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The FIFA Analyst
The FIFA Analyst 2 months ago


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HEROX 2 months ago

Don’t worry boy I’m only allowed to play in the holidays at ten

Pr0 G4
Pr0 G4 2 months ago

Lucky im 14 and play full time

JanuMeza 2 months ago

Sorry bro weekend league is not a competitive game mode it’s bullshit shitty gameplay 😂😂

Lucifer 2 months ago

How to go from bronze 1 to atleast gold?

Lopez Janeen
Lopez Janeen 2 months ago

5:17 ”this is the thing u need.” 𝐟𝐢𝐟𝐚𝟐𝟏.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳
”Am I right?”

Christian 2 months ago

I have 1600 skill rating but can’t get more than 9 wins on fut champs what the fuck

DDEVANEY 2 months ago

It's not competitive at all though literally the game mode is full of hackers and people that sweat the game out

Djkelly07 Playz
Djkelly07 Playz 2 months ago

Im 0-7 What Do I Do Fam Ffs

TALL HallZ 2 months ago

Mate im constantly playing same people do u know why

Jack Murray
Jack Murray 2 months ago

Tips for weekend league... in the intro the other guy scores

Hayden 2 months ago

Thanks I will change my tatics

lation3 2 months ago

How is that EVERYONE has MBAPPE??? Even I have one

ThatMexicanKid 2 months ago

I played 15 games and got 0 wins

Jafdar 2 months ago

Seeing a team without mendy varane mbappe and neymar is on my bucket list

Ghunt69 2 months ago

First weekend league this week stress is unreal

Alp Demir
Alp Demir 2 months ago

His tips are:
Play 5friday-10saturday-15sunday
Switch to ultra defensive when in front
Be a ballhog, pass around in the enemy half.
Tell us how to play dude, tell us how to build up attack, how to defend, how to get out of pressure. That wasnt a informative video.

Arman Kokor
Arman Kokor 2 months ago

I can read your mind. You are watching this video because you lost 5 games in a row. And if not well it happend to me :\

Chayaz_5 2 months ago

Literally no matter how hard I try I can’t get gold 1 🤦‍♂️this is dumb jaja I just face pay to win teams so I just know I won’t win jaja

totty face
totty face 2 months ago

I just can't be fucked with the scripting in fut champs it's so irritating that ea are lying about it

Jameel Daya
Jameel Daya 2 months ago

Brother, explain how a defender with 75 pace catches up with Cristiano ronaldo who has 89 pace.

Kvonn 2 months ago

I’ve only qualified for fut champs 2 times I never have woned more than 2 matches So I never get my coins back

mattyplayzfifa07 2 months ago

Is it true that Sunday Is the best time to play

abhishek chowdhury
abhishek chowdhury 2 months ago

Fut championship is not for me its like i bought fifa 21
2 months back just tried to play some games i conceded like 9 goals in average .
Now I feel think Fifa 21 was not for me

Harry Senior
Harry Senior 2 months ago

Fair one, this is some really sound advice, I really don't get to play fut Champs very often and when I do I can't help but think I'm going in unprepared but all these tips can be used for the entire of fut in general, cheers mate, much appreciated

BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever 2 months ago

I literally can’t play FUT Champs... One day, there’ll be a hole through my TV. All people do is turn, and turn, and turn... They have like 80% all damn game. It’s unplayable.

Ryan Sanghera
Ryan Sanghera 2 months ago

I'm bronze 3

Ryan Sanghera
Ryan Sanghera 2 months ago

I can't get wins

arjun De saver
arjun De saver 2 months ago

Analyst what's ur camera settings?

Tyler Harrison
Tyler Harrison 2 months ago

I have to wake up 4 in moring to play my games bec my Internet bad during the day

Oliver Stretch
Oliver Stretch 2 months ago

I’m out here tryna get silver 2 ffs

T4_H3R 2 months ago

the problem with me is that i always dominate the game but some stupid through ball from the opposition always breaks doown my defences.... also i always miss the easiest chances

Ry0 2 months ago

Do you mind sharing your camera angle? 😃

Sean Jasilek
Sean Jasilek 2 months ago

Great video Al, last 3 weeks I’ve been stuck on gold 3. Week end just gone got 18 wins. The game management side of this video really helped me see out some tight games.

Jimmy Mikro
Jimmy Mikro 2 months ago

I want you to try and play with silver team for one WL

Jimmy Mikro
Jimmy Mikro 2 months ago

First of all you need players

Enrique Alvarez
Enrique Alvarez 2 months ago

Just found out u can use a zen in this game. Should I turn to the dark side?

Dondre 2 months ago

Mate your channel is class, the tips have been very helpful and have helped me get Gold 1 consistently, so thanks for that. ❤️

Abhay 2 months ago

pay and win

Adjetei Martey
Adjetei Martey 2 months ago

Started beginning most of my sequences with fake shots and I’m 5-2 so far. My previous best after 7 games was 3-4. Thank you.

Dneed05 2 months ago

Mate this is shit😂 no gameplay tips

aboudi mansour
aboudi mansour 2 months ago

Anyone notice whats behind him at 1:28? 😂

August Sperling
August Sperling 2 months ago

Hi, atm I’m rocking the 5212. I just don’t know what instructions I should put on my strikers. I have neymar and mbappe. Should it be target man or default?

becky b
becky b 2 months ago

tips for wins - spend a load of money /get a you tube channel with lots of views - most handicapped game ive ever seen -just winning 3-0 ea turned my team off got beat 6-3 -absolute joke must be the number generator

Billbo Baggins
Billbo Baggins 2 months ago

The Fifa Analyst: It's longer than it's ever been

Everyone: That's what she said

Xalfon Beatbox
Xalfon Beatbox 2 months ago

2:10 LOL

Nexo4000 Gaming
Nexo4000 Gaming 2 months ago

Hi Alex. Hope you're keeping well Bro. Quick question. If I move over to Fifa21, what happens to everything on Fifa20? Do I start all over again or is there a way to transfer everything?

Farhan Aden osman
Farhan Aden osman 2 months ago

It's 20 minutes a game

FIFA COLLEGE 2 months ago

Good video bro lol I don't know why I get so nervous when it comes to the weekend league it's very competitive. But keep up the good work Mr Analyst

DeeDoe82 2 months ago

Just play weekend league when team of the season players drop in rewards. Weekend league rewards are the worst in fifa history this title.

Calvin Gregg
Calvin Gregg 2 months ago

Would you be able to make a 4222 analysis and tactics video?

Will Paylor
Will Paylor 2 months ago

rate the long hair

Granville Wright
Granville Wright 2 months ago

ow hold on WHAT ABOUT THE OVER 60s?

MLycas 2 months ago

Your misses is right al, the hair looks better now than when you were bald lad

Josh Doverspike
Josh Doverspike 2 months ago

Thank you so much for all you do!! Thank u!

The Original Legendpoop

When will gold tier become available for the academy?

Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 2 months ago

I’m gonna use this to get silver 1 and in rivals and ever champs I did eventually better

Colm Gamer
Colm Gamer 2 months ago

Analyst if u see this u probably wont but I personally think u shid enter qualifiers for fut champs cups because ur a great player and u cud make money and not worry about having to give up YouTube

Michael Moreira
Michael Moreira 2 months ago

You did mention a very good point about the opponent passing the ball around their penalty box to keep possession.
I matched someone last weekend that scored at the 30th minute, and the rest of the game sat behind just passing around, eventually winning 1-0.
Is there any effective way to counter this?

J B 2 months ago

This would be helpful, if I could ever qualify for weekend league.

Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins 2 months ago

The new promo should be what if...... the servers worked 👌👍

Sam Warren
Sam Warren 2 months ago

It’s not our channel. If it is, do I get ad revenue? Thanks hehe

Ouge Liu
Ouge Liu 2 months ago

I’m 13 and getting silver 1, is that bad?

Fi Wi
Fi Wi 2 months ago

Thanks for your tips

Adam Hind
Adam Hind 2 months ago

Whatever I do I get 14 wins everytime. 3 at the back 5 at the back attack attack attack or try and park the bus press don't press 14 every week.

ICELORD666 2 months ago

genuine question here -- do you think age has a lot to do with it aswell ,, for example a mid teen -24/5 year old can take in /soak a lot of info and have better quicker reflexes than a older player . i find it hard to do skill moves while playing , and i am a older ( maturer gamer lol ) ??

Chris Stringer
Chris Stringer 2 months ago

impossible cos ea have crap servers not worth doing we lge as the rewards are crap

toX1C_g4M3s 2 months ago

When you said all the opponents are different Iaughed and said I fucking wish they were

DGaming 2 months ago

I say that you should get the R9 haircut😂😂😂

PKC7Beast 2 months ago

Would love to see a Fifa Analyst and Nealguides collab

Ollie_ Rumsby
Ollie_ Rumsby 2 months ago

Great video analyst, I honestly feel like fut champs isn’t worth playing anymore. Debating about quitting the game to be honest.

oles :o
oles :o 2 months ago

Neal Boras and you - every my FIFA teacher in 1 video :oo

Nicky Andrews
Nicky Andrews 2 months ago

When will the game die pff

DJ Shayne
DJ Shayne 2 months ago

Anyone else’s Fifa not working properly

Samuel Biswas
Samuel Biswas 2 months ago

4231 with 88 depay Neymar Rooney okocha or 4312 with Reiner Neymar Rooney okocha

Dom Summerson
Dom Summerson 2 months ago

Big al bro

RudiBTW 2 months ago

Let’s go al