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Jeanette Douchet
Jeanette Douchet 2 months ago

I love the way you go about making videos, I was just wondering if you had heard of, or tried them out, I heard mixed opinion on them(mostly positive, but I guess there will always be both sides to it due to the competition), and would love for someone here to tell me about their experience with before I order? ❤

Johnny Hawkins
Johnny Hawkins 2 months ago

My girlfriend is not a fan of makeup

Claudette De clercq
Claudette De clercq 2 months ago

Love dit


We're all people and we all have feelings; that being said, this woman looks like the physical manifestation of a 'hot mess'

Zeeshan Saifi
Zeeshan Saifi 2 months ago


Catherine Mizon
Catherine Mizon 2 months ago

The personalized daily goodies are so beautiful and such a special gift🎁 😍

Robynne Groenewald
Robynne Groenewald 2 months ago

I've decided that I need 2020 to be the year where I focus on personal development and self love! I really want a kind of PharmaFreak starter pack to get me started on this journey. Your journey was so inspiring.

Darnelle Botha
Darnelle Botha 2 months ago

Hi Kandy, I know this is not relevant to your video but I was wondering if you could tell me what camera you use for your Instagram photos and if so do you use that same camera for your videos on YouTube ?

Marize Beukes
Marize Beukes 2 months ago

There are two things I would really really like, but never get around to spoil myself with it, because its so pricey and would rather spend the money on my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙈but nr 1 is a Pandora bracelet or nr 2 is a Fitbit watch or something simular as 2020 is the year I need to focus more on my health 💪🎉

Jo Rutherford
Jo Rutherford 2 months ago

A Persian Tea Cup Kitten

Lizelle Frank
Lizelle Frank 2 months ago

I really really want and need a new wallet mine is so worn out 😭

Cassandra Lee Geel
Cassandra Lee Geel 2 months ago

I would love the new RoxixRevolution Ride or Die Pallete 😍🎄

Danielle Lombard
Danielle Lombard 2 months ago

I would love a fitness watch😍😍

Christine 2 months ago

I’ve always loved watching all the make-up tutorials I can find on YT and love practicing on myself 😄 My boyfriend has even gotten used to watching these tutorials with me 😂 But because of these tutorials, obviously I’ve paid good attention to all the different brands you guys use and was very excited when I saw on your video that Benefit was now available in SA! 😄😄 So that Benefit gift set would be quite perfect 🥰 I got the They’re Real mascara for my birthday the other day and I absolutely love it!

Christell Potgieter
Christell Potgieter 2 months ago

I absolutely love the navy blue Guess bag you've recently bought. I cut my hair short today.. I've never used a hair accessory, but I feel I'm one neck-burn short of getting one of those beauties in my grubby, little hands... 😁

Kaylee Prentice
Kaylee Prentice 2 months ago

I desperately want one of the stunning moon necklaces that Swarovski have 😍😍😍

Crystell Jean-Charles

I would love a pandora dangle charm

Being Chandré
Being Chandré 2 months ago

Hello from Instagram 👋🏻
These gift ideas are just as gorgeous as you, wow! 💛
And super great for birthdays and special occasions as well!

Expensive gifts I would suggest (and probably die if received 😂) would be..

-Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
-ghd Straightener (like you said, such an investment really)
-Daniel Wellington Watch (the silver with medium brown strap is my personal favourite)

Angel Marie-line Chislett

Would LOVE a new Guess Handbag. Mine is looking a little out of date now.

Carin Berrington
Carin Berrington 2 months ago

I would love a Black polo handbag.

Megan Hendrie
Megan Hendrie 2 months ago

A brand new GHD would be great. Mine is already 9 years old.👍

Catherine Dippenaar
Catherine Dippenaar 2 months ago

Another thing on my wish list is Guess sunglasses! Beautiful black, cateye shaped ones!

Catherine Dippenaar
Catherine Dippenaar 2 months ago

On my wish list is Guess handbag. Not the big shopper ones, just a nice size for everyday use👜😊.. Any colour would do😘

Lourene N
Lourene N 2 months ago

Goodness sal ek darem maar nie op en af spring vir so n guess belt en handsak nie...O liewe genade 2020 sal sommer met n HIGH afskop...

Anel Pieterse
Anel Pieterse 2 months ago

Definently those rose gold necklaces with initials on from Annabelle Jewellery

Jolene Wessels
Jolene Wessels 2 months ago

I would loooove Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Intens perfume or a new GHD as mine literally broke yesterday after 10 years!!!! 💔

K D 2 months ago

Your outfit and makeup look like you’re an Olympic ice skater.

Nosipho Mkhabela
Nosipho Mkhabela 2 months ago

Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Sunelle Milne
Sunelle Milne 2 months ago

I would absolutely love a BlendJet portable blender 🙌🏼 I’m always on the go and often don’t make time to eat during the day. A smoothie on-the-go would be a lifesaver 🙋🏼‍♀️

Celia Stevens
Celia Stevens 2 months ago

Paco Robanne Black XS for the ladies is amazing would make an awesome gift! Great Video❤️

Chantell Roets
Chantell Roets 2 months ago

I would love to just have a basic makeup kit 😍👏🏻 just the necessary makeup 🥺 foundation, mascara, highlighter, bronzer, primer, lipstick, eyeshadow palette, 💛
Would be a dream come true 🎊💕

Marizaan Rademeyer
Marizaan Rademeyer 2 months ago

Definitely a GHD straightener

Janine Thomas
Janine Thomas 2 months ago

Ooooh! I would love the new GHD 🥰 I’ve also had mine for aaaages but an upgrade would be amazing 😬 especially for my blonde hair

Bianca Joubert
Bianca Joubert 2 months ago

Perfect gift would be perfume-Paco Rabanne Lady Million ❤️
Love die gift idea video.🙌🏻

Stella & Bee
Stella & Bee 2 months ago

Aww daardie PCD travel bags is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! Also you makeup lyk BOMB guru <3

Sarette Labuschagne
Sarette Labuschagne 2 months ago

I’m such a makeup hoarder and lover, but I never really pay much attention to my hair, so I think I would switch it up to the GHD straightener ✨

Malandri van Jaarsveldt

Ever since I saw the Guess belt on your IG story it's been on my Christmas wishlist🎅now that I know it's reversible too makes me want it even more!

Venessa Van der Walt
Venessa Van der Walt 2 months ago

I think the ultimate gift would be GHD hair straightner. Like a gift for my hair💕

Nikita Jadwat
Nikita Jadwat 2 months ago

A personalized makeup bag would be a dream gift😍

Reniera van der Sandt

I would LOVE the Urban Decay Born to Run & Naked smokey eyeshadow pallets!!!

rynardt van wyk
rynardt van wyk 2 months ago

the straightner for SSSSSUUUUURRRREEEEEE

Chantelle Cherry
Chantelle Cherry 2 months ago

I would love a Superdry Premium Goods Puff t-shirt in navy

LuLu Zing
LuLu Zing 2 months ago

I don't have a special person but hopefully I can save up for a GHD ♥️ all the gifts are amazing though

Kaylynn Marais
Kaylynn Marais 2 months ago

I would love a designer perfume, so maybe a chanel Gabriella fragrance. It smells so good 😍

Vin-nita Abrahams
Vin-nita Abrahams 2 months ago

I like any gift I'm not picky but a nice rose gold watch not expensive brand

Alissa Dawn Maakal
Alissa Dawn Maakal 2 months ago

I’d absolutely love to receive the GHD Platinum Plus! Wow! What a gift that would be! Also,
I absolutely loved this video. So cool seeing a little twist on the regular gift guide videos.

Kyla Joubert
Kyla Joubert 2 months ago

I want a GHD straightner , the same one as yours 💚💚💚💚💚💚🎁🎁🎁🎅🎅🎅

Mine broke after A LOT of years, being my best best friend... so i think that would make an awesome Christmas present ! 🌻

Meagan Petersen
Meagan Petersen 2 months ago

I would love an ABH eyeshadow palette 🙏

Jody Oberholster
Jody Oberholster 2 months ago

All of these gifts are nice but the bags with the initials are so cute and practical and a GHD is just the ultimate gift , any of those would just be the best.

Zilderie Steynberg
Zilderie Steynberg 2 months ago

A dark brown and caramel Polo Freedom Iconic Dome handbag😍😍😍

Melissa Carstens
Melissa Carstens 2 months ago

Gucci Guilty 🥰 love that fragrance.
And i would LOVE a white pair of supergas with a bit of a platform.

Karla Kotze
Karla Kotze 2 months ago

Had early Christmas since I stay in Cpt and boyf in Pta BUT I got the rosegold GHD gold and I'm in LOVE with it. Had an old GHD and the technology really improved!

Cecilia van Eeden
Cecilia van Eeden 2 months ago

Im really wanting a gorgeous Guess belt and would love a new handbag from Guess as well!

Love your videos Kandy!!!

Nadia Levinson
Nadia Levinson 2 months ago

I would love one of those Benefit tins!

Chanelle Mendes
Chanelle Mendes 2 months ago

Perfume- Jean paul gaultier scandal🙌🙌

saadieqah green
saadieqah green 2 months ago

I would love a cloud nine. Been wishing for this forever now

Stephanie Thiem
Stephanie Thiem 2 months ago

Ghd and I want toe get the tattoo one

Michaela Pereira Da Costa

Urban decay cherry palette😭 or a MacBook Pro 🌸

Sheena Scheepers
Sheena Scheepers 2 months ago

I would really love the babybliss paris curl secret😍😍

Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 2 months ago

I would definitely love a rose gold watch, or Fitbit 😊 or a full face makeup brush kit

Simoné Smit
Simoné Smit 2 months ago

I would LOVE a Canon 5D Mark lll with a Sigma 35mm art lens!!! 😍😍😍

Natasha Wakeford
Natasha Wakeford 2 months ago

I would love to get a Fit bit versa 2 in rose gold😍😍😍 or a silver bracelet with a aircraft on from elite cabincrew

Chanri van Coller
Chanri van Coller 2 months ago

Definitely dying for an Urban Decay Naked Honey palette- but joh with a student budget, it takes time. 😂😂🤷‍♀️

Melandri Louw
Melandri Louw 2 months ago

Plain rosegold ring like a 'wedding band' type
😁😁 Definitely would love that!

Gabriella De Matos
Gabriella De Matos 2 months ago

I would love the new AirPods Pro 😫😍 or the new MacBook Air for my small business 👀 #MaybeOneDay