago

No ladies?

Alberto Embry
Alberto Embry 2 months ago

Congratulations on the great and inspiring videos. How do you find the cabins? What photo camera are you using?

Sandy Knowles
Sandy Knowles 2 months ago

this is so nice and cozy!! :)

madman 2 months ago

These men were looking at what was probably a deadass wolf and were more or less quietly interested but when a fucking ROOSTER walked out? God damn man they went hog wild.

Vincent Palmer
Vincent Palmer 2 months ago

You have a way of making us feel like we are with you on each journey. Thank you for the beautiful cinematography.

Tawna Poore
Tawna Poore 2 months ago

Another cool video! Thx for sharing!

Ashley JoJom
Ashley JoJom 2 months ago


Lalmuansanga Lms
Lalmuansanga Lms 2 months ago

Who looks after these cabins

M tail
M tail 2 months ago

Men have a very interesting way of communicating with each other when it's just "the guys".

Steve Ogden
Steve Ogden 2 months ago

Hi All. Please hit the subscribe button and share with your friends and family. This guy deserves to have well over 100K subscribers which will help him out with YouTube. Let鈥檚 help get him over the 100K subscribers mark ASAP.

fibreoptik 2 months ago

I want to quit my job and do whatever this is for a living 鈽猴笍

Life is fantastic
Life is fantastic 2 months ago

so beautiful

Michael Kerekes
Michael Kerekes 2 months ago

Great video! You always do an excellent job of capturing emotion in your vids. I鈥檓 curious where this cabin is located and if it is on Airbnb or VRBO? Keep up the good work man!

Martina Benya
Martina Benya 2 months ago

Poor wolf on his own.

eduardo galleguillos
eduardo galleguillos 2 months ago

I love the music of your videos, can you please tell me where to fine it. Love your videos. Saludos from Barcelona

RethinkEF 2 months ago

I'd like to know whose acoustic guitar music you used for the first few minutes. Lovely.

Stories from Strangers

I'd like to know about this place! Is this a listing off airbnb?

Nigamendra Grewal
Nigamendra Grewal 2 months ago

Beauty dies with dead animals tying to save themselves

John Ross
John Ross 2 months ago

18:27 what if y鈥檃ll fell over

dianabythebeach 2 months ago

How fun! Goofy live a beautiful story and make some great memories. (Hey..Jack's Surfboards..that's my neighborhood!)馃悢馃悂

FJRGD 2 months ago

Savor the times. Watching this video simply reminds me of where I am fortunate to live in the California Sierra mountains between Lake Tahoe & Yosemite. I am grateful.

Katerina Kostaki Official

Such a lovely place and the house is splendid!!

Sherekci贸 2 months ago

The camera man needs to get fired

G枚khan Ayar
G枚khan Ayar 2 months ago

I'm very upset because this is just a youtube video not a long tv series, I would watch it every day!

Christopher Clarke
Christopher Clarke 2 months ago

Can I recommend this so your camera isn't shakey as hell:

Iken 61
Iken 61 2 months ago

Womens ??????馃馃馃馃馃馃2019

bloo jkl45
bloo jkl45 2 months ago

I don鈥檛 know what the context is here or who these people are, but this is low key my dream life

Pheebe Likes
Pheebe Likes 2 months ago

This is pretty. I dont get to see cabins with basement s all the time. Not sure about going up to the cabin right before snow but I love this. Are you all friends?

angelo peralta
angelo peralta 2 months ago

Hey, is this an Airbnb or a private cabin? Either way, where in the Adirondacks is this???

Konkeror 2 months ago

Hipster Camping 2018

Konkeror 2 months ago

Brokeback Adirondack

JD Smith
JD Smith 2 months ago

Free the Dog

Ellen Van
Ellen Van 2 months ago

i love the simplicity of this vlog, also looks like such a relaxing trip! new subscriber :)

Rhondi Cee
Rhondi Cee 2 months ago

I live here and this made me cry. We are so blessed

Rhondi Cee
Rhondi Cee 2 months ago

Home sweet home. #saranaclake

Create Movement
Create Movement 2 months ago

8:30 Yess Perry Como, 鈥淐an鈥檛 Help Falling In Love鈥, love that song

HRACHO 2 months ago

How beautiful can be a life.

Cullen T
Cullen T 2 months ago

Link to where I can rent this place?

redrobotmonkey 2 months ago

Boils 4 litres of water for one package of spaghetti noodles.

Lynn Duvall
Lynn Duvall 2 months ago

PLASTIC bags??? Come on, guys. Don鈥檛 tell me you don鈥檛 know how destructive they are. They end up in the oceans, rivers, streams, killing fish and shorebirds. And in landfills, producing methane, which ... oh, do your homework. Then go buy some manly cloth bags, if you worry about that kind of thing. And encourage your viewers to do the same.

TinyGalore 2 months ago

- and you kept your shoes on when you enter!
Where I come from, it is rude :D

Anne Ace
Anne Ace 2 months ago

I love 馃挄 the music

Gary Freedman
Gary Freedman 2 months ago

Nice!! Why didn't you invite me to join you guys?

Douhi Amina
Douhi Amina 2 months ago

Vraiment wow rien 脿 dire 馃槏馃槏 c'est magnifique

Amy D
Amy D 2 months ago

Damn I'm soooo jealous of your life! Lol

Ka0s 2 months ago

Do you mind sharing more information about this Adirondack cabin?

Madudovich I
Madudovich I 2 months ago

12:47 come oooon i thought the wolf get in..馃榿

lina love tanapol
lina love tanapol 2 months ago

Want to live in a place?

low key
low key 2 months ago

your content is something that i want to be secret coz its a like a fairyland everytime i watched your videos, It gaves me chills to heaven.

twin city
twin city 2 months ago

The camora is making me dizzy

Diana Dee
Diana Dee 2 months ago

This was my life two weeks ago up in Lake Tahoe, CA. Miss watching it snow (yes, it snowed in April!) & baking. Sigh...

G73 sail
G73 sail 2 months ago

Hey what's with the Anchor tattoo are u a sailor or Fisherman?

ivi122 2 months ago

Are you still with that girl from a previous video?...I think her name is heidi and she has a kid

Skye Seaborn
Skye Seaborn 2 months ago

Loved it! If you could share contact information, for the places you stay, it would be great. Thanks for all you do!

Zero Fox
Zero Fox 2 months ago

Beautiful land and good times with good people. Thank you for sharing the moments.

Corey Clouser
Corey Clouser 2 months ago

I鈥檝e got something for you i found on a Midwest farm in an old barn, I want to send it to you. How can I?

aroselovell 2 months ago

I love twin peaks!!

Malik Hmoud
Malik Hmoud 2 months ago

you are amazing bodies and the places you went to are lit to but in some time you are boring you need to do somethings in the vloges that would be much better but keep going you are perfect

Freecamp Caywood Alaska

Nice looking cabin. Looks like you guys had fun. Thanks for sharing

magda_eva 2 months ago

I like your shoes :) Which brand is it? (At 10:34)

Jeremy Poncelet
Jeremy Poncelet 2 months ago

Awesome video guys!!鉁岋笍

Mr Yulvan
Mr Yulvan 2 months ago

as a person who live in tropical country, i really waaaaaannnnntttt to know what the snow taste,, hehe

Patrick Ware
Patrick Ware 2 months ago

Love this! just did my first winter adk hike, check it out on my channel

Fahir Erol
Fahir Erol 2 months ago

mm where is that place ? awesome vid

Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 2 months ago

Kyle is one good looking guy! Athletic to!

Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 2 months ago

Guitar player is my perfect guy!

Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman 2 months ago

At your age I had friends like you guys. We lived on the beach in Ft Lauderdale. Always stay close. I did, and they are the guys I depend on the most.

penguin pie
penguin pie 2 months ago

Such a lovely place

Grace Kunze
Grace Kunze 2 months ago

The Adirondack wildlife refuge is one of my favorite places in the adks! I鈥檓 so glad you were able to visit!

螝螣危螠螒危 螣螜螝螣螡螣螠螣违

Great video! Keep up the food work!

Something Clever
Something Clever 2 months ago

3:48 = stealthy fart

Michael 2 months ago

Very beautiful there, love the play between you guys, reminds me of the 6 guys I grew up with, we go away every year.聽 Now I am channeling my mother, please wear PFDs any time you are on the water, especially if the water is fast, deep, or cold.聽 I used to go white water kayaking in the spring with some friends and there was one time, were it not for the right gear, it would have ended tragically.Maybe you are wearing them under the coats in which case I will shut up.Cozy looking spot and very scenic.聽 Always enjoy your videos, music, and taste in art.

Tummysticks315 2 months ago

im alittle south east them mountains tug hill region. spent alittle time on the mountain spent alittle time on the hill:)

burnt toast
burnt toast 2 months ago

love yar boots they are cracking

Mountain Bros - Hike and Explore

Looked like an epic weekend. The Adirondacks is the place to be.

uppanadam74 2 months ago

What's the song?? Please??

Daniele Sbordone
Daniele Sbordone 2 months ago

That is one beautiful cabin.

Natasha Letourneau
Natasha Letourneau 2 months ago

Seriously living the dream! 馃挄馃憤馃徎馃挄

Kathy Heath
Kathy Heath 2 months ago

Twin Peaks...

Dimitar 2 months ago

You guys are crazy...subscribing!

MrFox 14Gamer
MrFox 14Gamer 2 months ago

The best Sunday morning I could ever have :3

Dan Barrett
Dan Barrett 2 months ago

Great shots of the river and the beauty of Lake Placid area, I visit LP at least 3-4 times a year but haven't been up at Christmas time yet. Thanks
for the video.

I I 2 months ago


Luthiers Daughter
Luthiers Daughter 2 months ago

Dude sharpen your blade on your tools.