Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour


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Information Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

Title : Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

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Frames Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

Description Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

Christmas Inside Liberty London ✨ The Tree of Liberty Festive Store Tour

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Watched Walker
Watched Walker 2 months ago

🎅🎄👼 I hope you all enjoy my Christmas walks this year! ❄️⛸🤶


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UK 🇬🇧

FILMED: November 2019 (Weekday Afternoon) with DJI Osmo Pocket


00:00 Oxford Circus
00:34 Oxford Street
00:51 Argyll Street
02:31 Great Marlborough Street

00:13 Oxford Circus Underground Station
01:19 Oasis - Ladies' Clothes Shop Christmas Tree Facade
02:23 Liberty London - Tudor-revival Store Front
03:01 Entering Liberty London
04:21, 08:11, 10:32, 13:13, 18:58, 21:46 The Tree of Liberty
13:46 Christmas Department
22:22 Liberty 1875 Sign

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Rose O' Grady
Rose O' Grady 2 months ago

What a treasure trove... Thank You.

Rebel in Disguise
Rebel in Disguise 2 months ago

Thank you for this video...I just added Liberty to my shop list. (I heard they still do cut fabric) Have you ever walked by any of fabric stores in London you can think of?

Anju Anju
Anju Anju 2 months ago

So nice shopping

Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking 2 months ago

Thanks for this wonderful walk! Really liked it! : )

Maake Klein
Maake Klein 2 months ago

I love it in Europe there's still a lot of colour in the clothes. If this was New Zealand it would be a sea of black.

AlanAmor82 2 months ago

Try the Freewell wide angle lens adaptor for your Osmo Pocket. It will improve your indoor videos substantially!

Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 2 months ago

Merry Christmas for everyone from Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun to the world .

Already the main street trees and houses here and there and various hotels are shining brightly with pale , golden colored illuminations to Christmas in Tokyo .
People around world should look at the joyful expression of Japanese children who are looking forward to Christmas .
They can eat delicious Christmas sweet decoration cakes and get some gift and considerable allowance .

Which national are you watching this video ?

Judy F
Judy F 2 months ago

Wow..I like the quality of the video :-D thanks for this. I just subscribed to your channel :-D

Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas 2 months ago

And to think Freddie Mercury came from there.❤️👨🏻

MaryAnne Brown
MaryAnne Brown 2 months ago

Well done! What a great video-made me feel like I was really there, in the thick of it all. When I am in London I love going in Liberty. The warmth of the wood, the beautiful furniture, display, etc. the Christmas shop on the top floor is where you would find me. I would make sure to bring bubble wrap with so as to pack my precious tree ornaments for their trip back to America. But my favorite part about Liberty of London will always be their fabrics. One of a kind.

Meta M
Meta M 2 months ago

Cosy to be shopping there. So grateful to have the experience of shopping there when my late Italian husband just decided to buy me two cashmere sweaters and one black leather jacket out of the blue. So grateful.

PC Henderson
PC Henderson 2 months ago

Love the tudor style of the store. Never heard of it before but looking forward to seeing myself someday.

stephen balsom
stephen balsom 2 months ago

Jack and The Beanstalk

Ana Maria
Ana Maria 2 months ago

Beautiful store! 🎄🎄🌟🌟

piedwagtailrameau 2 months ago

Love libertys, unique shop and quintessentially British

Karen Ross
Karen Ross 2 months ago

We never miss visiting Liberty when we are in London. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara M
Barbara M 2 months ago

The Liberty tree is too strange for my taste. But I loved having a tour of the store! I want to visit their Christmas shop.

Людмила Булыгина

Дерево-бонсай чудесно! Фантастично!

Johnty J P
Johnty J P 2 months ago

Liberty's was always meant to look like a country house in London. I always feel I m walking into someone's boudoir whenever I ve visited!!😆 They always catered for the avante garde!!

My Name
My Name 2 months ago

Beautiful store inside and out but I am not keen on the tree however lovely it is. What is wrong with a traditional Christmas Tree at Christmas. 🎄

ABM W 2 months ago

Great thanks

Stella and Petey Bulldogs

Hello. You’re videos are great. If you don’t mind me asking, what equipment are you using? I would like to do this on walking trails with my dogs. Is the camera discreet? Handheld? Can you recommend any particular brand? Thank you!

k Dean
k Dean 2 months ago

Love this time of year, it's such a beautiful season & a great opportunity to do something wonderful for someone! Always love your videos, but your Christmas walks are my favourite! Liberty store is a beautiful building, they seem to have everything you need in one store! 😊💖 Thank you so much! ...take care!

Marwa Melhem
Marwa Melhem 2 months ago

I can't believe how beautiful is this! Thank you Thank you Thank you <3

Leslie Pilgrim
Leslie Pilgrim 2 months ago

What a load of scruffy people wandering round London. No colour, no style, women with long unkempt hair, flat shoes or trainers,beige,black,grey and this is London with its fashion stores,its hairdressers, its make up departments. Its certainly not a city of glamour or style any more judging by the people.

Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 2 months ago

Beautiful wonder full fantastic shop of old tat

reynita Santosa
reynita Santosa 2 months ago

i like your video n succes for you 😊😊😊😊😊

Shaoor Khan
Shaoor Khan 2 months ago

Wawoo that’s amazing 😘😘😘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Ken Astrov
Ken Astrov 2 months ago

Great 👍👍👍

Streets of Asia
Streets of Asia 2 months ago

HI Watched Walker, I am always filled with wondrous senses when I see the Christmas atmospherics in large-scale cities like London in UK country. Thank you for always manufacturing the highest quality contents like this.

Kim Ferguson
Kim Ferguson 2 months ago

What a wonderful tree

South Georgia Gal
South Georgia Gal 2 months ago

Another great video..

Geek Street Travels
Geek Street Travels 2 months ago

Excellent WW - the festive tree is amazing 😍. Can't wait to see it for myself 😉

Miss Melly Vee
Miss Melly Vee 2 months ago

Liberty is astounding and the very essence of London. Your filming is as ever top notch, it was delightful to look around ....Next year I will mail you my credit card and you can make a few purchases for me while you are filming 😃

Ross Roams
Ross Roams 2 months ago

Great stuff as usual

John Orchin
John Orchin 2 months ago

Have you any plans to film Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park?

Natasha xo
Natasha xo 2 months ago

I couldn't find the Watched Walker logos anywhere! I'm probably far too mesmerized by the store and tree! Hold on I think I just found one.....21:12!!!

Frank Martin
Frank Martin 2 months ago

Woah very cool

Ray Silver
Ray Silver 2 months ago

Oh man, I am so old school, this weird Fantasy-"Tree"-Thingy is not my cup of tea for christmas! At least, it is save to say, not everyone got something like that. And even when I understand the connection between a Asia Bonsai Tree and Cherry-Blossom trees, but I don't get what Spring-themed Cherry-Blossom got to do with Christmas, ergo winter?
First I thought "Oh, they go this year with less is more", but than I saw later the complete christmas-departemnt Topfloor. I wonder how much one Christmastree Orb is.

But whatever, the store itself is fantastic and this time I believe you showed a little more of the store than in the older vid. Thank you so much for your great work,

Do you plan to make a new christmas vid of Selfridge and Harrods and/or maybe some of the malls (Westfield or John Lewis), too?

Binny P
Binny P 2 months ago

What a beautiful old building. Loved the details in the tree - the peacock and the dragonflies, etc. Wonderful. Thanks, Paul!

NOMI NOMI 2 months ago

Make a video on nightlife..

Cambodia Life
Cambodia Life 2 months ago

Love yr video

Yeghor 2 months ago

2:35 this building reminded me of Bavarian houses and WW2 movies.