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Allyson Williams
Allyson Williams 2 months ago

I love your accent ❤️❤️❤️

olly hp
olly hp 2 months ago

Hello to the fellow gents in the comment section who also don't know anything about women and what they like.

Rebecca Howe
Rebecca Howe 2 months ago

Omg your mum and Olivia are the spitting image of each other!! Xxx

Sandra Vespa
Sandra Vespa 2 months ago

your mama is sooo lovely and grounded 🥰👌🏻what a presence, its no question where you get your lovely personality 💕💕

Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis 2 months ago

Georgia your mother looks like she could be your sister.xx

Hazal Uzerli
Hazal Uzerli 2 months ago

Oh, you girls are adorable! I know what I am going to get my mom this year, beauty tech for sure! Foreo smart mask or Luna brush or something like that!

Kenzie Richards
Kenzie Richards 2 months ago

I love that glassware! Does anyone know how I can order them to the US???

Still Olivia
Still Olivia 2 months ago

Your mum is your sisters twin!!!

Anna's Style Dictionary

To anyone reading this, I hope you’re feeling well and having a lovely day! If you ever need a chat in these weird times, my dms are always open!! Stay safe and remember to keep smiling, lots of love a small youtuber trying to spread positivity ❤️❤️

Iona Peel
Iona Peel 2 months ago

Your sister is the spitting image of your mum I can’t 🥺

Robert French
Robert French 2 months ago

COOL,thank you for sharing this video, I buy the same product from three weeks ago, shipped by DHL,wonderful quality !!!!

TheMissLexi 2 months ago

I love your content, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - please stop with advertising uggs. The way the slaughter sheep for their products is abhorrent! It’s god awful! No amount of torture and pain is worth a terrible looking house slipper (what they’re actually used for in Oz) anyway. As a vegetarian and animal lover please find alternatives Georgia May 💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏.

Christina Anthony
Christina Anthony 2 months ago

So fun! Love all your videos here in the USA! Silly question, but you and your mom have the whitest teeth!? Do you use something special?

Emma 2 months ago

Your mom is a GREAT sales woman! There's something about the reassuring mom-energy that makes me want everything she endorses.

niina👑👑 2 months ago

u should start taking whitening drops for your look so tired with bloody eyes

Emily Philpott
Emily Philpott 2 months ago

OMG I AM LOVING THE NEW CAMERA!!!!❤️ you two are my fave fave fave x x x

KatQuackLaugh11 2 months ago

Love the vid!

Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson 2 months ago

I can’t get over how much Olivia looks like your Mum. This was a great idea! You should do one with your Dad for the men. This is a nice change than the boyfriend video!,

Camilla Borghi
Camilla Borghi 2 months ago

Oh my God your sister is the exact copy of your mother! You all look so beautiful ❤️

Jadekimmm 2 months ago

Love your mam she’s great on camera with you i feel like you guys could of done this as a segment on this morning fab thank you definitely going to get them glasses for me from me lol xxxx

Paige Rinaldi
Paige Rinaldi 2 months ago

Love your momma! Your relationship reminds me of my own with my mom 😊💕. I've been looking at the Dyson hair wrap, I might have to treat myself next year!

Sophie Brooker
Sophie Brooker 2 months ago

Loved this video 😍 best idea doing it with your mum! Xxx

Nilupulie Sumanasiri
Nilupulie Sumanasiri 2 months ago

Your mom is so sweet.! ❤😍

Emma Madden
Emma Madden 2 months ago

Good work girlies I’m full of ideas now, I haven’t tried the air wrap but I really want to now. I guess it’s one of those things you don’t realise how much you need it till you have it, can’t wait for the next vid hun 🙏🥰

Carm Day
Carm Day 2 months ago

Loved the video with your mum. She is so sweet. 💕 What earring is she wearing from Pandora in the video?

Eva B
Eva B 2 months ago

Lovely husband, well I’m blessed
My lovely fiancé got the dyson for me 🥰🥰 and I love it. For stubborn straight hair it takes some time to make the hair last but it’s a practise :)
Great video! Great ideas xx love u both 😍😍😍

Miss K
Miss K 2 months ago

Sitting watching this in my lilac ugg slippers!! Also I signed up as a new customer on the ugg website and was able to get 10% off! Your mum seems like such a lovely calm soul also! 🦋🦋🍷🍷

DynamoPhilpott16 2 months ago

🎅🏻LOVE THIS! Very CUTE and I am only 5 seconds in! Very Christmassy! 🧑🏻‍🎄PS. 2:36 Yes I love those Glasses TOO! 7:14 NEOM is one of my FAVS! AND at 16:48 Yep that is on my WISH LIST for this year - I have been dropping hints to Mr P! 😏"Gift from Me to Me" I AGREE Vanessa 🤩xxx

Eve beinguniquebeingme

I thought your mum was another sister I clicked without reading the title! 🙌😂💖🎄

tea thai
tea thai 2 months ago

omg saw you upload and clicked so fast XD

Chloe' Louise
Chloe' Louise 2 months ago

Love watching you and your mum doing videos💗💗

Kayleigh hann
Kayleigh hann 2 months ago

Loved this video!! 💗

Victoria Walters
Victoria Walters 2 months ago

So cute doing this with your mum! Love the tree as your backdrop too xxx

Lady VIP
Lady VIP 2 months ago

💖✨💖✨💖Girlie Guide🎄🎅🎁🎀🌟

ameliaf68 2 months ago

Love this video with your mum... But let her finish talking about the product 🤣🤣 of course you don't mean to, but you cut her off alot on this video 🤣🤣🤣. X

Jomana Moussa
Jomana Moussa 2 months ago

I got SO EXCITED when I saw your mom in the clip, AHHH love you both

Alba Flores
Alba Flores 2 months ago

Love your vids 😍😍😍

Visha Seecharan Ali
Visha Seecharan Ali 2 months ago

Georgia your mum is so elegant and lovely. That is clearly where you get it from. Xx

Daveen Armstrong
Daveen Armstrong 2 months ago

Your Mum is sooooo beautiful

Isabella Nielsen
Isabella Nielsen 2 months ago

Personalized jewelry can be a great idea. I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing... She even cried when she saw the necklace.

S Ski
S Ski 2 months ago

Nice to have your Mum!!!

Mumtaz 2 months ago

You need to be a representative for Qvc ❤

Elene Ingorokva
Elene Ingorokva 2 months ago

You and your mom are so beautiful!!Such pretty smiles:)

Marvene Cribbs
Marvene Cribbs 2 months ago

Oh no I want to buy everything for myself 😂

Phoebe Reuben
Phoebe Reuben 2 months ago

My FAVOURITE ever duo 😍😍

emily clare
emily clare 2 months ago

Such a great gift guide, love your mum!

rosejewl 2 months ago

Hey! I have the dyson airwrap, I've had it for about just over a year, I just thought i'd comment about it just to give you a tip with the curls dropping issue you guys are experiencing. If you apply a curling mousse or like a mousse that is meant for styling to your hair before using the airwrap- it does not drop, paired with a bit of hairspray after it literally lasts till I wash my hair! I also found that if I dry my roots but leave my mid lengths and ends a bit damper than recommended when using the airwrap to style that also helps too I have found :) <3

Ciara Larkin
Ciara Larkin 2 months ago

Your mum looks like the sweetest ever! She has such a beautiful smile 🥰💖

Georgina Greenhalgh-brown

Just a little fyi, next slippers that are same style as the ugg ones are only£20 and are amazing! Soo soft, I've had mine over a year and wear them every day and they are still so soft and the sole is solid and sturdy. Really good bargain alternative to ugg and tbh I think they are softer too. :)

Hope1971 2 months ago

Hi ladies it would be good if you captioned your videos for those hard of hearing etc 👍✨

Amy W
Amy W 2 months ago

Your Mum is goals 😍 can see where you and your sister get it from 💖 your Dad is obviously brilliant as well. A beautiful family xx

Alex Tristram
Alex Tristram 2 months ago

Love it when your mums in videos! So excited for this!!🤪❤️

Otilia Szklenár
Otilia Szklenár 2 months ago

My mind went to a completely different place from haircare when I saw the MarkHill wands box... 😳 😂

Aneeqah J
Aneeqah J 2 months ago

Great video! So lovely that you did this video with your mum. Love the quality of the new camera too. 💕

Lauren Mcnally
Lauren Mcnally 2 months ago

Where is your jumper from? It’s so nice 😍

Danielle Wallace
Danielle Wallace 2 months ago

Your mum is lovely! Loved this video <3

Chloe Brett
Chloe Brett 2 months ago

Needed this video so bad!! Your tree looks great xxx

Kimberley Bobeldijk
Kimberley Bobeldijk 2 months ago

Liked the video before I’d even watched it 🥰 I love your videos in general, but also love your mum and sister when they pop on... absolute dream girl gang 💗💗💗

Lucy Walsh
Lucy Walsh 2 months ago

Wow the quality looks amazing!!💞

CherryAlex1 2 months ago

absolutely love videos with your mom/family, please do more :) xx

Nicole Kelly
Nicole Kelly 2 months ago

Where is your jumper from it’s so cute🥰

Adele Lay
Adele Lay 2 months ago

Awww this video is amazing, your mum is stunning, you both rock this video. Great 👍 gift ideas too ♥️♥️

Fiona Bostock
Fiona Bostock 2 months ago

How sweet is your mum 😍

Ianthe Kingett
Ianthe Kingett 2 months ago

Could you please do a video on your current makeup favourites pleaseeee? 🙏 It always looks so beautiful!

Maryam Zangeneh
Maryam Zangeneh 2 months ago

Such a lovely video ❤️ thank you 💖 your mum is so so beautiful and loving 🥰

Ianthe Kingett
Ianthe Kingett 2 months ago

Perfect timing! Just had my nan on the phone asking what to get me and my sisters but she was dissatisfied with my answer of a kettle 😂

Olivia H
Olivia H 2 months ago

Really good ideas love it!!!!💕

Robert Guajardo
Robert Guajardo 2 months ago


Courtney Alyssa
Courtney Alyssa 2 months ago

I love the idea of doing it with your mum!!! So cute ❤️

savannah abbott
savannah abbott 2 months ago

was there meant to be more in your description box? not everything is linked xxx

Georgina Thomas
Georgina Thomas 2 months ago

Loved this... your mum is so sweet and love when shes in videos! You need to get your dad and do a mens gift guide. It would be hillarious..he's so funny😂

Channy Hartwig
Channy Hartwig 2 months ago

You always make me happy! I love you xxx

Emma Louise
Emma Louise 2 months ago

Yay! Another Sunday video! Love this x

Daniel Kaz
Daniel Kaz 2 months ago

Love your vids :-) 💕

Georgia May
Georgia May 2 months ago

*Hey guys -- I am using my NEW camera and I am still trying to work out how to use it!! Please bear with me whilst I try and get to grips with it because it is sooo different to how I normally film! Also don't forget to LIKE the video and engage with it! So sorry to ask you all but the YouTube algorithm is seriously messing with my content at the moment :( xxx

Beth X
Beth X 2 months ago

The quality looks fab! What camera do you use? Also, I’m SO glad you did this video I needed ideas so bad😂😩 XX

Molly 2 months ago

yaaaay been waiting for this 🥰✨

Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu 2 months ago

Love you Georgia xx and your channel