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BBC One Christmas 2017 | The Supporting Act

BBC One Christmas 2017 | The Supporting Act

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depressed hub
depressed hub 2 months ago

true fact of truly teach

depressed hub
depressed hub 2 months ago

teach Tru by basics

Dan Isanzu
Dan Isanzu 2 months ago

How beautiful is that?🥲🥹

MATELEO 2 months ago


kaczorefx 2 months ago

Damn ninjas...

Obby_King 2 months ago

Is that Padiham Primary School or?

Parishi’s Palace
Parishi’s Palace 2 months ago



Am I literally the only one who had to watch this for school like not gonna lie its good but like idk!

fin 2 months ago

This ad will always make me upset

KarazhanIsCake 2 months ago

Clean Bandit - Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) // Song Music

HeadReaper 2 months ago

This creation spreads joy! Incredible.

Patricia Trejo
Patricia Trejo 2 months ago

I watched this at school (6th grade) and I just related to this so much. My dad is always working and pays attention to a little sister I have more, so he's not always there when I have to do something big and scary.😪

Kwarantined Krab Bubble Bass's Tab Paien 2020

Chino 2 (2019) BBC Christmas 2017 Scene

Ольга Иванова

I'm crying... Thank you...

Cece Maynard
Cece Maynard 2 months ago


Ayesha Gull
Ayesha Gull 2 months ago


Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins 2 months ago

Beautiful ✝️ 😍 😘 ✝️

Martyn E
Martyn E 2 months ago

The only decent thing on BBC and its 3 years ago. What utter crap from them.
How can they make something so Wonderful as this then show the rubbish on over Christmas [dont get me started on The Wheel and blankety blank 😡 what a load of 'Blankers'

ELIZABETH T 2 months ago

I just love this video. It has me smiling from ear to ear. Family, make time for your love ones, let them know you love them, show them that they are most important, more now than ever before.

Fabulous Joy
Fabulous Joy 2 months ago

It's beautiful

Selma Doneryuk
Selma Doneryuk 2 months ago

Jasmine is scared

Selma Doneryuk
Selma Doneryuk 2 months ago

Dad said no

Jacek Lutrzykowski
Jacek Lutrzykowski 2 months ago


I am columbiaaa
I am columbiaaa 2 months ago

Do you know that is really good

Саша Позднякова

It's thery good

caty 2 months ago


Troynot_ 2 months ago


Federica De Falco
Federica De Falco 2 months ago

I'm not a mother but I do have parents as everyone, and this makes me cry every time

Francesca Desogus
Francesca Desogus 2 months ago

Quella bambina quando balla sembro io quando ascolto leon

Ellas cat things
Ellas cat things 2 months ago

I love thisssssssssssssssssss song and this

Daisy Maisy xxx
Daisy Maisy xxx 2 months ago

I saw it at school on English I done my hot write today

Frank Dimura
Frank Dimura 2 months ago

This is beautifully written, and as a Dad of Sweet young lady who is a dancer, this touched my heart and shows that some of us Dads who sometimes don’t seem like we are paying attention, we are, and will always have our Daughters(Or sons) backs❤️

Chris Thornton
Chris Thornton 2 months ago

Love this so much

fowz alanzi
fowz alanzi 2 months ago

So cute

fowz alanzi
fowz alanzi 2 months ago

I love it even i learn it in English

Channelle Hanlon
Channelle Hanlon 2 months ago

This was very well made wow 2021 remake for Christmas ??

Sue Townsend
Sue Townsend 2 months ago

love it

Belinda Stanton
Belinda Stanton 2 months ago

Best xmas advert ever xx

Felix Cuthbert
Felix Cuthbert 2 months ago

One of the greats from the festive BBC selection.

Itsme_e 2 months ago

i had to do this for school religion { whats the true meaning of christmas} and my class was skeptical but it was really great

Elio Perlman
Elio Perlman 2 months ago

whos watching in Christmas 2021?

Wolfiedevil 2 months ago

This is good I watch this in my school and we where so happy at that video it is so good we watch it and I'm 7 years old👍🎒🎒

Ann London
Ann London 2 months ago

Still watching this in 2021 still brilliant

Abuk maiyk
Abuk maiyk 2 months ago

Wow I'm sad😭😭😭😭 I'm happy

Luke 2 months ago

When I tell you I SOBBED

Cheron 2 months ago


Maria Del angel
Maria Del angel 2 months ago

Como se llama la música xd

Hacker Of world
Hacker Of world 2 months ago

btw i liked when dad was busy but then also he was seeing heeer daughteri

Hacker Of world
Hacker Of world 2 months ago

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyz HHhahahaha just a jokeeeedeeeeeeee

Ricardo130 2 months ago

El mejor papá del mundo wachos😔👊

AmazingGrace 2 months ago

Jesus loves you:) Please then to Jesus while you have a chance, He loves you very much! He knows your pain and loves you and can heal you from it - if you let Him:) I hope to see you all in heaven one day

Lucario 2 months ago

This puts the others to shame come on BBC get more of these 2021 better blow 2017s socks off

Ashley Copus
Ashley Copus 2 months ago

Any 1 seeing this in 2021

That Rando
That Rando 2 months ago


Sweet Geymer
Sweet Geymer 2 months ago

1:34 what is the song?

엑스x 2 months ago

와 이게 벌써 4년전 영상이야?ㅠㅠ 이 영상 처음보고 넘 감동받아서 눈물 찔끔 흘렸는데. 지금봐도 눈물 나옴.. 영원히 나랑 함께가야할 영상이다ㅠㅠ

Roblox 2.0
Roblox 2.0 2 months ago

The song is symphony and is awesome BTW

VIRUSxSUNNY 2 months ago

What’s the song name

Kāy 2 months ago

Thanks for help me to learn english. Hello from Argentina.

NZdolmiogrin 2 months ago


Talking Lines Videos By: Caitlin Sparkle

I remember watching this with my mum on TV in the living room when it first came out years ago. I missed 2010's already :)

Kennedy Grace
Kennedy Grace 2 months ago

Whos here just to watch this in 2021?

PetesMerrin 2 months ago

this make me cry 🥺

Daddymaddy 2 months ago

In 2015, when my daughters were 12 & 9, their mum stopped me seeing them. In 2017, after a long battle in the courts, a judge told her she was wrong and she should now promote my relationship with the girls - she doesn't although I see them for a few hours every fortnight or so now. Christmas 2017 this advert came on. I cried then & I still cry now every time I see it. 🥰🥰

Buki B
Buki B 2 months ago

What's this song called? Absolutely in love with it!

GEVER Gever 2 months ago

כוסאמא של הבגרות בע"פ

Carl Hole-Maloney
Carl Hole-Maloney 2 months ago

Me and my daughter did our own version of this.. the video suits us, we're both mixed race..and she loves dancing..

Maggie Sepsey
Maggie Sepsey 2 months ago

This is the best commercial I’ve even seen

Good ftoest
Good ftoest 2 months ago

Wtf is this

Moonlit Sunshine
Moonlit Sunshine 2 months ago

so sweet

Navinter 2 months ago

I used to watch this when I was little and watching it now is bringing back so many memories :,)

SketchWon 2 months ago


david lopez
david lopez 2 months ago

POV: you came from the link

Alessandro 2 months ago

Okay! Im not a Father YET! but I appreciate the fact that its a Single FATHER! Like yasss it proves that men can also struggle and be single Parents! 🙏💓🙏

ITV3 UK 2 months ago

I lovery 2015 one

Chan Man Yi
Chan Man Yi 2 months ago

What song is it

Suzanna 2 months ago

In my English I was writing about this

Arisha Hussain
Arisha Hussain 2 months ago

That is so sweet

Singing Fever
Singing Fever 2 months ago

Why are my eyes swelling up with tears on seeing this 🥲❤️

ALFREDO 12 2 months ago

Que bonito video

jude Bsum
jude Bsum 2 months ago

Girl children are just the best 👌, I am so blessed with not 1 but 3 of these amazing people ❤

fumjum 2 months ago


Saida Fourati
Saida Fourati 2 months ago

This is hearttouching!

muppet mode
muppet mode 2 months ago

I just finished ✔ learning about this in school

Sue Beecham
Sue Beecham 2 months ago

Love this! 💕

Francisca Abella
Francisca Abella 2 months ago

Me encantó!!!

Natliegazit456 G
Natliegazit456 G 2 months ago

were using this video for school

Nero hero❤️💖
Nero hero❤️💖 2 months ago

That's so sweet

Amani Adam
Amani Adam 2 months ago

<3 wow i love this!

sxceve25 2 months ago

Geneviève Hamel
Geneviève Hamel 2 months ago


ang 2 months ago

aww this is so cute

Cyber One
Cyber One 2 months ago

This was so cute. 😊

MacaRon · Weasley
MacaRon · Weasley 2 months ago

Who else is just bawling their eyes out

I’m Numb
I’m Numb 2 months ago

This will forever be my favourite ad

SolvedPolecat1 2 months ago


Stacey Chalmers
Stacey Chalmers 2 months ago

I love it I think i have watched this 4000 times and in school i love it soooo much it the best and literally most of my friends watch it to and they say :I could watch this a 1000 times. That is what i could do to watch it all the time like if you agree👍
.. 👆

kaleekii???? 2 months ago


kaleekii???? 2 months ago

So cuteeeeeee

Asia Mobby
Asia Mobby 2 months ago

I am just like jasmine and my name use to be jasemine and I'm writing a book about her in school