2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players


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Information 2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

Title : 2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

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Frames 2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

Description 2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

2020 - Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players

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Joe Nooch
Joe Nooch 2 months ago

i have nhl 2020 just letin u know

Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott 2 months ago

You look like Zack kassian

Danielle Banwarth
Danielle Banwarth 2 months ago

I love the bruins meeny if you keep being meen I will unsub

Danielle Banwarth
Danielle Banwarth 2 months ago

16:53 hey,Brad Marchand is my favorite player. Meeny

Hockeykman32 2 months ago

8:38 it’s a jump scare

Mitty Gaming
Mitty Gaming 2 months ago

You forgot synthetic ice tiles from hockey shot

Andrew Soderberg
Andrew Soderberg 2 months ago

NHL19 is the best video game for hockey the 20 and 21 is bad

Jakob Morehouse
Jakob Morehouse 2 months ago

I'm not watching u any more

ben cox
ben cox 2 months ago

The spanking with music made this video lol

Ctrl 2 months ago

19:45 WHAT?! 99 CENT PUCK

Christopher Tote
Christopher Tote 2 months ago

I need some kind of hockey stick warmer :) composite gets cold outdoors compared to wood. I need an insertable rechargeable warming "rod". See what happens when grandpas keep skating?

Mason Wiest
Mason Wiest 2 months ago

12:18 is crazy look how close the tv is to the net

Matster 2 months ago

Jeremy, stop, i'm irritated cause the bruins AND I can't even buy one of these things, even the affordable versions. I'm soo broke. What's wrong with me

Blade Barber
Blade Barber 2 months ago

Great video fellas. Thanks for the plug HTH. Our sales have been great this year.

CatKid 21
CatKid 21 2 months ago

I heard of this new disease it call habs fans

Jayden Kane
Jayden Kane 2 months ago

Hey where can I get the VR thing the website you put there didn’t sell the play version

Brobie_Boy Plays
Brobie_Boy Plays 2 months ago

I got the original sauce kit for Christmas

EpiC GaMEr
EpiC GaMEr 2 months ago

Sparx skate shnarpaner

Bretzky Hockey
Bretzky Hockey 2 months ago

“U can get good teams like the leafs, or other teams like these”

He couldn’t say bad teams cuz the Bruins beat the leafs every year in the first round haha

Flyingsugarcat playz
Flyingsugarcat playz 2 months ago

Merry Christmas merry Christmas 🎄

Lucas O'Connell
Lucas O'Connell 2 months ago

I have easy ice

Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 2 months ago

"Basically your imagination is the limit" Hahaha....that was good LOL

C McC 2 months ago

Hey Coach Jeremy. Check out BCM Hockey channel. By two of your inspired viewers! youtu.be/bqD62Biya3s

Remy A.
Remy A. 2 months ago

12:15 really trusts his accuracy there...

Rosana Šaferová
Rosana Šaferová 2 months ago

nothing for goalies :((

Matthew Schmidt
Matthew Schmidt 2 months ago

Any chance you’ll sauce the bruises stuff

Charlotte Rush Hockey

Lov it

HeyBatfink 2 months ago

Yo why not give away some of that bruins stuff? you might hate them but theres some kid out there who would love something signed by Marchy

APRIL M 2 months ago

Finios an fern

edge nowhere
edge nowhere 2 months ago

Never purchase anything from pacific rink their costumer service is non existent fedex lost my order and told me I had to contact the shipper so I tried to call and message pacific rink to which I got to reply when calling they don’t even answer the phone they send you straight to voice mail

Rachel Nicole Frey
Rachel Nicole Frey 2 months ago

Wow!! I wish I could buy all of these awesome items for my husband!!! I need more cashhhhh lol

fghockey 2 months ago

Wait for a sec I thought it was actually Auston Matthews skating in marsblades, then I realized it was Jeremy bc he is Matthew is a lefty lol

Sam Silvestri
Sam Silvestri 2 months ago

Bro, putting that tv next to the net is a VERY risky move

Cary Paine
Cary Paine 2 months ago

Canadian tire 😭 I miss living in Canada

Yeetus Peetus
Yeetus Peetus 2 months ago

Haden got Jeremy a lot of fire starters

Nate Sorensen
Nate Sorensen 2 months ago

he's a leafs fan yet he's got a marchand picture in the background

William Madsen
William Madsen 2 months ago

I wish you would show the price!!!!!

Jozy Porcino
Jozy Porcino 2 months ago

My parents are friends with belfry

Andreas Glykofridis
Andreas Glykofridis 2 months ago

Who agrees that Haden should start making videos.

Casey Gates
Casey Gates 2 months ago

you should of gave him some sabres stuff he would be mad about that you know there rivals? or maybe not

eagles 31
eagles 31 2 months ago

Next year can you throw in some goalie products?

Wendy Coupar
Wendy Coupar 2 months ago

Where can I get the Happy birthday Jesus sweater

Rogue Game Dev
Rogue Game Dev 2 months ago

You have to pay $99 a month for the Vr hockey. Very expensive 😂

No_Pioneer 2 months ago

You should check out the re-blades for sharpening!
They offer different stones depending on the radius your blades are sharpened!

A friend of mine is producing them.


TTV RustLogan
TTV RustLogan 2 months ago

My coach has a Sauce kit with a white bored on the bottom

Matt Falconer
Matt Falconer 2 months ago

Does the HOF have a puck/hockey card combo that you can personalize?

blake stoner
blake stoner 2 months ago

I like your face mask where can I get one

Dawna Murphy
Dawna Murphy 2 months ago

im 9 years old i don\t play hockey but i want to my name is lawrel my favourite hockey team is toronto maple leafs whats your favourite team

Caleb Stichka
Caleb Stichka 2 months ago

These are still expensive

Amadeus2248 2 months ago

New to hockey, glad there's a great community to welcome new people.

Nathan McNeil
Nathan McNeil 2 months ago

i like hockey too

Nathan McNeil
Nathan McNeil 2 months ago

i lic hci to

Jairo Quintero
Jairo Quintero 2 months ago

Anyone knows the name for pouch to carry different ice skates blades?

Bryan Carroll
Bryan Carroll 2 months ago

The ska boots are better than the roller guards because you never walk out of the skaboots but i have walked out of the roller guards (i have both)and the rollers you gotta be very careful because stairs will be your enemy with those.(also someone in my town has broken their arm!)And the ska boots are AWSOMEE I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!

TPSKurochi 2 months ago

Where did that didge come from??

TobyStar325 2 months ago

i’m so lucky i got the super deker last year

Kiki 2 months ago

He makes fun of the best team Boston bruins and likes the🗑 Toronto Maple leafs

Bauer Gilhooly
Bauer Gilhooly 2 months ago

If only my parents would watch this

Karter Walsh
Karter Walsh 2 months ago

What sticks do you guys use

Jim's Channel
Jim's Channel 2 months ago

Hi Guys, Stick-tap on your channel. Your chicklet mask is a hoot. Our kids hockey is shut down in Minnesota so we're inline skating. We need the magic ice machine! OK, little selfish plug for product ideas. Check out my Stickstow.com creations. Hockey stick holder and beyond. Coach Jim, Peace!

Goldfish for lunch
Goldfish for lunch 2 months ago

How dare he forget... Hockey Cards

BigFatKittyKat11 2 months ago


Andrew Withuski
Andrew Withuski 2 months ago

1:18 that’s me

john orsborne
john orsborne 2 months ago

"its your mom calling me" buddys wife just waiting in the kitchen with a hammer-like whos calling you?

ShyHighGamer53 2 months ago

It would be cool if you could add some goalie stuff for next year

hockeymonster43 2 months ago

Can you ship me a comment puck for my brother for Christmas

Jennifer Tarmy
Jennifer Tarmy 2 months ago

Bruins are the best team in hockey 🏒 facts

Jennifer Tarmy
Jennifer Tarmy 2 months ago

I want a radder

hockeymonster43 2 months ago

Can you make the comment puck 15 dollars

Jennifer Tarmy
Jennifer Tarmy 2 months ago

I want the supper decker for Christmas

budiswis3r 2 months ago

Been trying to find a comet puck for awhile, but can never find them in stock

Wyatt Wiker
Wyatt Wiker 2 months ago

I have sense arena too it’s so cool

Steve Hare
Steve Hare 2 months ago

Ask an American "What vehicle do you travel with on the water?" They respond "a boat." You reply. Bingo! A boot a boot a boot! its a boat!!

Deleptic 2 months ago

i got you to 2k likes

superlurf 2 months ago


Niko Miko
Niko Miko 2 months ago

And there’s a lid on top unlike any other thermos

Cole Beigel
Cole Beigel 2 months ago

The dangle puck isn’t great it flips over a lot when you try to stick handle

William Gardner
William Gardner 2 months ago

So if I am a newer player where should I start for at home stuff to practice with? I'm guessing practice tiles, a net, and one of those glider pucks?

Brian Strickland
Brian Strickland 2 months ago

this is the most Canadian thing I have ever watched

Kedra Doyle
Kedra Doyle 2 months ago

That is soooo cool the vr

Ponton Soccer Academy

Never said foyer in my life 🤣

Henry Ingersoll
Henry Ingersoll 2 months ago


Henry Ingersoll
Henry Ingersoll 2 months ago

I do not recommend the roller guards they DESTROY blades

Malinda Tyler
Malinda Tyler 2 months ago

nice mask

Matthew Healey
Matthew Healey 2 months ago


Post2Post 35
Post2Post 35 2 months ago

I like Philadelphia flyers because I live in NJ and Carter hart is my favorite goalie because I am a goalie for flyers youth

Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald 2 months ago

My dad knows Brad Marchand. How dare u. LOL. Nice vid

Knight Riders
Knight Riders 2 months ago

Hey coach remember me I did your live streams Connor I was using my dad's account and do you still work for mode hockey or battle mode also if you think about it if you have a lot of pucks it will take a long time to pick them up so either longer shoot and then long time to pick them up or short time to pick them up and Short time to pick them up.

Quade Vellacott
Quade Vellacott 2 months ago

I went to buy your merch but I got hacked. Thanks

goalie boy
goalie boy 2 months ago

i basiky learned how to play hockey from nhl 15

olivia 2 months ago

hey i’ll take those bruins things 😳

Corey Stack
Corey Stack 2 months ago

That was hilarious when yall was smacking that rubber 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll like the vid for that one bawd

EAB_Creative Madness
EAB_Creative Madness 2 months ago

The other day I saw Mathews, Toews, and McDavid at the Ice Den in Arizona.

Kash Weinkauf
Kash Weinkauf 2 months ago

I love your videos

ceterhole234 2 months ago

Any one else just go on iron laces cuz there laces brake all the time and find out that they won’t come till March 2021

Lemon King
Lemon King 2 months ago

Hes making a joke out of us were not youtubers like you guys

NATE THE GREAT 2 months ago

Not the? Tho

Thane Gutzeit
Thane Gutzeit 2 months ago

Im not going to lie, that Marchand plaque in the back of the room made me a little angery lmao, Other than that Sick Video Jeremy, I always love these videos!! I watch them every year it just puts me in the Christmas mood, and the Outdoor Rink mood!!

Owen Eyrick
Owen Eyrick 2 months ago

Uh I’m a goalie... What do I do?

Big boy luke James
Big boy luke James 2 months ago

I need more pucks