Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)


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Information Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

Title : Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

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Frames Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

Description Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

Drake - Kiki Do You Love Me (Music Video)

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Wicked Sounds
Wicked Sounds 2 months ago

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Mina Mustafa
Mina Mustafa 2 months ago

Searching one persone somali🇸🇴🙄🤟

Mrs. Midoriya ❤️❤️‍🔥

I just listened to this because I’m going to the beach and we listen to this at the beach for some reason 😂😂😂

Hyunjin's hair
Hyunjin's hair 2 months ago

J hopeeeee oha lan altyazı var


Who is here after angry prash video

Kiki Malone
Kiki Malone 2 months ago

I'm Kiki

adnush Moh
adnush Moh 2 months ago


Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 2 months ago


Sahir Gull
Sahir Gull 2 months ago

After watching rahim perdaisi video😘

Prasad Deepak
Prasad Deepak 2 months ago

Where is j-hope ?

Me 2 months ago


Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz 2 months ago

I fukn love you

Malak Magdy
Malak Magdy 2 months ago

مفيش حد هنا عربي خالص؟؟🙂😂😂

Moshe Maraq
Moshe Maraq 2 months ago

Kiki do U love me

Lisaè 2 months ago

Kiki is mah classmate name

Jonathan Hemery
Jonathan Hemery 2 months ago

Je suis le seul fr

Asmita gaikwad
Asmita gaikwad 2 months ago

when corona whas bear

aviv126 2 months ago

Who else randomly decided to listen to this song

Rodrigo Fazendeiro
Rodrigo Fazendeiro 2 months ago

Let's help the song called Straightenin that belongs to Migos reach ninety million views

Sergeant Major Glizzy The Gladiator

This channel finnesed him for real

ANISH YT - PUBG 2 months ago

0:04 lil wayne🥰😍

tik the tok
tik the tok 2 months ago

This song is giving me 2019 vibes

Lorena Alfaro
Lorena Alfaro 2 months ago

In watching all your songs live them

Xariir Burcawi
Xariir Burcawi 2 months ago


Manisha Sahu
Manisha Sahu 2 months ago

I am here only bcz of jhooooooooooooopppppppppeeeeee...2021 💜💜💜💜

Sana Beliman
Sana Beliman 2 months ago

I love this song 😍😍😍😍

AsiesRo 2 months ago

J hopeeee te amoooo😭❤️

Shania De Abreu
Shania De Abreu 2 months ago

Kiki do you love me 😈🤑🤘

Subh Singh
Subh Singh 2 months ago

This song listen to next level energy

Ruby McInnes
Ruby McInnes 2 months ago

My wedding song 🦶🦶🦶

Tt King
Tt King 2 months ago

Who remember when this was the best song we ever heard😭EVERYBODY was playing this

anonima sla
anonima sla 2 months ago


Heloiza Madaly
Heloiza Madaly 2 months ago

Agora que eu fui perceber que o J-hoooooooooope está aí kkkkk

Heloiza Madaly
Heloiza Madaly 2 months ago


Joann Whelan
Joann Whelan 2 months ago

Joanna and I are all in love and you can be the

Sof 2 months ago


Gabriele Peixoto
Gabriele Peixoto 2 months ago

E eu que percebi que o j Hope aparece agora

Zubaida Awan
Zubaida Awan 2 months ago

I was listening to this song just to see my sunshine,my hobi

E.D.S GAMING 2 months ago

Anyone still remember this masterpiece

Claudiana Alves
Claudiana Alves 2 months ago

Estou aqui pelo J-Hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


J hopeee💜💜

curtindo muito
curtindo muito 2 months ago

Drake boss😊🔥🎶✌

Astro Cat
Astro Cat 2 months ago

Billie Eilee:duh
Megan thee stallion:ahh
Cardi B:okuur/eow
Nicki Minaj:rrrr/ayo
Lil pump:eskeet
Michael Jackson:hee hee
Ariana Grande:yuh yuh

ARDA MERİÇ 2 months ago


Golu Kunjlal nished
Golu Kunjlal nished 2 months ago

Bor 5

Delva Maia
Delva Maia 2 months ago

I love song from Timor Leste 🇹🇱🇹🇱

Farida Hosni
Farida Hosni 2 months ago

The same vibes i swear

Juan Sebastián Vergara Mendoza

melo no manito, algun colombiano?

GN ABDO 2 months ago


حسام الاسكندر

مو اغنيه ظيم

waekura chi molla
waekura chi molla 2 months ago

not the kpop stans finding jhope dancing there imma die jk

Diksha Borah
Diksha Borah 2 months ago


دانه البيشي


PURPLE WORLD OF BTS 2 months ago

3:35 j hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope our hobiiiiii

yum yum
yum yum 2 months ago

this aint the real mv

Judy Wash
Judy Wash 2 months ago

Drake got mom’s, grandma’s & great grandmas twerk’n😭😂😂

Kira Kousar
Kira Kousar 2 months ago

WOW 👏😮👏😮 best song l like it

AMV Lord
AMV Lord 2 months ago

Why did I decide to listen to this

Evocaker 2 months ago

I feel old :/

Rusher Style
Rusher Style 2 months ago

Most antipathetic

Sousou Mimi
Sousou Mimi 2 months ago


Victor Camarasa
Victor Camarasa 2 months ago

still such a banger

sai charan
sai charan 2 months ago

Am i the only one to come here just to check my speaker's BASS QUALITY ..?

César Sum
César Sum 2 months ago


Spandana -EE-235
Spandana -EE-235 2 months ago

Who is after listening suga's
Kiki do you love me 😂😝😂

Dayana Maleza
Dayana Maleza 2 months ago


Selena Persaud
Selena Persaud 2 months ago

I dance nthis song bat a Christmas party in school

Maria Santana
Maria Santana 2 months ago


Kerra Brown
Kerra Brown 2 months ago

My name is Kiki too

Gurudevi Jaama
Gurudevi Jaama 2 months ago

Nice song

sewar yakob
sewar yakob 2 months ago


Martha Tshabedi
Martha Tshabedi 2 months ago

Oratilwe 😚😚😇🤑🤑🤑

Martha Tshabedi
Martha Tshabedi 2 months ago

Oratilwe 😚😚😇🤑🤑🤑

moosewala army
moosewala army 2 months ago

Sidhu moosewala

Asadullah Shirzad
Asadullah Shirzad 2 months ago

آیا کدوم فارسی زبون اینجاست؟😄😂👍

p4tweakちは 2 months ago


Jazmyn Tillis
Jazmyn Tillis 2 months ago

I love this song babe

Lissette Vasquez
Lissette Vasquez 2 months ago

It's the part where LaLa Vasquez-Anthony enters the room for me..All eyes on her.


MVP channel
MVP channel 2 months ago

Real video clips can be considered those that are made according to the
lyrics of the song, preferably with scenes taken from films where the
actors express emotions. When creating video clips, I took this into
account, so I suggest you watch them for the purpose of entertainment
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Best regards MVP channel. Thank you..

Asa Johnson
Asa Johnson 2 months ago


Kookie 2 months ago

Fun fact: 90 percent people are watching this coz of hobi

Jerviece Manning
Jerviece Manning 2 months ago

People call me Kiki

Gerold Obispo
Gerold Obispo 2 months ago

Hi bor

Dani Calero
Dani Calero 2 months ago


Luisa Grant
Luisa Grant 2 months ago

Ur the best may be one day like 2 c u give u a hug bello from Toronto god bless staysafe❤

kurd stan
kurd stan 2 months ago

Hell yeah
GOODBYE my first and last gf

mgongsie nyuthe
mgongsie nyuthe 2 months ago

Kim kim do u love me 2021 anyone

Vianey Osuna
Vianey Osuna 2 months ago

If you came back to watch this your a legend

Das 2 months ago

kiki Linh có yêu tôi không

Manisa mgr
Manisa mgr 2 months ago

J hope bring me hare💜💜💜

Alendra Bhushan Baishya

Love you Drake ❤️❤️❤️

Country of love
Country of love 2 months ago


Ölen Gofret in Maceraları:(((

Bu sapıklıkkk özel bölgelerini gösteriyorlarrr!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Khianghmingthanga Khiangte

wow new song?

Gail Moses
Gail Moses 2 months ago


Mahnaz Mohammadi
Mahnaz Mohammadi 2 months ago

Who else just randomly came here because this song was stuck in their head?

مغامرات رغد و مرح

استغفر الله عليكم انا اكرهكم واكره الكفار مثلكم 👹👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Nadella Safarina
Nadella Safarina 2 months ago

See this bcs of Jaehyun nct . 😆

jamil agha
jamil agha 2 months ago

follow me on instagram @jamil_agha1