How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method


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Information How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

Title : How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

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Frames How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

Description How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

How to Flock a Christmas Tree | Easy, Cheap, Fast Flocking Method

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Patti Hilton
Patti Hilton 2 months ago

Couldn't you spray the tree with a water hose to take the place of the spray bottle? Seems easier? I love the look of this flocked tree.

Roger Soto
Roger Soto 2 months ago

Thank you baby I forgot to tell you my family was so proud of the Beautiful tree that I make 😘

Fabiola Alba
Fabiola Alba 2 months ago

Wow, it’s awesome !! I bought a flocked tree already done and yours looks just as mine, store bought one. Congrats !

Jan V.
Jan V. 2 months ago

So you 'flocked' this tree OUTSIDE so as not to make a mess in the house, but how much of a mess did it make when it came time to take the tree DOWN?

Peter Demetriou
Peter Demetriou 2 months ago

You can I get some cocanie outa that giant bag. LMAO

i’m bored
i’m bored 2 months ago

Is this safe for the dogs?

Hebert & Co.
Hebert & Co. 2 months ago

Does this make a mess in your home?

Rebeldewayraluka 2 months ago

thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️

Tomgirly 2 months ago

How long did it take to flock the tree

Melissa DeGuzman
Melissa DeGuzman 2 months ago

Will it be messy inside the house?

Gilberto Mendoza
Gilberto Mendoza 2 months ago

Does the flocking fall off when you are assembling the tree again after you added the flock outside???

Lene Jenssen
Lene Jenssen 2 months ago

Do you have to flock the tree outside ?

Kimberly Black
Kimberly Black 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!!

Pammie Time
Pammie Time 2 months ago

Wow I totally thought your tree was real! I used to use the flock in the can I hope they still have it!

Pura Vida Bracelets Queen

Considering you live somewhere, where it doesnt snow. (Seeing the palm trees) I feel like it's too much flock, usually every tree is coated very lightly bc snow is heavy and it falls off the trees more than it stays. Next time can you post with a little less flock

Tara Hiers
Tara Hiers 2 months ago

This brings me back to victoruis days when trina and robbie flocked the tree

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear 2 months ago

How cool thank you

brittanybeauty 2 months ago

I’m glad to see one with detail I spray flocked my tree and didn’t do it at a top angle and I didn’t like it not having the green on bottom so I wiped it off but now I will do this! Thank you

Gina Henderson
Gina Henderson 2 months ago

Very nice, thanks for sharing. 😊

LYNNE B RUSSELL 2 months ago

Will this flock come off in the rain, if put on a tree outside ?? Also, how long should you wait to let it dry, before bringing inside?

Miki Miki
Miki Miki 2 months ago

Why didn’t you use spray from Home Depot ???

Dacia's D.I.Y's
Dacia's D.I.Y's 2 months ago

What about trees with pre lit lights

Dacia's D.I.Y's
Dacia's D.I.Y's 2 months ago

Wow ! I wish i had a huge house ! That teee is beautuful

Dacia's D.I.Y's
Dacia's D.I.Y's 2 months ago

Does te flock come in other colors , u said you got it in white , I’d be so excited if it came in reds and blues

M Lefebvre
M Lefebvre 2 months ago

Who on earth would ever use those cans . This girl lol. I had never tried it before and I’m no Martha Stewart that’s for sure! 13 cans later my tree was gray. And that was on a real tree 6.5 ft tall. Just ordered the 5lb box on amazon 42.50. Has anyone put it on a tree with led lights already on it. I’m considering buying another tree without them. I suggest y’all get these boxes purchased. Supply is low !

Kayla Boster
Kayla Boster 2 months ago

how did you store this after christmas?

De Ana
De Ana 2 months ago

Beautiful! How many bags should I purchase for a full 10’ tree?

Milcia E
Milcia E 2 months ago

Some others add glue to the water .
Something I think I ll try

T Rod
T Rod 2 months ago

Awesome video and it came out sooooo nice!!! I’ll be doing mine this weekend! Will the flock come off in the rain? I’m thinking about doing it to my fake tree that I put on my front lawn. I’m in California so during the holidays it does rain some. Thoughts?

annerys nails
annerys nails 2 months ago

How many ingredients?

M L 2 months ago

Can I do this to a tree with lights already installed on? Or should I remove them?

Andrea Hibiscus
Andrea Hibiscus 2 months ago

I have a mini Christmas tree that I find really boring and I just want to give it some ✨life✨

MsShayelove 2 months ago

Great video

Luis Da silva
Luis Da silva 2 months ago

Can the tree stay outside, will rain damage it?

Shavon Stanton
Shavon Stanton 2 months ago

Ordering now

Caroline Miranda
Caroline Miranda 2 months ago

Can you flock a pre lit tree???

Carrie Nordbrock
Carrie Nordbrock 2 months ago

How many boxes of flock did you use to get this coverage on your tree?

Kimberly Nelson
Kimberly Nelson 2 months ago

How many units of the Sno-Flock did you purchase?

Justin White
Justin White 2 months ago

Thank you! I've been wanting to do this forever! Can't wait and it looks simple and straightforward!

Family Ortiz
Family Ortiz 2 months ago

Love it. Can this be done to a tree that has lights?

Afolake Adeniyi
Afolake Adeniyi 2 months ago

This is so pretty. I can’t wait to try it out since my husband wants a flocked tree so bad

Miss_Ivy 2 months ago

1 how tall is the tree?
2. How much flock did you need to buy for this tree?

Brandiautumn 2 months ago

This flocking powder is on amazon right now for $23!

Sal Mana
Sal Mana 2 months ago

It's not cheap actually lol the flocking powder retails for $50!

Modesty Fair
Modesty Fair 2 months ago

Great video! I will definitely be flocking my tree this year. How soon did you bring the tree inside after flocking it? Or is there a certain drying time?

Dz Dari
Dz Dari 2 months ago

Is this product permanent? Or is the "snow" falling off? I ask it because if one is going to put lights and decoration on it. and when it is saved will the product go away?

Kei Lango
Kei Lango 2 months ago

Hi, is the loose flock better than the flock that’s in an aerosol can.

Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez 2 months ago

what if my tree has lights? do i need to cover the light bulbs?

Joe DeVitto
Joe DeVitto 2 months ago

Beautiful and easy to do .. i also used a clear spray with silver glitter and that helps to coat that flock on too which prevents shedding ~ thanks for sharing ~

William McFarlane
William McFarlane 2 months ago

I have a you think it would be better to use light strings with white they blend in better with the flocked tree?

William McFarlane
William McFarlane 2 months ago

I am wondering if you should spend some time fluffing the tree more because I imagine that would be more difficult one you have applied this flocking. ??

aldy gosal
aldy gosal 2 months ago

unfortunately there isn't snoflock in my country. just another very cheap wet fake snow powder. I wish I can have this flock for my xmas tree:(

denise marie
denise marie 2 months ago

Omg... awesome video. You sold me on this. I have a beautiful expensive artificial tree my mother in law gave us. I love it, its very real looking, but i love the way the flocked trees look, so i have been thinking about doing this. I have a tall skinny flocked tree in our bedroom that i bought this year from walmart. I love it. It did shed when i assembled it, as it no doubt will when i disassemble it. So i have no problem dealing with some fall out. Thanks again. Your video was perfect.

Sal Mana
Sal Mana 2 months ago

Amazing! Thanks for the video, flocked trees are always more expensive than green trees, but now I can transform my green tree to a beautiful flocked one for like $5 more!

Mai Lee
Mai Lee 2 months ago

Do the flock come off like crazy or do they stay pretty well?

Yaranis Franchesca
Yaranis Franchesca 2 months ago

Love the look and technique used for the flocking. It looks so realistic.

Mega Natalia Sinaga
Mega Natalia Sinaga 2 months ago

I think I would do the same😍thanks for sharing. I'm ur new subbie

coco1124 2 months ago

It's unavailable on Amazon does anyone know where else I can purchase this product?

Kristal Price
Kristal Price 2 months ago

Omg I need to do these 😍

Carly Baez
Carly Baez 2 months ago

This is permanent??

Annette S
Annette S 2 months ago

Came out Great thank you

Fabiola Fabiola
Fabiola Fabiola 2 months ago

What kind of Christmas tree is that?

Edith Marie
Edith Marie 2 months ago

Does it shed?

Angie Soto
Angie Soto 2 months ago

Can the snoflock be removed after somehow? Or its now permanently on the tree?

Claire L
Claire L 2 months ago

It looks like you lost a lot of the flocking from the wind. I feel like this is probably better to do in a garage?

A J Lacey
A J Lacey 2 months ago

Will it block my lites the lites are made in the tree does it matter??

TrinnaB Glam
TrinnaB Glam 2 months ago

Nice video. I am going to flock my tree for the first time. We will see how it goes. Lol. Thanks for sharing. New subbie🤗

Free Samples
Free Samples 2 months ago

I wear diapers and sometimes people make fun of me. But I love Christmas so much. I don't get out much because of my diapers.

Mahin Shirazi
Mahin Shirazi 2 months ago

How did those pieces come out of stiffer? Nice job.. 👍🏻👍🏻

Mia Zapata
Mia Zapata 2 months ago

Has anyone done this on a prelit tree and had success? TIA:)

X B 2 months ago

How do clean it to put it away?

Leticia Ruelas
Leticia Ruelas 2 months ago

Omg.. I literally just purchase this product for my tree.. Im so happy i ran into your video.. It came out great.. The only issue is my tree already has lights build in the tree..i. guess ill see how it comes out.. 😁

rubio12 2 months ago

I threw away my tree last year because I sprayed it and it irritated my skin if I touched it, it smelled strong and could cause asthma in the instructions, is this the same?

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 2 months ago

Were you able to take your tree immediately back into your house or did you have to let it dry for a period of time first?

Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia 2 months ago

Girl you did a great job ! The tree looks great flocked !

Raquel Acosta
Raquel Acosta 2 months ago

I will b flocking my tree as soon as this video ends, I've got my flock and im ready to go, thank you so much for your tutorial!

Karla’s Sweet Life
Karla’s Sweet Life 2 months ago


Taji Pershard
Taji Pershard 2 months ago

How tall is your tree? How many boxes did you need?

Vanesa Rodriguez
Vanesa Rodriguez 2 months ago

Loveeeee it !!!!
Can this be done on a real 🌲 tree? Will the flock stay on it?
Thanks 😊

Rama BA
Rama BA 2 months ago

it exists also the spray for snowflake

diana rivera
diana rivera 2 months ago

Hi what size is tour tree

Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson 2 months ago

Would you let us know how the tree held up after storing it and taking it out for the Next Year. Great job it looks great. Someone told me to spray it with hairspray to help the flock stay, don’t know if it works though. Merry Christmas ✌🏽🙏🏽

MystyleMycolours 2 months ago

Hello a new subscriber from England, so helpful video I’ll check Amazon see if this product available in this country. If it is, I’ll give you a big shout out on my tree flocking video🤗💜Thank you🥰

Kimberly Lane
Kimberly Lane 2 months ago

Is the flocking fireproof? Is it safe to get it on your tree lights?

CAROLYN GREEN 2 months ago

Beautiful Job

Seasons Reflection Co.

This looks so awesome! Great job on the decor, I love the owls in particular. As a little tip, next year, use lights with white wire and they will blend into the SnoFlock :)

Have a very blessed Christmas!

Ibellas12 2 months ago

Did you used the entire 5 pounds bag?

Deeja THE Diva
Deeja THE Diva 2 months ago

Please check out my channel like subscribe AND please share🙏💞

Abigail Ford
Abigail Ford 2 months ago

Beautiful! I'm going to do this to my two trees in the next few weeks and ordering the exact flock. I also want to do my garlands. I'm hoping the 5 pound box will be enough but we will see. Once your tree was in your house and decorated, did it shed any or fall off? I read its hazardous for dogs so that worries me.

Goddess I AM
Goddess I AM 2 months ago

I have yet to have a real tree for Christmas because I love my white tree so much! But I had no clue that you could do this absolutely love it. You have a new subscriber here keep up the good work!😘

alice harpercooper
alice harpercooper 2 months ago

Very Nice! I will try this on my tree! Thanks!