10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!


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Information 10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

Title : 10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

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Frames 10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

Description 10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

10 Things NOT to Buy BEFORE Christmas!

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The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy 2 months ago

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON EVERYONE! 🎄 🛒 If you learned something from this videos please like it as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm 👍🏼🙂LOVE YOU GUYS!! ❤️

Kat Snow
Kat Snow 2 months ago

Oh thank you!! Looking to buy 1500.00 Nordic Track Treadmill (big splurge for me), but now I will wait a few weeks and see the price comes down!!

Beatrice Stackhouse
Beatrice Stackhouse 2 months ago

I told my husband that

mxngrmln 2 months ago

Should i buy a gopro now or wait til after christmas?

Jessie Fowler
Jessie Fowler 2 months ago


Theresa Novak
Theresa Novak 2 months ago

Thanks, Matt for the info! Look at you gettin' all fancy with countdown numbers!

M J 2 months ago

I really enjoy his excitement and the jewels he gives. I was thinking about some workout equipment but I’ll wait lol!

Laura Barber
Laura Barber 2 months ago

I called that furniture color pumpkin

SHERYL KINSEL 2 months ago

And we only get snow here in NM in February.

princessnubi 2 months ago

Best Christmas tree deals please? Anywhere? Everywhere?

Marine Shahbazyan
Marine Shahbazyan 2 months ago

Thank you so much. I think I will save money if I follow your advice which I am doing

1201chesapeake 2 months ago

There is only one r in jewelry

Talea Montgomery
Talea Montgomery 2 months ago

Hmmm, I'm in the market for a used SUV, can anyone help me?

Pat Sabol
Pat Sabol 2 months ago

I had lost my wedding ring and wanted to replace it for my Christmas present. I will wait. Thank you for the advice. You are amazing.

4tun8nanette 2 months ago

Thanks so much for this info. I need some sheets but will wait.

Kristine Alexander
Kristine Alexander 2 months ago

Could u also do a Five Below video? Many thanks for your informative videos!!

Chuck Wagon Grub
Chuck Wagon Grub 2 months ago

When is the best time to buy small kitchen appliances like air fryer ovens etc? I love your channel. Keep up the great work.

Lindsey Hall
Lindsey Hall 2 months ago

Happy Holidays to You and Your family♥️🎄⛄😇

flamingbeast 2 months ago

I feel bad now....I asked for earbuds and I know my mom got them......(I saw them)

Terry Crews
Terry Crews 2 months ago

Biggest tip here was the one about buying Christmas decor

CurlyMessican 2 months ago

Noticed you didn't say anything about cell phones. Would it be best to wait on a new phone if your upgrading? And is it better to buy an unlocked phone or a phone through a phone network?

OutOfTheKlosset 2 months ago

FYI photog here, the background pieces on the shelf going highest to lowest are what's catching people's eye, not you. Maybe change it up?

Maison Wang
Maison Wang 2 months ago

I like that you not only give us deals - you recommand items are good. Very cool. thanks

Devarinti Sai Pratheek

Will there be any deals on gaming laptops on/before Christmas?

imnickim 2 months ago

What about getting a tv after the Superbowl

Marcia Reed
Marcia Reed 2 months ago

Love it

Juggatarian 1010
Juggatarian 1010 2 months ago

I don't think I'm going to be able to wait for the Galaxy A52, is there a time coming up where they might lower the price of the Galaxy S20 FE ? Is before Christmas or after Christmas a better time for something like this? Or maybe you have some insider info on the Galaxy A52 US release date .

B litzonu
B litzonu 2 months ago

U little Jerk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

B litzonu
B litzonu 2 months ago

What should we but as a gift , you basically recommend not to buy anything

pat White
pat White 2 months ago

Thank you because i need a memory

Michelle Mccoy
Michelle Mccoy 2 months ago

I learned a lot from this video! You da man Matt!! Merry Christmas!!

Cara Garcia
Cara Garcia 2 months ago

People sometimes want new linens and furniture for guests. Especially if they normally go to someone else's house.

Tawny Nalea
Tawny Nalea 2 months ago

I was looking at furniture and mattresses even remembering what you said. I was surprised at the expense. So February it is! Thanks Matt! We used to buy gift cards for our teens who wanted clothes for Christmas. They really had purchase power and got way more and could choose their own. It was fun and they were SO happy.

rafdek 2 months ago

best times to buy BBQ and pellet grill?

Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark 2 months ago

Buy Christmas for your office at Dollar Tree! :)

Lauren Olson
Lauren Olson 2 months ago

If you want to save then make sure you have a % that your willing to spend. Or % that you need off before you buy. For your needs and wants.

Michelle Kern
Michelle Kern 2 months ago

Best place to buy a Christmas tree?

Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz 2 months ago

One day you're young and then you find yourself binge watching Matt's videos🤣😂

LoneGuatemalan 2 months ago

Can you a segment on laptop and computers?

Judy Watkins
Judy Watkins 2 months ago

Best dual dash cams

Martha 2 months ago

Great video!!

Tina Smith
Tina Smith 2 months ago

Oh who knew? Thanks. Gracias

Hummingbird 88
Hummingbird 88 2 months ago

I would not buy a cruise ANY time!💀🤮

j s
j s 2 months ago

Health IS wealth, something Mr. Deal Guy should keep in mind.

j s
j s 2 months ago

Walmart will not let you return clothes that may not fit, even though other stores will exchange and refund your money. I called their corporate office and got a load of horse manure. I will not waste my time or money on a store like that.

Lily Valley
Lily Valley 2 months ago

I love the color of your shirt. Ofc do it after 25th. Anyone should know that by now. Lol. 8 tell everyone you get your gifts after. Diff tradition. Is how you commit things to mind & soul. It is not necessary on 25th morning presents under the tree. Don't buy into that anymore, never really did. Just save. Why pay more. That color in furniture yuck. There is 30% Nov the Ghost bed is best thought. Is the one I like what I see. It is cheaper better sakes the purple mattress, etc. The adjustable bed frame

Jean Welsome
Jean Welsome 2 months ago

You've made my Christmas shopping so much easier! Thank you!

Melissa Smart
Melissa Smart 2 months ago

Hey Matt, you’ve been working nonstop for us for a couple of weeks now. It’s time to take a day off and relax, you deserve it!

Lorenzo Johnson
Lorenzo Johnson 2 months ago

Matt I love you but I would love to know about Shopping sites like WISH I TRUST YOUR OPINION BECAUSE YOU ARE THE GREATEST

Thomas Wypyszinski
Thomas Wypyszinski 2 months ago

HOW did you know I was calling you a "little jerk" ????

JK luv ya!!! 🤗

ihsaa44 2 months ago

No. 8, fitness. Mine too 🤚

Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews 2 months ago

THANK YOU! Excellent

Mica R
Mica R 2 months ago

The Deal Guy! Please please I need advice on which make and model for a washer/dryer set. My washer died and I’m an emergency RN who needs to wash daily. I’ve read so many reviews and just going in circles.

Lourdes Boet
Lourdes Boet 2 months ago

Love your advices. When is the best time to buy big kitchen appliances

Tina Thompson
Tina Thompson 2 months ago

Wrapping paper!! Rite aid dies a black Friday buy 1 get 2 free. Other than that wait till after Christmas where it goes to 50%-90% off. Then hide it away until next year.

Nidhi Madanala
Nidhi Madanala 2 months ago

I want to buy Marshall Speaker with bluetooth and Amazon alexa. When can I buy it with sale. Since the last sale was for black Friday.


OneL OneFaith
OneL OneFaith 2 months ago

Lol at cruises...have you watched the videos on the people getting sick and that’s with lots of precautions. No thanks I’d like to live. 🙄🤣

OneL OneFaith
OneL OneFaith 2 months ago

iPads? I love Apple it’s what I’m used to....

acchaladka 2 months ago

Interesting about clothing. I actually got so stereotypically Canadian I went to Hudson's Bay this week to buy Sorels, and they were out of my size. Then i went on the Sorel Canada website, all out of stock for the classic Caribou boot in size 9. And ten and eleven and eight. Amazing. I'm waiting until Boxing Day sales when everyone returns their gift i guess.

nakialoves 2 months ago

When is it a good time to buy a sound bar? Is it around the Super Bowl?

Isaac James Tea
Isaac James Tea 2 months ago

So I should wait until February 2021, BEFORE the superbowl to buy at TV and not just after Christmas?
Thanks Matt!!!!

Jakki Bitz
Jakki Bitz 2 months ago

Good information to know thank you

Leon Bosset
Leon Bosset 2 months ago

Does "mattresses" include foam and hybrid mattresses from Internet companies like Casper, Tuft & Needle, etc?

Woodland Burl
Woodland Burl 2 months ago

I am all for not buying anything for Christmas. Thanks for your advice.And it’s Merry Christmas!

yume816 2 months ago

Samsung Qled is already discounted up to 600$ off. Can it really be more Super Bowls?

fuckyzeit 2 months ago

Hey let me know next time you're in town. You're coming shopping with me.

Kelli Stephens
Kelli Stephens 2 months ago

Love it as always. thank you.

Amanda G
Amanda G 2 months ago

Thank you, Matt! 😊

Tara Simon
Tara Simon 2 months ago

Thanks Matt! I listen to you more than I listen to my mother😂😂😂

Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks 2 months ago

i love all the deals. i am a artist and you never cover that item. like namebrand paints, winston & newton, arches watercolor paper,. from the big 4- hobbylobby, micheals, cheap joes, jerry's. i know it is a real nitch item.

garry12777 2 months ago

Under NO circumstances should you go on a cruise right now no matter how cheap. Remember COVID? Jesus!

Adriana Rios
Adriana Rios 2 months ago

I’m not buying anything anymore why am I still watching this hyper excited guy telling me what not to buy?! Oh look I’m subscribed to his channel too 😂🤣 I actually talked myself out of a small tv for my bedroom that I wanted the week before thanksgiving, I wanted it, not necessarily needed it; so now I’ll wait until next year 🤷🏽‍♀️

Jonny Q
Jonny Q 2 months ago

I'm glad I found your channel, I enjoy watching these types of videos, I used to work at a few different types of retail stores, some of the "sales" items are cheaper during spring/summer because no one is really buying TV etc during those times, and during go back to retail price during the holidays and take a percentage off to make it "cheaper"

Marylou De Los Santos

Thank you for sharing the tips. Very helpful!

scotty thompson
scotty thompson 2 months ago

Cool video tech talk lol Matt lol yes ok yep oh ok

Celebrate Your Inner Beauty

Never taking a cruise. Plus COVID! EEEK! 🤢🤢🤢

Celebrate Your Inner Beauty

Kohls has the best quality towels & bed linen sales even now. My husband and I gift these types of things at Christmas 🎄 & Easter 🐣! 25 year tradition. ♥️ We get great savings with coupons, sales, & Rakuten! 800 thread count Simply Vera Wang sheet sets for king & queen are a steal! Same with her towel brand at Kohl’s!

Kathy Larsen
Kathy Larsen 2 months ago

Love you, thanks for all the advice!!!

Gloria Elizabeth
Gloria Elizabeth 2 months ago


Chema HD
Chema HD 2 months ago

So where do I find the best Christmas tree deal now?

Mark M
Mark M 2 months ago

Thank you Matt for your time invested so we can save $💵$
I tried to buy that 65" Hisense TV for $250 but after fighting for quite a while I finally got it into my cart only to find out that they won't deliver it to my zip code & there wasn't one within 250 miles of my closest Best Buy. That sucks. But what I really need is a good cheep computer, preferably less than $400. Can you help me out and point me in the right direction?
Love you too. You're awesome. I love your enthusiasm. Keep it up but make sure you get some rest. We need you thinking clearly.😋
Oh! And don't forget your mask 😷👍

MrzBadaBing 2 months ago

Hey it be snowing here in New England in April, and may , prolly in June ...our weather is fucked

Brando&Sue Davison
Brando&Sue Davison 2 months ago

Can you find me a deal on a mop/vac hard floor cleaner? Please? And thank you

Thrifty Under 35 Homeowner

You're so much fun. Love your channel and appreciate your dedication to bringing the deals.

holiday 2406
holiday 2406 2 months ago

Matt, do what I do. At the end of each year (12/29-30) I sit down and plan a budget for the next year for the amount of family members I plan on purchasing Christmas gifts for. I then take the amount, divide by 10, and STARTING January (I'm retired and get paid at the 1st & 3rd of the month) I take 1/10 of the budget I set for the year (this is a budget for B-day, Anniversary, Christmas, gift purchases) and put it into a checking account that is linked to a savings account. Then when I find something on sale OR clearance, I purchase it, take it home, put the receipt in a Rubbermaid container so I don't lose them) and wrap the gift in the wrapping paper for the occasion. I also put a white name tag on the gift, and what is in the package. When it's time to give the gift, I cross out the info on the white tag with a black Sharpie, and put a bigger gift tag over it with a bow!!
While the rest of the country is running around during the Christmas Holiday, I am sitting at home, enjoying the season. The only gifts I purchase in Oct-Nov is for the grandkids when something "new" has come out that they want. I've never had someone ask to return something either.
I save TONS of money doing things this way. I used to purchase Winter Coats/Snowsuits for my kids the next size up and NEVER did I have to return a Winter coat because it was the wrong size!!
I save tons and TONS of money this way.....and I love it that all the gifts are wrapped and waiting for Christmas! YAY!!!!
Love your videos Matt!

Maison Wang
Maison Wang 2 months ago

hello guy, would you please test our technology items, thanks for your time , have a good day

damarti 2 months ago

How can you not buy clothes now since thats what everyone buys for christmas for everyone

Diana Yanez
Diana Yanez 2 months ago

This guy is awesome.

Dianne Lopez
Dianne Lopez 2 months ago

I bought earrings 🤦‍♀️

XenoSmasher 2 months ago

I know this is random, but does anyone else in the USA keep getting a specific advertisement in Spanish?

Wolverine 4 Life
Wolverine 4 Life 2 months ago

New to the channel and I love the info! You have a great insight on how retail works and I plan to capitalize on it lol

Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 2 months ago

Thank you for the $1 off on the Christmas tree storage bag! Lol. Too funny.

Nicole Nunya
Nicole Nunya 2 months ago

😫😫 I just lived and need furniture BADLY!!!

Karen 2 months ago

Thanks Matt!

Karen Simon
Karen Simon 2 months ago

Sounds good, Matt. Tfs...

lindegirl 333
lindegirl 333 2 months ago

Thank you for all you do to help people..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sharon Shade
Sharon Shade 2 months ago

What should you buy then?

Kimberly Coberly
Kimberly Coberly 2 months ago

Just bought rowing machine for my signifigant other for Xmas / Birthday from amazon....grr!🤓

Michael Yaguchi
Michael Yaguchi 2 months ago

Thanks for the sage advice and cant get enough of your hand claps.

AmberWool 2 months ago

When should I buy a small (~40") smart TV?